The Tanya Sessions Ch. 3

I came in to find you at the computer, sitting in your chair, naked from the waist down. You were reading one of my stories and fingering your pussy as you read along, imagining to yourself that I was there and that I was already doing the things that I described in the story to you. I watched on and smiled as you closed your eyes, no longer reading the stories but reveling in the pleasure you were giving yourself. It was then that I walked up behind you and as you leaned back, one of your hands pulling your own hair, I slid my hands down your shoulders and chest and began slowly kneading your breasts roughly under my hands. I began occasionally tugging on your nipple ring with one hand while I teased the nipple on your other breast. This caused an unchecked moan to pierce the near silence.

This entire time I kept my eyes on your face and when your eyes opened, a look of shock, then a look of pleasure came over your face and you smiled broadly. You reached back with the hand that was on your hair and you slid it between my legs and grabbed my cock through my pants, squeezing it roughly. I pulled myself back from you slightly and I walked around you, then I knelt in front of you even as you still fingered yourself and I dove down on you, occasionally sucking on your fingers as well as your pussy.

After a few moments, I grasped your wrist and pulled your fingers from you and replaced them with mine, and I began pounding away on your pussy with my fingers, driving them in deep and hard and holding them there for a second, then pulling out and repeating the process. You brought your hands to the back of my head and began roughly pulling my head toward your pussy, and I responded by pulling my fingers out and I dove down on you again, my tongue penetrating into you a little ways as I licked you from top to bottom. You dug your fingers into my hair and began pulling up on my head as I lashed you with my tongue, stopping after a bit to suck on your clit, flicking my tongue over it before sucking it between my lips. I keep sucking away on you harder and harder, pulling my head back a little, causing you to begin arching your back to keep your clit in my mouth. I hear you moan loudly and you throw your head back in the chair, drawing breath in ragged gasps.

I Göztepe Escort slowly pull my mouth off your clit and I begin sliding up on you, undoing my pants and letting them drop to the floor along with my boxers as I stood up. I then slid my hands behind you and roughly pulled you to your feet, then I worked my way around behind you and I bent you over, causing you to put your hands on the desk. I slid my cock deep inside you right away and placed my hands on your breasts, pinching your nipples and using your breasts to pull me back into you hard right away, causing our skin to slap together roughly. I pulled one hand off your breasts, leaving the one to tweak your nipple ring as I began spanking you while I rode your pussy. I began driving my cock first up along the length of it, as I would thrust in, then down, as I would pull out, rubbing my hardness along every bit of your insides.

I felt your pussy begin to throb on me hard as I worked my cock into you harder and harder, almost lifting you off your feet with each thrust. Your nails dug into the wood of the desk as I stopped spanking you and slid my hand over your hip and I began working your clit with my fingers as I pounded away on your pussy. You moaned loudly and began gasping for air as our skin began slapping together, growing bright red as we both begin to build toward an explosion. My cock began swelling inside you as your pussy began to quickly tighten around it, making the pleasure begin to mix with a little bit of pain as I make it more and more rough. My fingers continued molesting your clit while I thrust into you harder and deeper, this time occasionally holding my cock inside you and working it in circles, causing you to moan and scream as I do. After a few moments, you tell me you can no longer hold it and that you’re about to cum. I feel myself willingly release into you just as you cum, and we explode at almost the same time, the two of us almost collapsing as we release on each other. I slide my leg back and I pull the chair up behind me and I sit down slowly, my hands on your hips, bringing you with me and sitting you in my lap.

My hands move to your breasts and I begin kneading them under my hands as I kiss and lick slowly down your spine. You wiggle İstanbul Escort on me slightly, getting me hard again almost instantly, and I start pulling you up and back using your breasts as you begin rocking your hips on me, up and down and in slow circles around. The both of us are still very hot from what we had just done, and knowing that it won’t take us very long at this rate to build toward cumming. Even still we continue, you moaning loudly as you pound your pussy down onto me harder and harder, causing me to throw my head back. As we both feel your pussy begin to tighten again, you place your hands on my knees and raise yourself almost all the way off me, just keeping the head of my cock in you. I thrust up into you at the same time that you come crashing down on me, and I feel your juices coat my cock. I thrust up into you a couple more times and I finally cum hard into you, causing you to cry out sharply as I grunt loudly.

I keep my hands on your hips as I have my head leaned back, and my eyes closed. I feel you slide up off my cock and sit down just above my knees, I hold onto your hips, not knowing what you’ll do next. I feel your hand wrap around my cock and I feel you begin to stroke me slowly then I feel you slide down off my legs and you kneel between my legs and take my cock in your mouth. You run your tongue up and down it slowly, working on making me hard again almost instantly as you slowly lower your mouth over me. You begin slowly bobbing your head up and down on me, sucking gently at first, then a little harder as you work my cock into your mouth faster and harder with each passing second. I feel my cock begin slowly swelling as it again fills with cum. I begin yanking on your hair roughly as you suck me harder and faster.

After about 10 minutes, I can’t take it anymore, I’m just too hot and I finally blow my load in your mouth. After this, I pull you back up onto my lap. I slide a hand down between your legs and I slide my fingers into your pussy and I pump them in and out of you fast and hard right away, causing you to moan loudly and throw your head back, leaning it on my shoulder. My free hand slides across you to your breast and I begin tweaking your nipple ring with my fingers as the fingers on my other hand Anadolu Yakası Escort dive into you deeper and harder. I stroke your insides slowly as my thumb rubs your clit, causing your whole body to begin to spasm with pleasure. I take the opportunity and I bring my free hand from your nipple ring down to my cock, which has become hard again, and I slowly guide my cock into your ass and I pull you back onto me, filling your ass with my hardness. You began slowly rocking on me, pulling my cock out of and bringing it back into your ass as I finger you furiously, my fingers plunging into you harder and deeper with each second. Finally, having both your pussy and ass filled is almost too much for you and your pussy tightens violently around my fingers.

I slowly withdraw my fingers from you and I begin playing with your clit as I thrust my cock into your ass harder and harder, finally making you cum hard, and arching your back as well. I finally blow my load deep in your ass, thrusting into it as hard and as far as I can as I do. I pull myself out of you slowly and I slide you up off of me and I head for the shower to clean myself off. You wait a few minutes before following me in there.

You come up behind me and begin slowly washing my back for a moment. Your hands slide around me and wrap them around my cock and begin stroking me, causing me to harden again. Then you slide around in front of me and I begin washing your back as well. I then placed a hand on your neck, up under your hair and I began massaging your neck slowly before spinning you around slowly, then I backed you against the wall. I slid my hands down to your luscious ass and pulled you up and impaled your pussy on my cock, and I begin thrusting into you as the water cascaded down both of our bodies. I pounded away on your pussy as your hands reached back and grabbed the shower head and you pulled yourself up and lowered yourself down in tune with my thrusting, which drove me in as deep as I could go almost right away.

I ground myself into you hard, our pelvic bones rubbing hard against each other, causing the both of us to moan as our tongues molested each others while we locked in a passionate kiss. The two of us worked each other as hard as we can, the heat between us growing as we rubbed together harder and harder, both about to explode again into each other. Finally a few moments later we both explode at the same time cumming almost violently on each other. We then spent the rest of our time in the shower washing each other off…

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