The Girl Next Door

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Sex is a journey. Maybe even an adventure. And it certainly is a path that no one has a map to as everyone seems to discover on his or her own how to get from one point to another.

Maybe that’s why my freshman year of college was so memorable. Oh, if you hear guys talk, you’d think they were porn stars in college and sex was just a past time. Well, either this story is the truth and everyone else lies about their first adventures or Tracy is unique among women.

Tracy wasn’t my girl friend. She was my best friend that happened to be a girl. And despite the girl next-door stereotype, she in fact did live next door; actually, two doors down to be precise.

She had her boyfriends. I had girlfriends. But we always had each other. Even though I was 19 and finishing my first year of college, my sexual experience was pretty much limited to kissing, heavy petting and masturbation.

I played sports. Lifted weights. And am a pretty decent looking guy, although I was more geeky in High School. But I guess I’ve always been more selective in my choices of girlfriends and some girls actually think because I’m an athlete with good looks and nice muscles that I’m getting sex all the time. That mix actually decreases my chances, I guess.

Tracy had her challenges as well. She had been a tomboy when we were younger but as she blossomed, she really blossomed. At 18 years old she had full perky breasts that I had watched for a long time, long blonde hair, athletic body, toned muscles and was cliché-ish drop dead gorgeous. And she had a reputation by the time she was 19.

This is what disturbed Tracy. Because she had a lot of boyfriends, they talked. Well, they bragged. They bragged that they had fucked Tracy after a few dates because she was popular and beautiful. She’d immediately stop going out with them. But here next boyfriend would soon start the same thing and continue the cycle. I guess she just attracted that type.

Tracy hoped things would change. They didn’t. In fact, college guys just seem to brag more about conquests that never happen.

Yes, Tracy and I talked about everything since we were kids. She told me that she actually had never gone beyond heavy petting with any of these guys but by the time it got to the locker room, she was a sex kitten.

She didn’t say too much because it leads to her next dates and some degree of popularity but she soon found the popularity was misplaced. Although in the beginning, I think she welcomed the reputation. The reputation got old.

We sat in her college dorm room at the university we both attended and discussed it again one night.

“Heard that Brad guy really likes you.” I said.

“Jealous?” Tracy leaned back in her chair.

“Have I ever?”

“Seems like you’re the only guy who hasn’t hit on me.”

“Why should I? You dump every guy who goes out with you more than twice.”

“That’s because they’re jerks.”

“They say you’re a fun date. Hey, I’ve even seen your birth control pills.”

“Come on. You know that’s not fair. The birth control isn’t for birth control. My doctor put me on them to regulate my periods years ago. You of all people know me better than that.”

“I’m just repeating stuff, not judging. I’m your friend remember?”

She folded her arms. She did that when she was thinking or angry. There were a few moments of silence before she continued. “Well, you probably won’t believe me but I’m still a virgin, okay?”

“Okay. I believe you. You won’t believe it either. But so am I.” I said.

Now in most stories this would be followed by some epiphany of long lost love and they start making out for the first time; two friends discovering each other, right?

We went out for sodas.

Yep, that was Tracy and me. Just when we started a deep discussion it was time for a soda break.

And I’d like to be able to tell you that when we got back we had this wild sex that launched us on a new sexual discovery. But it wasn’t like that at all. Being with Tracy was not like being with most girls. She and I understood each other, protected each other and cared about each other much more deeply. We even respected each other. And if that sounds corny, so be it.

“Virgin, huh?” Tracy smiled as we returned to her room. We had been talking about something completely different for the past hour.

“So? Maybe I’m saving myself.” I said.

“Yea. Right.” She took off her sweater and sat down on the bed. She was incredibly beautiful.

“Besides, the girls I go out with are quirky or something. They think they’re beautiful and are obsessed bahis siteleri with themselves.”

“You don’t think I’m good looking? Tracy asked.

“I didn’t say that. You’re gorgeous.” I half wished I could have taken it back because we rarely complimented each other. We usually joked around all the time.

“You’ve never said I was obsessed or quirky. Why haven’t you ever hit on me?”

“You’re my best friend, that’s why; and if you’re such a hot chick. Why haven’t you hit on me?”

“Well, I’m not a hot chick. Guys go out with me thinking I’ll have sex with them. When I won’t have sex with them, they dump me but pretend they had this conquest.”

“That doesn’t answer my question. You’ve never showed interest in me.” I said.

“I do show interest in you. Like you said; we’re best friends. It’s just that…well…” she shook her head.


Tracy didn’t say anything. But at least she didn’t fold her arms. We had been buddies since our moms pushed us down the street side by side in our baby strollers. Maybe that’s why we never dated officially. We knew each other too well.

I had confessed only to myself that when my hormones started kicking in, I started paying closer attention to her feminine side. Her perky, blossoming breasts, long blond hair, the way her tight jeans hugged her hips were distracting over time.

But I never let on that she excited me as more than a friend for some reason. Tracy ran her fingers through her hair then shook her head to straighten it. She did that when she was stalling for time. I knew her well. Her hair framed her round face, deep blue eyes and soft smile.

As her hair floated down her back she looked down at the floor as she spoke. “I’ve always been afraid that if you and I were involved with each other on an intimate level rather than as friends that…well, that I’d lose you or something.”

“What? You think I’d just try to get in your pants then you’d dump me? Is that what you mean?”

“No. You’re probably the guy I actually would have sex with. I guess I’d be afraid that afterward you’d dump me. Another conquest. Just like the other guys say, only it would be true in our case.”

“Tracy. I wouldn’t do that…” I looked closely at her. A tear was forming in her eye. I walked over and sat next to her on the bed.

“I’m sorry. I just think sex should be between two people in love. Not something you brag about.” She said as I wiped the tear from her face.

“Tracy. I’d never do that. Never. I’m not like those guys. You’re my best friend. I’ve never come on to you because, well…because I think the same way you do and I was just always scared to broach the subject of being more than just buddies.”

“You mean you have thought of me as more than a friend?”

“Sure. But I was afraid if I did. You’d stop being my friend…you know, dump me too. At least, as your buddy, I get to be around you all the time. But I do love you Tracy. I don’t try to ‘get in your pants’ as you say, because I love you.”

The words just came out. I don’t know why, maybe because it had built up with time. But it just happened. The words, I mean.

I don’t know how much time lapsed after that. And I don’t even know if the words we said had as much meaning as the feelings that had been growing over the years. Somehow we had started noticing each other in ways other than friendship.

And it was manifested not so much in our conversation that night but in the year preceding that. She’d pat my butt playfully in jest. I’d pretend I was going to kiss her and she’d pucker back up to me as well. It was the little non-verbal things we had been doing our college year together.

So it wasn’t the conversation. It was just the right moment of emotion and honesty, not words. It was at that moment that it happened.

Tracy leaned over and kissed me. It was so quick; I couldn’t describe for you our first kiss. Oh, we had pecked each other on the cheek many times. But she leaned over, kissed me on the lips and leaned back before I knew what happened.

But I can describe the second. We never said anything. We just stared into each other’s eyes and we somehow knew.

I leaned closer to her then stopped; fearful, I guess. But she leaned toward me. Our breath mingled. Then our lips met. Her lips were soft and they merged with mine.

We kissed gently at first; our lips tentatively touching each other. Then her tongue slipped from her mouth and entered mine. It was searching.

My tongue snaked from my own mouth and began searching as well. Quickly they found each online casinolar other and our tongues entwined and began swirling around and around in our mouths.

We kissed deeply then. My hand found her waist. Her hand touched the back of my neck and held me gently.

I don’t know how long we kissed. But she laid back on the bed in her dorm room and we kissed and tentatively fondled each other for the longest time. I didn’t want her to think I was being to forward so I tried to avoid massaging her breast.

But when I touched it accidently she moaned. And when I brushed it briefly to test her response she moaned again. So I massaged her breast through her shirt and she immediately reached down and grabbed my ass through my jeans to pull me closer to her.

At one point our kiss broke and we stared breathlessly at each other.

“You’re beautiful.” Was all I could say.

“Were you telling me the truth?” she said.

“Yes. I think you’re beautiful.”

“No. When you said you weren’t like other guys.”

“You know me better than that, Tracy. If anything, I’m afraid being intimate with you would change things.”

“What if I wanted you to?”

“Wanted me to what?” I said.

“What if I wanted you to be the first, to you know.”

Now the truth was, I’d have gone to bed with Tracy a long time ago but either couldn’t get up the nerve or thought she’d dump our friendship. So my mind suddenly reeled.

“But I’ve never…”

“Neither have I. That’s why I’d only want it to be you.” She said.

I kissed her again. I massaged her breasts again. And she massaged the ass of my jeans all over again. We had been this far before with other people. But we slowly had to find a way to the place we both wanted but neither knew quite how.

It’s funny how things come naturally. It started with my hand slipping under her shirt. When my hand touched the skin of her waist a sense of electricity went through both of us.

We somehow started fumbling out of our clothes. I don’t even remember who started first but her shirt came off and mine; followed by pants, shoes, socks, belts.

When she was down to her bra time seemed to slow for a moment. She reached back, unsnapped it and peeled it off like a painter unveiling a masterpiece. And a masterpiece she was.

Two of the most perfect breasts you could ever imagine pointed right at me; round, full with brown areolas and perky nipples. I wanted to touch them but felt compelled to reveal myself as well before permitting myself to touch such beauty.

I slipped off my underwear. My dick sprang from underneath the elastic. Being an athlete my abdomen was muscular and my dick pointed straight toward my rippled muscles there.

After she stared at my erection for a moment, Tracy slipped her delicate panties off. Her pussy was shaven and had to be the most perfect sight ever. The lips of her pussy were like rose pedals and her abdomen was smooth, flat and soft leading up to those round breasts that glowed like orbs on her chest.

There’s something mysterious about being naked in front of the opposite sex. With nothing to hide it seems to begin creating a bond. Tracy and I felt this bond but we wanted it to be closer.

Our lips met and our hands explored now unencumbered by fabric. I could now feel the fullness of her breasts as she kneaded my firm ass. Our hands searched every inch of our bodies.

My leg felt wetness between her legs. I resisted the urge to plunge my dick inside. We continued to kiss and roll on the bed not really knowing what to do next.

But nature soon took over again. My hips kept pushing toward my lovely best friend and her pussy rubbed against my thigh. I kissed her neck and sucked her beautiful breasts but it was my dick that wasn’t satisfied and neither was her pussy.

Unconsciously she rolled onto her back. Her legs parted slightly and my body rolled between them to fill the space. I could feel the head of my dick poking against her pussy as we kissed.

My hand trembled as I reached down and grasped it. Tracy reached down as well and spread the lips of her pussy. I guided the head of my dick toward the pink opening, which looked like a velvet flower with its smooth pedals open as if in blossom.

The head of my dick pressed against the inner lips of her pussy. The softness of the head of my dick merged with the velvet smoothness of her labia. The merging of our soft flesh contrasted with the firmness of my shaft, which followed.

We both watched for a moment as my dick began to disappear gerçek para casinoları inside of her. Her pussy seemed to swallow it as it folded over my dick, which glided smoothly within.

I pressed my body to hers. Her breasts flattened against my chest. Our lips merged and our tongues danced. Her perfume wafted to my nose and our hands searched each other’s skin.

Slowly I pushed my pelvis forward and for the first time I was inside of a woman; a beautiful woman. And for the first time she had accepted a man.

Intense warmth engulfed my dick; like a fire. Tracy moaned and I had an urge to plunge deeper. I pulled my dick out slightly and gave in to the urge and Tracy responded with a sigh of pleasure. Her hand found my ass and pulled me tighter within her.

I slid my dick back then forward again. Tracy moaned some more. She tossed her head back and pushed her pelvis toward mine. I was fucking her. She was fucking me. We were making love and my head began to spin.

My dick slid easily within Tracy. My urge was to thrust harder and faster but I resisted, as I knew our lovemaking would not last long if I did.

It occurred to me that people must take sex for granted or maybe Tracy and I were different. Rather than just being pleasurable like you hear guys bragging about; I felt this incredible sense of belonging and closeness to Tracy.

Sure you are close, your fucking. But it was more than that. I suddenly felt the closeness I had desired with Tracy. And it was more than physical.

It was as if the planets had finally aligned and our two beings had become one. Our friendship, our jokes, our ability to finish each other’s sentences and everything about our bond was being consummated.

I could jack off if I wanted an orgasm. Having sex with Tracy to me was as much about giving as receiving. My excitement grew with each moan she emitted and each throe of pleasure she enjoyed.

Soon I felt it. I knew it wouldn’t last long. Fortunately, Tracy was equally as excited. I felt a stirring deep within me and could only imagine what Tracy was feeling.

I began to stroke longer and thrust a little harder.

“Fuck me. Oh, damn fuck me.” Tracy said.

My body was then no longer my own. I gave myself completely to Tracy. She threw her head back, her blonde hair splayed on the pillow. My hips gyrated erotically between her thighs and her pelvis rocked up to meet mine in unison.

It was a beautiful sight; Tracy’s naked body below me, her breasts bouncing gently as we fucked. I couldn’t take it any longer.

“I’m cumming” Tracy announced. Her words were breathless and low like the sounds were emitted from deep inside her.

She then opened her mouth but no sound came out. Her body stiffened. As she quivered my dick immediately tingled and I felt a shudder overtake my body.

I made several determined thrusts into my lover and without warning a rush of pleasure raced through my thrusts and my body spasmed as well. My body shook. My ass tightened. And I wanted to crawl inside of Tracy.

Cum flooded her pussy from my dick. Nothing could have separated us at that moment. The lining of her pussy quivered and my legs grew weak. My head began to spin.

Wave after pulsating wave washed over us as we shook together; each giving ourselves to the other, our bodies not belonging to ourselves.

It sounds like we fucked for a while. But it couldn’t have been more than a few minutes in reality. To us it seemed like an eternity though.

They talk about the great sex. To me the most bonding moment was right afterward. Or maybe it was simply a realization.

My dick still inside of Tracy and our juices still mingling within her pussy; we looked into each other’s eyes. I stroked her hair and she smiled at me with a glean in her eye I had never seen before.

I loved that glean that showed in her eyes and her smile; especially knowing that smile was for me. I didn’t want to remove myself from her and for a while I didn’t. We just laid there and stared into each other’s eyes.

Finally, when I let my dick slowly slip from her pussy, I still felt her. But the warmth had transferred to my heart.

How anyone could lower the value of such intimacy was beyond me; and brag about fucking someone as if it was of little consequence. It was incredibly intimate and incredibly special.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Tracy after that. The sight of her naked body, me within her and later our mingled fluid glistening from my dick and oozing from her lovely rose pedal pussy. It was as if time had slowed but it had been nearly no time at all.

And although time has now passed, Tracy and I still feel like that first time. But we now can make that time last longer and have learned some things along the way to make it even more enjoyable.

But nevertheless, I’ll never forget. That first time.

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