The Homewrecker Ch. 11


Carol’s hand trembled as she saw the incoming email. It was from “her”. The most horrible, cruel, vile woman that had ever been created. The one Carol couldn’t help but lay awake at night thinking about.


She had ruined Carol’s life, taking everything from her and leaving her just enough to live in a small apartment downtown. She had taken it all by blackmailing Carol, threatening to tell everyone why her husband had left her and the sickening things he did. The worst part was that it wasn’t just left to Carol’s imagination; the big-butted mistress continued sending her videos showing the degrading things she did to Michael.

As torn as she was about what Michael did to her, filing divorce so suddenly and leaving her for that fat-bottomed bitch, Carol couldn’t help feeling horrible for Michael as she watched the horrific videos Fabonita sent. She knew she should just delete the videos, but part of her couldn’t resist watching them. She still cared deeply for Michael, and as much as it pained her to see him dominated like that, she still held out hope that somehow, someday he would escape.

She bit her lip, and swallowed the bullet, opening the email Fabonita sent.

“Hellloooo, dear,” Fabonita’s huge lips curled into denizli escort a grin as she pointed the camera towards herself. She wore a necklace filled with diamond engagement rings; promises that she had broken. “Say hi to Carol, honey!”

Carol turned white as she saw the camera angle switch to behind Fabonita, showing her former husband kneeling behind Fabonita’s gigantic butt which swallowed Michael’s head up completely. She heard Michael’s muffled attempt at words; sound waves absorbed in the juicy flesh of his captor’s fragrant tush. A tear rolled down her cheek as she watched her former lover, a thin shell of a man now, his face embedded in her powerful butt. She could see that Michael had given up. He barely flinched as Fabonita’s enormous butt laid a stinker point blank in his face. Her fist clenched with anger and hatred as she heard Fabonita’s roaring laughter and saw her jokingly fanning her bottom with her hand, as she forced farts down Michael’s lungs.

The video lasted about ten minutes, ending, as always with Fabonita unloading an ungodly amount of poop down her husband’s throat. Fabonita talked down to Michael like a mother talking to her child, coaxing him into finishing his food. The diyarbakır escort most painful part for Carol came as Fabonita ordered Michael to cum while he was licking her soiled bottom clean. With his hands spreading her huge cheeks apart, his cock, untouched, began to spasm and spurted obediently all over the floor. This hurt Carol more than she could express. Throughout their whole marriage, she could only make him cum a handful of times with her hands, and when she did it would take hours. Watching him cum so quickly for such a horrible, horrible woman was depressing to see.

“Byeeee Carol,” Fabonita said gleefully, blowing a kiss to the camera with her large, luscious red lips, grinning at the woman whose life she had torn apart. “We will see you soon! Feel free to come by anytime! My husband and I would love for you to visit, isn’t that right, love?… Well, he’s getting a little bit of poop out of my butt right now, but if he could speak he would say yes.”

Carol wanted to put her fist through the computer, but she held back. She had resisted going to Fabonita’s house for ages, being afraid of confronting the giantess. But now, she thought, could things really get any worse? She was under antalya escort terrible financial strain without Michael to provide for her, and as much as she loathed him for leaving her, part of her knew that it wasn’t his decision. She knew that Michael could never be the same man he was after years and years of being forced to worship the ass of the giant woman, but she could only hope that maybe she could somehow get him back.

Carol gritted her teeth, and began writing her email in response to Fabonita.


One week later


Carol pulled up to the address that Fabonita had sent her in the email. She could not have been ready for the looming mansion in front of her. The gates opened, and Carol pulled in, nervously watching through her rear view mirror as the gates closed ominously. She hoped she wasn’t making a mistake by doing this. Carol pulled up through the long, long driveway to get to the estate, where there was a fountain in the center of the circling driveway. She saw a very small man standing area out front in a suit.

“Ahh, you must be Mrs. Carol,” he said, with a crooked smile. “Fabonita has told me you would be coming.”

“Yes, I am here to see my husband— er, ex-husband, I should say,” she blushed.

“Mmm, yes,” he said, deep in thought. “Very many ex-husbands in this mansion. Mistress Fabonita is a beautiful woman.”

“I’m sorry, I just want to see my husband,” Carol said sharply, offended that he could call that she-devil a “beautiful woman”.

“Certainly, madame,” the man said, leading Carol into the house.

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