The Toy Salespeople Ch. 02


John, Jane and Edna went to the restaurant; they ordered three times each dish, but Jane ate all of them, as John and Edna were full.

Then they went to work, in Edna’s father’s sex toys’ shop. Edna told them, “There are not many customers at night, but we committed to serve them. You should remember that people often behave strangely at night, and be careful. You have surveillance cameras, an alarm button and several loaded pistols under your desk. I will be with you the first week, so you may learn how to deal with the customers.”

“Er … how about breastfeeding pauses?” asked John.

“How many do you need?” asked Edna.

“Every three hours, for half an hour each,” answered Jane, “We are a very tightly bound couple.”

“What if you have your breasts emptied by a pump? We have several models here.”

“It won’t solve the problem — I should leave the post to have my milk pumped anyway.”

“Are you sure? I think that our customers would like to be served by a woman with a breast pump.”

“I would do that, but it is not just a breast problem: after suckling, John penetrates me and leads me to orgasm; then I suck his glans, he squeezes my breasts around his shaft, and he comes too. I don’t know what will happen to us if we disrupt such a pleasurable routine!”

As Jane spoke, Edna was so excited that her nipples hardened, and she even opened her skirt, revealing her braless tits, but with the vibrators on her nipples. Then she grabbed John’s and Jane’s arms, skimmed her nipples on their trunks, and told them, “Listen, this is a very healthy habit, but it is alas incompatible with keeping a shop open.

I suggest you to do that: Jane wears a vibrator, and gives John its remote; John keeps a penis pump at hand — if he sits behind the cash register, nobody will notice it. When Jane wants her breasts emptied, she pulls the pump out of her drawer, John assembles it and latches the suction cups to her breasts. When Jane is done (and I think that it is just a question of will — I haven’t yet digested all the milk she has given me), John puts her milk into the fridge, or will drink it while operating his penis pump.

It’s bursa escort the only way to reconcile work and pleasure.”

“Let’s try it,” both said.

John begun by opening his fly and attaching a pump to his penis. Edna and Jane adjusted its controls, until he came and deposited his semen in the tank. “Would you like some?” Jane asked Edna, who answered, “Hmm … I would try and mix it with your milk, so I suggest to put it into the fridge for now.”

John commented, “The pump is good, but what if I had to take something from a shelf while it is on? In my opinion, it would be better to use a thong with a vibrator, so the whole contraption can be used with my fly closed — and I will give the remote to Jane.”

“Just to her?” Edna said, “I too would like to give you pleasure.”

“Is it technically possible to have two remotes for the same vibrator?”

“Yes. There is a range of radio channels dedicated to them — we assign each vibrator a different channel, and each remote the right channel. I once hung seven remotes to my belt — one for my vibrator(s), six for the other people I was having fun with!”

“Excellent — so we need three remotes each,” concluded Jane.

Edna prepared everything; she was already wearing her usual set of vibrators (even though her ob-gyn warned against keeping objects in the vagina for too much time), and gave Edna a triple vibrator — which could stimulate the clitoris, the vagina and the anus; she did not give her nipple vibrators, as she could use the breast pump for that purpose.

John received a stimulating ring for his penis, and a vibrating plug, shaped in order to reach the prostrate, for his butt.

“What if the batteries die when we are on the verge of orgasm?” Jane said, and Edna answered, “It won’t happen. Do you know how do the last generation toothbrushes recharge their batteries?”

“Through an electromagnetic coil which transmits electricity to them, without direct contact. Where are our coils?” said John.

“Hidden in the chairs. I also put one on my lavatory sink, which is at my crotch’s height. So, if you think that I devote too much time bursa ucuz eskort to my make-up, you know why I would never stop.”

“You would find it very useful,” Jane tells John, who retorts, “No, it is dangerous. Think what could happen to me if put the vibrator on my cheek and my electric shaver in my thong.”

Both women smile, and help John wear his contraptions — Edna inserts the penis into the ring, and Jane the plug into the anus. Edna suggested that, as she feared being associated, à la Pavlov, with the one who always metes out anal pleasures and punishments.

Then it was John’s turn to put the vibrator in Jane’s genitalia, and together with Edna, to assemble the breast pump and apply the suction cups to her. A human mouth is obviously better, but Jane loved the pump and was able to reach orgasm through it alone.

Now they could prepare the cocktail: lots of milk, some semen and … Edna had another idea. She did not use diapers when having her period: she had read that there were uterine pumps designed to clear away all menstrual blood and debris, bought one and perfected it.

So, whenever she felt her menses arriving, if she was at home, she immediately attached the pump, helped it with the generous orgasmic contractions her vibrators could induce, and in half an hour her menstrual problems were solved. If she did not have the pump at hand, she used a special cup to collect the blood until she came home.

An Italian artist sold his own shit (trademarked!), she kept her menstrual blood in the fridge for a few days, and she thought that it would perfect the cocktail.

John was less enthusiastic. He said, “Edna, there is a problem: if I drink your menstrual blood before drinking Jane’s, she will hate me for life. You saw that she does not prevent me from having sex with other women, but her implicit condition is that I must do everything with her first.”

“Jane, you are still menstruating, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Edna. Do you want to collect my menstrual blood with your pump?”

“If you like.”

“If my husband sods me while the pump is working, I will do.”

“Please, bursa anal yapan escort remove my penis ring and butt plug first.”

They did, removed Jane’s vibrator too, and John slowly began licking Jane’s anus, probing it with his fingers, dilating it until he could cautiously and fully insert his penis.

Edna was so excited that she completely undressed — only the vibrators covered her genitalia and nipples; she made John and Jane sit on a particularly large chair, licked Jane’s clitoris and cautiously removed her Tampax.

John suggested, “My wife’s breasts would like another squirt section. Can you operate the breast pump as well?”

“It is within your reach. You may operate it as I empty her womb,” Edna answered. So, while she cautiously inserted the pipe and funnel into Jane’s genitalia, John managed to apply the suction cups to Jane’s nipples.

“Let’s start together,” he said, and Edna agreed. The breast pump started, started the blood pump, Edna licked Jane’s genitalia, and Jane herself rocked her pelvis to get some additional stimulation from John’s penis impaled into her butt.

As the operations ended, Jane had had a few orgasms, and the menstrual cramps were gone; Edna was really excited, much like John, who could not have an orgasm in so little time. Edna asked John to wash his member, and Jane removed her vibrators.

When John came from the bathroom, she saw Edna and Jane standing in a room corner, with their backs toward the walls, and Edna was suckling Jane’s right breast. Jane told him, “Let’s try a new experience: you two make love while suckling my milk.”

“I see that you have put a stool under your feet to position your nipples at our mouths’ height. Ok, let’s go.”

John took Edna’s legs over his hips, and penetrated her; then he kissed her (and Edna had to manage to let their tongues cross the mouth without letting Jane’s nipple out), and begun suckling Jane’s left nipple.

The milk was good — that was no surprise, and they divided their roles: Jane hugged both, keeping them close, John fondled, pinched, massaged Edna’s tits, and Edna managed to caress Jane’s butt (and reach as far as to her genitalia) with one hand.

Edna and John got their orgasm at last, so all three could then wash, put their vibrators on, dress again and drink the cocktail made up with milk, semen, menstrual blood from both women, a liqueur and some lemon.

Now they were ready to work.

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