Sue Lin Gets Used by Old Yvonne

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When I was a PhD student at the University of Queensland, instead of staying at the more usual student accommodation, I opted to find a quieter share house away from the throng to assist my study. Without much looking, I found a place with a recently divorced bloke called John. He worked a lot and was rarely there. He was in his fifties and he had a part time fuck buddy named Yvonne. She too was on her mid-50s and was a BBW with big tits that certainly had some sag in them. Yvonne would stay over at somewhat random intervals, sometimes for only one night, sometimes for longer. Sue Lin was my girlfriend at the time – a Eurasian girl with Malaysian roots studying microbiology. She was slim with relatively small breasts but a nice bum and lovely blemish free milky white skin. I was only her second sex partner and while shy and somewhat unadventurous initially, overtime she had demonstrated a willingness to explore sexually, and I had made a habit out of fucking her bum while she worked a vibrator into her pussy.

She had taken to shaving her pussy. Sue Lin would also stay over, generally most weekends. Sue Lin got to know Yvonne reasonably well, they certainly weren’t close which was not surprising given the near 30 year age gap, but they were relaxed in each other’s company. For a little while though, Sue Lin had told me that Yvonne was being a bit “strange” around her and she asked me if she had been the same around me. I honestly answered that she seemed the same to me, before I prodded Sue Lin to explain what she meant. She had said, that when no one was around Yvonne would often lead their conversation to sex and would ask her about the things that she had done and how often; and would also tell her how she couldn’t stop masturbating because all she would think of was sex. She also told Sue Lin that John was a good fuck but she needed a lot more. Initially Sue Lin said that she thought Yvonne was after sex with me, but I reassured her that I had never had such conversations with Yvonne and never thought she fancied me at all.

It had been a couple of weeks since that particular conversation, and Sue Lin had not raised it again. I was scheduled to go interstate to a conference and Sue Lin had asked to stay at my place in my absence as it was closer to a party that she wanted to go to, and we both knew that John would be away.

I was at my conference when I got a text message from Sue Lin, “Yvonne is here and staying the night too, did you know this?”

I responded that I hadn’t and didn’t really think of it again until I was walking out of the last session of the conference a few hours later when I received another text message, “Been having drinks with Yvonne… Feel pretty tipsy…… And horny…… Wish you were here to fuck me.”

My dick twitched at that thought and before I could reply to the message, Sue Lin had sent another one asking me to ring her as soon as I could. I obliged and I was greeted by a more than tipsy young girlfriend and I could also hear Yvonne in the background as she cooked dinner for both of them. We chatted briefly and Sue Lin said what a fun time she had been having relaxing and drinking Mojitos with Yvonne. She said that she didn’t feel like going out now and would just stay at home with Yvonne. I was surprised when Sue Lin blurted out that she was going to hand over the phone to Yvonne.

Yvonne had clearly had a few too, but she didn’t sound as drunk as Sue Lin. The conversation was certainly straight to the point as Yvonne made it clear that I was lucky to have such a hot young girlfriend before she added that she bet she gets horny after a couple drinks. My response was noncommittal, but it left room for only one summation.

“I suadiye escort think I speak for Sue Lin when I say that she wishes you were here to fuck her pussy and ass,” Yvonne said directly before adding.

“Sorry if silly old Yvonne has shocked you, I’m just being a bit naughty and will make sure Sue Lin stays at home and doesn’t go out roaming for cock.”

I was somewhat speechless on the phone before Yvonne said she had to get back to the dinner on the stove. She handed back the phone to Sue Lin. Sue Lin apologised for what Yvonne had said, but there was no sincerity in the apology and I heard Yvonne in the background chiding Sue Lin that what she had said was 100% the truth. We finally ended our conversation as Sue Lin said dinner was ready.

About 10 minutes later I got a message from Sue Lin saying that she was as horny as fuck. All this talk had got me horny as well, but I had a quick shower in readiness to meet a couple of other conference delegates for dinner. When I got out of the shower and had dried myself, the mobile phone buzzed again as another text message from Sue Lin arrived. When I opened it I was a little bit surprised.

It read, “This is Yvonne. I have commandeered Sue Lin’s phone for a little while. Sue Lin asks that you stay in your hotel room.”

Sheepishly I agreed and almost instantly the first picture message came through simply labelled “Your hot girlfriend” and it showed Sue Lin stretched out languidly on the couch with an obvious twinkle in her eye.

The next picture came through quickly and was almost instantly followed by another. The first was unlabelled and Sue Lin was sitting on the edge of the couch with her legs together, elbows on her knees and her hands underneath her chin – a classic innocent pose. The second was labelled, “I can see your girlfriend’s black lacy panties that you bought her”. The pose was the same similar to the previous one, but this time her legs were open sufficiently so you could see the panties that Yvonne had accurately described. It looked like Sue Lin had her favourite lingerie on under her clothes. Another photo soon arrived, this time with her legs spread wide and a caption “I think I see a wet patch!”

My cock was now absolutely rock hard and I was stunned to think that my girlfriend was letting this much older woman take risqué pictures to send to me. Overall though, the lust of the circumstance overcame everything else. There was a short pause before the next photo came through. It was a close-up labelled “Peek-a-Bo” and Yvonne had snapped a photo of her finger pulling Sue Lin’s panties to one side and exposing her cunt. A series of about six pictures than arrived, Sue Lin was now just in her underwear and in each one, her hand was down the front of her panties. In two of them you could see her whole body and she stared straight into the lens as she mischievously sucked her own fingers. The others were close ups of her busy hand down her panties. In the midst of this, my colleagues rang wanting to know where I was and whether I would be making it to the restaurant. I informed them that I would not be able to as something had come up. Little did they know that that something was my cock.

After the last series of pictures, a text message came from Yvonne telling me that Sue Lin wanted to see how hard my cock was, and she added that she did as well. I took a close up picture of my burgeoning cock with pre-cum, virtually bubbling from the big purple head. A response came back almost instantly, a simple – “Fuck Yes.”, and was quickly followed up with another message that said, “Time for me to get serious and really defile your gf.”

In the next picture, Sue Lin was yakacık escort topless and in the next one, her panties were gone as well, her hands holding the back of her knees and spreading herself wide open in front of Yvonne. The next series of photos were preceded by the text message, “Your sweet gf is now going to masturbate in front of this ole’ hag.” There was about 10 photos, and in each one it was clear that Sue Lin was going for it, the whirring of her hand apparently quickening through the series, her eyes glazing over and the final one caught her self-driven climax beautifully. I resisted the urge to stroke my cock, as the pre-cum continued to bubble out.

There was a little pause, before the next text message came through, “If you don’t mind I am going to have your gf suck my big old tits and eat out my untidy old cunt.”

My god I thought. This time there was a longer pause, but then a POV picture came through of my girlfriend, her lips latched around the nipple of this big old kinky slut. Sue Lin looked upwards submissively. The next couple of pictures were of my girlfriend sucking the nipples of Yvonne’s saggy breasts. A text message then came through telling me that they both wanted to see a picture of me shooting that big load that they knew I had in my balls, and this was quickly followed by another picture of Sue Lin posing. I thought I was beyond surprising now, but Sue Lin had been written on! She was now adorned with near flawless writing in red crayon or perhaps red lipstick. Below her breasts was written, “I eat old cunt”. On her forehead was the word “Fuck, on her left cheek was “My” and on her right cheek was “Face” – “Fuck My Face”. Just above her pussy was an arrow pointing down and the words “Insert toys and objects here”.

The next three pictures came through, the angle was not right to see all the detail, but it was obvious that Yvonne was straddling my girlfriend and sitting on her face. The last couple of photos in this series, pushed me over the edge. Using the hand not holding the phone, Yvonne had grabbed a great mass of my girlfriend’s long black hair and was forcing her scrawled on face hard against her aged cunt. In the last photo, I could see that Yvonne had gushed all over Sue Lin – her face and hair was wet as was part of the bedspread surrounding her head. It was too much for me, a couple of strokes of my cock, and I let fly of geyser of cum onto the full length mirror and took some photos, which as I recovered, I sent through to Yvonne and Sue Lin as requested.

There was a good 10 to 15 minutes before anymore texts or pictures came through. My mobile phone then buzzed and another text appeared, “We have let you recover for short while after that massive load of cum you released, don’t worry though, we have been busy……”. One after another a series of about 20 photos came through. There were more of Yvonne straddling Sue Lin’s face, and another one which showed how much Yvonne had gushed over her. The words that had previously adorned her face were smudged, one eye looked nearly stuck together, and her face glistened. The next series was from behind Sue Lin as she kneeled on the bed, her ass cheeks were red; she must have copped a firm spanking. Yvonne had worked a large dildo that I had never seen before into my girlfriend’s pussy. In the last one the big black dildo was buried to the hilt and was captioned: “Yvonne stretching your gf’s tight hole until she cums again.” In the next series, Sue Lin was now on her back, clearly being fucked by the dildo. My cock was rock hard again.

Another text message then came through, “I am not done with your nubile gf yet!”

A photo quickly followed, it was taken directly şerifali escort behind Sue Lin who was kneeling on the bed again. It wasn’t as clear as the others but what was going to happen next was. I could make out that Yvonne was now wearing a big strap-on and positioned it at the entrance of my girlfriends well used pussy. At intervals of about every minute, another photo came through of Yvonne fucking my girlfriend. Sue Lin for her part was holding her ass cheeks open widely and I could make out her puckered anus clearly.

About 12 photos came through, before another text message which read, “Another climax for your horny gf, but I think she wants to swap roles!”

What followed soon was a photo of Sue Lin posing wearing the big strap on that Yvonne had just fucked her with. The next photo was Yvonne in the same position Sue Lin had been. I was now looking at the pussy of an old matronly woman with a dildo poised at the entrance and about to be driven in by girlfriend. Again, photo after photo appeared at regular intervals, as this time Yvonne was fucked. Again my cock was rock hard and bubbling pre-cum. I thought I might actually cum without touching it at all.

By this stage, time had simply slipped away. My mind continued to through a range of emotions, but the shear raw debauchery that was being shared with me overrode everything and anything. The pauses between pictures were torment, the anticipation was mind-blowing.

Another text message appeared, “It’s Sue Lin, I have just finished fucking Yvonne. This is just so hot and I am still horny. I wish you were here to enjoy us both. I still love your cock. Yvonne and I want you to send through pictures of you jerking off and cumming again.”

I could only oblige, given how hard my cock. I lay down on the bed held my cock straight up at right angles and at first took some pictures of the pre-cum that oozed out. I didn’t apply much stimulation as I didn’t need to; I was already on stimulation overload with what I had viewed. I focussed on getting and sending some good pictures to my girlfriend and Yvonne. I sent about six of me stroking my cock and I clicked away furiously as my cock exploded an arc of cum, the cum continued to pulse out of my cocktip and dribble down the shaft.

A text came through, “Fantastic, that has made us hot again. Stick by the phone.”

Over the next half an hour, more thoroughly debauched photos came through at regular intervals. I watched amazed as a series of photos captioned “I love fisting” showed Sue Lin’s fist wormed its way into Yvonne’s cunt. I wondered if the favour would be returned but assumed with Sue Lin’s cunt being less stretched than old Yvonne’s and Yvonne’s hand being bigger that it would not happen. Then the message came through “Yvonne is going to fist my cunt now, she says she will get it in and go to town stretching out my young pussy, fist it to the hilt.” I waited as a the photos came in to my phone, at slightly less regular intervals now, a number showed four fingers thoroughly wedged in Sue Lin’s cunt and the thumb nearly forging its way in. Then finally, the photographic evidence clearly showed what I didn’t think was possible, Sue Lin with a fat fist lodged in her vagina. I came again, almost involuntarily as I watched a ream of images of Yvonne’s fist doing Sue Lin. Photos of her pussy lips distending around the invader, the fist buried to the wrist, and everything in between. The images changed though as Yvonne handed Sue Lin the camera and she proceed to take “selfies” of her face in agony and ecstasy as the now unseen fist no doubt continued to churn and dive in to her pussy.

Finally, the photos ceased and then a text message came through. “We are spent. We just want to cuddle now. I hope you liked our show.”

What could I say but yes, as I too was spent, my balls drained, my mind in freefall.

Sue Lin signed off “I love you and hope you fuck me when you get home………………….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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