Take Me, Tom Pt. 41-45


Okay. Thanks for indulging me through this saga. Yep, they’re back. At lat. The dynamic will change now. Some may like the direction, others not so much.

As always, a special thanks to Paolo for his support and comments and Kenjisato for his unstinting help with all these damn ‘returns’. Asa special thanks, I’ll throw in some aliens somewhere! Thanks to you, the readers. I have been remiss in responding but I do appreciate your comments. The constructive ones. that is.

Chapter 41


Lunch with friends

We woke not too early, which was terrible! We had a lot to do before people began arriving.

Chrissie’s hair was all over the place, gently kinked and wavy from her braiding last night. She couldn’t have looked more desirable. That wildness with hair had always appealed to me. God knows why!

My fingers, as usual, gently swept through her tangled ringlets. Chrissie slowly woke, her eyes opening and smiling at my attention.

“Morning, darling,” I whispered.

“Morning to you, handsome man,” she sighed, slowly coming out of her slumber.

“I love your hair the morning after you braid it, Chrissie,” I said. “I could, so do you right now!”

“That’s because you’re creepy and a perv,” she giggled. “And sorry, my foo-foo has had it for a while.”

“Probably a perv, yeah,” I smirked. “Foo-foo? Where did that come from?” I laughed, raucously.

“Dunno. I just came out,” she laughed. “I was going to say ‘pussy’, but foo-foo came out instead. Anyway, no matter what you call it, you aren’t getting it…yet, okay?”

I grabbed her hair tautly, and pulled it.

“Later then, darling,” I whispered, and leaned in and kissed her.

Chrissie moved over, and, seductively, laid on my chest, her shock of hair deliriously

in my face. I felt she did this on purpose. I breathed in the scent of her hair, the strands tickling my face in the nicest possible way. We laid together for twenty minutes or so, slowly coming to.

“C’mon. Up. We have a lot of prepping to sort, glasses to collect, and a bunch of other things on the list,” I beckoned.

Chrissie crept on top of me, her lithe body perfectly moulded to mine. Her fingers went through my hair, as she leaned down and kissed me. My hands were still revelling in her tresses, as they always would. She pulled herself away, sat up, threw her arms up, her small breasts so inviting, and stretched.

“Come on, buster. No lazy bones this morning,” she laughed, and scampered away to the bathroom.

I followed her, and walked into the bathroom. Chrissie was sitting there peeing.

“NO!” she vehemently cried.

We both laughed. I grasped my pyjama-covered cock, and shook it at her.

Only she laughed this time.

I brushed, she peed, then we switched places, Chrissie’s eyes averting mine as she brushed her teeth.

I kept my robe on as I headed for the kitchen. I opened and closed cabinets looking for a simple something for breakfast. Chrissie came over, and bumped me away with her hip.

“Go. I’ll find something,” she said.

I gladly left her and straightened the front room, washing down the table where we had sex yesterday, and generally tidied up, but there wasn’t a lot to tidy! Chrissie brought two plates of eggs, toast and juice over as we sat looking out over an early Sunday morning in London.

“You know, Chrissie. I do love it here. I’m going to miss it. There’s just SO much here. Okay, things are more expensive than in the States, but we’re in that lucky position. I mean, housing is so bloody expensive. And food. And petrol. And…

hmmm, maybe we should stay in Chicago,” I laughed.

“Time will tell, darling. It usually does,” she giggled. “If it’s right to move here, then we move and deal with a new set of problems. It’s how we handle it that will tell,” she said.

“We’ll need at least a four-bed house,” I said.

“Behave, Tom. Eat your eggs,” she chided me.

I smiled and finished what she had made. We both cleared up and then headed to the shower, relaxing, as always, under the mist and our connection. We dried each other off, taking more time than the shower itself. I slowly turned Chrissie around, her naked ass at face level. I leaned in and kissed each peach, whispering, “I love your fucking ass, Chrissie,” as my tongue lashed her crack. I felt her push herself back. Chrissie was so cooperative. I swatted her butt when I was finished.

Chrissie upped the stakes by kneeling before me, lifting my flaccid cock, and slipping it between her lips, lovingly sucking me. Her hand came around it, as she twisted and stroked me, my cock hardening with every motion. When I rose to my full length, she suddenly stood up, turned her back and ran to the bedroom. She wasn’t on the bed, though. Chrissie was trawling through the closet for ‘something’ to wear. She looked at me and laughed. I walked towards her, my cock bobbing.

“NO! GET AWAY!” she cried, laughing still.

I slapped her ass, hard. kaliteli gaziantep escort She let out a long, loud, “Mmmm,” and pushed me away.

“Should we call the kids and Em? It’s still early enough,” she asked.

“Yeah. We should do that. Are you going to get dressed first?” I asked.

“Well, how about if we call Em first, then I can get dressed?” she suggested.

“Chrissie. What did we talk about? Hmm?” I said.

“I’ll behave. Promise!” she said, although I doubted the veracity of what she said.

She slipped her robe back on, and we walked to the sofa, and she connected up.

Emily picked up almost right away.

“Morning, Em!” she squealed. “How’s everything? You look busy!”

“I’m fine. I’m not as good as you two, but I’m doing well. I loved the photos from last night. I hope you both had a wonderful evening,” she said.

“We did, Em. And thanks for your prodding. The dress was perfect. Wasn’t it, Tom,” she said, trying hard to embarrass me.

“Uh, yes. Thanks, Emily. I really do appreciate your subterfuge in getting Chrissie to bring the dress along. It was a wonderful evening, and I’m certain you would have loved it. Chrissie was so surprised!” I replied.

“I looked it up. Wasn’t Angela Gheorghiu singing? You’re SO lucky to have seen her. God, I wish she’d come to Chicago! I’d pay good money to see her!” she laughed. “I’m sure YOU did! I couldn’t be happier for you both. I’m sure it was a memorable evening. I’m just glad I was able to help, Tom. Anytime, okay?” she said.

“Thanks, Emily. That means the world to us both, and you made it special, so thank you,” I said.

She and Chrissie caught up with their ‘girly’ stuff, so I excused myself and went to dress. When I came out, they were still gabbing away. Chrissie looked at me and said to Emily, “I should sign off now, sweetie. Tom’s giving me evil looks!” she said, giggling.

“Am not, Emily! Don’t believe her!” I shouted.

“We’ll catch up later, okay? Love you, see you soon!” she said.

“Bye, Emily,” I said, giving her a slight wave.

“That was nice,” Chrissie said, as she put her tablet away and walked to the bedroom.

As she was walking, she turned her head, and asked seductively, “Underwear, Tom? Hmm?” she smiled.

I followed her and opened her lingerie drawer. I carefully moved various pieces around ’til I found the perfect pieces. I chose one of her flowery pieces with a demi-bra. Everything she had suited her, so it was tough to choose. I did appreciate the gesture, though.

I helped her put her panties on. She was such a coy tease. She loved this as much as I did. I leaned in and ran my nose over her still-wispy pussy hair. My tongue ran through her labia just to finish things off.

“Bra?” she asked, quizzically.

“Well, if I HAVE to,” I sighed, smiling.

She slipped her hand slowly through the straps, me cupping her breasts snuggly in the material. I leaned down, and kissed the tops of each.

“Happy?” I asked, smirking.

“So much so, Tom,” she sighed.

I chose a pair of faded jeans and another plaid shirt. Chrissie wasn’t surprised. The doorbell rang, so I left Chrissie on her device. It was Markus with our rental glasses. I invited him, but he begged off, saying he was busy this morning. I thanked him for bringing the boxes up. I got them to the kitchen, quickly washed them all, and then began unpacking plates and cutlery, placing them on our only table.

Chrissie came out, wearing a pair of her tailored slacks with a finely-cut cotton blouse. I guess this was her casual. She brought the food out, ready to finish the dishes off and prepping the dessert. We worked well together, so long as I took direction from her, that is. We jostled for position, me losing every time. In no time, we had everything ready, and we still had an hour to go.

We chatted about the opera, having the night to sleep on the experience. It was quite the revelation for her. She was still excited about it, although, like me with the Globe, she had nothing to compare it to. She mentioned Emily’s help in making the night a success. I told her I was impressed with her, the way she readily helped me make it work for her. Chrissie once again said that this was the way she was. We all have that jealousy gene, but with both of them, they seemed to embrace the other’s joy, feeling it enhanced, rather than inhibited, their lives. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around that…yet. I guess I was just wired a bit differently.

Chrissie cooked all the food, so it was ready for twelve. Ben and Eloise showed up a bit before, bearing wine for us and flowers for Chrissie. She was taken aback, not expecting such a gesture. We all chatted easily and effortlessly. They were more taken with Chrissie, asking about her background, how we met, her job and the kids. I watched in wonder as she chatted so openly with them. I could tell they were both enamoured with her. More people arrived as the time went on, everyone gaziantep kaliteli escort enjoying the food Chrissie had prepared. I gave all credit to Chrissie, whom all assumed it was her doing anyway!

I had time to chat with everyone, catch up and tell them how much I’d miss them. Chrissie was the perfect host, making sure food was being eaten, glasses filled, and everyone was involved with the different conversations that flowed around the room. I couldn’t have been more proud of her. She adapted herself to everyone, sensing what everyone needed. I looked at her and wondered how I ended up with such a wonderful woman in my life. Chrissie took the compliments easily, but always deflected them to me, giving me credit, where none was due. She just wanted everyone to enjoy the day.

I was coerced into giving a small speech. There was so much I wanted to tell these friends, so much we had gone through, and for their endless generosity with me for the last two years. I told them all about Chrissie’s foray into a job at the V&A or another gallery, so we hopefully would be returning for good.

One friend, Milly, walked over to me when the ‘speech’ was finished, and hugged me, giving me a chaste kiss. We had been on-off lovers since I arrived, but were on exceptionally good terms still.

“I’m going to miss you, Tom. We’re all going to miss you. I…I hope you come back, okay. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me,” she said.

Chrissie stood nearby and walked over, Milly’s hands still on my shoulders. Chrissie wrapped her arm around my waist, saying nothing.

“You’ve got a good man here, Chrissie,” she said, and hugged Chrissie.

“Thank you, Milly. It took me a while to realize it, but yes, he’s perfect…for me,” she said, turned to me, and lightly kissed me. “I can tell that you both are close. I’m glad. He is an incredible man. I feel lucky to have him in my life, too. He seems to have touched quite a few of you here today. I’m impressed with this guy,” she smiled, bumping our hips together.

There was no jealousy in what she said, no protectiveness, just an acknowledgement of who I was to her and my worth. Chrissie exuded this calmness, a self-confidence I had seldom seen in a woman. I pulled her tighter to me, then turned and kissed her.

Chrissie went back to taking care of everyone, be it food, drink or conversation. Jeremy and Isobel showed up for a bit. They were heading to another engagement, but I was so pleased they made an effort to come, if even for a while. I had a good chance to talk with Isobel, who had kind of adopted me when I first came over. Her kindness and insight certainly helped me through the transition. I stood back, looked at everyone, and thought how lucky I was. Surrounded by friends, not just workmates, and a beautiful woman to share this all with.

Around four, people began to say their goodbyes, and after copious hugs and kisses, promises to stay in touch and handshakes, people went on their way to enjoy the rest of the Sunday. Ben and Eloise were the last to leave. That was a tough one. To say goodbye to them hit me. They were such a massive part of my life here. We hugged, shook hands and kissed, and we kicked them out, saying I would see them soon. I only hoped so.

I collapsed on the sofa when everyone left, and Chrissie plopped herself down next to me.

“You okay?” she asked.

“I will be, Chrissie. That was fun, but tough also. I’ll miss them all. Now, thank you for all you’ve done today. I could not have pulled this off without you, in so many different ways, so thanks,” I said.

“Tom, this was my pleasure. I really enjoyed the day. You’ve worked with some amazing people here. They’re…they’re just wonderful. You’re lucky, Tom, to have them around you…even Milly,” she smiled.

I was going to explain, but Chrissie just put a finger to my lips, and whispered, “Shhh, Tom. No need, okay? I know you’re with me now, all right? I’m glad she shared a part of your life with you. And, I must say, you have great taste! She’s gorgeous!” she giggled.

We both laughed.

“You want to go for a walk, then come back and clear all this? I could use a break,” I said.

“Let me grab my sweater, okay?”

We walked towards the Thames, still a lot of people milling around, kids playing and

yelling, picnics still being eaten, a bit of frisbee throwing and lovers walking hand in hand. Like us. We talked about the day and what it meant to us both.

“I love getting to know your friends, Tom. I get to know you just a little bit more, and I’m not disappointed either,” she giggled.

“Whew, eh? Yeah, they’re great people, in and out of work. I’m thinking, Chrissie, that I’d like to return here. This place offers us so much. A new start, either with Emily or without. The kids. A job, if it all works out right for you. The culture. Hell, Paris is an hour and a half away! I know, small steps. I get it,” I said, exasperated by my inability gaziantep kaliteli escort bayan to reconcile what was happening. If I were on my own, it would be so much easier, but now I had other people to consider.

“Tom, we’ll work this all out. If this is what you want, we’ll make it happen. I know we have a lot to consider, just not our relationship. Of course, it would be easier if it was just you and me, but it’s not. Let’s just let it go, and let whatever happens evolve, okay? No more stress. Let’s just enjoy ‘this,’ she said, sweeping her hand across the horizon.

We sat on the grass and watched the boats float by, and everyone enjoying their day. Chrissie laid her head on my lap, as I slowly stroked her hair and marvelled at this beautiful woman.

Eventually, we headed back to the flat.

“I’m going to change, okay? As we walked in, I’ll be right out and help you,” she said.

Chrissie walked out several minutes later wearing yet another pair of yoga leggings and a too-small T-shirt.

“Fuck, Chrissie!” “You’re such a little cunt,” I smirked, lustfully.

“Tom. I wish you wouldn’t use that word! It…it makes me…wet,,” she said seductively.

I looked at her and said only, “Cunt.”

She smiled at me, and began to organise the kitchen, her modest demeanour belying her simmering sexuality. Chrissie was able to wrap up most of the leftovers for people, but we still had bits and pieces left. I guess we had breakfast, lunch and dinner for a few days!

Everything was packed away, dishes cleaned, and glasses put away, ready for collection at some point. She poured herself the last of the mimosas, which were a hit, and me a single malt. We sat on the sofa and breathed.

“Thanks, darling. I really appreciate your help,” I sighed.

“You’re welcome, but why wouldn’t I help, hmmm?” she replied.

“I’m just saying, thanks, darling.”

We chatted about Chrissie’s meeting tomorrow. So much of our future depended on her getting a job. She had made so much progress in the short time we had been here. I was optimistic that she, too, would land her dream job.

The conversation eventually came around to the idea of a ‘throuple’, how we would do it, and the perils and advantages of it. Chrissie felt it was helpful for us to discuss this before we went any further.

“I agree, we need to address so much, Chrissie. But first, we have to see about my concerns with Emily. Then I need to get my head around sharing myself, you know, how happy you’ll be seeing me happy, maybe even fulfilled by another woman. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be jealous. Wouldn’t you feel, well, left out?” I asked.

“No, Tom. I understand the emotions and gut reactions of jealousy. I get that. But with Em, it wouldn’t be jealousy. Any other woman, you bet! It’s something we should discuss together, don’t you think, Tom?” she asked me.

“I just see the pitfalls right now, darling. We need to take these small steps. As I said, Emily may not even be willing to put up with the changes and dynamics. Okay?” I asked, hoping this would be the end of the conversation.

“So…changing the subject, you have your set of papers all printed out? What time is your meeting? That’ll be an interesting one, Chrissie. She was obviously impressed with you, not only from working with you on the loans, but with what she saw in you. I’m excited for you, darling,” I said.

Chrissie had everything under control. I wasn’t in the least bit surprised. We relaxed

as the sun was setting, another full day slipping away. Chrissie was hooked on ‘Peaky Blinders’, so I pulled that up, and we watched a few episodes.

“Bet you’re glad I don’t live in Birmingham, eh?” I chuckled.

“It’s probably a bit more sedate now, Tom!” she admonished me with a smirk.

After we got bored with TV, Chrissie helped me start putting red dots on everything I wanted to take back with me.

“I’m looking forward to having a home, Chrissie. This is nice, don’t get me wrong, but there’s nothing like a real home,” I smiled.

“I’m so looking forward to sharing our home with you, Tom. The kids will love it. It’ll become natural in no time. Just wait and see. It may take a while before they call you ‘Tom’ as I’ve raised them to respect their elders, but we’ll get there. We just need to be wary when they go to their fathers. Jack wouldn’t understand, so that’s yet another hurdle we should add to the list!” she laughed. “I can’t wait for you to be home, OUR home, Tom!”

“So, after my interview, where do you fancy going?” she asked.

“I have an idea. Again, I’m looking ahead, but I’d like to drive out to Richmond on Thames and, look around, check out a few properties. I know a few people who live there. It’s expensive as hell, but it’s convenient for getting into the city, there are good schools, parks, the river and a really nice atmosphere, or so I’ve been told. I think it’s worth looking at and seeing if it would fit us. I know it’s premature, but if we anticipate moving here, we need to set things in motion, sooner rather than later. I’m thinking of the stability for the kids more than anything else. Whatcha think?” I asked.

“Why not? It’ll be nice to see you somewhere outside central London. If you think it may be a workable place to live, I think, yeah, we should see the area. I love how you’re thinking of the kids, as well as us. You’re pretty good, Mr Lawrence!” she chuckled.

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