The Stranger at the Club

The rush of the air from the A/C greeted him as he opened the door, as did the smell of the alcohol and the sound of the DJ. He slowly made his way to the quieter side of the club, although still loud by normal standards but still enough to carry out normal conversations. He scanned the seats and the couches after nodding at the barman. He spotted an old friend of his waving at him, seated on a couch sipping on a drink. He gestured at him, that he will join and made his way to the bar.

“Hey Mike, how are you doing?” he asked the barman, catching his attention.

“Shane, I’m doing quite okay. The usual?” the barman asked in reply.

“Yup, the usual please,” Shane answered. He waited for his Chivas Regal on the rocks, and headed for his friend.

“Shaaaane, ma’man how ‘you doing?” his friend yelled at him.

“Are you drunk already John?” Shane asked flopping down on the couch beside him.

“That is an insult. I am never drunk dude. Just waiting for Angie. She is working late today,” he sighed. “What are you up to?” he asked closing in. Taking a whiff of his scent, he scrunched up his eyebrows in suspicion. “You had a shower. Which means, this is not an after work visit. Which means you are hunting!” exclaimed John.

“Well done Sherlock, you couldn’t just figure that out by my clothes. And what the fuck’s with the sniffing dude, sometimes I swear you act very gay.”

“You always dress nice. Very gentlemanly, so Angie says. And I’m drunk,” he defended his actions. It was true he always did dress more like a gentleman than a kid from the block. For today, he was wearing his usual black suit, without the tie, in a blue striped shirt underneath and the black pin stripe trouser.

“You are contradicting yourself. Anyway so how does the battlefield look today?” Shane asked referring to the state of the on goings at the club.

“How dare you! I’m an engaged man. I do NOT look at other woman, other than my own,” to which Shane just raised an eyebrow. “Fine. The group over there, are a bunch of College kids. The lady over there is wasted. Those ladies have either boyfriends or husbands. Your prospects for the evening would be, that blonde on the dance floor. The red head at the bar, and those brunettes sitting over there,” John said dishing out the details.

Shane slowly, slipped his whiskey as he surveyed the girls. For some reason they didn’t seem to appeal to him much. Just as he was continuing his gaze, he happened upon a striking beauty, probably in her early thirties. She definitely was dressed to kill with the very short, leopard print skirt and the black top that did little to hide the curves beneath them. She had short black hair that fell just about up to her shoulders, which gave her hot body the cutest appearance. Shane found himself staring at this beauty and after several seconds noticed that, she definitely was turning more heads within the club. This kind of heated desire has never creeped up on him so fast before.

“What about her?” he asked his friend John as she slowly, sexually and teasingly danced to the on-going track.

“Well she has got a wedding ring. But she did come to the club alone. And she was then joined by the guy she is dancing with. Although it seemed liked they met for the first time. But she might as well be going home with him.”

Until John pointed it out, he did not notice the guy who was dancing next to her. Although it seemed like the lady was in a world of her own. Her eyes partially closed, her arms moving so seductively. Next to her, the guy looked like a bumbling idiot. But then again, he supposed that next to her, many guys would look the same.

As the song switched to another, the guy seemed to want to drag the lady out of the dance floor. She followed suit reluctantly and clearly annoyed. Shane’s eyes took in her long legs, her sexy curves as they made their way to the bar.

Shane slowly rose from his seat. Seeing who he was focused on, “Are you serious? You are going after her? She is with a guy,” John uttered.

“There is just something about her, other than her normal beauty,” was Shane’s reply as he made his way to the bar and sat several seats away, but at hearing distance from the lady and the man.

“…let’s get trashed sexy. I’ll show you a real good time honey,” the guy was saying to the guy.

“From what I could feel, it didn’t seem like you could give me a good time honey,” she replied sarcastically.

“What the fuck, bitch! Who the fuck do you think you are? You better come with me, or you won’t get any cock from here you bitch,” the guy replied angrily. He made a move to take hold of her arm, but Shane was lightning fast on his feet, catching his arm before it reached hers.

“Who the fuck are you asshole?” he said trying to get his hand released from Shane’s iron grip.

“I think you should leave mate and stop trying to distress this lady any further. She is clearly not interested in you,” Shane replied coolly.

“Fuck off asshole, this is my business,” Maltepe Escort he said finally getting his hand loose from his grip and making a fist, getting ready to fight.

“Would you like to leave without an incident or dragged out of this club and thrown in the alley,” Shane said nodding at the barman and the bouncers who were alerted to the tension in the air. He looked around at the people, realizing he was outmatched and started his retreat.

“Whatever asshole, don’t think you are going to have any luck. She is just a fucking tease,” he said angrily.

Shane waited until he disappeared and turned back around to the lady. She looked at him with great interest taking his appearance from head to bottom. Shane was quite confident in his looks. He was tall, had dark hair which was combed up in a messy sort of way and dark brown eyes and quite a fit body without an ounce of extra fat. He had a little bit of a stubble, or a bit more, on his charming face.

“Are you okay…?” he started to ask.

“Yeah I’m totally fine. Thanks for the help by the way. He was starting to be a total creep.”

“Just helping out a beautiful lady happily,” Shane said smiling at her. “I’m Shane by the way,” he said extending his hand. “Mind if I sit with you?”

“Please do. I’m Linda. It’s nice to meet you, Shane,” Linda replied smiling at him. Her smile radiated through him, piercing him deep, almost making him loose focus and babble like an idiot. The effect she had was indeed dangerous.

He took the seat next to her. They engaged in some conversation and really hit it off. She was smart, sexy, beautiful, charming and had a quality about her that deeply attracted him to her. After a while he asked, “So what’s your poison?” finally noticing she wasn’t drinking anything and wanting to rectify the matter.

“Let’s make it a game then. Why don’t you order something for me and you’d get a price if I like the drink,” she said biting her lower lip.

“What would the price be?” Shane asked, immensely interested.

“Mmmmm…” she said scrunching up her eyebrows and thinking. She looked devastatingly cute. Each of her actions seemed to send an electric current through Shane’s body. “Well if you buy me something I like, you get to dance with me,” she said smiling at him. “Is that a good enough price?”

“I think it definitely is,” said Shane and tilting his face at her, looking deeply into her eyes. He decided to try his luck and caught the attention of the barman. “Mikey, can I get a Hurricane, here,” he called out.

After a short period, the bartender served her the dark orange coloured rum cocktail, garnished with an orange slice and cherry. She eyed it curiously and took a sip from the glass. Her eyes sparkled as the mixture of flavours hit her.

“So do I get my price?” Shane asked smiling.

“I didn’t say I liked it, did I?” Linda replied cheekily.

“So you didn’t like it then?” Shane said, slowly taking hold of the glass and pulling it towards himself, smiling to himself.

“Hey that’s mine!” she exclaimed trying to grab hold of the cocktail.

Shane lifted, the glass to his lips and took a sip tasting it, much to the surprise of Linda, who squinted at him in mock anger.

“Ohh well, he had forgotten the secret ingredient,” Shane said. “Would you like to have the secret ingredient added as well?”

Linda, her curiosity increasing, “Sure I’d like that.”

“Then close your eyes,” Shane asked.

She looked at him suspiciously, gave a small smile and closed her eyes. Shane silently stared at the beautiful face, taking in all of the beauty. He took a generous sip of the cocktail, held it in his mouth and slowly leaned forward towards her. He caressed her cheek, coming to a rest at the chin, slowly parting her lips as he leaned forward to cover her lips with his. Upon first contact, she opened her eyes in surprise but didn’t pull away.

Taking that as consent, he deepened the kiss and transferred all the alcohol from his mouth to hers, as he also played with her tongue and her lips. The sweet fluid escaped from his mouth, on to hers and some even dribbled down her chin, escaping their combined mouths. The kiss itself had sent an electric impulse through his entire body and so he leisurely enjoyed caressing her lips with his tongue and wrestling with hers as well. After moment, which might have been a minute or two or an eternity, he gently pulled back, detaching himself from her lips and slowly licking up the fluid that dribbled down her chin.

Shane straightened back on his chair, his heart beating fast, his respiration barely controlled and looked at the lady who sat next to him. She remained with her eyes closed, clutching at her chest, and breathing heavily. She slowly opened her eyes and whispered “That was some secret ingredient,” and chuckled.

“Do you think I’m eligible for the price now?” Shane asked slowly running the tip of his tongue over his lips while staring into her eyes.

She clutched Ümraniye Escort at the top of his thighs as she tried to regain her composure. A slow smile brightened her face and she said, “Oh most definitely.”

They quickly finished their drinks and headed to the dance floor. For the first few songs they danced normally. Then they started getting more intimate and handsy. Linda started showing her seductive moves. Shane stared while doing his best to keep up with her at the dance floor.

The dance floor itself was quite dark, with rays of light bouncing off and again. As she started coming closer and grinding herself against him, Shane found himself getting hard. This beautiful vixen was doing crazy things to him.

He placed his hands around her shoulder drawing her in as she reciprocated by placing them around his waist. They stared deeply into each other’s eyes and closed in for a kiss right in the middle of the dance floor. The kiss itself was completely electrifying and the passion that ignited with it was real and extreme. Shane knew that he needed to have her.

Shane’s hands slowly made its way down to the small of her back, slowly feeling her curves as his hands moved along. His hands pressed over her ass, slowly rubbing and squeezing as she remained grinding against him in rhythm. Linda’s hand reached in between them and slowly traced the outline of his cock, which had clearly reached a very high level of hardness. She then unzipped his trouser and her hand reached inside and grabbed on to his naked cock. Shane took a deep breath in response clearly loving the feelings that coursed through his body.

Shane squeezed her ass, and kissed her lips as her hands slowly busied themselves with his cock, completely oblivious to the rest of the people but also completely hidden from them of their actions. As Linda slowly stroked his cock within his trousers, Shane’s hands found themselves reaching under her skirt and making their way up.

The heat that generated between her legs warmed his hands as they made their way up her thighs. And finally he reached a place of total wetness, to which Linda bit her lower lip trying to stifle her moan. He was mildly surprised for the lack of any panties, but appreciated it immensely nevertheless. Her pussy was dripping and his hand slowly caressed her lovely wetness. One of his fingers encircled her clit and slowly rubbed, while his other hand leisurely caressed her ass. Two of his fingers then slowly made their way into her pussy enveloped tightly by her warmth and wetness, slowly pushing through to the knuckles. His fingers slowly moved within her pussy, exploring the wetness, reaching different areas. Linda unable to take the pleasure, rested her head against his shoulder as they moved to the music like an intimate couple who just seemed to enjoy the songs.

After several songs of such intimacy, Shane pulled out his fingers coated with wetness and as she stared at him, put one finger in his mouth tasting her lovely pussy. He slightly groaned at how good she tasted and offered his other digit to her, who greedily sucked it clean.

Shane brought his mouth next to her ear and said, “I want you so badly Linda. Shall we sit down for a bit.”

Linda nodded in response. They quickly composed themselves a bit and stepped out of the dance floor. He grabbed his coat at the bar and made their way to the darkest booth in the club at the very corner. Shane signalled his friend to keep a look out for him. As soon as they sat down on the couch, they came together in a deep kiss, grabbing on to each other and pulling in.

Shane’s hand was holding the back of her neck and hers held on to the side of his face. His free hand caressed their way from her neck, down her shoulders and came to stop at her breasts. Hers unzipped his pants again, took his cock out and started slowly stroking yet again. Shane’s hand reached inside her top and felt the wonderfully firm but squishy perfectly proportioned breasts. He gently caressed, running his fingers all over, squeezing and rubbing. The back of his fingers nudged at her nipples, taken in between them, feeling between two digits, playing, squeezing and lightly pinching.

Shane started to give small kisses to her nose, her eyes, her chin, as he made his way to her ear. He whispered, “Baby, you make me feel so so good. I want you so badly tonight. You send electricity through my entire body.” He spoke the truth, as she did send currents of passion, lust and desire engulfing his body.

He then slowly kissed her way down, kissing her neck, and shoulder. Just then Linda pushed him back, smiled at him and said, “I want you as much as you want me baby.” Then she proceeded to lower her head to his cock and slowly gave some small kisses at the tip.

Shane shuddered and whispered, “Oh god,” as he felt her hot breath on his cock and the small kisses. No girl, had ever made him feel this good, this fast before. Linda was giving her sensations of indescribable pleasure. İstanbul Escort She slowly started licking his cock from top to bottom, giving slow and luscious licks driving him insane. After about a minute of slowly and teasingly licking his cock, she then took him in his mouth. Shane groaned in pleasure and his hand slowly grasped the back of her hair. He slowly pushed her head up and down along his cock.

Shane’s other hand snaked its way to her pantyless pussy. She was immensely wet and his fingers easily slipped inside her pussy. As it did, Linda moaned with Shane’s cock in her mouth. The vibrations gave him much pleasure.

Two of his fingers explored the lovely insides of her pussy as his thumb rubbed on her clit. These ministrations continued on and after several minutes, Shane felt he was edging too close to an orgasm and so he slowly but reluctantly pulled her head up and latched on to her lips for a deep kiss.

Wanting to reciprocate the pleasure, Shane parted her legs and slowly went down on his knees. He opened her legs and slowly kissed the insides of the knee. Seeing her extremely beautiful pussy, he almost dived straight in. He looked at her and with a small smile raised an eyebrow.

“I left my panties in my car,” Linda said a little embarrassed and partly covering her face.

“I’m glad you did,” Shane replied and started kissing his way up. He kissed her thighs, slowly licking and giving small innocent bites. He reached her pussy and deeply inhaled her scent, taking it all in filling him up. He absolutely loved it. He slowly blew out breath on to her pussy. She shuddered with anticipation.

He gave a small kiss on her pussy and withdrew back to kissing her thighs, to teasing her. He repeated this exercise a few times, to which Linda moaned in protest running her fingers through his hair. He slowly licked the outer lips of her pussy a couple of times and then took a long lick from the bottom of her pussy to the top. He tasted her wetness directly, which was simply divine, and so he dived straight in and started licking her pussy in earnest.

He varied between licking her clit, her inner and outer lips, slowly nibbling them. She opened her pussy up and plunged his tongue deep into her pussy and started licking the wetness on the inside. Linda moaned loud, which was drowned by the music and rolled her head back on the couch, clutching on to his hair as if hanging on to her life.

Shane refocused his attention on her clit and inserted two fingers into her pussy. He buried them deep in her up to his knuckles and started moving them around inside her, making her elicit moans of pleasure. Shane slowly moved her head down from her clit, licking around her slit and coming to rest at her lovely asshole. He gave a slow tentative lick to which the entire body of Linda shuddered. And so he started licking her ass, enjoying it immensely all the while fingering her beautiful pussy.

“Ohhh fuck, fuck, fuck. Baby I need you in me right now. Ohhhhhh fuuuuck,” she cried out to him, dragging him up.

Shane came up and sat back down on the couch, opening up his trouser more, to let his cock breath free. Then lifted Linda up and sat her down on his lap. He pulled her in for a kiss, and guided his cock towards her pussy, rubbing his cock up and down her pussy, coating his cock with her wet juices.

Linda looked deep into his eyes, “I have never done this,” she whispered.

Shane smiled in return, “Me neither baby, you just drive me insane with desire. No woman has ever had this effect on me.”

“You have the same effect on me,” she said, her face flushing red as she returned to their kiss.

Her hand joined his at his cock, and slowly together they guided his cock into her pussy. Shane’s cock penetrated her lovely wet pussy and then soon it was completely engulfed by her pussy. They both shuddered and moaned and held on to each other for a while to let the contractions relax. Then she started moving on top of him, grinding her pussy slowly, seductively and expertly.

Shane pulled down her top, exposing her lovely breasts as she unbuttoned his shirt to feel his chest. Shane squeezed her beautiful breasts and played with her nipples, flicking, rubbing and pinching. Then he bent forward taking the nipple in his mouth and started licking and sucking on it. All the while, he was thrusting in to her pussy, to her grinding. He knew he wasn’t going to last long. So he redoubled his effort and started biting her nipple, bordering between pain and pleasure.

Linda shuddered violently, “Ohhh fuck yeah baby. That feels sooooo good. Fuck me baby. Fuck me love.”

Shane started rubbing her clit and thrusting his cock into her wet tight lovely pussy. “Do you like that baby. I want to fuck you all the time baby. Your pussy feels sooo fucking good. It’s a perfect fit for my cock baby. Feel my cock filling up your pussy. You make me insane with desire. I don’t ever want to stop fucking you,” Shane rambled on, feeling extremely turned on by her, nearing her orgasm.

She hung on to him, whispering, “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes…” repeatedly.

Shane unable to hold back any longer, thrust harder and said, “Ohh baby I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum in your pussy baby. I’m gonna fill you up.”

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