Slave Trains a New Master Ch. 03


Monday thru Thursday.

The week had passed with what was becoming normal. Morning wake up blowjobs then off to work. Joan had started working part time 10:30 to 2 Pm, which left her time to play the good slave. Make all the meals and keeping house. We slowed down the sex and bondage a bit after the intense weekend we had. We made the decision to name the cat costume Molly which is generic for fixed female cat it was tough. Joan wanted it to be a demeaning as possible. By Wednesday night, she had recovered all her neediness and had me fuck her in the ass and put the butt plug in and hogtie her for bed. Some anticipation for her wearing the cat costume for me on Friday and to the party on Saturday.

Joan wanted to ride to the party in the pet carrier. She said some of her old friends would help me carry it from the truck to the fenced back yard with Molly inside. Joan went and bought a large name pet name tag with Molly on it listing me as owner on the back. Joan was the perfect mate so far. She had her period Monday thru Wednesday seem a little off but still made sure to drain any cum I had to offer. Never jealous of me talking to other women or having other interests or meeting with my friends. She was one in a million. Said she was happy with me and acted like that was a fact.


With Friday having been my day off and Joan is not having to go to work till later plus the anticipation of her wearing the cat costume. She had done her best long blowjob stretching it out for 15 minutes. I put the armbinder on her and the large ball gag on her. Then had made a feast of her pussy and clit while tormenting one of her tits with one hand and fingering her with the other one. By the time, she recovered she had to hurry to get to work on time. After she got in her car and was on the way, I went to the Jewelers and picked up the ring and wedding band. The wedding band had the Celtic slave symbol on it outlined in diamond chips.

By the time she got home from work, we were both hot with anticipation. We got each other off quickly.

“Time for me to become Molly,” Joan said breathlessly with anticipation.

I helped her into the body suit it was white with black spots. Designed similar to the other two flaps on the legs to trap her heels against her butt the knee pads shaped like paws. Her sex left wide open and on display holes for her arms head and nipples to go thru hood with cat ears black out contacts that looked like cat eyes and the boned front legs keeping her arms straight and trapping her hand at 90-degrees in the paws. The tail again had the long butt plug.

Once I had the body suit on and worked her nipples thru to holes, I attached the five once weighs and bells to each nipple barbells. Then she had put the contacts in she was now blind and completely dependent on me. I then put the front legs of the costume over her arms and buckled the wrists, so her hands were trapped and zipped them onto the bodysuit. I zipped the flaps on her legs. Lubed the butt plug tail and worked it in. The tail was semi-flexible, and Molly could move it around by swaying her butt. Got the hood on and attached the strap holding her head up and back so she could not move her head down. Then lastly, the mask to give her whiskers and let her nose poke thru and the name tag around her neck. I had gone into her jewelry box and gotten a small nose ring and put it in her nose.

“Ok, you are now Molly, One meow for no and two for yes and three times for thank you,” I said in stern voice.

Joan was now Molly, the cat. I clipped the leash to her collar and led her around the house a few times. Then put her in the pet carrier and shut and latched the door. Molly had started meowing protesting about being put in the crate.

“Quiet I will be back in a few minutes to let you out.”

I went and got the cane and the zapper. In anticipation of this being a repeat of the dog costume and Molly in need of correction. Then I went to the crate and led Molly out and led her over to the couch. First order of business was to have Molly take care of my hard cock. I shucked my shorts and guided Molly’s mouth down on my cock. Molly meowed twice when it touched her lips and got right to work.

“Molly slow down.”

I gave one of her tormented nipples a shock with the zapper. Molly slowed down she scooted closer and put a paw on either side of my legs and went into slow blowjob mode bringing me close to climax and then backing off then repeat. I enjoyed it for 10 minutes or so.

“Molly finish me now then you may cum,” I said breathlessly.

Feeling my climax building I reached and grabbed her exposed weighted nipples and as I shot my load into her waiting mouth, I squeezed her nipples and twisted them roughly. That had put her over the top. She never let my cock slip out of her mouth as she rode the wave of the orgasm moaning. As she came down from the orgasmic high, she started sucking again. I let her continue a few minutes.

“Molly enough.”

She kaynarca escort gave my cock three more strokes before she let my cock pop out of her mouth. She meowed three times. Molly backed up and turned around put her head on the floor presenting her bare pussy to me I reached down and stroked it a few times she tried to trap my hand by squeezing her legs together meowing twice.

“You know how much kinkier this would be if you had you pussy lips pierced.”

“Meow, Meow,”

“Meow, Meow.”

I pulled my hand from between her legs.


“I am going to watch the news. Walk around the house. No scratching the furniture and don’t knock anything over.”

Setting up the outline so Molly could get as many strokes of the cane as she wanted. I stood up and pulled my shorts up. Then took the lead and walked her in a circle three-time to disorient her completely as she was blind with contacts in her eyes. Of course, walking made the weights hanging from her nipples sway and the bells jingle. I watched her as she slowly moved forward till she bumped into a chair. Molly had put her front paws on the chair arched her back and scratched at the chair.

“Bad cat. That is five strokes.”

“Meow, Meow.”

Signaling she knew was earning some strokes with the cane. Molly backed up and walked slowly around the room bells jingling trying to figure out where she was in the living room. Molly found the end table and knocked over the pictures. Molly now knowing where she was in the house turned around and made her way to the back door. She scratched at the door meowing three times.

“Molly need to go out,”

“Meow, Meow.”

I picked up the leash and hooked it to her collar and led her into the back yard. She acted like she was sniffing around till she found a spot she liked then had squatted and peed. Meowed three times.

“Molly I am going to leave you outside to amuse yourself for a while.”

I unhooked the leash slapped her ass hard and went into the house and closed the door. I watched as Molly slowly walked around the back yard. I left her to wonder for about a half hour. I opened the back door,

“Molly here kitty kitty.”

She came across the yard following the sound of my voice. I hooked on the leash and led her into the house. Up to the couch, she put her front paws up on the couch and scratched. She really wanted to have a sore ass.

“BAD Molly. You are up to twenty strokes. Guess I will have to teach you a lesson,” I said sternly.

I led Molly into the middle of the room and dropped the leash.

“Put your head on the floor bad cat. You are going to get your strokes now.”

“Meow, Meow,” came Molly’s reply.

I retrieved the cane and the zapper. I swished the cane in the air over Molly. She wiggled her butt and tail. I rubbed the cane against her upturned ass a few times then gave her the first stroke.

“Meow, Meow, Meow.”

I gave her nine more, and Molly Meowed three times after each one. That upturned sexy ass was too much. I dropped my shorts and moved in behind Molly. When she felt my cock come in contact with her pussy, she meowed twice and tried to push back on it. I smacked her already tanned butt for her to be still. I lined up and pushed in and bent over and reached forward and taken hold of her weighted nipples. Molly went off like a firecracker. Loudly Meowing, which turned into a blood-curdling scream followed by her going limp, me holding her body against mine just the fact that her arms couldn’t bend kept her on her paws. The way her kegel muscles contract, when she climaxes, is fantastic. I just enjoyed her climax and the after tremors. When she started to come around, I started to pound into her dripping pussy Molly meowed twice repeatedly as I worked to get to my climax. Molly tensed her kegel muscles as I rammed into her using her hips for leverage when I felt my balls start to tingle I pulled out and quickly moved around Molly and pulled her head up and pushed my pulsing cock into her mouth as my cum exploded out. As I came down from my orgasm, she sucked and licked my softening cock.

“Woman you never cease to amaze me,” I said slipping out of character for just a moment.

“Meow, Meow, Meow,” Molly replied.

“You still have ten strokes coming, but we will wait on them,”

” Meow, Meow.”

“Up on the couch.”

Molly got up on the couch. I sat down.

“Lay on my lap and suck my cock.”

“Meow, Meow, Meow,” Replied Molly.

I had to guide her head down to my cock it took Molly a while to figure out how to do that the because of the costume. She finally got her folded legs under her and her arms straight back at her sides. She got settled and was gently sucking on my soft cock as I petted her. Molly lifted her head and Meowed three times and went back to gently sucking on my semi hard cock. God did that feel good. I relaxed and let her suck for a long time. Finally, I felt the cum start boiling out of küçükyalı escort my balls. Molly felt it too and sucked harder trying to get every last drop as I came shooting cum into her greedy mouth. We agreed only to keep her in the costume for three hours. We had about 45 minutes left.

“Molly stop and get off the couch.”

Molly struggled to get up and down off the couch. What to do for the next 45 minutes. I liked to watch her walk in the costume, so that was it. I took Molly out into the back yard unhooked the leash.

“Molly walk around the back yard I want t to watch you walking.”

I gave her a good hard smack on her pert ass. She slowly walked, nipple weights swinging bell jingling until she bumped into the fence. She turned around and walking quicker now she had direction the quicker gait made the weights tug at the distend nipples and bells jingling. She made six trips back and forth. By the time 30 minutes had passed.

“Molly come here kitty kitty.”

She walked fast on all fours following the sound of my voice.

“Molly time to get your last ten strokes.”

“Meow, Meow.”

I led her into the house and picked up the cane. I dropped the leash, she stopped and wiggled her ass, so the tail moved back and forth. She was waiting for the first stroke of her beloved cane. I swished it in the air a few times to help build her anticipation. Then I gave her the first one.

“Meowwww, Meowwwww, Meowwwww.”

I had waited a good thirty seconds before I gave her the second stroke she shivered as it landed and she meowed three times again. I gave her the other eight, giving her just enough time to meowed three times between them. When I finished, I could tell she was ready to cum, her legs spread wide I reached under and tweaked her clit and one of her nipples at the same time and off she went for the clouds screeching like a cat that got its tail stepped on. I pulled her over and held her against my legs and rubbed her back as she came down. Still staying in character, she made a soft purring sound. Molly rocked back onto her paws and rubbed against my cock, so I slid out of my short and let her take my cock into her mouth. I kneeled, so my cock was at the right height for her to suck standing on her paws. She rocked back and forth letting my cock slid in and out purring till I grabbed her head and held her nose against my pelvis and pumped my cum down her throat. When I pulled out and sat down on the floor, Molly walked over and walked around me rubbing against me a purring loudly.

“Ok time to get you out of that costume.”

“Meow, Meow,” Replied Molly.

I removed the weights and bells from her nipples. Then the mask and hood she flexed her neck to get the stiffness out. She sat back on her haunches so I could remove the front legs from her arms. She unzipped her legs, and I unzipped the body suit and helped her out of it and handed her the heels.

“Come we need to shower quickly we have dinner reservations at 7 pm,” I said as I led her to the bathroom. She removed the contacts. I soaped and rinsed quickly, soaped her up and rinsed her off. We got out and dried each other off.

“Put on your long black dress and matching ballet boots. We have about 30 minutes till we have to leave.”

I left her in the bathroom doing her hair and some light makeup. I put on a pair of dress pants a dress shirt and Jacket. She slid the dress on and had the ballet boots on waiting for me to lace them up. She was giving me sideward questioning glances as we dressed. I bent over and laced the boots up and handed her the shawl she draped it over her bare shoulders. She still had no idea where we were going. I helped her into the car. When we pulled into the parking lot of the country club where she worked, she blushed. The dress she had on didn’t have a built-in bra, and her pierced nipples were poking thru the slinky material, and she still had the small ring In her nose. I parked and helped her out, took her arm, and we walked up the steps and into the restaurant. The hostess took us to a private table. I had made all the arrangements they knew I was going to propose to her and had the champagne ready. I let her sit down and reached into my pocket and took out the ring and slid it on her finger as I made my proposal.

“Yes,” She said as the tears had broke loose.

I gave them the high sign, and they brought out the champagne as her fellow employees came to congratulate her. She thanked them in between sobs. When well finally ran dry, and she had calmed down we ordered dinner. She was still at a lost for words. We finished dinner and desert. I took the wedding band out and showed it to her, and she puckered up again but held back the tears. Changing the subject to give her emotions a break,

“What time are we supposed to be at the party tomorrow?”

“It runs from 10 am to midnight. I have made arrangements for help to unload Molly at 10:30. It is forecast to be a nice day.”

“How long sancaktepe escort do you want to stay?” I asked.

“All day till you are finished showing Molly off.”

“What do you want me to do? Treat you like Besse leave and leave you pussy dripping cum or just fuck you and finish in your mouth? Or just parade you around?” I posed multiple questions.

“You’re making me wet. The Besse treatment. Be sure to bring my cane I plan on needing correction. You know what a bad cat Molly is.”

We talked a little more then headed home. Joan was still a little teary eyed. She rubbed my cock most of the way home. Soon as the door had closed, she had pulled the dress over her head stood naked looking me straight in the eye. Then stared at her ring warped her arms around my head kissing me wantonly.

“Please take me to bed and have your way with me I am totally yours,” Joan cooed.

I left a trail of clothes to the bedroom. I pushed Joan down on the bed and attacked her clit with my mouth working her up until just the right time and then bit it gently, and tweaked her nipple. That sent her off to the heights as her climax tapered off. I slammed my hard cock into to her dripping pussy to her cries of pleasure and begging me to give it to her. All too soon I felt the cum boil in my balls, and I pulled out, she flipped around and took my cock into her mouth just as the first shot of cum erupted taking it down her throat. Joan had gently cleaned our juices from my softening cock then continued gently sucking.

“That feels great love, but there is just no more in there right now, and we have to be up around 8 to get ready for the party,” I said sleepily.

Joan let my soft cock slip from her mouth and crawled up and rubbed her nipple against my lips so I could suckle her breast. I hadn’t gone a night since the first night we slept together without having a nipple to suck on. And Joan purred when I sucked on them if she wasn’t trying to orgasm. We had both drifted off to sleep quickly after all the sex and emotion.


The morning started with her mouth full of my cock using her quick technic I was squirting cum down her throat in just a few minutes. When I finished, and she licked me clean.

“Come on sleepy head breakfast is ready. We need to eat quickly we have just enough time to change me into Molly. Get Molly loaded in the crate in the back of your truck and travel to the party site. It’s about an hour ride. I ate quickly and got dressed; put the crate in the back of the truck.

Then went and turned Joan into Molly, the cat just before I put the left front leg over her hand and arm.

“Please take my ring off and tie it around my neck with a ribbon so I can show it off,” Joan instructed me.

I tried to talk her into leaving the contacts out till we got there and riding up in the cab with me. Joan had insisted on being all suited up as Molly and that she ride all the way there in the crate. I also tried to leave the weights off her nipples till we got there and lost that battle too. There was not enough room in the crate for her to lay down the five once weights would give her nipples a real work out bouncing in the bed of the truck. It was close to 9:30 when I carried Molly out to the truck, sitting her down on the tailgate she crawled into the crate, and I latched the door and tied the crate so it would not move around the bed of the truck. Molly had purred while tied it in.

I read the directions and headed out. As I pulled out into the street and bumped over the curb, I heard Molly screech as the weights tugged on her nipples. But she was a pain slut I wondered how many times she would orgasm before the ride was over. We had arrived just three minutes early. I parked the truck and untied the crate and slid it to the tailgate as two other men approached and introduced themselves. One of them pulled a four-wheeled cart. The three of us lifted Molly and her crate onto the cart. Then we wheel it to the back yard then carried the crate thru the gate in the 10′ high board fence and set it down. Molly was Meowing and scratching at the door. I took the leash out of my pocket and unlatched the door hooked the leash to Molly’s collar and led her out.

She was not the only one in an animal costume, but hers was by far the most elaborate and confining and the only one walking on all fours. Molly started purring and rubbing against my legs. When a couple approached, I tugged Molly’s leash to signal her to be still. They introduced themselves, and when Molly heard who it was, she purred and meowed asking permission to speak.

“Molly you may talk.”

“Janet this is Jack he proposed last night check out my ring it is on the ribbon around my neck,” She said.

The two women chatted while I made small talk to Janets Husband. Janet costumed as a harem girl. Just wisps of transparent material. Molly had attracted a lot of attention as everyone came to see her costume. About that time Janet came over to me.

“Molly wants you to take her close to the fence so she can pee. She told me she was blind with the contacts in,” Janet said giving me a look of disapproval.

“I tried to talk her out of wearing them, but she insisted she liked being dependent on me,” I explained to Janet.

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