Spare Girls Ch. 02

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“We’ve got to get you dressed up. The inspector is coming today,” Paul said. “You wouldn’t believe the look my boss gave me when I asked for the day off, but don’t worry. We’ll make a day of it.”

Maddy had been with Paul for so long that she had lost track of time. Each day blended with the rest: long stretches alone and at home while Paul worked at the supermarket. She could watch the sun move across the window and see shadows glide from the bed to the dirty laundry pile, waiting for Paul to come home and had sex with her. Maddy only knew that this was the time that the State Inspector had visited the apartment, and those visits were few and far between.

Paul kissed Maddy on her immobile lips. “Just remember to be nice to the lady, and keep our little secret, okay?”

Maddy hadn’t spoken in years. Her mouth was still frozen in that “o” shape and it never made a sound except when there was something inside it. Neither had she moved. Paul posed her in whatever position he wanted: often on her knees. When the Inspector knocked on the door, however, Maddy was seated on the bed, her legs demurely folded, and wearing a cotton nightgown.

“Hi,” said Paul when he opened the door. “Good to see—”

“Where’s the dummy?”

“She’s…Maddy’s in the other room.”

“Come on.” The inspector marched right into the bedroom. Maddy couldn’t see her directly because her eyes pointed somewhere else, but she didn’t need eyes to realize when the inspector stuck her fingers up her vagina.”

“You use any mods?”


“Any fire-play?”

“Fire-play?” Paul asked.

“Flames, heat: anything that’s hot.”

“No, none of that.”

The fingers up the ass were new, thought Maddy. Still, Maddy couldn’t move, and therefore could not squirm, and the inspector seemed to take full advantage of that fact. The little beaurocrat had the tenderness of a plumber and manners of a Russian security guard. How many sex doll anuses had she inspected that day? Maddy wondered

The inspector checked Maddy’s mouth and the seams in her skin. “Are you sure you haven’t tampered with this dummy in any way?”

“Sure,” said Paul. “I mean, no, of course not.”

“Seriously, have you done anything with this dummy?”

“Her name is Maddy, you know.”

“Have you modded it.”


“Don’t lie to me.”

“No! I haven’t touched her.”

She shook her head. “Whatever.”

“Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I know how serious modding is. I’m telling you that— “

“Listen, I have half a dozen more inspections today—”

‘That means another six sex doll anuses,’ Maddy thought

“—and an hour drive to get back to my family. Save the speech.” She typed a note on her tablet. “Any attempt to modify your dummy is a tax offense which could result in a fine and automatic forfeiture of your tax refund. Is that clear?”

“Fine, jeez…” Paul said

“Watch your mouth,” she said. “Other than that, your dummy is in for a pussy replacement. Just take her down to the tax office and we’ll measure her for the correct model.”

“Are you sure? She’s in great shape as it is.”

“The replacement is standard maintenance. You don’t do it, you get a mark on your tax form, got it?”

“But it costs a lot of money— “

“Which will be deducted in your income tax return.”

“I can’t wait that long.”

“What? You got kids to feed?” she snorted. “I doubt it.” She ripped off the ticket. “Get the vagina replaced or it goes on your tax record. You got three months: plenty of time. Good day.”

She didn’t even close the door on her way out. Maddy couldn’t see the look on Paul’s face, but his straight stance and lengthy stare at the door betrayed his irritation. He quietly closed the door. The lock clicked.

“Now…let’s put those mods back on.

It was time for Surgery: Paul’s favorite game. He ran to the closet and hauled out the suitcase he’d hidden everything in. He put on his costume: surgical mask, dressing gown, latex gloves. Paul even played a soundtrack of hospital sound effects on his laptop to make the atmosphere complete. Maddy, who spent most of her days in silence, was thrilled.

Paul picked up Maddy gently, though she still weighed seks hikayeleri as much as a full-grown woman. “We’re going to make you beautiful,” he whispered, sealing his promise with a kiss on the lips. The warmth of his flesh bled into Maddy’s silicone skin, only to bleed away once he laid her on the bed.

Now, the game began.

“Well, Miss Maddy, you’re lucky to be here. I don’t take pro bono cases very often, but your boyfriend insisted that this surgery was exactly what you wanted. Dr. Richardson never lets money stand in the way of true beauty.” Paul washed his hands in the bathroom and put on latex gloves. “Your boyfriend is going to love these new implants. You won’t be sorry.”

Maddy, of course, had no choice in the matter. Whether pretending to be a surgeon, a police officer, or burglar, Paul was a little kid, playing with dolls. He acted out a script written only in his mind, one he had rehearsed on many a lonely night.

“What? What’s this?” Paul shone flashlight in Maddy’s eyes and frowned. “Your eyes don’t close under anesthesia? Let’s see the chart—ah, yes.” He paused to read from the imaginary chart he had pulled from her imaginary file. “It says that even though your eyes don’t close, you’re still asleep, so I guess this means that you can’t hear me either…”

He leaned over Maddy. She was covered up to her neck in a sheet, still as a plank, her unblinking eyes staring at the odd stain on the ceiling just above the bed. Now his face blocked her view as he peeled off the surgical mask. “Well, if you can’t hear me or see me, you won’t mind if I do this,” He kissed her, his tongue caressing her lips. “…or if I do this,” he said, slipping his fingers into her slit. “Not everything I do is free, you know.”

He locked the bedroom door and pulled the sheet off Maddy’s body. “Time is short, and I’ll never operate on a beauty like you again.” He wrapped a bandage around her eyes. “So that I don’t get distracted…”

The surgery began, but this time it was more than simple play. Paul reached into the seams on Maddy’s body where the layers of silicone met and folded into her joints. He had a special tool, something that Maddy never saw but which felt like a bent screwdriver covered in rubber. He eased it into the seams, then with some careful coaxing, the skin on her chest peeled off, along with her breasts. To Maddy it didn’t hurt any more than taking off a bra.

What replaced it were two heavy silicone mounds, jiggling and warm. Paul had kept them next to a hot water bottle so that they’d feel warm and natural when he slipped them on. Maddy loved the feeling. It was like a part of her was restored to humanity, not to mention that fact that she now had huge tits.

“My finest work,” he panted when he finished the procedure. He laid his finger on her nipple, like a crow perching on the peak of a mountain. The new flesh molded to Maddy; it became a part of her like skin. The only problem was that the skin tone didn’t match. Paul had to buy the breast mods from a third party supplier and they didn’t have Maddy’s color, but that was trivial. Her tits felt massive.

Feeling massive: that was even more important than looking massive. Anyone could look big, Maddy realized. They could stuff their cups, brush eye shadow in their cleavage, jack up their bra, or squeeze their waist. Anyone could do that, but Maddy, even though she was more fake than a 12-dollar bill with a picture of Devine on the front, felt bigger than a porn star.

“Your broke boyfriend is going to love these,” Paul giggled, his latex gloves squeezing Maddy’s voluminous breasts, “Still, that’s not the best we can do, is it? He won’t be back for an hour, and you’re still on the operating table. Might as well make the most of it, right?”

Paul had paid for all of Maddy’s mods with his tax refund, the one he got for taking her in. He snapped a new, padded ass right over her old one. Now Maddy was two inches taller (only when she was sitting). It was like wearing armor wherever she went, but it had the curious effect of not just making her ass bigger, but making Paul seem smaller. His palm, sliding across her silky ass-cheeks, felt like a woman’s hand, and it was like a snake gaziantep şişman escort slithering through a train tunnel when Paul entered her behind.

Then, tinkering with her knees, Paul detached Maddy’s shins and tossed them in the suitcase. He bolted on new calves, long and supple like a horse’s leg, making her taller if she should ever stand up. Much to her chagrin, Paul kept her meaty thighs, but now, as a G-cupped, booty-quaking amazon, her thighs seemed to match her perfectly. All the old parts were locked in the suitcase, stored away: her bosom, her calves, feet and toes.

On lonely days, when Maddy sat alone, listening to the radio, she envisioned a day when all of her would be in the suitcase: arms, belly, neck, shoulders, and face. Paul would probably find some fleshy sleeves to pull over her thighs and turn them into hams, and there would be nothing left of her. How long until her pink skin was replaced with brown flesh, and her brown hair replaced with shimmering blonde? Now that she was silicone, what was the difference?

“Perfect,” Paul grinned. Paul was hamming up his performance, but Maddy could hear the lust dripping in his voice. “You’re my finest work, my masterpiece, and to think that I did this all for free!” He threw his mask against the wall and jumped on the operating table. “I think I deserve something for all my trouble, don’t you? That’s right, you can’t hear me. You can’t see me either, can you? Well then,” he cackled, unzipping his pants. “That’ll make this much easier, won’t it?”

Suddenly, Paul slipped out of his hammy, doctor voice into a more heroic tone. “Doctor, are you finished yet—holy shit!”

The Doctor froze, straddling Maddy on the bed. “Paul? Back so soon?”

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Uh…final checkup?”

“Get off my girlfriend you bastard!”

“Make me!”

A one-man scuffle broke out that threatened to tear the room apart. Paul was on the floor, pummeling and swearing and groaning in pain. “That’s for taking advantage of my girl,” Paul grunted. “That’s for almost breaking my ribs, and that one’s because you’re ugly!”

The room went quiet, except for the atmospheric hospital sounds on Paul’s laptop. Paul lifted Maddy out of bed and rushed her out of the room. “It’s alright, honey. I got you.”

He sat on the couch and pulled off the blindfold, cradling her in his arms and warming her body with his. “I’m sorry. I should have known it was too good to be true when he said he wouldn’t charge, but you’re safe now.” His face was pressed against her soft, warm tits.

It was a scene that Maddy knew well, perhaps a bit too well, but she enjoyed this part particularly: when Paul held her naked in his arms, pressing her close, his body heat seeping into her rebuilt form. She had been cobbled together from prime parts, all well-made, but only in someone’s arms where she could feel their pulse against her skin and their heaving chest pressing against her body did Maddy feel whole again.

“Wow,” Paul said, his fingers sinking into her soft bottom. “Look at you…” No matter how many times Paul saw her this way, he always seemed astonished. “He may have been a creep, but look at all the work he did! Do you know what you could do with a body like this?”

In the real world, with a body like that, Maddy thought she would be unstoppable. As a doll in a two-room apartment, she could do only one thing.

“Well,” Paul answered for her. “I know what I could do.”

Everything was about touch with Maddy. When she heard a strange noise she couldn’t get up and find out what it was, or even move her eyes to look at it, even if it was in the same room. Even when Paul turned on the TV for her, she could only see a small part of the screen. However, when Paul touched her, Maddy could feel the warmth of his skin, the gentleness of his caress, the strength in his hands, and the softness of his skin. As he laid her on the couch and took off his pants, Maddy knew what to expect, but she never tired of it.

His dick slid in and out. Every once in a while he would stop and stay inside her. Maddy felt his penis throb, the hot blood flooding inside of him, making his dick hotter. Then gaziantep sınırsız escort he’d fall on top of her, panting, his body glazed in sweat, squishing her breasts like gobs of peanut butter. Maddy liked his sweat on her nipples; it made them slick when he rubbed his chest against them. She loved it when Paul sucked them. Maddy used to have tiny nipples no bigger than a dime. Her new nipples felt so wide she could land helicopters on them, and so long that she could receive radio signals through them.

Paul wrapped his arms around Maddy’s thighs and thrust again and again. Maddy could feel him swelling. The trusts grew faster. Her own excitement built up like a head of steam. She always held out hope. “Maybe this time I’ll come! Maybe this time, please! I can feel it; it’s coming. I can feel it— “

Hot semen burst into her fake vagina. Paul’s member had swollen as much as it could, and now he was growing soft. Maddy still felt hot inside but she too was cooling down. Paul pulled out, lay down next to her and, holding her like a teddy bear, fell asleep.

He’d wake up after a long nap, Maddy knew, and clean her off with warm water and soap. Paul was very thorough, but Maddy wished he wouldn’t detach her vagina all the time and dry it out in the sink.

“Maddy! We’ve got to go. We’ve got to go now!”

“What…what time is it?”

“No time to explain, just put on your shoes!”

Something didn’t smell right. The air was acrid and dry, burning Maddy’s throat and watering her eyes. Heat was building around her, and through the haze in the room she saw an orange glow.

“Stand up, stand up!”

“But I can’t.”

Paul yanked her onto her feet, straight on her legs. It felt like standing on a tower and seeing the whole world, and it was at that moment, when Maddy learned she could stand, that she learned she had to run.

The fire was on their floor and the hall was filled with smoke, stinging Maddy’s eyes. When she saw the bright orange flames leaping through the hallway, Maddy couldn’t help but stare at them, wide-eyed. When the flames flared up, the heat smacked her in the face. Smoke billowed endlessly, so thick and black that Maddy felt she could swim through it. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t gasp; her throat felt like it was clogged with cotton. Maddy couldn’t hear anything except the snap of the flames and the screech of alarms. Her mouth was full of soot and her tongue begged for water. That was when Paul took her hand.

They ran down the stairs—flew down the stairs—barely touching a one, and when they hit the door they stumbled, in their bare feet, into a foot of snow so cold that it was like steeping on a bed of nails. Red lights flashed from two dozen fire trucks in the street. Someone threw a blanket over them, then threw them into a police car, then handed them hot soup. Maddy wore nothing more than a tight t-shirt and boxers, gifts from the thrift store. Her breasts were so large that it her shirt didn’t even reach her underboob. The blanket wasn’t just for warmth, now that the reporters were showing up. Maddy and Paul stared at each other, soup in hand, mouths agape in shock and exhaustion.

“I’m real again…” Her flesh was flesh, and her limbs could move. She drank a mouthful of soup and burned her blackened tongue. “It tastes like charcoal,” she coughed.

Then she peeked under the blanket. Her body was changed. Her breasts, her butt, her legs: everything that had been modded had stayed modded. She held her breasts discreetly, under her blanket. For the first time she felt their weight with her own hands: squeezed them with her own fingers. She felt the extra padding in her ass and stared at her long, smooth legs.

Paul was staring too, shaking from the cold. “There was a safety feature,” he shivered. “I synced it up with the alarm system in the building, in case there was a fire.”

Maddy nodded, not knowing why. She took his hand and kissed it. He kissed her on the neck, on the chest, on her breasts: burying himself inside her blanket. Maddy grabbed him and sunk her claws into him and before she knew it she’d opened up the car door and ragged Paul out into the street.

The police and firemen were so busy putting out the fire that no one noticed them running down the street. Maddy crunched through the snow without so much as a shiver, and they ducked into an apartment building with heat and a couch in the lobby, and a doorman who was the carefree, understanding sort…

…and they made love with Maddy on top, and Paul staring up, watching her breasts bounce in rhythm as her ass ground against her thighs.

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