The Luckiest Guy in the World Ch. 02


In Part 1, I told you I was the luckiest guy in the world. Successful videogame developer, I am rich and used that wealth to do everything I ever wanted. Which happened to include having sex with my lush, beautiful, incredibly sexy home (who was a sexual dysfunction therapist, with a specialization on incest). And every once in a while, I watch the videos of took of my successful seduction, which culminated in my cock sinking smoothly into my mom’s ass while she actually apologized for asking me to do this “for her.” Lucky? Oh yeah.

By the end of Part 1, I’d decided to try to use the testing of my latest videogame to start changing my mother into a person who would lick the cum off my cock. Mom had agreed to help me test the game and I had, well, total control over how the game worked and what happened it. I could also watch (real time or recorded) whatever she did in the game.

We agreed that we’d start in the evening. And so the story continues:

That was just about the longest day of my life. I cleaned up my game room, which was no small feat. Gone were the empty, crushed Coke cans, the empty, crumpled Cheetos bags, the broken controllers and second-rate VR (virtual reality) gear. I made sure that both of the La-Z-Boys were free of trash, stains and odors. I tested two sets of VR glasses and gloves from VRVision, a Taiwanese company that was at least three years ahead of anyone else on the planet. I sprayed Febreeze with a vengeance and carefully rolled up and put away the enormous and very revealing posters of Pamela Lee Anderson, which I’d made from snapshot grabs form the opening scenes of Barbed Wire (what can I say? I need safe inspiration). Hell, I even vacuumed.

When Mom came into the kitchen from her last appointment of the day, I greeted her with a glass of Merlot. “Time to relax, enjoy, and beta test, Mom,” giving her my biggest smile.

I watched the tension of her sessions fall away as she returned my smile, took the glass, and gave me a hug. “You are such a sweetheart.”

“Whenever you’re ready,” I replied, “please join me in in game room.”

She hooked her arm around mine and said: “Your wish is my command.”

Are you ever amazed at how quickly thoughts, even entire scenes, can flash into and through your brain? When my mother said that, all I could think was: Wait, did I miss something? Is she a submissive? And a picture of my mother, entirely naked and writhing on her bed, with her hands and feet tied to bedposts filled my mind. I will have to build a scenario for that in ThoughtCrime, I decided.

Then I shook my head to clear it, saying: “I would never give you a command, Mom. Just a suggestion. You always have to decide for yourself.”

She looked at me oddly, and I realized that I had just repeated word for word one of her principles. I held my breath. Would she suspect something? No.

“That’s is just what I say to my patients, Jason,” she said. “And it is good advice for everyone, so thank you.”

“You are most welcome,” I said with a little bow, and escorted her to the game room.

She sniffed when she entered the room, looked around nodding to herself. “Nice clean up job, Jason. It’s almost habitable for normal people now.” I grinned at her and pointed to a La-Z-Boy. “That’s yours, Mom.”

We then spent an hour or so getting Mom used to the VR glasses and the controller, by running through some exercises. The more immersive the experience, the more I’ve found novices struggle to “let go” and stop trying to move their body along with the action in the game. Mom picked it up pretty quickly, though. So I moved on. With both of us settled comfortably in our La-Z-Boys, eyes covered by the glasses, hands cradling the controllers, I said:

“OK, now it’s time to set up our avatars.”

“Our what?”

“Our representation inside the game. You can pick whatever name you want, whatever look, you want. But one thing that is very cool about ThoughtCrime, and that I want to test, is that you can upload a photo or two, and the game will build a character for you from that. See, look…”

I fiddled with the controls, and uploaded a photo of myself to the game and clicked on “Build.” Ten seconds later, the avatar appeared on screen – and it was me, no doubt about it, but also clearly a high-res digitized version: a character, not a photo.

Mom said “Wow! That is really neat, Jason. You are so smart! Can you do the same for me?”

Exactly what I was hoping she would say. So I switched over to her character, and opened a directory of photos I’d pre-loaded. I knew that I had to let Mom pick, but I made sure to offer only photos that showed her at her sexiest.

“Hmmmm,” she said, “I like that one in the second row, third in.” Oh yeah, so did I. Beautiful, big smile, accentuating her cheek bones. I showed her how to select it, upload it, and then a few seconds later, there was my Mom: loaded into ThoughtCrime.

“OK,” I said, “now we pick our bodies.” I showed escort sitesi her the steps with my character, picking a strapping young man, with big but not stupid-looking muscles.

Mom was so honest and sincere, that she picked her accurate body type (to avoid scaring off Mom, I’d changed the label on that type from “Lush Slut” to “Rubinesque Beauty”). I immediately was reminded of the scene from the original Terminator when Arnold, just about to go under from the drugs, picks “Slut” for the female character in his “fantasy.”

“And, finally,” I said, “you get to name your avatar. Don’t use ‘Mom’, OK?”

“What are you going to name yours?”

“Kotok,” I said immediately. “Named for Alan Kotok, one of two MIT students who developed Spacewar!, one of the first computer games. Oh and plus it’s a palindrome.”

“Hmmmm,” Mom replied, “Kotok. Well, OK. Sounds a bit too much like Kotex for me to want to use it, but you’re not me. How about….Sabina? Yes, that’ll work for me. For Sabina Spielrein, one of the first women to join the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society – set up by Freud and Jung.”

“Saabeenah,” I said, drawing out each syllable. I liked it. I could definitely fuck a Sabina. “Excellent choice, Mom.”

Kotok and Sabina. Good strong names for good strong characters. This was all going exceptionally well. And then it was time to play.

So play we did. It didn’t take Mom long to get the hang of it, and she was good, which I pretty much expected, given what she did for a living. Half an hour into it, she said: “Wait a minute, did you see that?”

I said “TC – pause.” and the game stopped.

Mom, startled, said: “What happened?”

“Oh, I stopped the game. It’ll respond to your voice. Just say ‘TC’ very clearly, followed by a command, which can be any of: Pause, Save, Back, you know, stuff like that. So – why did you want to stop?”

“I saw something wrong in the images. There’s a leg sticking out from that character in the background, with the blue shirt. See him?”

Yep, I saw him. In fact, I’d deliberately put that leg there to see if Mom would catch it, and respond. Good job, Mom!

“Oh, yeah, I see that. OK, so I need to fix that. Here’s what I will do: TC,” I said firmly, “Fix, blue shirt, bad leg. End fix. OK, Mom, now I’ve logged that issue. I can go back to it later and apply the fix. You can do the same thing. Just say ‘TC-fix’ and then describe the problem, then ‘end fix’ and you can go on with the game. If we can get rid of all those anomalies, this game will be so much more popular.”

“Got it,” said Mom, and I could hear her buy-in on helping me make another blockbuster game.

“Oh and by the way,” I finished up, “You can also use voice commands to direct your avatar. Watch.” My avatar was standing still. I said: “Kotok – jump!” and Kotok jumped high into the air and came back down, landing nimbly on his feet.

We played a while more. She was good. I could, of course, beat her anytime I wanted, but that’s not what I wanted right now. After an hour, Mom groaned. I pulled off my glasses. She was sitting up in the La-Z-Boy, glasses off.

“That’s it for me, Jason. I’m tired.”

I turned on my high-beam smile. “Thanks, Mom! Did you like it?”

She smiled back at me and got up. I got up, too. She held out her arms and enveloped me in a hug. Her breasts mashed up against me. My cock got instantly hard and I had to pull my pelvis back away from her a little. Can’t let her think she turns me on.

“It’s fantastic, Jason. I’m so proud of you and I promise I will help you make it even better. We can play tomorrow after breakfast and then some more in the evening, if you’d like.”

“If I’d like? Mom, you are great. Thanks so much for helping.” We let go of each other. I watched Mom carefully. Would she glance down and notice the bulge? Nope, she kept her eyes on my face. I turned quickly to the door and gallantly waved her out first.

* * *

Over the next several days, Mom really got into ThoughtCrime. She was good at the game, and even better at finding small problems in the way the in-game humans were presented and the way they acted. Much to my amazement, Mom was making the game much better, and having a great time doing it. She’d already earned enough points to move to the second level of play. Which also meant that I could now introduce her to the Easter Eggs.

In four days, I was going out of town for a week, to a gaming conference in which I planned to demo ThoughtCrime. So the timing was perfect to get the game cleaned up, and I told my mom this. Increasing my sense of amazement and love for this incredible lady, she volunteered to cancel any unnecessary meetings with patients so she could spend more time working on the game.

All very exciting. But from this point onwards, the success of my “Seduction of Mom” project would depend on taking the most careful, small steps at just the right gaziantep escort sitesi time. One mis-step and the opportunity would be lost forever.

For two days, Mom and I did almost nothing but play ThoughtCrime, identify and fix issues, eat and drink, and sleep. It was the most fun we’d had together in years, and I could see Mom getting totally sucked into the game. She was racking up all the points she could, she was challenging me and other (100% computer-driven) avatars and often winning.

Mom clearly deserved a little reward, and that’s exactly what my Easter Eggs were for.

We were finishing up day 3; one more day of testing and play before I head off to GameCon. We lay back in our La-Z-Boys, approaching the climax of our latest challenge. I’d been going kind of easy on Mom – after all, I wrote the game – but now I used all my skills to meet every one of her moves and then overcome them. I won!

“Whew!” said Mom, “I couldn’t stop you, even slow you down there at the end.”

“Mr. Invincible, that’s me,” I replied, and then quickly added: “But don’t take off the glasses yet. I want to show you something new, and another part of ThoughtCrime that needs to be thoroughly tested.”

“Another part?” Mom shook her head. “Where do you find the time to do all this stuff?”

“Time is of no importance,” I intoned, quoting from one of my favorite films, The Fifth Element, “Only life is important….OK, you see that shiny red ball sitting on the ground off to the left?”

A slight pause, then: “OK, yes, I see it.”

“All right, try to pick it up.” I watched Sabina lean over and try to grab the ball. But her hands went right through it, as if it were not there.

“What the-! I can’t, Jason. It’s like a ghost ball, or something.”

“Exactly – but only for you, because you lost the last round. Now watch.” Kotok walked over, reached down, and picked up the ball. “I can hold it, because I was the winner. But that’s not all. This is an Easter Egg, Mom. You know what that is?”

“Well, sure, I know what an Easter Egg is, but I don’t think that’s what you mean.”

“Right – a software Easter Egg’s a big different. In a game, an Easter Egg is a hidden message or other content, which can only be opened in response to a certain sequence of commands – and we never publish that sequence. It must be discovered, instead.”

Kotok held up the red ball in front of Sabina. “This red ball is an Easter Egg. I’ve filled this game with Easter Eggs. And I’ve filled those Easter Eggs with all kinds of goodies. Watch.”

I tossed the ball into the air, once, twice, three times, and when the ball descended the last time, it blossomed into an enormous rose that contained within it a menu of choices.

“With traditional Easter Eggs, when you open it, you might acquire a certain powerful weapon or you might watch a short video. With ThoughtCrime Easter Eggs, you are given the opportunity to interact with another avatar in the manner of your choosing (from the menu) – and that character has no free will or choice in the matter. They are, after all, the loser. Take a look at the menu.”

Here’s what we both saw:

Greetings, Winner!

You are a winner and winners are rewarded. Take your pick from the choices below and enjoy!

Sports: Fencing * Tennis * Boxing
Romance: First Date * First Kiss * Romantic Dinner
Hierarchy: Master-Slave * Teacher-Student * Boss-Worker
Adult: Are you at least 18 years old?

Mom didn’t say anything. My mouth felt dry. Finally, I explained: “I plan to offer more categories and more choices in each category, but I figured this was enough to get started. Let me show you an example.” I clicked on Tennis. The game presented me with choices:

Aces All the Way
Play Hard to Victory
Humiliate Your Opponent

I chose “Aces All the Way” and then we both watched as Kotok faced off against Sabina on the tennis court. We both wore traditional whites, but Sabina’s clothing clung tightly to her body, showing off every curve. And, since I had worked so hard to arrange things just right, those curves were my Mom’s curves. It really did look an awful lot like her. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Sabina.

“Kotok – Serve!” I said, and Kotok blasted a serve right past the late-swinging Sabina. I really liked the way the shorts pulled tight over Sabina’s butt. Excellent graphics software. The sign behind her showed “102 MPH”. Ha! No wonder she missed it.

“Oh!” cried Mom. “You didn’t give me, I mean Sabina, a chance.” Sabina acted pissed off, stomping around on the court. Ha!

I grinned behind the VR glasses. “That’s right, Mom, that’s the point. I was able to access the Easter Egg, because I won. And the Easter Eggs are all about rewarding the winners. So now I get ‘aces all the way.’ Kotok – Serve!”

Another tennis ball rocketed past Sabina, who twirled around helplessly and then fell over on her gaziantep escort bayan sitesi hands and knees. The skirt rode way up Sabina’s legs. Mom didn’t seem to notice, but I did. Yummy!

“You rat!” shouted my Mom.

“OK, OK, Mom, don’t get so upset. Remember, always remember: it’s just a game.” I closed the Easter Egg. “And also remember: when you win, you get to look for an Easter Egg, and choose your victory dance.”

I didn’t draw any attention to the Adult section and Mom didn’t ask about it. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. But I had decided in advance that I would leave it for her to discover for herself (well, for a little while, anyway. If she didn’t explore, I might have to push things along a bit).

Next day, the day before I was leaving, Mom played with a fierceness I hadn’t seen before. But it wasn’t all that hard to figure out: she wanted to win. She wanted to find an Easter Egg. I could have beat her, I’m sure I could have, but I didn’t need to find more Easter Eggs. Hell, I knew where they all were and could access them any time.

“Yes!” shouted Mom. I lifted my glasses and glanced over at her. One arm punched up in the air, her face flushed. “I won! I did it. OK, now show me the Easter Egg.”

I slipped the glasses back on. “Show you? What’s the fun of that? No, the whole idea is that you have to search for it, and if you are clever enough to find it, then and only then do you get your reward.”

And so Sabina searched. She started with the bright, round objects in view, a reasonable thing to do given that the first Easter Egg I showed her was a shiny, red ball. But not this time. It took Mom a little while, but finally she noticed a walking stick leaning against a wall. She picked it up and shook it. Nothing happened. Tried walking with it. Nothing happened. She shook her head and then picked it up and held it sideways, ready to toss it aside. And then the Easter Egg menu appeared.

Greetings, Winner!

You are a winner and winners are rewarded. Take your pick from the choices below and enjoy!

Sports: Fencing * Tennis * Boxing
Romance: First Date * First Kiss * Romantic Dinner
Hierarchy: Teacher-Student * Boss-Worker * Master-Slave
Adult: Are you at least 18 years old?

“Congrats, Mom, you did it!” I said, giving her lots of encouragement. “So what’s it gonna be?”

“OK, then, let’s see….I think I’ll try ‘Teacher-Student’. Remember how all your teachers complained about you being a smart ass, talking in class, fiddling with the school network? I think I’ll enjoy watching you be a student who has to do what the teacher says.”

The menu dissolved and a scene appeared in which Sabina stood at the head of the classroom, wearing a tank top and mini-skirt, showing lots of cleavage and lots of leg. She tapped a ruler against her hand.

“Jason!” exclaimed Mom, “Why am I dressed like that?”

“Uh, sorry, Mom, but I never did like the way my teachers dressed. Way too conservative.”

And there, sitting at the only occupied desk, was Kotok, looking bored, book on his desk closed, staring out the window at the sunny afternoon that beckoned.

It was, essentially, a still life. I waited. Finally, Mom asked: “So how do I tell it what to do?”

“Well, with the Easter Eggs, you can always say: ‘TC – go’ and then the game will just play out a randomly selected sequence. But with each scene, there is also a way to trigger/direct your own activity….you just have to find it. Um, let’s see,” I said, stalling a bit as I tried to recall what I’d done in this particular scene. Oh, right! This should be interesting…. “Try this: say ‘Sabina – punish’.”

“Sabina – punish!” repeated Mom obediently. Sabina immediately sauntered over Kotok’s way, saying: “Mr. Kotok, I can see that you are not paying attention, and once again you have not handed in your homework. Don’t you remember what I told you the last time this happened?”

Kotok looked up at Sabina and then down at the desk in embarrassment. I grinned behind my VR glasses, anticipating the next step.

“C’mon, hot shot,” said Sabina, “Get yourself out of that seat and lean over the desk.” She grabbed his arm and yanked upwards. Kotok stood with great reluctance, then turned, placed two hands on the desk and spread his legs slightly. Good looking ass in those jeans, I thought. Go for it, Mom-I-mean-Sabina!

Sabina raised her arm and SMACK went the ruler down against Kotok’s jeans-covered buttocks. He threw his head back: “Ouch, that hurts!”

“Well, of course, it hurts, Kotok,” replied Sabina, as she raised her arm again, “it’s punishment.” WHACK! WHACK! WHA-

“Sabina – stop!” said Mom, and the scene froze, just as the ruler hit and Kotok opened his mouth to shout his pain. I could hear Mom was breathing heavily; otherwise the room was entirely silent. After a few seconds, I decided to see if I could move things along.

“So, yeah, that’s, um, one of the things you can do in this scene.”

Mom didn’t reply. But we did keep playing for several more hours that night, fixed some more bugs, then went to bed.

Next day, I headed off to the airport, my mom gave me a momly kiss at the door, before I jumped in the cab. “I’ll do lots of testing, promise,” she said, holding up her hand making a “scout’s honor”.

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