The Miller Family


“Just what the hell do you two think you are doing?”

The kiss I was enjoying abruptly ended and I nearly jumped out of my skin as the angry words were shouted at us. My eyes opened and there was my mother an angry look etched on her face, hands on hips, one foot tapping in obvious anger.

“Mum, it’s not like it looks,” I stammered in reply.

“Oh, and what is it then?”

“Mum, it’s not as bad as it seems,” a quizzical eyebrow was raised in disbelief as mum waited for me to explain what I was doing.

“Mum, please it’s not what you think. Kenny has a date tonight, and he’s never kissed a girl before, so he asked me for some help, telling him what to do,” my year older sister came to my rescue.

“And you decided to help him out by snogging him, great help that is isn’t it. And that’s supposed to be not so bad.”

Mum was fuming and rightly so. She had just walked in on my sister and me in the middle of a long, slow, kiss, and you could see that tongues were involved, this wasn’t a brother and sister kiss. But the thing is Kassie my sister was correct, here I am a nervous eighteen-year-old about to go on a date with a girl he adores, and he is so inexperienced it’s painful.

“Is it true?” mum glared at me as she posed the question?

“Yes, and mum it’s called making out, not snogging.” The wrong answer in a big way, mum doesn’t like being corrected.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!!!.” Sarcasm dripping off every word as she continued, “I’ve just walked in on my son and his sister, ‘making out’ and it’s not supposed to be a big deal. And it is snogging, making out is an American term, you’re English, so as far as I’m concerned it’s snogging.”

“Mum, it’s my fault,” Kassie jumped in again, “Kenny wanted some help, and I decided to show him how. Look, mum, all we’ve done is a little bit of kissing, just to show him what it’s like, mum, please there’s nothing else to it, please believe us.”

This was true, but what had surprised me was that Kassie had actually decided to help me, we get on, but are not a lovey, lovey brother and sister. So I had been surprised when Kassie had said she would teach me what to do.

“How many?”

“What? How many what?” I asked.

“Kisses you imbecile. HOW-MANY-TIMES-HAVE-YOU-KISSED-YOUR-SISTER?” Mum was shouting again.

“Five or six,” answered Kassie.

“Any good?”


“Is he any good?”

“No; crap,” was the reply from Kassie.

“Kasandra!” that one word was enough to stop Kassie in her tracks, mum hates swearing in any form.

“Sorry mum, no he’s not very good, that’s what I expected, but he’s getting better with practice,” Kassie giggled as mum looked on with a smile, at last, softening her stern looks.

“Tongues?” the inquisition continued, as I started to squirm with embarrassment.

“Just started that, that’s what he’s getting better at.” Kassie was getting bolder in her replies to mum, almost challenging her as to how many questions she would ask and how intrusive they would be.

“And Kassie, it’s only been kissing. Don’t lie to me.”

“No mum honestly, kissing only,” I shouted in answer.

“So, you’ve kissed five or six times, and he’s not improved.”

A nod from Kassie.

“Maybe it’s the teacher, not the pupil,” mum said as she plonked herself next to me on the sofa, on the other side from Kassie. And then my whole world was rocked and turned upside down. Mum placed her hands on either side of my face, bent her face to me and kissed me, full on the lips. No tongues, thank God but still one hell of a hot sexy kiss.

“Not bad,” she said as she broke the kiss. I couldn’t believe what had just happened, as if kissing my sister hadn’t been enough to give me a hard-on now mum was joining in. All I’d done was ask Kassie how to kiss a girl.

Kassie looked at mum as if for permission to continue, then turned my face to hers, telling me to close my eyes as she kissed me a lot harder and with more passion than earlier, her tongue was flicking in and out of my mouth. I kept my eyes shut as instructed and went with the flow, really enjoying the kiss. This was a new experience for me kissing any girl, or woman. It seemed as though Kassie was enjoying the kiss for what it was, not as a favour to me, or tutoring me. She was liking it.

Finally breaking the kiss Kassie sighed, escort hikayeleri “That’s a bit better,”

“Try this then, eyes shut and try and relax,” instructed mum as again she kissed me.

Relax! That was never going to happen. This time her hands went around the back of my neck and pulled me to her, her tongue darting into my mouth like a hot eel as it found my own tongue and wrapped itself around it, fighting with it. I couldn’t help it my eyes shot open with the surprise and I let out a long moan into my mother’s mouth. Who could have thought my mum could kiss like this. Wow, hot!

Mums eyes opened in response to that, a twinkle in them. “You’re improving,” she whispered.

My God, I was making out with my mum and sister, neither seemed to mind, both were going for it, trying to teach me more and more about the skill of kissing a girl. Mum had much more experience and it showed, but Kassie compensated by sheer youth and energy.

The kissing got more and more intense and much more body contact was happening, arms going around each other, mum particularly so, holding me tightly and running her hands up and down my back.

In one particular kiss, mum had her arms wrapped around me and somehow my hand had dropped onto her leg, just at the hem to her skirt, which was a tight denim one, mid-thigh in length, that had ridden even higher. My hand had landed just on the inside of her thigh, it was warm and soft and silken to the touch.

Like any excited eighteen-year-old, my hands did what came naturally and without thinking I moved it higher on my mum’s thigh, up under the hem of her skirt, brushing against her panties. Once again and not for the final time that night my eyes shot open, her panties were sopping wet in the crotch, which was where my trembling hand was resting. I could feel the heat coming off her. I pressed a finger forward into the wet area, probing where it shouldn’t probe.

Mum went stock still, eyes opening as she shook her head, NO. But she didn’t make any move to make me remove my hand. So I left it where it was.

This was getting out of hand, even I knew that. I knew I shouldn’t be kissing my mother and sister like this, or the fact that all three of us were enjoying what was happening, somewhere along the way, things had changed from them teaching me how to kiss, to something with much more sexual intent. I knew or at least hoped that something special was about to happen.

I broke the kiss with mum and turned to Kassie, trying to regain control of myself and my equilibrium. Kassie looked at me aghast, she had seen where my hand had strayed, and mums reaction to it, the fact that she hadn’t slapped me and ripped my hand from up her skirt.

“Nice move baby bro,” uttered Kassie with what seemed like lust in her voice.

This was the time for things to stop. Thankfully they didn’t.

Kassie pulled me to her and increased the intensity of her kisses on me to an even higher level, upping things even more, her hand took hold of one of mine and pressed it onto her boobs. I didn’t even stop to think, I squeezed it. Kassie sighed.

My feeling up of mum had been accidental, but this was an open invitation from my sister. My hand pulled off her boobs, but not for long as I pushed her t-shirt up and got hold of her boobs, pushing my hand under her bra. Her boobs just filled the palm of my hand and were soft yet firm, moulding and yielding as I squeezed and held them. The nipple hardening under the touch of my hand as I held it in place.

Kassie’s hands hadn’t been unoccupied whilst this was going on and had dropped to my groin as she stroked my throbbing cock from outside of my jeans.

Mum was plainly looking on at her two offspring as they kissed and felt each other up, making no move to bring things to a stop. Mums breath had started to become shallow as she watched us.

Kassie and I kept kissing and feeling each other up for the next few minutes until just as Kassie undid the zip on my jeans mum interrupted things again.

She pushed Kassie’s hands away and without any hesitation or reluctance pulled my by now rampant and aching cock from my jeans and gave it a couple of strokes between the thumb and first two fingers of her hand. Her touch was both soft and gentle but also hard and demanding gaziantep escort hikayeleri at the same time.

I transferred from kissing my sister to kissing my mother and once again my hand went to her leg and under her skirt, this time there were no panties. During the time Kassie and I had been enjoying ourselves mum must have taken her panties off.

When she noticed my shock at putting my hand on her hot wet and bare pussy, mum giggled into my mouth, at the same time her legs opened ever so slightly, giving me just a little more space to push a finger into her. I didn’t hesitate, the first pussy I had ever felt and it was my mothers. I almost came on the spot, and I’m sure I heard a sigh coming from Kassie.

Mum kept kissing me as I continued to finger her pussy, revelling in the hot wet softness of it as her juices covered my hand, then she broke the kiss, took a firm hold of my hand as she pulled it out of her pussy and from under her skirt. She pushed my hand against my mouth and held it there until I opened my mouth and licked all the sweet juices from my fingers. Mum nodded her head in pleasure. It seemed I had done the right thing.

The kissing lesson with my sister seemed to have changed and upped in eroticism to something that was approaching the beginnings of full sex with both my mother and sister involved but at least I was learning.

Kassie decided to re-enter things now and upped things even more. She moved mums hand off my cock, almost slapping it away in her impatience. Then the most glorious feeling, a hot, wet, soft glove covered my cock, holding it softly yet tightly, then it started to move up and down. It wasn’t a glove it was my sister’s mouth! My sister had just taken my cock into her mouth and from what she was doing she was enjoying it, and it wasn’t the first cock she had had there.

Mum let out a gasp as she saw what Kassie was doing, I’m not sure how far mum would have gone if Kassie hadn’t gone as far as she did, but we’ll never know now. Kassie was almost issuing a challenge with her actions. Seeing if mum would either stop her or take up the challenge and take things even further. I had the feeling that Kassie would go as far as she was allowed, and would try and go further than mum,

Mum looked on stunned as her daughter bobbed her head framed with auburn hair up and down on her brothers’ cock. “You little slut,” mum whispered, but it seemed like admiration not admonishment the way she said it.

My hands were both fully occupied one hand up mums skirt frantically playing with her pussy, the other groping and squeezing my sisters’ boobs. I was panting and bucking thrusting my hips into Kassie’s face. I was getting near, very near.

“Kassie stop! Don’t finish him yet,” mum ordered my sister as she realised what I was about to do. Kassie reluctantly eased up on her ministrations to me and let my cock out of her mouth with an audible plop and look of displeasure at my mum.

“Later, darling, don’t rush him. After all, it’s his first time. Tease him first. You youngsters are so impatient, take your time, the ending is always better that way.” Mum must have been turned on beyond belief.

I was able to recover slightly, the height of my passion and excitement diminishing a little as we sat still for a few seconds, my breath was coming back to normal from the excited panting it had been seconds before, but that was about to change.

My cock was still hard and erect but it soon got even harder and stiffer. Mum stood up placed herself directly in front of me as she ripped her blouse off, buttons flying everywhere. She then stood either side of me straddling my legs lifter her skirt even higher, sank down, got hold of my cock placed it at the entrance to her pussy, and lowered herself on me until my cock was fully inside her, taking my virginity in the process. Mum shuddered. I gasped. Kassie moaned and went, “Fucking hell mum.” For once mum didn’t admonish Kassie for swearing.

Mum gave me a few seconds to get used to the feel of my cock being inside a woman as were stared at each other, both shocked at how far things had gone and how far they had got out of hand, but it was too late now to stop. The simple fact of the matter was we were fucking.

Mum surprised me once more with what she did escort gaziantep hikayeleri next. She didn’t bounce up and down on me as I expected, and I’d seen in pornos, she gyrated her hips around and around on me, and that seemed so much more erotic and intimate. I’d had just a brief glance at mums body when she ripped her top off, but now her full boobs with small tight nipples were right in front of my face so I sucked on them. Both her boobs and nipples were bigger than her daughters, but her nipples weren’t as sensitive.

Slobbering over each in turn, I moved from one to the other, sucking and licking, coating each one in turn with saliva. Mum responded to each lick by either quickening her gyrations or slowing them down in response to the fierceness of my mouth on her tits. I decided to lay back and let mum dictate the pace and what was going to happen next.

As I lay back I was aware of a movement just behind my head and looked up to see Kassie, now totally naked pulling on her nipples and rubbing her hand up and down her pussy. Then Kassie moved over me, knelt with her legs either side of my head as I stared up into her pussy.

Mum whispered, “Kassie no.” Kassie paid no attention to mum and lowered her pussy over my face until I had no choice I was licking her from top to bottom, Kassie squealed with delight.

“He knows how to do that without teaching,” she muttered as she matched mums gyrations to her own. Here I was on my back, mum sat astride my cock and my sister sitting on my face, pussy being licked for all it was worth. I was in heaven.

Kassie tasted salty, yet sweet at the same time, it was a taste I loved from the start. Sticky and mucusie at the same time, and just the slight aroma of fishiness from her. Like mum, Kassie was wet and hot as my tongue thrust deep into her core, as deep into her vagina as I could get it. Kassie was moaning words of encouragement to me. Mum kept on rolling her hips around and around, pussy clenching and releasing my cock.

I was trying to thrust up into mum but she was keeping me at bay controlling things with the skill of her pussy and her experience. I was living every young guy’s dream, losing my virginity to an experienced woman who was using all her skill to make this the best time I would ever have.

There was something that made the loss of my virginity even more erotic and sexy, I was the meat in the middle of a three-way, with my mother and sister. I was certainly going to burn in hell for eternity, but it would be worth it for the sensations going through my mind and body.

My hands were playing with mums boobs when I felt another pair of hands cover mine and start to squeeze, then one hand was pushed away and the other hand took over just as I felt Kassie move forward and beg, “Mum, kiss me, for fuck’s sake kiss me”

I knew mum had complied with her daughters wish as Kassie shuddered and clamped her legs against my head and pounded her pussy into my face. Mums pussy had clenched with a grip of steel in my cock and tripped me over the edge.

I came, howling my release into my sisters pussy as my cock shot globs of cum into my mothers pussy. I kept on firing cum into mum as my sisters own orgasm hit her and she flooded my mouth with her own cum. I drank as much down as I could and still my face was left coated with what seemed like gallons more.

Mum shrieked as I fired my cum into her, then pulled off me, dropped down and took the last drops into her mouth, slurping along my cock as she did, and as she continued to clean my cock off. She was quickly joined by Kassie as she tried to get a taste of my cum. Both of them cleaning me off with their hot mouths. Tongues lashing together as they exchanged kisses, mouths coming together over my sensitive cock.

Kassie fell away, shaking and panting, heaving sobs escaping her. Mum sat at my feet a look of shock on her face, I was unable to move or think.

What had we just done!

I pulled mum to her feet and alongside me, at the same time getting hold of Kassie so that all three of us cuddled as we took stock of the change in our relationship. Both women were wrapped in my arms as we snuggled. I looked at mum and smiled a thank you, well what else could I do. As I did I could see cum crusting and dry on her lips and chin. That just looked so sexy.

What had happened couldn’t be undone. I’m not ashamed of it, and never will be but I’m not sure about mum and Kassie. None of us has ever spoken about it since and we haven’t repeated it. One thing I’m upset about is I would have loved to see mum and Kassie together even for just a short time!!!! And I didn’t get to have sex with Kassie, I’m sure she would have been good, but not as good as mum.

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