The Dream


Yuko walked briskly down the hallway of her school with her feet barely leaving the ground. Her gaze was directed mostly downward, but just far enough ahead to keep her from charging into the other students. As she reached the appropriate classroom, she found that she was the first to arrive. That was not an unusual occurrence for her as the other students frequently chatted and milled about in the hallway.Yuko Sakinaui was seventeen years old and a senior at a small, private Massachusetts high school. A native of Japan, she was roughly mid-way through a nine-month exchange program in which she would attend school for the entirety of her senior year. Although she was nearly fluent in English, her bashfulness prevented her from making any real friends other than Grace, her American “sister.”She nervously waited for the other students to arrive. It was the first day of a one-week sex education class that the school offered. Yuko was surprised that her American family had signed her up for the program. Her natural parents would have never allowed her to attend such a class.Growing up in a very traditional, male-dominated, Japanese household, she was not allowed to have any involvement with boys. Even the couple of school dances that she was allowed to attend were heavily supervised. She was ordered to keep so far apart from her dance partner that it looked more like they were locked up in a wrestling hold than slow dancing.As a result, she was very sexually naive. Being a young woman who was “of age” she knew what the process was, but was eager to get any more information so that she would be prepared one day.As the other students started to arrive, Yuko knew that something was off. There were both boys and girls attending the class. The school usually kept the different sexes strictly separated for anything that could potentially be controversial.The presence of the boys made Yuko begin to panic. She wondered why Grace hadn’t arrived yet. She scanned the room repeatedly, wishing that she would magically appear. Finally, one last figure appeared in the doorway. To Yuko’s dismay, it wasn’t Grace. Instead, it was Mr. Watson. He was Yuko’s history teacher and one of the youngest instructors on campus.Mr. Watson was a tall, handsome, fair-haired, young man. He was still in his twenties and had an athletic physique. Apart from being a history teacher, he was also the boys’ track and field coach. Since the track team consisted of both young men and women, there was both a male and female coach. They practiced on the same field and attended the same events, but the students were still kept mostly separate, including riding on two different buses to those events.Yuko had developed a crush on Mr. Watson, making the Sex hikayeleri situation even more uncomfortable for her.“Where in the hell is Grace!” she shouted inside of her head.Mr. Watson closed the door and immediately headed to the desk. After a brief moment to log into his computer, he turned on the projector. An image of the female anatomy in intricate detail was displayed on the screen. It was immediately followed by a few comments from the students. He rose to his feet and started to explain the contents of the diagram, starting from the top and working his way downward.After a couple of minutes, Mr. Watson stopped speaking. He looked a bit perplexed.“I think if this were more interactive, it would be more effective. Miss Sakinaui, please join me at the front of the room,” he casually stated.Yuko loved it when Mr. Watson called her “Miss Sakinaui.” She was the only one of the girls that he didn’t refer to by their first name and she wondered if that meant anything. It was unlikely that it did, but she always wished that it had.Then it dawned on her that he had asked her to go to the front of the room. He called her out several times as she slowly climbed out of her chair and shuffled to the front with her head down.Mr. Watson towered over Yuko as he was well over a foot taller than her. He placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her body so that she faced the class. She thought for sure that she would melt into a puddle on the floor as he gently touched her shoulders.“The lovely Miss Sakinaui is going to be our interactive model for the first part of the class today,” Mr. Watson announced.Yuko was so caught up in the fact that Mr. Watson had referred to her as “lovely” that it took a moment for her to realize the entirety of what he had said. The sloppy smile that she could not restrain quickly turned to a look of shock and dread.She had barely digested his previous statement, when Mr. Watson added, “Miss Sakinaui, would you please remove your clothing for the class?”Frozen in fear, Yuko didn’t move a muscle.“Miss Sakinaui, please don’t make me have to send you to the principal’s office for disrupting this class.”Even more fearful of getting into trouble than being shamed, Yuko started to slowly move her arms. She started to unbutton the jacket of her school uniform. Once unbuttoned, she wriggled out of the jacket and let it fall to the floor.The uniforms for both the boys and girls were incredibly similar. There was a navy-blue sweater or jacket to be worn over a long sleeve white shirt with a tie of some description. The pants were also navy-blue, with the option of a long plaid skirt with black leggings for the girls.“Keep going, Miss Sakinaui,” Mr. Watson encouraged.Yuko struggled to decide Sikiş hikayeleri which article of clothing to remove next. The top edge of her cheeks had turned fiery red and stood out against her pale, white skin.She untied her loosely-tied necktie and then started to unbutton her shirt. Tugging on her shirt, she freed it from being pinned inside of her skirt. As she removed her shirt, some of the students chuckled at her plain, bulky, white bra.Yuko turned toward Mr. Watson, casting her gaze directly at his shoes. She hoped that he would end her ordeal. Instead, he stated, “You are doing great, Miss Sakinaui. Continue.”Attempting to try to remove articles of clothing that were less revealing, Yuko kicked off her shoes and then carefully pulled down her leggings. She tried to manipulate her skirt so that her fellow students couldn’t see anything other than her legs as she pulled them down.Mr. Watson told her to “keep going” as she unbuckled the belt on her skirt. She slid her skirt down, exposing a pair of thick, oversized, cotton/poly blend, white underwear.“Nice panties, grandma!” one of the boys shouted out.Yuko was embarrassed by her plain, unattractive undergarments. She wished that she hadn’t been too shy to wear the pretty underwear that Grace had purchased for her.***Several weeks prior, Grace and Yuko had gone shopping at a local clothing store. After picking out some American-style clothing for Yuko to wear when not at school, Grace grabbed Yuko’s hand and dragged her over to the lingerie section of the store.Yuko was embarrassed by some of the sexier styles of underwear. She knew that Grace wore undergarments of that type, but didn’t think that she was “pretty enough” to wear something like that. Grace was a tall, slender, blonde-haired, teenage girl. She could wear almost anything and make it look good. Yuko thought that she looked like a young Taylor Swift but she had prettier teeth.Eventually, Grace convinced Yuko to get a small, pink bra with some lacy edges, as well as several pairs of panties. Two of the panties were just small, playful, bikini underwear, one with bunnies on it, the other with kitties. The other two pair were silky and lacy pink panties, one was a regular bikini, the other a string bikini.Yuko liked all of them more than she wanted to admit. She had put them on privately and looked at herself in the mirror several times, but hadn’t worked up the nerve to actually wear them outside of the house, yet.***Feeling completely embarrassed and humiliated by her classmate’s response to her, Yuko took one last scan of the room, still hoping to find Grace. When she couldn’t find her, she quickly unsnapped her bra, let it fall to the floor, and then pulled her panties down. She Erotik hikaye heard one of the girls say, “I guess they don’t have razors in Japan.”As Yuko looked down, her straight, spiky pubic hair was jutting out in multiple directions. She did trim it but had never shaved it completely off, even though she knew that was what most American girls did.But as she looked over at Mr. Watson, he didn’t seem to be disgusted with her appearance in the least. In fact, she had never known a man to look at her the way that he did.Mr. Watson shook his head as if to wake himself up and quickly got on with the lecture. As he spoke about the external anatomical areas of the diagram, he would point them out on “Miss Sakanaui.” He brushed her long, dark hair away from the front of her body further exposing her slight, but soft, body. He wrapped a hand snugly around her right breast and squeezed it gently. His thumb swirled around her nipple and then her areola as he pointed them out to the class.Moving forward, Mr. Watson slowly slid his hand down Yuko’s torso. Her body started to tingle and then made an involuntary twitch. She wondered if she had climaxed, but that didn’t seem likely. Whatever that sensation was, Yuko knew that she wanted more.She stared at Mr. Watson, desperate to connect with him. Instead, he continued on as he presented every part of her vulva. He displayed her labia to the class, followed by a pinkie finger inserted ever-so-slightly into her vagina. Mr. Watson removed his finger which was visibly wet with Yuko’s sticky excitement. Referring to it as her “nectar,” he explained to the class that it was her body’s response to stimulation and it was providing lubrication for anticipated sexual penetration.He added that a beautiful, pristine, young woman such as Miss Sakanaui would be especially likely to respond in such a way. As he licked her “nectar” from his finger, Mr. Watson responded as if it was the most incredible delicacy that he had ever tasted.Yuko was still reeling from the fact that Mr. Watson had just said that she was “beautiful.” As he turned toward her and stared her down with his piercing, blue eyes, she realized that he wanted her every bit as much as she wanted him.Mr. Watson began to speak about the clitoral hood. He started to rub that area of her body gently with two fingers. Telling the class that his intention was to “awaken” her clitoris so that it could be more readily seen, he continued on with increasing speed and pressure.Although Yuko didn’t feel much at first, the sensation soon started to intensify. She thought that it felt slightly ticklish for a while, but there was also a sharper sensation that arrived in waves. She let out a little squealing sound but quickly covered her mouth with her hand as she tried to restrain her excitement. Even though she was able to remain quiet, her “nectar” was increasingly present and was creating a very wet sound as Mr. Watson continued to rub her clit.

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