The Physio Treatment

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Nat leaned against her car and took a last nervous drag from her cigarette. With one more deep breath she walked into the physiotherapy clinic for her monthly treatment. The treatment itself was not making her nervous. In fact, it was helping her back and shoulders immensely. What was bothering her was the prospect of being up close and personal with her therapist. As in hot and bothered.

Mirian was gorgeous. Her hair, her body, her smile, were dazzling. Nat had no idea if Mirian was bi or gay at all but it didn’t matter. When Miri was treating Nat, her body pressed up against her, touching her, that closeness was intoxicating. Many times Nat had finished an appointment and raced home to masturbate to multiple orgasms, all the while dreaming about having her way with Miri’s body. The sexual frustration drove her nuts, and the thrill of being near her was overwhelming.

After checking in at reception, Nat was escorted to a treatment bed. The assistant pulled the curtain around and gave the now-familiar instruction for Nat to take off her blouse. She didn’t need to be naked, but Mirian needed direct access to the muscles in her back and neck to properly treat her. For Nat, the sensuality of sitting there in just her bra, waiting for this gorgeous women to come and touch her, made her half crazy with lust. Her nipples were hard and she could feel unmistakable tingling and warmth between her legs.

She took another deep breath, to get control of herself. This was a medical appointment, not a gay bar, she told herself. Mirian was a professional and was almost certainly not in the business of fucking her patients. At that moment Mirian slipped through the privacy curtain and said hi. The smile, the hair, the easy way she made eye contact and small talk. Nat felt herself getting flushed, and was only too happy to lay face down to hide the visibly excited reaction to seeing her therapist.

Nat knew the routine, having been treated a half dozen times. Laying on her stomach, Mirian would work the deep tissue in her back and neck, many times top to bottom. Although Mirian talked on about the weather and the news, Nat was barely listening. She could feel Mirian’s hands, her arms, pushing into her body. She was certain that when Miri got really close, she could feel her hair dragging over her back. She could smell her, that scent was so recognizable.

Although she tried hard, she couldn’t keep her mind off the sensuality of the situation. This gorgeous woman, touching her, stroking her, while Nat laid there in just her bra. She was so horny it nearly hurt. All she could think of was what MIRIAN looked like in just a bra! And what she would look like without that bra, her beautiful tits bouncing in front of Nat as she unhooked from behind. Ugh. Her clit was swollen and starting to throb and she was having trouble thinking straight, as Mirian continued to dig her hands into Nat’s back.

As Nat’s head swam, Mirian talked on, like a good therapist passing the time with a patient in a cordial way. The next set of movements was with Nat sitting on the edge of the bed and Mirian behind her, stretching and pulling various muscles to help loosen the tightness and ensure maximum flexibility.

The final part of treatment is what Nat found nearly impossible to tolerate. She laid on her back, and Mirian hovered over her, pushing Nat’s arms over her head. She got so close. Her face, her tits. They touched hip to hip; it was like being drunk, Nat’s brain was in a spin of lust. One movement in particular, Miri got so close. One of her tits was touching Nat, and her face was right there, her eyes so close, her lips ….

Nat suddenly pushed herself up and kissed Miri, right on the mouth. Instantly she knew she had fucked up. Miri’s eyes got big and she took two steps away. She stood there with her mouth open, staring at Nat. Nat, for her part, was horrified. WTF have I done, she thought.

“You can’t do that”. Miri said it firmly and sternly. “Treatment is complete, see you out front”.

Nat was shaking with terror. She had fucked up bad and she knew it. She let her lust and Bycasino emotions overcome her and in a moment of impulsiveness she crossed the line. She quickly dressed and walked to the front to pay. She didn’t look up, didn’t say anything. She just wanted to get her insurance form and get the fuck out.

As she stared at the floor waiting to get the last of the paperwork she spotted Miri walking up to her. Oh fuck, now I am going to get shit, she thought. She looked up at Miri’s still-flushed face, as Miri stuck her hand out.

“Here is a card with the details of your next appointment”. Nat looked as Miri’s outstretched hand held a business card. Her shaking hands took it. “I don’t think I should have another appoint….” Miri interrupted “the time and day are on the back”.

The card said, in Miri’s handwriting, “Sunday 2pm”

Nat was confused. The clinic was only open on weekdays. “But you aren’t open on …” her voice trailed off. She watched Mirian’s face change from a stern glare to a smile. Mirian winked, and walked away.


Sunday arrived and Nat was a nervous wreck. She went over that last few minutes in the clinic a million times. Did she misread Mirian’s intentions? She had been invited to the clinic, when it was closed, for an appointment. Miri had winked at her. Nat had kissed Miri earlier.

Her knees were shaking, her heart was pounding.

She parked her car in the empty lot and checked her makeup in the mirror. She had purposely not had a cigarette all day, as she knew Miri didn’t smoke. If this was in fact more than just a physio appointment, she wanted to look and smell perfect. She thought long and hard about wearing something racy under her clothes but lost her nerve, as a small part of her was still worried she was imagining all this.

She got to the front door and pulled, but it was locked. For an instant she thought everything was a mistake, she was at the wrong place or at the wrong time, maybe this was all a cruel joke! Then she spied Miri coming up to the door, unlocking it.

She held open the door, Nat walked in, and then re-locked it behind her.

“I am glad you came, Nat”.

Miri started to walk to the back, but Nat was frozen in place. Miri stopped and looked behind her. She smiled and held out her hand.

“It’s ok, I promise.”

Nat took the hand she was being offered, and they walked together to the back. Mirian’s hand was warm, and as Nat held it her heart started to beat like crazy with excitement. Was this really happening? She desperately needed a cigarette, but this was not the time. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to control her emotions.

The lights were mostly off, so to Nat the clinic interior looked completely unfamiliar. Nat had only ever been there in the daytime, with the lights and music on, and therapists and patients bustling about. Mirian walked with her to the very back of the facility, where one exam area had the curtain fully drawn. She pulled the curtain back slightly, and what Nat saw almost made her pass out. The exam table was surrounded by lighted candles, bathing the whole area in a soft romantic glow. Beside the table, a bottle of massage oil was warming, alongside two full size towels. Miri look at Nat and smiled, still holding her hand.

Mirian tilted her head to the side, smiled, and asked “You’re ok?”. Nat tried to answer, but discovered her mouth was dry and almost no sound came out. Instead she nodded yes. She felt Miri squeeze her hand as she moved in closer and kissed her full on the lips, gently, warmly. Nat melted and felt her knees nearly give out. She kissed Miri back and opened her mouth slightly in response, feeling the barest edge of Miri’s tongue on her own. After they broke the kiss Miri just looked at her and said “that’s a better one”

Miri moved to hug her, and they embraced in the dim light of the candles. Miri started kissing as they embraced, beginning with Nat’s ears, then her lobes, then her neck, down her shoulder. Nat reciprocated with little bites on Miri’s ears Bycasino giriş and nuzzles into her neck. They held each other tight, feeling their bodies connected from top to bottom, their tits touching, their warmth so apparent. As they embraced and kissed, they slowly rubbed against one another, heightening the electricity between them.

As they broke the embrace Miri applied another kiss to Nat’s mouth, deeper this time, probing her with her tongue. Nat moaned ever so slightly, the evident pleasure escaping her. Nat felt Miri’s hand resting just under her left breast, and ached for the touch to intensify.

It was then that Nat realized how warm it was in the room. She was certain that the temperature had been turned up on purpose. She was starting to get uncomfortably hot, despite wearing only a light blouse. Reading her mind, Mirian’s hand went to the top button and started to remove Nat’s blouse. One button at a time, slowly and deliberately, Nat was exposed for Mirian to see.

Of course, Mirian had seen Nat in just a bra many times, but this was different. Miri’s eyes were huge, her pupils dilated, she was aroused off the charts, and was no longer looking at a patient, she was looking at her future lover. She removed Nat’s blouse to expose a black bra, fringed in lace. Nat’s boobs were not gigantic but they were not small either, and the bra was designed to accentuate her size, pushing up slightly and showing off her cleavage. Miri leaned down and planted a kiss between Nat’s tits, as Nat sighed, her desire raging.

In one motion, Miri pulled her sweater off, revealing a dark red push up bra. Her tits, slightly bigger than Nat’s, looked enormous in her sexy bra. Nat’s eyes nearly popped out, as she got her first close-up look at Miri’s amazing body. They embraced again as their tits brushed against each other one more time, with even less fabric between them. They kissed and nuzzled each others’ necks once again, heightening the sexual tension.

Nat was turned on, her clit was enormous, swollen, and throbbing. Her panties were soaked, her pussy juices practically leaking down her leg. Seriously she just wanted to get fucked by this amazing woman, right now. She hugged Mirian close once again, and sighed with pleasure, holding her close, smelling her, feeling her warmth.

Miri’s hands went to Nat’s pants, and started to shimmy them down. They fell in a puddle on the floor, and Nat stepped out them, now clad only in a bra and panties. She returned the favour, unbuckling Mirian’s belt and unzipping her, so that she could shed her pants as well. Mirian’s panties matched her bra, so sexy, standing there in front of Nat like a godess.

Miri took Nat by the hand and led her to the exam table. “Lay on your tummy” she asked, and Nat complied, climbing up and laying face down. Although she felt exposed, nearly naked, she was safe, she was sure of it. Her Mirian was taking care of her.

Miri’s hands ran lightly over Nat’s back, across her bum, and down her legs. Nat nearly came right there, the sensation was so strong. She felt Miri kissing her – behind her knee, just below her bum, in the small of her back, in the middle of her back, before nuzzling in her neck. Nat was having trouble thinking straight, she was so turned on.

In one quick motion, Nat felt her bra come undone. “That’s probably more comfortable” said Miri. Nat got up on her elbows and slipped the bra completely off, tossing it on the floor. She laid back down as Miri continued to massage her back lightly. Nat opened her eyes to get a glimpse of Mirian and realized with some shock that Miri was also topless. At some point in the last few minutes, HER bra had come off too. Nat looked lustily as she had a full view of Miri’s bare gorgeous tits for the first time ever. She studied the size, the shape, the nipples and the aureolae. Amazing tits, she thought.

Mirian grabbed the oil that was warming on the side table, poured a bit in her hand and applied it to Nat’s back, massaging more deeply now that there was sufficient lubrication. As turned on as Nat was, she couldn’t Bycasino deneme bonusu deny how good the massage was feeling, the physical connection, the strong hands knowing what muscles to touch. Nat felt Mirian pushing with her hands, then leaning into her. Miri’s tits, nipples erect, brushed across Nat’s back, igniting even more passion in her loins.

Nat felt Miri’s massage work down to her lower back, digging into the soft tissue on either side of her spine. As turned on as she was, as desperate as her clit was to be ravaged, this was a fucking great massage, hitting all the perfect spots to relax. Then Miri’s fingers looped under the elastic of Nat’s underwear and pulled them down too. And suddenly, Nat was entirely naked with her lover, her gushing pussy making a mess on the exam table.

Miri moved the massage to Nat’s ass, working the muscles deeply. She worked down her legs, then to her ankles, completing the full body massage. Again, Nat sneaked a peek at her lover and was shocked to see she had also taken off her panties at some point. They were both totally naked, in the physio clinic, behind a curtain, with candles, in the warmth of each others’ lust.

“Roll over sweetie”, Miri asked. Nat rolled onto her back, exposing her totally naked body to Miri for the first time. She could see Miri’s eyes get big as she took in the vision of Nat’s tits, her tummy, her pubic hair, her pussy, her legs. All the parts, just exposed and waiting to be loved. Miri crawled on the table, on top of Nat. Their naked bodies pressed together as they embraced once more, face to face. They kissed deeply, lustily, before nuzzling each others’ necks once again. Their naked tits rubbed, their nipples pressed against each other.

Miri straddled Nat and pressed her pussy hard against Nat’s body, sliding her slick slit onto Nat’s leg, gaining some relief to her own aching clit. For Nat’s part she was throbbing, and desperate for a release. She panted with excitement, overwhelmed with Miri on top of her, naked, pressing against her body.

They kissed hard again, deep tongue kisses, long tongue kisses, yearning to taste each other. They kissed each others’ necks, and nuzzled the soft spot above their shoulders. They rubbed tits against each other, explored each other’s boobs freely, enjoying the soft flesh and the hard nipples with their mouths and fingers.

Finally Nat couldn’t stand it any more. She shimmied to lay beside Miri and slid her hand between Miri’s legs, quickly finding the warmth and wetness she craved. Miri’s clit was swollen to a hard nub, slippery from her juices, and Miri’s whole body shuddered when Nat’s fingers squeezed it. As she kissed Miri again, deeply with her tongue, her fingers danced across Miri’s clit. She darted her fingers inside Miri’s pussy, deep, and then back out to meet the demands of her clit.

Miri started to cum almost immediately, wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her veins. She shuddered and cried out as she gave in to the multiple orgasms washing over her. “Fuck fuck fuck, harder, deeper” she demanded and Nat’s fingers played all over Miri’s pussy. Finally, Miri gasped and nearly shouted “fuck that was amazing”.

They laid together for a few minutes before Miri sat up and began to return the favour. Kissing Nat tenderly, she slid two fingers effortlessly into Nat’s hot cunt, swirling them around for maximum pleasures. Nat gasped and begged for more. Miri expertly circled Nat’s clit with a thumb and forefinger. As her mouth found Nat’s left nipple, her finger pressed hard against Nat’s clit and didn’t relent.

Nat was delirious with desire. Soaked pussy, panting, aching, she started to come from the depths of her insides. Over and over, the orgasms pulsed in her pussy as Miri gave her three fingers, deep in her hole. After what seemed like five minutes, Nat collapsed on the table with Miri on top of her. Both spent, satisfied, exhausted.

They lay like that for a full 15 minutes, kissing quietly and stroking each other’s bodies. After a while Miri asked Nat to finger her again, she continued to be so turned on, and another wave of orgasms ensued.

Eventually they got up and cleaned up, dressed, and restored the clinic to what it would normally look like on a Monday. In the parking lot they kissed warmly and closely, hugging tightly. This was to be the beginning of an amazing love.

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