The Girls – Part 3 of 9 – Natural Progression


I was spending the summer with my somewhat cousin Lorlei. The relationship of her family to mine was never made open to either of us, but we had both guessed that there was something fishy about the cousin label. It was the sixties, and the world was in full hippy mode. The Beatles, Stones, Hendrix and Joplin were riding high and reefer was rampant. Lorlei was 14 and I was , but we were only months apart. We had always gotten along, but this summer was different. We were in major puberty and were using each other as learning tools. This part of the story takes place the day after the last part. Lorlei and I had escaped to the garage attic and both of us were nervous but at the same time, we were horny as hell. Lorlei closed and locked the attic opening and we both sat on the blankets that were there.

“You never got to feel my breasts Michael. Do you want to now? She asked.

“Gosh…that would be great!” I answered and started to reach out to her chest.

She held up her hand, I stopped and she shed her halter top exposing her breasts which were at this point wrapped up in a quite utilitarian bra. At years old, sexy bras were not the norm in the sixties. Functional seemed to be the thing. Still, to me, I found her sexy as hell, and so did my dick, which was rising to the occasion. “Ok” she said, “If we’re going to play around again, then you might as well get some practice at undoing a bra.” She scooted over to me and seated beside me she said “I’m going to start necking with you, and you reach around and try undoing my bra with one hand.” I giggled and leaned in for our first kiss. Lorlei was not at all shy and kissed me hard and wet. She had definitely done this before, and her rising temperature and huskier breathing indicated that despite our being possible relatives, she found this activity pretty darn fun. I reached around and fumbled with the clasp on her bra for what seemed like forever growing more frustrated and embarrassed by the minute. Lorlei was giggling despite her horniness “Smoooth Michael…very smooth. Is this going to happen anytime soon?” she giggled. I pulled back smiling at her and said “I want a pair of fucking scissors!”

Lorlei went into a giggle fit that caused me to jump on her and flip her onto her stomach. Now that I could see the object of my frustration, undoing it was easy. I flipped her again, onto her back and ripped her bra off her. She fake fought me but once her bra was gone, she stopped laughing and stared up at me. I took off my t-shirt and lightly lay down on top of her but just to the point where her breasts could lightly brush against my own chest. When her nipples came into contact with my skin, Lorlei drew a sharp intake of breath. I adjusted my position over her so that I could lick and suckle her left nipple.

Lorelei’s eyes opened wide at this maneuver and she began drawing in quick breaths and moaning. “Unghhh….Huuugh …Oh god Michael that feels so good. Do you like my boobs? Do the other one…Oh god…I’m sooo wet.” I just made myself comfortable and for the next half hour or so I felt, and kissed and nibbled and teased her tits. She was thrusting her hips up to press my now rock hard dick and was basically dry humping me for all she was worth. “Michael..I think I’m going to cum.” She whispered. “Do you mind if I cum?” With that she pushed her hips up against my penis and throwing Sex hikayeleri her head back, she groaned “ I’m cummming….oh…oh…oh…awwww…mmmmph”

Her chest heaving and her breath ragged, she licked her lips and used her hand to wipe the sweat off her forehead. She giggled a bit and l leaned over and lightly kissed her lips and followed that up with butterfly kisses around her face. I sat up and looked down at her as she recovered from her orgasm and I thought that she was the most beautiful thing in the world. “ I want to really thank you for sharing yourself with me Lorlei. I think you’re so cool! This whole thing is so far-out!”

“Well, all this stuff is pretty new to me too Michael. I feel kinda comfortable with you though. Not really scared…more like nervous, but not scared so much. I just think that learning about sex with someone you feel comfortable with is really important. There are lots of things my body does that make me worry, and I just want to know if boys will be ok with some things. It is also frustrating not to know about boys bodies, so this is kind of very far-out for me too.”

Lorlei then stood up and reached down to help me up. We stood very close facing each other and she leaned in and kissed me very tenderly but deeply. Suddenly, she placed her hands on my hips and stood back a bit. Looking at my cut-offs, she moved her hands around from my hips, and taking in a deep breath, she undid the button, and carefully lowered the zipper. I was erect, and she was careful not to hurt me. As she undid the zipper, she moved down to her knees. She then tugged my cut-offs so they dropped around my feet and at the same time my penissprang free and forward, almost whacking her in the face. She drew in a breath “Whew, it really is something Michael. It’s sooo big!”

Without asking, she proceeded to feel and examine my penis and testicles. She made me show her how to grip me and jack me off, and she moved her nose in and smelled my testicles and penis. I started to leak pre-come from the tip when she did this and she looked up at me and smiled. “I can see that Michael likes the attention” she teased “ Is Michael going to squirt? Does Michael want to squirt?”

As she teased me, she began jacking me-off and to my enormous surprise, she stuck her tongue out and licked the pre-come off my penis eliciting a very heart-felt groan of appreciation and an automatic swelling of the head of my dick which delighted her. “Oh my! You sure liked that didn’t you? she teased. “I wonder what your penis tastes like. Can I put it in my mouth for a second?” I was so fucking horny, I just nodded down at her. “You promise me that you won’t tell a soul Michael?” I just shook my head frantically and I’m sure my eyes were pleading with her to get on with whatever she was going to do.

She stood up and removed her shorts, rubbed her vagina for a few seconds, brought her hand up to her nose, took a little smell and dropped back down to her knees. She again took hold of my penis, and lowered her mouth down over the head of my penis and down my shaft about two inches. Her mouth was dry and her hand was a bit dry also. “ Lorlei, you need to make your mouth and lips wet. This isn’t very comfortable on my penis and I’m sure it could be.” I said in as kind and clinical fashion as I could while at the bursting point. Hell, the Sikiş hikayeleri very picture of her mouth wrapped around my penis was mind blowing in itself. Lorlei took my comment as I intended it and made her mouth and lips wet , bobbing her head up and down my shaft to get the area she was concentrating wet. I made sure she knew that she had definitely corrected the problem. “Oh god Lorlei, that feels amazing! Your mouth is amazing….unnngh…oh fuck….awwww…..mmmmph….don’t stop….faster…faster…..oh I’m cumming…” I tried to pull out, but she held me in place until I squirted my first shot into her mouth. She then held my penis right in front of her face and I released several more shots all over her nose and forehead and cheeks. She kept her mouth closed, but giggled happily as she watched and felt my orgasm.

Once I was done, she let my sperm cum run freely as she looked up at me and opened her mouth wide. Inside her mouth was a large dollop of cum, and still staring up at me she closed her mouth, swallowed and re-opened her mouth to show me it was empty. She then used her fingers to scoop up the cum off her face and feed it to herself. I just stood there with my mouth open and my dick sporting some cum that hadn’t cleared it. She grabbed my dick and licked me clean. “That was sooo kool Michael. How did I do? She asked.

“Are you kidding me? Do you know that you just gave me a blow job? God, my first ever blow job! I loved it!” I babbled. “Lorlei, just think of how much you liked me licking you only a million times better! You looked soooo sexy when you opened you mouth to let me see my stuff…and THEN you swallowed it. I almost lost my balance you made me so horny. “What made you do that?”

Lorlei was blushing and giggling at my reaction “Honestly, I don’t know why I did that. Jane said she might do that if the situation felt right. At the last minute it just seemed fair. You kept your face against my vagina when I orgasmed, the I should at least keep my mouth on you for a little bit when you do. Actually, it really doesn’t taste that bad. It’s really fucking sticky stuff, but you seem to get turned on when I let it shoot on my face, and it kind of makes me proud to know that I made you do that.”

I laid down on the blanket and motioned for her to straddle my chest. She looked at me curiously but did it. I scooted her up my chest so her vagina was directly over my mouth. “Michael…what are you doing? I feel so…so…well…so exposed!”

“Relax and let me have a close-up look like you did with me.” I said. And, I did. I examined her vagina lips and asked questions about them like are they sensitive, and did it hurt when I tugged on them. I asked about the inside pinker lips and where did she pee from. I made her show me her clitoris and move the hood up so I could really see what I’d been licking so much. It was soooo small and tender looking, but according to her, it could take some pretty hardy abuse up until she was about to cum. Then it got very sensitive. This reminded me of my own cock. I then sniffed her aroma and jumping back a bit she blushed and said “Michael, don’t smell me like that. I’m still really afraid of how I smell. I guess I’m just embarrassed that I smell at all down there.”

“You know what?” I asked. “I think you smell wonderful, and I think you’re supposed to smell. I think it’s natural Erotik hikaye and probably has something to do with attracting males…calling them in a way. I actually miss the smell of your vagina. Look at how animals sniff the air and each other. I saw you guys up here remember. Don’t Sandy and Jane smell like you do?

“I still can’t believe you spied on us.” She said “but yeah, we all smell like me I guess.”

“Then just think of it as something special Lorlei. Think of your smell as a kind of weapon that drives boys to the brink of cumming in their pants. Use it to make them horny. Wet your finger and suck on it. That will drive them crazy.” I suggested.

“Michael!” she giggled “That’s just too much. I couldn’t do that! I’d feel like a slut!” she stated.

“Whatever. Look, get back up here. I haven’t finished exploring.”

She scooted back up over my face and for fun I sniffed her hard making her giggle and she called me a pig. I then began to lick her lightly. I made sure my tongue was wet and I started with long licks that went from the very back of her vagina all the way up to the very top. It only took one lick for her juices to flow openly. She had her hands massaging her breasts, and her breathing was becoming heavy. I would give her clitoris a little extra lick or two when I got to it, and was rewarded with a moan or a sharp intake of breath when I did this. I noticed though that when I licked at the back of her vagina, kind of between her butt hole and her vagina was an area that caused the same kind of reaction from her as when I licked her clitoris. I carefully expanded my licks to include this area and she didn’t complain at all. She was getting lost in the feelings and was making very appreciative sounds. I then began to allow my tongue to flick her butt hole. She groaned really loudly and looked down at me with a mix of surprise and concession. “Michael…ooooh…you’re licking my bum…oh God….it feels so weird…you shouldn’t…oh Michael I feel so dirty” But she was now deep into her feelings and was actually gently moving her pelvis rhythmically to match my licks. I then concentrated on her clitoris with my mouth and pumped my middle finger in and out of her vagina. She was groaning and her hole was soaking wet. I moved my soaked finger further back and circled her anus, pressing in just the tip. She gasped and tried reflexively to lift herself off my finger, but then she relaxed and just let it happen. I moved my finger in and out of her butt but alternated between her vagina and anus until she began to shake. “Oh…oh..oh..don’t stop…oh fuck I’m cumming…Michael don’t you dare stop….unghhhh…oh my god here it comes…ok stop stop! “ she pleaded. I stopped and watched her have her orgasm and witnessed her flow of female fluid kind of pour out of her and run to the back of her vagina and down the inside of her thighs. I scooped up some of her wetness on my finger and held it out to her lips. She grabbed my hand and stuck my finger in her mouth licking it and sucking on it. “Michael that was amazing. God…you put your finger in my bum and it felt sooo good. You’re really getting good at this aren’t you little boy?” she teased. “Or should I say big boy!” She had moved off of me to lay beside me and saw my raging erection.

We lay there snuggling and just softly stroking and touching each other. We were sated and happy and not at all inhibited or nervous about our nakedness. Everything felt natural but at the same time, we were highly charged. I was sure we were both thinking about what our next step might be.

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