The Two Mile High Club

The Beechcraft Baron or BE-55 is a, what is called a heavy light twin engine airplane. I say heavy because it’s a bigger twin engine but not a large commercial twin engine. It seats six passengers but flies like a commercial twin, very stable, fast, pressurized cabin (when you wish to fly over 10,000 feet), auto-pilot (not Otto Pilot from the movie Airplane) and a pretty spacious cockpit. The earlier version of the BE-55 has what is called a “Throw Over Yoke”. See, the plane has only one door to get in and out, Beechcraft saw that the yoke (steering wheel for non pilots) got in the way of the people getting in and out so they designed it so the yoke could be used from either of the front seats. They changed the design in later models and yokes are on both sides. Does that make sense? Imagine it’s a car with one wheel that can be moved while driving down the road to the passenger side so someone else can drive.

The day is bright, though there are climbing cumulus clouds in the morning sky. For me, perfect weather for flying, the temperatures are in the mid 70’s and just a breath of a southerly breeze. I finished my preflight and weather briefing as I see her get out of her car at St. Augustine Airport. The plane is fueled up for her first flight lesson and I’ve filed a flight plan to St. Croix in the Bahamas. The weather brief was unremarkable for the hour and twenty minute flight.

To keep up appearances, I met Kathy as I do any student in the FOB office, shaking her hand and giving her a brief of the daily lesson, though we’ve been secret lovers for six months. I’m dressed as usual in my khaki shorts, blue Hawaiian silk shirt and tan canvas Topsider boat shoes…yeah I’m a beach bum by heart. The manager steps out of the office and I was able to comment on how nice and sexy she looked in her brightly flowered sundress with deep V cleavage that tied behind the neck.

“You’ll like this too.” she whispered in my ear, turning slightly in her chair in case the airport manager stepped back in. Lifting the hem of her dress she exposed a brief glimpse of the tuft of hair covering her hairy muff.

Instantly at the sight, my mind races and my cock swelled in my shorts. “I too have a surprise.” I whisper back then open the bottom of my shorts to expose the soft pink head of my cock. The outline of my swollen cock was pronounced in my shorts and clearly, she saw I wasn’t wearing underwear either. With a nod of my head toward the door we stand and quickly walk out before the airport manager comes back in and notices my bulge, our flushed face or the funny way I walked.

Climbing into the plane the “throw over yoke” is already on the left, where I take my seat as I instruct Kathy how to secure the door on her side of the plane. I read off Maltepe Escort the pre-start checklist out loud and turn on the headset, switching on the intercom. Engine one starts without a problem then two with just a little cough.

“Okay, let’s do a run up and magneto test, then were off and into the wild blue yonder” I chuckle.

“Tell me…are you going to teach me a lesson or make me a mile high clubber?” she asked in a serious inquisitive voice at the end of the runway.

“Perhaps a little of both… this is where we do our TITS check.” I say with a wry smile.

She immediately lifted her breasts out of her dress “Like this?” she queried.

“I do like checking your tits that’s for sure but I mean the acronym is Time, Instruments Transponder and Safety.” then clicking the transmit button. ” St. Augustine tower this is Baron niner five five two eight ready for take off on two eight for a southeast departure with AWOS.” I call.

Two seconds later the response comes back from the tower “Baron two eight, your cleared for take off on two eight.”

“Roger cleared for two eight, thanks.” Putting the plane on center line, I reduce the flaps twenty degrees and hold the brakes as I run the engines up to full throttle.

“Okay everything is in the green…hold on we’re doing a short field take off demonstration.” I warn. Releasing the brakes sharply the plane launches forward. “The airspeed is coming alive… forty…when we hit seventy I’m going to rotate slightly and fly in ground effect until I hit Blue line or one twenty miles per hour, then climb sharply…sixty, seventy here we go!” Off the ground only a foot or two, the plane accelerates even quicker “Blue line…hold on.” I said in mocked excitement. We pitch up sharply until all that’s seen is blue sky above. “Five hundred feet or clear obstacles flaps up, gear up and clean up… piece of cake huh?” I say in a matter of fact tone. But the look in her face wasn’t matter of fact… the excitement of the experience left her with rosy cheeks and wild eyes.

“Wow… that was something!” she says in an excited pant.

As we make our southeast departure, the blue green shade of the ocean changes as we cross the Gulf Stream. We level off at five thousand feet and decide to circle around the edges of some of the behemoth towering clouds. The view is like looking at giant cotton balls so close you could touch them. I give her a brief instruction of what to do then move the yoke over to her position.

“Okay, it’s just like steering a car. Turn to the right slowly following the edge of that cloud.” I direct her taking and using my hand, which goes right to her left tit.

“That isn’t fair.” she pouts in protest, as squeeze tightly thru the Anadolu Yakası Escort material of her dress.

My hand then lifts both big tits out of her dress, the straps on each side, accents and holds them together in an eye pleasing way. “Don’t you like flying?” I teasingly ask.

“Yes, but on my first lesson you’re molesting me” saying in a mocked tone.

I have her do a few more maneuvers and have her climb up to 13,500 feet. My hand slides her dress up her thighs and I slide my hand between her legs. Her pubic hair is moist, as I probe slightly further, finding my fingers touching her puffy wet lips.

“What do we have here?” I tease then slide a finger past the lips and deep in the walls of passion. She moans deeply as losing control of her thoughts as her head goes back and eyes glaze over in deep pleasure. The heady feeling is too much to take as I slide my finger in and out several times. The plane starts making oscillations as my fingers goes in she involuntarily pulls back on the yoke, climbing several hundred feet and sliding out she loses several hundred feet.

“Watch where you’re going” I mildly warn, though knowing she is in the grips of hypoxia and enjoying it.

“Your finger feels sooooo good” she says in slurred speech.

Taking my finger out, I focus my wet touch solely on her clit, rubbing light circles around the button. Knowing and sensing the impending orgasm I move the yoke back to my side of the plane. Her hands move to her swollen breasts and massages them lightly, stroking her hard nipples with her thumbs. Suddenly coos of pleasure turn into moans of passion. Gripping her breasts hard she release a wave of passion that erupts in an explosive orgasm. Orgasmic fluid gushes from her muff covering my hand as she goes through one hard wave one after another. The tingles seem to move from her clit to her fingers, to her eyes and cheeks. Breathing deep and hard she manages

“Wow! I never had an orgasm like that from a hand job… I’ve never cum like that ever”.

I put the plane in a steep dive reducing the engines to ideal and allowing gravity to pull us down at 280 mph. Slowly her euphoria abates and breathing slows to a dream like state. I add 17 inches of manifold pressure to the throttles easing the descent and leveling out only five hundred feet above the water.

“That was great… wow!” she proclaims in a newly found voice.

“That my dear was an orgasm with the hypoxia” explaining that the lack of oxygen heightens pleasure similar to alcohol without dulling the nerves. The tingling is the first sign of hypoxia it’s the small capillaries close to the skin… your nose, cheeks and especially you love button.

“While some people get a high from the mile İstanbul Escort high club the two mile high club is much more pleasing…don’t you agree?” I smile knowing she had a wonderful time and wouldn’t disagree… not in a million years.

Flying low for the next thirty minutes we dart past fishing boats and supertankers. “How are you feeling?” I ask with one thing on my mind. “I’m fucking horny again” proclaiming in a joyous tone.

“Shall we climb up for a little more intense fun?” as I push the throttles foward and point the airplane to the sky. On the way up to altitude, I drop my shorts to the floor exposing my rock hard cock.

“Gawd, I love looking at your cock” she coos.

“I like it more when you suck my cock” I whisper. Getting the not so subtle hint she leans over in the seat and goes down on my cock, licking and sucking it greedily.

“Mmmmm… we’re almost there.” announcing the altimeter reading at 15,500 feet this time. Setting the auto pilot and timer for ten minutes to prevent passing out due to lack of oxygen, I slide the yoke over and out of the way.

“Okay babe, want to ride this sky cowboy?” holding my cock in my hand and lifting her head.

“Roger wilco!” she says slurping the wet juices from her lips. Sliding up on my side she straddles me with her knees on both sides of my hips then slides down my long thick shaft. As my shaft goes deep the hypoxia starts to set in and passion over flows our bodies. Going down on my cock, my hips are pushing her back up in a constant rhythm. She realizes her clit burns with passion as she goes down and holds me tight in her cunt. Grinding down hard on my pubic bone her clit feels like it’s going to explode with passion.

“Mmmmm…fuck me …fuck my…my cunt slooooow” whispering in a drunken moan as we kiss deeply, our tongues darting back and forth. My hands covering each inch of her big tits, pulling at the hard nipples. With our lips locked, I draw the breath from her and release a flood of hot cream deep in her waiting cunt. Her body feels the presence and bucks involuntarily in pleasure.

“Mmmm ahhhh…I cumming …hard…no harder…fuck me….fuck me with that mean hard cock.” screaming in gasping breath.

“I’m going to shoot my cum deep…ride me harrrrrrddd!” I equally announce in the heat of passion, releasing another deep spurt of hot cum in her eager body.

Our bodies go through several more troughs of passion just as an alarm sounds. Reaching down to the controls between the seats, I flip the switch to pressurize the cabin. The sound of hissing air is reassuring, as our ears pop and the pressure is automatically lowered.

“Wow, this flying thing is fun… we need to do this more often.” She sighs in pleasure, feeling my semi hard cock deep within.

“Let’s not push our luck too much…rumor has it, this is how John Kennedy, Jr. might have died.” I warned.

Kissing me deeply and pumping her hips up and down a few more times then resting her clit on my pubic bone again, saying “What a way to go.”

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