The Meehan Family


Chapter OneI’ve lived a much different life than most. My father, Jack Meehan, sold an Avionics Package to the Department of Defense for millions and got a job to oversee the project. He does most of his work out of Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), Dayton, Ohio. He built a compound on ten acres of land about 10 miles from the base where I grew up. My mother walked out on us when I was two. I haven’t seen or heard from her since. I stopped asking my dad about her when I was three. Because dad can do most of his work from home and his sister moved in with us when mother walked, dad had no problem taking care of me.Dad built a house for two retired Army Rangers to live in and provide security due to the secretive nature of his work and wealth. Mack Longfellow and Larry Deas met in the Army when they joined the Rangers and have been together ever since. They keep their relationship on the down low because they work with a lot of military types and with security clearances. It’s just easier to keep the eyes on the mission and not on who’s fucking who. I call them “The Boys” unless I tease them. Then it’s “Mac the bulge held back by his shorts. My clit tingled, and my vaginal canal filled with moisture.I caught myself staring at the bulge in my father’s shorts. I couldn’t look away and found one of my nipples through the tee shirt I was wearing. This sent a bolt straight to my clit and I let out a small moan. I took a quick step back out of view and held my breath. The noise of the weights stopped, and I heard my dad say, “Did you hear that?”Silence, then Larry said, “No…maybe Gin’s bumping around up there. She’ll be here in a few minutes.” More silence, then the sound of heavy plates clanking off each other. Just as I started breathing again, I spotted mom walking my way, a cup of coffee in her hand. I think she was about to say good morning when she noticed my nipples poking into my cotton shirt. Her gaze found my eyes for a moment. She turned the other way and looked over the railing, down at the men below. She then turned back, looking into my eyes. Flashing a cute as fuck smile and giggling, she walked on by me, continuing on her way. She never said a word.I found my way to the gym and said, “Good morning, father,” bounding through the door. He looked at me oddly as I pulled my tee shirt off over my head and tossed it onto a rack of dumbbells, now standing there in just my white cotton panties. “Good morning, daughter.” He replied, with half a smile. Everyone has seen me naked and has had no luck getting me to change my ways, so now, nobody even notices. Larry once told my dad that he and Mack can’t use my stuff, so it didn’t bother them. My dad laughed. I wasn’t sure, but I think I caught him staring at my 36C’s and my nipples stiffened right up. All I could think about was his cock. I have seen it a number of times. Nudity has never been a problem in the house, but this time gaziantep minyon escort was different. I wondered what it would look like erect.I said good morning to Larry as I wrapped my Gi around my body and cinched up my white belt. The Boys agreed that the need to show others your level of training was not smart. Let your opponent underestimate you. Never telegraph your attack and, if at all possible, ESCAPE.Larry and dad worked me out for a solid hour. When we were done, I hung up my Gi, grabbed my shirt, and walked out to the backyard. We have a glorious Olympic sized swimming pool complete with a high and low springboard and a ten-meter platform. Standing at the edge, I dropped my shirt and slid my panties off and kicked them onto the flimsy shirt. Diving in, I started my steady stroke, propelling my naked form through the cool water. Thinking about dad checking out my tits. I imagined his cock swelling up as I reached into his shorts and taking his heat in my hand. I wondered what he tasted like.I have sucked on one cock. My longest boyfriend, Bobby, and I, when we were sixteen, parked in a dark, isolated spot just off the road leading to the compound. He had me pretty worked up, licking and fondling my exposed breasts, while rubbing my pussy the best he could through my jeans. He pulled my hand down to his crotch and I could feel his hardness. In the glow of the car’s electronics, I could see Bobby’s face when he looked up at me. In that childlike voice, he uses to beg his mom, he said, “Will you touch it?” I almost said ahh, that’s so cute, but kept it to a smile.I looked him straight in the eyes and whispered, “You know I can hurt you, yes?” He nodded. I continued, “If I do this and hear about it from somebody later. Well, you don’t want that, capisce?” With a big smile and sparkling blue eyes, he nodded confirmation. “Get your pants off.” I whispered. He fumbled with his belt, got his pants undone, and slid both his jeans and the red boxer briefs he was wearing to his knees. Looking at what I thought to myself, “His Boyhood”. I figured he was sporting about five inches and not very thick.I reached for him and noticed he was shaking. Taking him in my right hand, he almost jumped. He was hot in my hand, but my fingers could wrap all the way around with ease. It amazed me, the feel of it. Sliding my hand up and down his shaft, I could feel his breath increase on my cheek. Leaning into him, I slid my tongue into his mouth. I gave his cock a squeeze, and he moaned.Pulling my lips away from his, I looked down at his nakedness. I could see a bit of clear fluid oozing out of the tip of his dick. I suddenly had an interesting urge to taste it. That thought caused my pussy to juice right up. I squeezed my legs together and looked again at the clear juice, which was now a full-on dribble. It ran down the side of nizip escort the head, down the shaft, and onto the side of my index finger. I released his cock and pulled my hand up to my face.Both Bobby and I looked at the small trail of what I would later learn to be precum on my finger. We looked at each other and then back to his fluid. I let my tongue snake out of my mouth and lick my finger clean. Bobby gasped a quick breath as he watched me taste him.I knew now what I was going to do. I was going to suck his cock. My juices continued to flow into my panties. Looking at Bobby, I was about to warn him again about running his mouth, but the glazed look in his eyes told me he would agree to anything I asked at this point. I looked back down at him and could see he was dripping. I thought my pussy gets wet; his dick puts out his wetness. I wondered if they were the same stuff.Putting my hand around him again. I could feel his heartbeat. I wonder if they taste the same. Bobby sucked in his breath as he watched my head lower to his lap. When my lips found the head of his cock, he stopped breathing. I let his cock slide into my mouth. I continued down his shaft until I had all of him in my mouth. My mind was racing. His taste, the feel of him in my mouth, the thought, I could take more. I raised up, letting him escape my lips. My tongue found his tip. I had seen enough porn to know those women teased the backside of the cock head, so I gave it a shot.Bobby stiffened in the car seat and his breathing now came in rapid succession. I slid him back in balls deep and felt his cock swell. (Already?) I knew that was my cue to make a decision. Let him cum in my mouth or get the hell out of the way. I instinctively pulled my head back and out of the way as his first rope shot up on his shirt from his belly, across his chest and ending on his shoulder. I continued to pump him with my fist.The second shot landed on the side of his jaw, across his cheek, over the bridge of his nose, onto his forehead and into his hair. I continued to pump. The third streamed across his right shoulder and onto the car seat. I continued to pump. I had to taste him. Quickly sucking him back into my mouth and sliding up and down as he finished unleashing that thick teenage seed.His orgasm subsided, and his breathing slowed. I released him and licked my lips. I had decided I liked the taste of cum. Something about it being dirty turned me on. I sat up and looked at Bobby and laughed. He had ejaculated across his face but did not give a shit. He was enjoying the afterglow of his ejaculation. The boy had given himself a facial. I thought about all those women I had seen in porn and thought, “This one is for you ladies.”Moving in to kiss him, Bobby pulled back, avoiding me. “You got cum on your lips.” I knew then that Bobby and I were through. Chapter 2I continued my swim, nurdağı escort thinking about my dad’s cock. Would I fuck him if he asked? Would I try to seduce him? Would it ruin our relationship? Do I really want to fuck him? Feeling someone splashing into the water near me. I stopped my lap and looked up to see my dad. I swam over to him and when I reached him, I threw my arms around his neck and whispered, “I love you, Daddy.”He said, “I love you too, Baby Girl.” Wrapping me up is his arms. As my feet found the bottom of the pool, I pressed into him and felt his cock against my belly. He had jumped in naked. I wanted to check out his cock without him knowing I was checking out his cock. With my arms still wrapped around his neck, I began kissing him all over his face, head, neck. As I squirmed around, his cock was rubbing back and forth across my belly.I felt him grow against my tingling torso. He tried to push me away, and I held tight. I am much stronger than the average eighteen-year-old woman and he couldn’t dislodge me without hurting me. Trapping his hard-on between us. I could feel the heat of it, even in the cool water. It was standing straight up, almost between my tits. I looked in his eyes and whispered again, “I love you, Dad.” And before he could respond, I put my lips on his.I reached between us and took him in my hand. My fingers encircled him. I could not get my hand all the way around it. My God, I thought. Not wanting to kiss too long or hold his cock too long. I gave him a two Mississippi kiss, no tongue, and broke the kiss. Releasing his meat, I sank underwater before he could respond and swam to the corner of the pool and climbed the ladder to get out.Standing at the edge of the pool, Mack handed me a large, fluffy white towel. He looked down at my ridiculously hard nipples and said, “Turkey’s done.”It’s a stupid joke he has told a hundred times, but it still makes me blush and brings a smile to his face. As I dried my body, I glimpsed dad watching me. Mack took my wet towel and handed me a long fleece robe.Mom came out of the house with a large platter of breakfast food. Larry was behind her with another platter. They put them down on the table and took their seats. I walked over and sat, followed by Mack, after he laid my towel out to dry in the morning sun. My dogs were at my feet. Dad was still standing in chest high water, just staring at us. He seemed lost in deep thought.Mom called out, “Brother, your breakfast is getting cold.” Dad snapped out of his daydream and waved acknowledgement. I watched as he swam over to the ladder, his tight white ass cheeks bobbing along the surface. When he climbed out of the pool, he was sporting a full erection. I could not take my eyes off it. The Boys were concentrating on the food in front of them.Mom took notice though and yelled, “Well, good morning, brother. That must have been one hell of a swim. I may have to dive in and see what else is up.”Dad smiled as he walked over and took a towel from a nearby table and spoke. “Shit happens.”  I watched with my mouth agape as my father toweled himself dry. His short blond hair, his muscled chest, and arms. I watched as his hard cock bounced up and down as he moved. Dad is really cut. He has that V from his hips…

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