The Nurse

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Karen was frustrated tonight; she had been unable to help the girl with her pain, such a pretty thing, now suffering from the beating administered by her boyfriend. She would recover physically but the mental scares would remain. She had to get away and into the loving arms of her sole mate. God how she hated men for their cruelty.

When she entered her apartment she flung off her clothes and headed for a nice hot shower. It would rinse away the smell of the ER. She wanted to have fun tonight and forget the scenes of gore and mayhem. The hot water beating on her skin brought a new warmth and calmness to her being.

As she was letting the water wash away her troubles the door opened and Kelli slipped in the shower behind her. Kelli wrapped her arms around Karen’s lithe body and began to kiss her on the neck and shoulders. Karen was not startled, it was what she liked so much about Kelli, she knew when to comfort her.

As Kelli caressed Karen’s shoulders and neck with her lips, her hands rose up to her breast and cupped them gently; her nimble fingers took a nipple in each hand and worried it till it became erect. The sensation sent a chill through Karen’s body and she shivered. Sensing the good feeling she had caused, Kelli turned Karen around and lowered her face to the waiting up turned breast and wrapped her lips around first one nipple then the other nibbling as she did. With the water cascaded over them Karen leaned back kaynarca escort her head and enjoyed the feeling her, love nest becoming moist with anticipation.

With her lips and tongue working on Karen’s breast Kelli let her hand drift down and cupped the love mound between Karen’s legs, sliding a finger between her lips and touching on her clit, messaging it gently. Then she put three fingers in and began to drive them deep in and out in and out of Karen’s wet hot pussy. Karen parted her legs and as Kelli’s hand would drive in she would press her hips forward to greet the ravaging fingers. The touch on her breast and the fingers rapidly increasing their tempo gave way to a burst of an orgasm she could no longer hold back.

Her body shook and shivered as she let go. Almost collapsing on the shower floor with the pleasure. Kelli had done herself proud, making her cum in such a quick fashion. But it wasn’t over as Kelli now held her by the hips and pressed Karen’s wet pussy into her face and began to lick the juices seeping out of Karen’s lips. Lapping at each drop holding her lips apart as she darted in and out and swirled around inside. Karen placed her hands on Kelli’s head and pressed her to her, and the feel of her tongue as it worked it’s magic brought Karen to a second orgasm, more forceful than the last.

Kelli rose up and took Karen in her arms hugging her close and kissing her full on the mouth, the taste küçükyalı escort of Karen’s juices still on her lips. Then they parted and finished their shower, this was the time for Karen, and she would give Kelli her due. The night had just begun. When Kelli and Karen had dried their hair and scrubbed each other raw drying off they both felt refreshed. Still naked they ran from through the house prancing and dancing around. Too full of energy to sleep they soon found themselves back in the bedroom.

It was Karen’s turn to give Kelli reason to shiver and shake. Kelli had long legs and a slender build, but she had an over abundance of breast that Karen loved to bury her face in. Karen began to gently stroke the soft skin on Kelli’s back and her lips and her tongue began to journey down the spine of Kelli’s back. As she got closer to Kelli’s ass she took her hands and grabbed the cheeks of her ass and began to message them and poke her finger through the crack probing gently in her hole. Kelli let out a soft murmur; she loved the feel of Karen’s touches.

Karen moved Kelli to a prone position on the big king size bed. Then Karen straddled Kelli’s, their pussies touching. Karen then leaned forward and buried her face in Kelli’s ample breast. Grasping the two large orbs she pressed them to her cheeks then brought the nipples together and licked at each in turn. Holding them together she began to suckle them the nipples sancaktepe escort so large ands hard they popped back and forth like springs when ever Karen would let one out of her mouth.

Karen then ran her tongue through the cleavage and down to the navel, biting at the soft skin and lavishing her wet tongue all over the soft belly. It tickled and brought goose bums to the skin of Kelli’s body, a soft moan could be heard escaping Kelli’s.

Karen continued her downward movement, stopping at the tip of Kelli’s pussy. Karen brought her hands down and parted the lips of Kelli’s lovely mound of joy, her tongue darted between the lips searching for her clit Now exposed as Karen peeled back the lips, Karen began to nibble and chew on it.

The new assault brought a deeper, louder moan from Kelli. Kelli raised her hips hoping that Karen’s tongue would go deeper, she began to bounce up n down and sway back and forth, Kelli was building rapidly to climax, just what Karen wanted. Now she took her fingers and began to work them on to the clit rubbing it hard, pressing up and ramming her hand to greet each rise of hips from Kelli.

Kelli moaned crying out, as the orgasm hit her and she trembled and shook with the release of her pent up passion. Slowly her hips subsided and she lay back, Karen now licking at her wetness, slowly running her tongue over the lips and lapping up juices that flowed down Kelli’s leg.

When she had satisfied herself she had it all, Karen Lay on top of Kelli and kissed her, pressing her tongue in Kelli’s mouth so the taste of the cum juice was shard by both. Now spent they parted and lay back on the big bed. Each was in a state of bliss from the joys that they had shared.

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