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Big Balls

My name is Tabitha. I am a white 18 year old senior in high school. I have brown hair that goes to my shoulders. My eyes are blue and I have some freckles on my cheeks and nose. I am about 5-3 and weigh 120 pounds. My breasts are 34b’s and I have been told I have a nice bubble butt. I am going to tell you a story about my first bondage experience.

It was my 18th birthday party and I had a few friends over. My parents had some of our relatives over and some friends of the neighborhood. Doug was one of my dad’s best friends. I had known him my whole life. He was my dad’s age around 50ish but kept in good shape. He had salt and pepper hair and was about 5-10 and 225 pounds. His green eyes were kind but at times they could pierce right through you. He had a great sense of humor but when he got mad, watch out.

It was late and I ran downstairs to get a pop for one of my friends. That’s when I noticed Doug sitting by himself watching tv. He called out to me, “Hey birthday girl what are you up to?”

I replied, “Just getting a pop for one of my friends. “

He stood up and walked over to me. bursa escort He asked, “Have you gotten your birthday spanking yet?”

I giggled, ” I don’t think so!” He smiled at me and I said, “Don’t you dare Doug.”

I tried to run but he threw me over his shoulder and took me to the couch. I was slapping his lower back and butt all the while. I was like a ragdoll to him. He was so strong and bent me over his lap.

I was laughing so hard and screaming, “No! Don’t Doug! I mean it! I’ll kill you.”

He laughed, “Oh I can see that but, I’m currious, how are you going to kill me when your bent over my knee?”

He pulled my tiny yellow shorts up so my ass cheeks hung out. Smack! Smack! smack! Smack!

” Was that 4 or 5?” he asked.

I cried, “Ouch that hurt you fucker!”

He smiled and said” You’re a naughty girl, Tabitha. Such bad language. “

He held me firmly in place then, Smack!Smack!Smack!Smack! It hurt for real!

I yelled, “That hurts, Doug.”

My butt cheeks were bright red. I looked into his eyes and he was staring at me like I’ve never seen bursa türbanlı escort him stare at me before. Smack! Smack! Smack!Smack! Tears started falling from my eyes.

” It hurts,” I cried.

He rubbed my hot stinging ass and the weirdest thing happened – I raised my ass to him. I grabbed his calfs tightly in my hands. Smack!

“Oh!” I cried.

Again Smack!

“Oh God!” I panted.

I sealed my lips shut. Did he hear me? What was happening to me? Smack! It was a real hard one and I went mmmmmmm! He was rubbing my ass then between my red thighs. My ass shot back up to him then Smack!

“Please! “I cried.

I could feel his arm going up to spank me again.

I moaned, “Yes!”


I almost came. I bit my lip and grabbed his jeans and just held on till it passed. Then Smack! My ass started jutting up and down and I called out, “Oh God!” I was quivering from head to toe.

Doug’s finger went beneath my shorts and panties. He rubbed my clit then pinched it and said, “And a pinch to grow on.”

He pushed kestel escort me off his lap,stood up and watched me. I was on the floor shaking out the last remains of my orgasm. He looked at me patheticly and said, “I knew it. Your a sub.”

Then walked away from me. I didn’t understand what he meant and at the time I didn’t care. I was almost finished and if someone came down now I would be so embarrassed. I regained my composure and got to my knees then stood up. I felt confused, humiliated and turned on. Why? I thought why was I like this? What just happened?

My friend Sue called, “Tabitha, where’s my pop? ” She came downstairs and asked me, “What is wrong?”

I replied, “What do you mean?”

“You’re covered in sweat and your face is bright red.”

I lied, “Oh, Doug just finished tickling me and I couldn’t get away from him. “

Sue laughed, “I hate when people tickle me.”

“I know,” I replied, “and he wouldn’t stop!”

Then Sue and I went upstairs to rejoin the party.

A few days later I visited Doug at his home to find out what he meant by calling me a sub and why he treated me the way he did. But that’s another story.

(I know it’s short, but I just wanted to try one of these stories and see how it was received. If it does well I may continue this story. If not I will leave well enough alone.)


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