The Cure

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It was after midnight and I was sprawled on the couch watching TV. The lights were off and I had the sound down so I wouldn’t disturb my younger sister or my mom. I was half asleep myself and idly scratching my nuts through the baggy gym shorts I was wearing when I heard my sister Carol’s voice from the darkness.

“Robbie,” she whispered.

I grunted in response, not even bothering to look up.

“Something’s wrong,” she answered.

I thought she must be sick or something. “What’s the matter?”

That’s when she stepped into the light of the TV. I was stunned to see that she was stark naked. Carol’s 18 and in excellent shape. She’s tall, 5’10”, and athletic; curvaceous in a fit way. She’s sleek and strong, with an animal-like sexuality. Her legs look like they go on forever and have more definition than most girls’. Her stomach is flat with just a hint of a six-pack; sexy but not freakish. Her firm tits stand straight out from her lean body. I’ve checked her bra in the hamper so I know she’s a 36C. Her figure is a perfect hourglass. She’s got the personality to go with it. She’s confident without being cocky. She’s popular in school but doesn’t strut around like she owns the place. Even the other girls like her, something that doesn’t always happen to pretty girls.

“I feel like I’m on fire,” she groaned.

I bolted upright as she stepped toward me and put one knee on the couch. “I need you to fuck me,” she whispered as she reached for my cock. I’d never heard my little sister say, ‘fuck.’ She wasn’t trying to entice or seduce me. There wasn’t anything subtle about this. “I’ve been fucking myself with my vibrator for hours and it’s not helping.” She grabbed my stiffening cock through my shorts and squeezed it.

“I’ll jerk you off or give you a blowjob or whatever you want later, but right now I just need you to fuck me.” She had a crazed look in her eyes. My reaction was a cross between astonishment and lust with just a little bit of fear thrown in as she straddled me and pressed her tits against my chest. I’d caught glimpses of her bolting from the bathroom to her bedroom wrapped in a too-short towel. An occasional peak of cleavage or flash of thigh was all I ever saw but it was enough to fuel my masturbatory fantasies. I’d certainly never seen her like this; naked and asking to be fucked.

“Please,” she begged, breathlessly. “You have to fuck me right now. I feel like I’m going to die.” She pushed herself off the couch and grabbed my shorts with both hands, almost ripping them off me. She grunted as she pushed them down my legs and climbed on top of me, again stroking my cock, this time rubbing it against her wet slit. “I promise I’ll make it good for you,” she breathed, humping against me. “I’ll fuck you good, baby.” Even with her unexpected attack, the sight and feel of my naked sister was enough to make Mr. Eveready spring to life. She pressed the head of my cock into her cunt and drove herself against it. I thought she was going to hurt at least one if not both of us as she pounded herself down on my rock-hard dick.

I had gone from bored disinterest to fucking my sexy sister in less than a minute. The whole scene was surreal. There hadn’t been any foreplay, or even any necking. One minute I was watching reruns and the next my sister had her tongue down my throat and was fucking my brains out. Her pussy was oozing before I ever got close to it. I don’t know what had her so worked up but she was on the verge of orgasm before I ever touched her.

“Yeah,” she grunted. “That’s it, baby. Give it to me. Give Carol all that hard cock.” She rocked against me, pushing me back on the couch as she drove her tongue into my mouth. “Fuck me good, baby,” she said in a louder voice as her passion climbed. “Yeah,” she almost shouted. “Fuck me, Robbie. Fuck me.” She threw her head back and screamed as her orgasm bolted through her.

“Quiet,” I hissed. I took advantage of the moment and grabbed her hips, pulling her juicy crotch back and forth on my cock. “You’ll wake Mom.”

She bounced wildly, pulling herself almost completely off my cock before slamming down on it again. I was lost in the sensations my frenzied sister was giving me. Her wild fuck had her blonde hair flying and her tits bouncing in my face. I was struggling to keep up with her. I knew I wouldn’t last long at this rate. I felt my own orgasm building and groaned. “Carol, I’m gonna cum.”

“Yeah, baby. Give it to me. Shoot that hot cum in my pussy, Robbie. Fuck your sister and cum in her cunt,” Carol answered in a loud voice.

Just as the first rope of semen shot deep in my sister’s belly, the overhead light snapped on.

Carol’s orgasm erupted and she collapsed on top of me, humping wildly so I couldn’t see our mom standing there but I heard her gasp, “Oh my God.”

I expected all hell to break loose when she saw Carol impaled on my cock and bucking like a madwoman. There was no stopping my orgasm at that point. I tried to push Carol off but she wrapped escort bayan gaziantep her arms around me as she shuddered on top of me. I sprayed two or three more shots into her before she went limp. My moment of ecstasy was tinged with blind panic in anticipation of my mother’s complete freak out.

Instead of screaming, Mom rushed to Carol’s side and knelt behind her. “That’s it, baby,” she whispered, stroking her hair. “Ride it out. Don’t fight it. Just let it happen.”

Carol rolled off of me and fell backwards against Mom, her legs splayed. Mom wrapped her arms around her and cooed, “That’s it, baby. You’ll be all right.” I lay there with my cock still throbbing between my legs as my mother tried to comfort my sobbing sister. Only then did I realize that Mom was also naked.

Carol took only a few seconds to catch her breath before she stabbed one hand between her legs and started stroking her bald pussy furiously.

“Mom,” she wailed. “It won’t stop.” She plunged two fingers into her gaping hole. “What’s wrong with me?”

Mom pushed Carol off of her and laid her gently back against the arm rest. “Robbie, get up,” she ordered. I pushed myself off the couch as mom positioned herself between Carol’s legs. She put her hand on her daughter’s pussy and began stroking it lightly. “You’ll be okay, baby,” she whispered as she dragged her fingers back and forth across Carol’s bald snatch.

Mom looked quickly up at me. “Robbie, stick your cock in her mouth,” she said with a nod. She lowered her lips to Carol’s pussy and began licking it. Carol groaned and clawed at her tits.

“Oh, God, Mom,” she gasped. “Lick it, Mommy. Lick my pussy for me.”

I stood there stunned as my mom went down on my sister. Mom noticed and snapped at me. “Robbie. Do as I told you. Stick your cock in her mouth.”

“Mom,” I gasped.

“Do you love your sister” she asked urgently as she tickled Carol’s clit.

“Yes,” I answered, completely lost in the situation.

“Then stick your dick in her mouth.”

I stepped toward Carol who was making gurgling sounds. She grabbed my cock and sucked it into her mouth like a kitten at its mother’s nipple. She acted like it was an oxygen tube and she had to suck it to stay alive. She moaned and slobbered as she gulped it down her throat.

Mom went back to licking her cunt while playing with her clit. “Play with her tits,” she ordered between laps. “We have to keep her up.”

I love my sister and obey my mom so I took one of Carol’s stiff nipples between my fingers and twisted it. Carol squealed and sucked even harder at my stiffening cock.

“She’s overloaded,” Mom panted. “We have to keep her going until we break the circuit and she crashes.” She again stuck her tongue in her daughter’s pussy. “Talk dirty to her. Tell her what you want to do to her and cum in her mouth if you can.”

Mom went back to focusing on Carol’s gaping pussy while I stood there stupidly. I didn’t know how to respond.

“For God’s sake,” Mom snapped. “Tell her you want to fuck her.” She looked up at Carol. “Do you want Robbie to fuck you, honey?” Carol grunted around my cock. “Do you want Mommy to lick your pussy?” Carol groaned.

“Are you going to cum for me?” Mom asked gently as she stuck two fingers in Carol’s pussy. She nodded as she began pistoning my cock in and out of her mouth.

“Fuck my mouth, Robbie,” Carol gasped. “Fuck my mouth and cum for me, baby. I want you to cum in my mouth.” She stroked her fist up and down my dripping cock.

“Don’t you want to cum in my mouth?” she asked. “Please, Robbie. I need you to shoot off for me. Do you want to cum on my face?” She stroked faster. “Cum on my face Robbie. Shoot your hot cum all over your slutty little sister.”

Mom’s mouth was locked on Carol’s cunt. Her tongue was lashing from side to side and Carol’s shaved snatch was shiny with her juices and mom’s saliva. “That’s it, baby,” she cooed. “Cum for me. Cum in Mommy’s mouth,” she gurgled.

Carol felt me stiffen. “That’s it, Robbie. Cum for me. Cum all over me, baby. Cum for your hot little sister.” My cock jumped as the first rope of cum shot out and landed on Carol’s cheek. She screamed as her orgasm exploded. She stopped stroking me but I didn’t stop cumming. I shot two more strands across her tits as she fell back in a dead faint.

I saw Mom relax as Carol passed out. She laid her head on Carol’s stomach and took a moment to catch her breath before she sat up. She had the same wild look Carol had had earlier. “That should do it,” she breathed. “She should be okay now.” She sat back and sighed, ignoring the fact that all three of us were nude. After a few seconds she looked up at me and smiled in a tired way. “Quite a night, huh?”

I could only nod. Mom chuckled and pushed herself to her feet. “Help me get her to my bed and then you better get some sleep. Tomorrow’s going to be a big day.”

I couldn’t help ogling bayan gaziantep escort my mom as we carried Carol up the stairs. Her tits were bigger than my sister’s and not as firm. They were still shapely and beautiful but didn’t stick straight out the way Carol’s did. Mom didn’t do anything to try to conceal them from me. I noticed her pussy was neatly trimmed; not bald like Carol’s but definitely sculpted. There weren’t any dimples in her ass and I was willing to bet she and Carol wore the same size jeans. Mom isn’t as tall as my sister but just as striking. Carol got her blonde hair from Mom although Mom wears hers shorter, in a more mature style.

If I hadn’t just cum twice in the last 15 minutes I’d have gotten a raging hard on at the sight of her. I couldn’t prove it but I think she might have been checking out my cock as we carried Carol upstairs.

We got Carol into Mom’s bed and Mom climbed in with her without bothering to put on a nightgown. “We’ll talk in the morning,” she said as she reached for the light. “Try to get some sleep. Everything’s going to be all right.”

I couldn’t imagine how everything was going to be all right after I had just fucked my sister and seen my mother licking her pussy. I went to bed but I can’t say I slept. I spent most of the night reliving the scene from the living room and jerking off three times. It occurred to me sometime during the night that Mom might have been tasting my cum while she was licking Carol’s pussy. I was exhausted by morning when Mom knocked on my door.

“Get up, Lazybones,” she laughed. “Breakfast is ready.” At least she sounded like the same old Mom.

I didn’t know what to expect as I staggered into the kitchen in shorts and a tee shirt. Mom and Carol were both there dressed in bathrobes. Carol avoided my glance but Mom greeted me with a smile. “Morning,” she chirped. I took my usual seat at the breakfast table opposite my sister.

Mom put a cup of coffee in front of me and took her seat. “OK,” she said simply. “Here’s what we’re not going to do.” She took a sip of her coffee and smiled at both of us. “We’re not going to freak out. We’re not going to tiptoe around the house avoiding each other. We’re not going to pretend nothing happened. And we’re not going spend the rest of our lives being embarrassed. All right?”

She looked pointedly at me and then Carol until we both nodded our agreement.

“OK.” She took a deep breath and another sip of coffee. “All right. First of all, what happened last night was my fault. Neither one of you needs to feel like you did anything wrong. I’m the adult here. I should have handled the situation. I had all the warning signs but I didn’t do anything about it.” She shrugged resignedly. “I guess I was in denial. I didn’t want to believe what my eyes were telling me.”

“What happened to me,” Carol muttered. “It was like I couldn’t control myself.” She glanced at me and then looked quickly down again.

“It wasn’t your fault, honey,” Mom answered. “It was mine. I should have seen it coming and helped you prepare for it.”

I took a sip of my coffee more to moisten my dry throat than anything else.

“Have either one of you ever heard of nymphomania?”

Carol gave her a blank look and I nodded that I had. “What do you know about it,” Mom asked me.

I was embarrassed that I knew anything about the topic. I wasn’t even sure if what I “knew” was really fact or just urban legend. “It’s when a woman can’t be sexually satisfied,” I mumbled.

“That’s close,” Mom answered. “It’s not that a woman with nymphomania can’t be sexually satisfied. They can have a wonderful sex life. It’s just that they have a hyperactive sex drive. A nymphomaniac needs much more sex than other women.” She sat her coffee down. “That’s an important point. It’s not just that women with nymphomania want more sex. They need it. It’s more than just being horny. It’s a physical compulsion. They can’t just decide not to have sex. It’s like you just deciding not to breathe.”

I glanced from Mom to Carol. Locker room talk was that all nymphomaniacs are sluts. I wasn’t ready to lump my mother and sister into that category.

“When I was young people didn’t talk about that sort of thing,” Mom sighed. “So, when I started developing and feeling that compulsion, nobody told me how to deal with it. They just said I was boy crazy. The next thing anyone knew, I had two kids.” She smiled and patted both of us on the hand. “Two wonderful kids,” she added.

“Your grandparents didn’t know how to deal with me. My mother took me to the doctor and his only advice was to have my tubes tied. No one knew how to deal with my sex drive but at least they could keep me from having babies. So that’s what they did. I was 16.

“Since then, there’s a lot more known about nymphomania and how to deal with it.” She looked sympathetically at Carol and held her hand. “I’m sorry, honey. I shouldn’t have let you gaziantep bayan escort get in the state you were in last night. I’m afraid you’ve inherited my affliction and you’re going to have to learn how to handle it.” Carol looked up at her and finally smiled, happy to know that she wasn’t going insane. Then she looked at me.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Sure,” I answered, with typical big brother bravado. I was glad to hear everything was going to be okay but disappointed to realize Carol’s sexual frenzy was only a one-time thing. I could easily get used to having a hot-blooded hard body in the house.

“Good,” Mom added. “Because this involves you too.”

“Me?” I thought my role was going to be to keep my mouth shut and let the women of the family deal with the situation.

“Yes, you,” Mom answered. “This isn’t going to go away. It’s something I’ve learned to control and something Carol’s going to have to learn how to control. I’m counting on you to help her.”

“What can I do?”

“I want you to keep having sex with her,” Mom answered.

Both Carol and I just stared at her. It took us a few seconds to recover before we both exploded. “What?” we both almost yelled.

“It’s the simplest way,” she answered with a shrug. She turned to Carol. “This isn’t going to go away. You still feel it now, don’t you?”

Carol lowered her eyes and nodded. “The urge isn’t as strong as it was last night but it’s still there,” Mom explained. “And it’s going to always be there. You just need to learn how to handle it. The best way to keep it under control is to not let it build up like it did last night. That was my fault. Now I’m going to help you learn how to control it.”

She turned back to me. “The only way Carol’s going to be able to keep her urges under control is with a steady diet of sex. She’s going to need it everyday, usually more than once a day. I’m willing to bet the reason she went over the edge last night was because she hasn’t had any sex lately.” She turned to my sister. “Is that right?”

Carol nodded sheepishly. “Dave and I broke up about a week ago.”

Turning back to me, Mom made her point. “So last night’s overload was after only a week. The longer she goes without sex, the harder it’s going to be for her to control herself and the harder she’s going to be to satisfy. If she doesn’t keep a lid on things she’s not going to be able to control herself. She’ll look for sex anywhere she can find it, with anyone.”

She looked down at her coffee. “Trust me. I know.”

I couldn’t respond. What was I supposed to say? My mom was basically ordering me to fuck my hot sister as often as I could. Life is good. For her part, I wasn’t hearing Carol saying no. I looked at her. She had her eyes lowered. “Carol?” I asked.

“I don’t think I can,” she muttered. “I’m so embarrassed.” She turned to Mom. “You can’t really be serious, can you? You really want me to have sex with my brother?”

“There are a lot of diseases out there and a lot of people I don’t trust. I’d rather you were having sex with Robbie than some stranger. This doesn’t have to be some sort of tragedy,” Mom answered. “Sex should be enjoyable. There’s no use being embarrassed or coy or sneaking around and trying to hide what’s going on. I think it would be a whole lot healthier to have it out in the open where no one has to feel guilty or left out.”

I wasn’t sure I understood what Mom meant by anyone feeling left out but didn’t think it was the time to ask a lot of questions.

She pushed herself to her feet. “We’re not going to settle this this morning. It’s going to take some time. Let’s just go about our usual routine and we’ll see how things go. Okay?”

Carol and I both nodded. My sister still wouldn’t look at me. Mom smiled at me as Carol left the kitchen. I heard the door to her room close a few seconds later. Mom ran her hand through my hair. “Give her a little time,” she said with a smile. “She doesn’t believe me yet.”

I only had one class that day so I was already home by the time Carol got back from school. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but that didn’t keep me from having a raging hard on anticipating her arrival. A quick “hi” was all I got as she almost ran upstairs to her room and closed the door.

Mom got home from work a couple of hours later. Neither one of us mentioned what had happened the night before. Carol didn’t come down for dinner and we ate in near silence. Casual conversation was difficult knowing that my sister was in her room battling her demons.

We tried to keep things normal by watching TV but neither one of us was really into it and kept glancing toward the stairs, hoping Carol would come down. She never did. Finally, we went to bed, still concerned over my sister.

My first surprise came about an hour later when there was a tap at my door. The second was when my mom opened it and came into my room. I was in bed, trying to read when she came in. I was wearing the same shorts I’d worn the night before. I have to admit, I wore them because they reminded me of what happened. The third surprise was what Mom was wearing.

She’s never worn anything even slightly sexy around the house. She always sleeps in a nightgown but never anything revealing; usually something long and flannel. I didn’t even think she owned anything like what she was now wearing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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