The Truth Is…

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The truth is that it’s a little embarrassing. Good girls giggle at the blushing mention of it. It’s hard to explain to a girlfriend while shouting over the band at the bar that I like to bend over and have my ass spanked.

It starts with his hands on my waist. Simple but the weight of his big hands spreads a warmth over my skin. I tilt towards him, my lips sliding up his throat to his mouth. It’s soft and my hands slide to his shoulders. His arms are wrapped around me. We kiss and his hands slide to my ass.

He pulls back abruptly, grabs me by the arm. He’s almost pushing me up the stairs. Clothes are tossed aside. His hands are on my tits and oh god, I love that. He gives me what I need, his rough caress gets me wet. His mouth teases my nipple and I’m pressing his head to my breast, begging.

He presses me back onto the bed and I feel his big hands pressing my thighs open. I groan, the air is cold on my wet pussy. His fingers slide up, his touch light, barely teasing my lips. I’m helpless to stop my hips from rising towards his touch. He drapes his arm over my belly, holding me still as his fingers part my pussy. I groan as he slides his fingers through my slick cunt and presses inside. First one finger, then a second. He fucks me slowly, deeply with his fingers. “It’s too slow!” I cry. He laughs.

I won’t be able to come like this. He keeps fucking me, scissoring his fingers, rubbing my sensitive inner walls. But it’s too slow. He knows it. He keeps teasing me. I can’t keep the arch out of my back. I’m pressing towards Anadolu Yakası Escort his finger-fucking, moaning pleas. “Do you like it, baby?” His voice is rough.

“Yes! More, please!”

“Not yet, baby.”

I know what he is waiting for. I shimmy so my head is lying over the side of the bed. I see his hand stroke along his cock as he approaches. I could never admit to my friends that it thrills me to have my face fucked. He’s warm, filling my mouth, pressing back to my throat. His hands are on my face, holding me in place so he can fuck into my mouth. I hold my breath. I swallow. He fucks me until I gag. I love his cock down my throat. He pulls back, gives me a moment to catch my breath. His hand feathers down and his fingers find my clit. He rolls it between his fingers, pinches me lightly, teases my cunt.

I reach up and lick my tongue along the seam of his balls. I bathe them with my tongue and he rewards me with a finger in my cunt. He slides his cock back into my mouth and presses as deep as I can take it. I close my eyes, concentrate on not gagging on his shuttling cock. I am soaked.

He pulls back. “Come here.” I stand up and he turns me. “Bend at the waist.” He presses me forward. My face is buried in a pillow. “Spread your legs. Wider.” My feet are spread wide and my ass is in the air. He gives me no warning. I sway forward with the heavy weight of his blow on my ass. Again. A solid caress that rocks me. It hurts. It feels good. A sting that leaves my skin sensitive and tingling. It spreads as the blows continue to fall. But it’s not enough.

He pauses Kurtköy Escort to finger me and I’m nearly shaking with need. “Hands behind your back. Wrists together.” It’s some kind of soft rope that he uses to bind me. This time I hear it first. The crop makes a whistling sound as it slices towards me. I jump, cry out as it lands. His hand rubs over where the crop landed. The sting warms, tingles. He’s raining little blows with the crop on my exposed ass. I’m not prepared when he switches directions and the crop lands on my cunt. I make a cry again and he makes a sound of disapproval. I hear a drawer opening and then he’s lifting my head. His thumb on my jaw presses my mouth open and he neatly tucks the ball gag into my mouth. I feel it clip behind my head and I know I’m in trouble. He slaps my ass with his open palm before pulling out the cat o’ nine tails. It is made of heavy, soft suede. The lashes land with a heavy thud on my red ass. It hurts. My skin is throbbing with pleasure. The gag muffles my scream as he whips my pussy. I’m writhing, at first trying to escape, then trying to open further to the blows. I hear the clatter of the cat and he grabs my hair. He’s using my hair like reins, pulling me back towards him. I need to cum. I’m desperate, shimmying back towards his cock.

He grabs my hips and penetrates me with one hard thrust. I feel him stretch my cunt and I grunt against the gag. I need it hard but I can’t even beg. He fucks me slow and I’m making desperate sounds behind the gag. He laughs and slowly draws himself almost completely out. He holds me there, penetrating me Pendik Escort with a bare inch. I’m on my toes trying to press onto his cock. He grabs my hips and pulls me roughly towards him as he shoves his cock deep. I scream. He’s fucking me hard, pulling me into every thrust. I would beg him for harder if I could. He gives it to me. He’s slamming into me and I feel my cunt clench, grasping at his dick. His balls are slapping against my sensitive flesh. I cum hard and he fucks me through it.

His cock is sliding out and I’m sensitive. I feel every inch as he withdraws. He slides his cock between my pussy lips, getting himself wetter. He adjusts me, putting me on my knees on the bed. My head is still pressed into the pillows and my ass is higher now. He slaps my cunt. I moan, still sensitive. He’s crouched behind me and I try to relax as he presses his cock into my ass. I love the pressure of his dick inside me. He’s slow, letting me adjust as he gently forces more into me. The invasion stretches me and he groans with pleasure. Finally, he bottoms out, his balls resting against my ass. He shifts and I feel his hand find my clit.

I tighten and he grunts. I’ve adjusted and he starts to fuck my ass in earnest. He starts slowly but soon he is slamming into my ass and I’m pissed off that I can’t demand more. I want to scream for it harder, deeper. I need it. But he knows because he’s thrusting and churning his cock into my ass. His fingers crush my clit and I can’t stop it. I cum again, creaming his hand, trying to scream. He fucks my ass ruthlessly and grabs me, pulling my hips tight against him as he cums hard in my ass.

I don’t want it to stop. I wish there were more. I want more after him. I need another man to fuck me too. I want to keep cumming on hard dicks.

I really can’t find a way to explain that to my friends.

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