The Stepbrother Ch. 09


The street was illuminated by lights from the restaurants, bars and clubs. The party scene was already in full swing, several hours after the sun had set in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro. At a small table on a balcony that overlooked the street sat Aiden and two other handsome men in clean clothes.

Aiden was a young man with platinum blonde hair, pale skin and a trim, tall build. He had a bit of subtle makeup on, and his face was very striking and beautiful. He wore knee length white shorts and a salmon colored button up shirt, the top three buttons undone. One of the men sitting with Aiden was his sister’s boyfriend Jim. He had a peach complexion, dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and a disarming smile. He wore khaki shorts and a white gauze shirt. The other man was Aiden’s step-brother Marlon. His blue polo was a bit tight across his caramel-colored muscular chest and biceps. He was wearing black slacks and sat pulling the black soulpatch beneath his thick lower lip. He was drinking and talking to the other two.

“Anything else?” Marlon asked Aiden.

“Um not really,” Aiden said. “I don’t think I know any other Portuguese words that could help you.”

“Help us,” Marlon said. “I was a pretty good wingman at the beach right?”

Aiden nodded slightly. He didn’t want to give Marlon too much of an ego boost.

“You guys are really taking this seriously,” Jim said.

“Oh yes, Marlon takes pussy very seriously,” Aiden said with a large grin. He placed the straw of his drink in between his lips. The caipirinhas here, a common mixed drink in Rio, tasted great.

“As well you should,” Jim said with a laugh. Marlon nodded and took a sip of his beer. “So when does the dancing start, it’s getting pretty late.”

“They said about midnight,” Aiden replied.

“It’s twelve thirty now.”

“Good my feet are restless,” Marlon said, standing up.

“Wait,” Jim said. He put a trio of pills on the table.

“What the fuck’s that?” Marlon said.

“Molly,” Jim replied. Aiden shrugged and took a pill.

“Where’d you get that?”

“My buddy in LA. He said this one lasts for over three hours.”

It had been a while since Aiden had taken molly (also called ecstasy or X), but he remembered it being an amazing night. He put it on his tongue and sipped his drink to wash it down. Last time all his physical sensations seemed more intense. Music was especially amazing on molly.

“Down the hatch,” Jim said and swallowed it.

Marlon sighed and shook his head.

“Come on, guys night out,” Jim said. “I’m sure the girls are having fun at a club surrounded by guys.”

“Ok,” Marlon acquiesced, swallowing the last with a sip of beer.

“Now let’s roll, there are some hot girls here,” Jim said, biting his lip.

“Hot girls that we will fuck,” Marlon said, holding up his glass.

Jim put up his drink, but then took it back.

“Well not me,” he said.

“Comeon then Aiden,” Marlon said. “Don’t leave me hanging.”

“Or guys,” Aiden said clinking his glass with Marlon’s.

“Huh?” Marlon asked.

“Or guys we will fuck.”

“For you, sure,” Marlon shrugged and took a sip.

There was a ringing and Jim pulled out his phone. He moved a bit closer towards the balcony as he talked to the other person on the line.

“So why did your dad not come again? He have a meeting or something?” Aiden asked.

“He’s not my dad,” Marlon replied.


“Honestly I don’t know where Mareus went,” he said, taking a big sip of beer.

“You’re right we made a decent team on the beach,” Aiden said, changing the subject. “We could do the wingman thing again.”

“If you want.”

“Jim’s going to feel left out though, we should just dance for a while.”

“Sure, but I’m still going to be hitting on girls while dancing,” Marlon said.

Just then Jim came back.

“Guys I’m sorry, but I gotta go.”

“What happened?” Aiden said.

“Courtney’s not feeling well. I’m gonna go back to the house.

“Isn’t mom with her?”

“Courtney stayed home and they went out.”

“Ok, let’s go,” Aiden said.

“No I can get back myself, you guys should stay and get laid,” he said patting each of them on the back.

“Are you sure?” Aiden said.

“Yeah I’ll be fine.”


They watched Jim leave, and then went downstairs where the sound of dance music was pounding rhythmically.

*** ***

It was a little under two hours later when Marlon and Aiden stumbled out of the club, each with someone on their arm.

Aiden and Galeno, the young man who’s neck he was kissing, had hit it off quickly. He had skin a bit darker than Marlon’s caramel color, his button up shirt sleeveless. His large arm muscles were covered in intricate tattoos. Each was a geometric pattern that had floral like designs. His thick black hair was pulled up tightly on top of his head. He had a sexy layer of stubble across his face that was illuminated by his phone as he made a few selections and then placed it back into his pocket. gaziantep escort ilanları

“You get a car?” Aiden asked in slurred Portuguese.

“Yes, our place isn’t too far,” he replied. Then he kissed Aiden fully on the mouth, and gently pulled Aiden’s lower lip with his teeth. Aiden smiled, glancing over Galeno’s shoulder, and noticing Marlon was grabbing the butt of the woman he had just met.

The woman was named Lia. They were all over each other on the dance floor. Despite the fact that she didn’t speak any English and Marlon only knew a few words in Portuguese, they instantly connected. Their bodies did most of the talking. She had dark brown skin and large afro-style hair. She pushed Marlon to the wall as she kissed him. She was wearing a maroon tube top that revealed her narrow waist and hugged her breasts. Across her wide hips was a short tiered skirt with a bright rectangular pattern. She wore large fluorescent pink hoop earrings and had a septum nose piercing.

In the club, Galeno had told Aiden that he and Lia had been friends since childhood. Even now they were roommates that had an apartment nearby. It was only a few minutes and a car pulled up near them. They all piled in back except for Marlon who sat in front.

“Where to?” the driver asked.

He heard the driver and her talking faintly in Portuguese, but it was like background noise to the amazing sensations he felt on molly. The stubble and lips of the man next to him were all he was focused on. When they arrived, Aiden paid for the cab. Galeno grabbed his hand and led him out of the car. Marlon and Lia followed them through the entrance of the highrise building where the cab had dropped them, and up an old elevator. Aiden felt a bit wobbly on his feet, definitely the effects of the alcohol. They went down a hall until they reached their apartment. Lia unlocked it and everyone went inside. It opened into a small dark living room adjacent to an even smaller kitchen.

“Fica à vontade,” Lia said. She sat down on a large three seater couch and Marlon sat right next to her.

“Our shared home. Enjoy,” Galeno said. Then he asked something in Portuguese to Aiden.

“No thank you,” Aiden said. His throat was dry, but he didn’t want the alcohol Galeno was offering.

“What did he ask?”

“Something to drink.”

“Yes,” Marlon said. Lia was kissing the top of Marlon’s chest, along his clavicle. “Damn it’s hot.”

“Here,” Galeno said as he handed Marlon a bottle and turned on a fan. Marlon took a swig and coughed.

“Want any?” he asked, handing it to Lia. She took a big sip.

Galeno said something to her in Portuguese, and she loudly replied in what appeared to be a protest. He took the bottle from her and took a big sip. She swore at him.

“You’re even sexy when your angry,” Marlon smiled and grabbed beneath her skirt, pulling her against him.

Galeno smiled widely and held up the bottle in front of Aiden.

“Água?” Aiden asked.

Galeno set down the bottle on the small coffee table and gave Aiden a glass of water he got from the refrigerator. The water tasted heavenly as it went down his throat. He finished it all and set down the empty glass.

He looked at the couch to see Lia had fully unbuttoned Marlon’s shirt and was running her hands along his sweaty chiseled abs. His stepbrother had a drool-worthy torso, probably from constant gym work.

“Where is your room?” Aiden asked Galeno.

The tattooed Brazilian smiled as he took Aiden’s hand and led him down the hall, stumbling from the alcohol. It was a bit messy, clothes on the ground, but Aiden didn’t care. Galeno held Aiden’s face in his hands, kissing him deeply. Then he laid back in the bed calmly. Aiden crawled next to him as Galeno closed his eyes. He kissed his handsome bearded face and felt along his torso. The texture of the fabric against his fingers was like waves of pleasure because of the molly. Galeno’s eyes remained closed. Aiden pressed his hand to the Brazilian’s shoulder and squeezed gently, but he didn’t respond.

“Galeno?” He said. He tried shaking him harder this time, but nothing. Was he asleep? He said his name again, louder this time. He didn’t wake up. Aiden sighed and left the room. They had all been drinking quite a bit, but he didn’t expect Galeno to fall asleep on him.

He went back down the hall to the small living room, the only light being from the small window. Marlon was lying back on the couch and Lia was on her knees between his legs. He heard Marlon’s belt being unbuckled as he walked up. Lia turned around.

“What’s wrong?” she asked in Portuguese.

“I think Galeno had too much to drink,” Aiden replied pointing down the hall. Lia stood up.

“What do you mean?” Marlon said.

“He just fell asleep,” Aiden said with a sigh. Marlon raised an eyebrow. Aiden explained it to Lia in Portuguese. She stood up and went down the hall to Galeno’s bedroom.

“How drunk was he?” Marlon asked.

“I gaziantep escort bayan ilanları don’t know. He laid down on the bed and just closed his eyes.”

Marlon sat up a bit more and moved to the edge of the couch. He put his hands across the fabric.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve rolled on molly,” he said.

“I did some last year.”

“You coming down yet?” Marlon asked, “I think I’m starting to.”

“No.” Aiden was staring at Marlon’s chiseled muscles. He started thinking of feeling them with his hands. Even common sensations with molly, were amazing. Lia came out of the room and spoke to Aiden in Portuguese.

“What did she say?” Marlon asked.

“He’s done this before. That’s why she was angry when he started drinking the rum.

“Fuckin’ narcaleptic,” Marlon said.

“Desculpe,” she said to Aiden as she touched his shoulder. Then she said that she had to use the bathroom. She went down the hall.

“Where’s she goin?” Marlon asked.


Aiden sat down on the couch, leaving a space between himself and Marlon. He started feeling a bit different. Like the effects of the drug might be finally wearing off. He looked at Marlon’s six-pack abs and wide chest. His stepbrother’s eyes were closed and he was touching the couch with one hand and feeling his soulpatch with another.

“This X is pretty amazing huh?” Aiden asked.

“Yeah,” he said. “I can’t help touching everything.”

“I know.”

Aiden found his hand moving towards his stepbrother almost involuntarily. His hand pressed against Marlon’s shoulder. He ran it down the arm, feeling his stepbrother’s fabric. Marlon opened his eyes, but then closed them again.

“You don’t mind?”

“Nah,” Marlon replied.

Aiden scooted over until he was sitting closer and Marlon dropped his arm down from his soulpatch and landed on Aiden’s leg. He moved his hand along Aiden’s shorts and then down to his knee. He just moved across, back and forth. Aiden moved his hand up to his shoulder again, and then down to his stepbrother’s bare chest. Marlon sighed, his eyes still closed. Aiden ran his hand back and forth over his step brother’s wide muscular chest. Aiden’s fingertips felt electric across his sweaty skin. He ran the tip of his finger across Marlon’s dark brown nipple. His step-brother breathed slowly, and Aiden moved closer.

Marlon opened his eyes, and then looked down at Aiden’s hand.

“You like what you feel?” he asked with a smirk.

“Yeah,” Aiden replied, sheepishly. He felt his genitals respond to his stepbrother’s sexy smile. It was faint, but undeniable.

Marlon moved his hand across Aiden’s crotch and Aiden sighed nervously. Aiden moved his hand lower, across his step brother’s tight abdominals. They felt amazing. He touched every surface and crevice where his abdominals touched together.

Then Aiden turned, hearing Lia’s heels as she walked up. She smiled at Aiden.

“Are you guys together?” she asked in Portuguese.

“No, we’re… uh… good friends,” he replied in Portuguese.

“All those drinks finally caught up with me,” Marlon said, standing up. “I gotta piss.” As Marlon walked by, Lia grabbed his hips dancing for a few seconds until-

“Girl, I gotta go.”

She let him pass, laughing. Then she sat down next to Aiden in the center of the couch.

Aiden looked at her, his eyes quickly roaming down from her brown eyes, across her thick lips and down her neckline to her breasts. He wanted to put his hands over her entire body. He looked up and she was smiling at him.

“You look very drunk,” she said in Portuguese, with a laugh.

“A little,” he replied looking up at her face briefly and then back down at her breasts. It was as if he was transfixed.

“You can touch them if you want?” she said in Portuguese, as she pushed down her tube top with a wan grin, revealing beautiful brown globes the size of apples.

“Oh, t-thank you,” Aiden smiled, putting his hands to her chocolatey skin and running his fingers across her dark nipples. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes as he explored her smooth skin.

The high from the molly was definitely coming down for Aiden though. Aiden’s muscles had felt much different than Lia’s perky breasts. It wasn’t just their bodies, it was Aiden’s hands too. It wasn’t bad, but things were starting to feel a little more normal. And although his senses were returning to normalcy, his labito seemed to be growing.

Aiden looked up at Lia and her thick lips. He moved his hands around her waist and she opened her eyes. He was silent until her lips pressed against his. They started kissing passionately. Her lips felt intense across his mouth. He pulled back, gasping. He felt so hot and sweaty. He looked up and saw Marlon, shirtless, drinking from a tall glass of water and holding another. Rivulets of water ran from his mouth, over his silver crucifixes, and amazing muscular torso until he finished the entire escort bayan gaziantep ilanları glass.

“So fuckin’ thirsty,” his stepbrother said. “You want some?” He held up the other glass.

Aiden stared at his stepbrother’s sexy body. He wanted to lick Marlon all over. He grabbed the water from him and set it down on the table next to the bottle of rum. Marlon sat on the other side of Lia who was now in the center. He put one hand between her legs and was kissing down her neck and over her breasts. Her head was up, moaning. She looked at Aiden, her brow furrowing as she moaned. Aiden’s eyes focused on her large lips again. He brought his face next to hers and kissed her deeply. The heightened sexual energy was increasing. Now that he was coming down from the X, he felt very horny. He wondered if it had the same effect on Marlon. He felt a hand on his shorts as he kissed and then another on his back.

Aiden pulled away and saw it was Lia’s hand rubbing across his crotch. He looked over at Marlon and saw his stepbrother had put his arm over Lia and his hand had gone across Aiden’s back. Lia put her other hand on Marlon’s pants as she turned to kiss him. Aiden felt her hand enter his shorts and start rubbing over his underwear. He looked over and saw she was doing the same with his stepbrother.

“Thanks for sharing,” Aiden smiled, unbuttoning his shirt and taking it off, revealing his trim torso. He moved his head closer to her and saw Marlon did the same.

She pulled her hand up from their pants and reached behind each of their heads and then pulled them in. Their lips and their tongues intertwined for a triple kiss. It felt amazing. They kissed like this for what seemed like minutes. When Aiden pulled back he saw Lia lying back and watching them with a wan grin. It must have been only Aiden and Marlon kissing for the last minute or so. Marlon opened his eyes, seemingly unaware. He had been a real good kisser. They turned toward her as she stood up and reached out a hand down to each of them.

“Come to my room,” she said in Portuguese. Aiden grabbed her hand immediately. Aiden looked down at his stepbrother who was looking back and forth between them. He had a small grin as he stood up and took Lia’s hand.

Marlon grabbed the bottle of rum and Aiden grabbed the glass of water befores she led them back to her room. After entering, she flipped a switch on the wall and a long set of string lights turned on, hanging where the wall met the ceiling. It was just as small but much cleaner than Galeno’s room.

Against the center of the wall, opposite the entrance, was the headboard of a full-size bed with silky smooth sheets. Marlon closed the door as they entered and Lia went to a radio resting on a wooden chair next to the left corner of the bed, where she turned on some Brazilian samba music to a low level. Aiden stood next to Marlon in front of her bed, looking around the room. There were no windows here. On the right near the entrance to the room was a short dresser with a large oval-shaped mirror and a stool in front. On top of the dresser was a small makeup case and a large box of what looked like jewelry. On the left was a bookcase filled with magazines and books and resting on the top were half a dozen porcelain animal figurines. He watched as Lia walked past them to the other side of the room, and took Aiden’s glass of water. She set the glass down on a bedside table in the right corner. Then she turned on a standing fan. The air felt amazing across Aiden’s bare skin.

She walked back and knelt between the two men, her hands going up to the buckle on Marlon’s pants and Aiden’s shorts. She smiled, as she looked up at each of them. Aiden helped, opening his belt and then his zipper. She rubbed along his tight blue underwear that had the impression of his penis. She pulled down his briefs, revealing his genitals.

“Gostoso,” she said, grinning and pushing up his penis stroking along its length with her thumb and forefinger while she began to suck his balls. It was taking him longer than usual to get hard. He wondered if the molly was responsible. He looked over to Marlon who was taking a sip of rum and watching everything Lia was doing. She pushed Aiden into her mouth. She was using her other hand, on the front of Marlon’s pants which he had just unbuckled. He unzipped them and pushed down. Out flopped one of the biggest dicks Aiden had seen.

“Nossa!” Lia exclaimed as Aiden’s penis dropped from her mouth.

“Woah,” Aiden said.

She reached up and grabbed Marlon’s dick that was still limp and about twice the size of Aiden’s. She began stroking it back and forth.

Aiden couldn’t help staring at it. It was dark brown, uncircumsized, and only a shade lighter than Lia’s own skin, and beautifully big. At least Aiden thought so. It started to grow as she stroked it. Aiden began to feel his own dick get hard as he watched his stepbrother grow in her hand. He estimated it might be ten inches or so. It was no wonder Marlon was so confident. Lia stopped rubbing Aiden, focusing on Marlon. She pushed up his dick with one hand and began sucking his large balls. The egg shaped globes moved around in his sack as she licked and sucked at them. His balls were hairless, probably shaved.

Lia tilted her head back and let his cock fall onto her face. Then she licked from the underside up to the tip. She took a deep breath and pushed in as much as she could. She was able to fit about half of his thick cock.

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