She’s The Boss Ch. 01

Dave Nelson was awake, if just barely. It was 6am and it was still pitch black outside on this dreary, cold Monday.

Dave nearly forgot about his big job interview today. It was his first interview since being dismissed at Greenberg Technology Inc. due to a merger with some other tech company, the name of which didn’t matter to Dave.

He wanted nothing more than to roll over and fall back to sleep but he knew he couldn’t. Dave got up, went into the bathroom, and splashed his face with cold water. It stung a little but it did the trick.

Dave caught a glimpse of himself in the bathroom mirror as he reached for a towel. A handsome, 28-year-old man stared back at him; his dirty blonde hair with matching stubble on his chiseled jawline complimented his blue eyes well.

Dave completed his morning routine and prepared himself for the tortuous rush hour drive into the city.

He had on his best suit; a double-breasted, pinstriped black suit-jacket and matching pants over a plain white shirt with a sky-blue tie. Dave threw his overcoat on, grabbed his car keys, and headed outside to the driveway.

He climbed into his beautiful new red Cadillac (which he regretted buying right before he got fired but hindsight is 20/20) and backed out of the driveway.

The drive into the city was uneventful. Dave caught himself zoning out a couple of times, then snapped out of it and continued down the highway.

It took Dave a while to find a parking spot but he wasn’t worried because he got to the building with plenty of time to spare. Dave checked in with security then made his way up to the 15th floor of the tremendous skyscraper where his potential new company was situated.

Fitzgerald Telecommunications was the name of the company Dave was interviewing with today, a well-established rival of Dave’s old employers.

Dave waited patiently in the lobby for about 20 minutes before a secretary signaled to him that the interviewer was ready.

Dave stepped into the office and was greeted by a stunningly beautiful woman; she was a few inches shorter than Dave and had a slender figure. Her breasts were noticeable but didn’t call too much attention to themselves, even as her electric-blue dress clung tightly to her luscious frame.

“Hi, I’m Nicole Harris,” she said introducing herself, “assistant director of HR.”

“Dave Nelson,” Dave replied, “I’m applying for the vacant HR job.”

“I know all about you Dave,” Nicole said, “I’ve done my research.”

Nicole picked up a manila folder on her desk to suggest that her research on Dave was in it.

Dave continued to scope this beauty; Nicole had hazel eyes, beautifully-done eye makeup, light red lipstick, and medium brown hair down past her shoulders, all appealing to Dave.

Nicole sat down behind the desk and said, “are you ready to begin the interview?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” was Dave’s reply.

Nothing unusual happened during the interview, save for some noticeably unprofessional behavior from Nicole. Dave observed Nicole playing with her hair and biting her lip; it looked like she was extremely uncomfortable.

At the conclusion of the interview the pair got up and shook hands, and Dave was told that he would hear from the company soon. Then Dave left the building.

The next day Dave got a phone call from Nicole.

“Congratulations, you’re hired!” Nicole said.

“That’s great!” Dave replied enthusiastically, “When do I start?”

“Next week,” Nicole replied.

“Thank you so much, this means a lot to me,” Dave said.

“Are you going to celebrate?” Nicole asked.

“That’s actually not a bad idea, maybe me and my friends will go to the bar tonight,” Dave thought aloud.

“Could I come?” asked Nicole.

“Sure, I guess,” Dave said, slightly surprised by the question, “we always go to the Killarney Lounge.”

“I like that place,” said Nicole, “I’ll be there after work, I’ll meet you there!”

“Ok see you then, bye,” said Dave as he hung up the phone.

Dave was flummoxed. Not only was his employer asking him to go Ataşehir Escort out and socialize without even working a single day for this company, she was also gorgeous.

Now Dave hoped his friends would be able to make it, as he realized how awkward it would be if he showed up at the bar alone.

But unfortunately after a few phone calls Dave found out all his friends were busy; it was a weeknight after all. So Dave decided to venture out and try to make the most of the evening, alone with his new boss.

Dave made the half-mile walk in the cold to the Killarney Lounge, stepped through the entryway, and immediately saw Nicole sitting by a table. She waved him over with enthusiasm.

Nicole looked dazzling with the same perfectly done makeup as she had on yesterday and she was also had on some big, flashy earrings and other fine jewelry. She was wearing a white sweater over black pants.

“Congrats Dave, your first drink is on me,” said Nicole.

“Thanks dear but you don’t have to pay for me,” Dave said.

“Did you just call me dear?” Nicole asked.

Dave felt incredibly embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it, it just slipped out,” Dave explained.

“Easy Dave,” Nicole said reassuringly, “I don’t mind. We’re not in the office, we can let our hair down here.”

“Well we haven’t even spent one day together working in the office,” Dave said.

“Hey, by the way, where are your friends?” Nicole inquired.

“No one could make it. I forgot it was a weeknight,” Dave said.

“That’s too bad,” Nicole replied.

Dave sighed and said, “this feels a little weird.”

“What’s weird about this? Can’t two adults go out and have a few drinks?” Nicole said.

“Well for starters I don’t know if you’re single or not,” Dave said, “what if your boyfriend or husband saw us together?”

“I’m single, you don’t have to worry about that,” Nicole said taking one of Dave’s hands in hers.

Dave fought the initial urge to pull his hands back. He looked directly at Nicole and she gave him a reassuring smile.

“I’ll have a scotch and soda,” said Dave, trying to regather his composure.

“Ok, I’ll be right back,” Nicole said joyfully and she walked up to the bar.

She came back two minutes later with a Bloody Mary for herself and a scotch and soda for Dave.

The two conversed for a while and had a couple of drinks each before the topic steered back toward relationship statuses.

“So Dave, are you single?” Nicole asked.

“Yes,” was Dave’s reply.

“That’s good,” Nicole said.

“I don’t think it’s that great,” Dave said, “it sucks living alone after a while.”

“But you get to go out and try new things without someone holding you back,” Nicole argued, “don’t you like the freedom of being single?”

“It has it’s perks, but at this point in my life I’d rather be dating,” Dave said,

After a brief silence Dave spoke again.

“I think I should head home,” he said.

“So soon?” Nicole started, “but it’s not even ten o’clock!”

“I don’t like to stay out that late,” said Dave, “I really should get back home.”

“Well could you at least walk me home?” Nicole asked.

“Sure,” Dave replied.

“Great! I only live a few blocks away,” Nicole said.

The couple headed out into the bitter cold and walked toward Nicole’s house. When they got there Nicole said, “I had a great time, you’re a charming guy Dave.”

“Thanks Nicole, I think you’re a nice girl,” Dave returned the compliment.

“Would you like to come inside for a few minutes? You look frozen,” Nicole said.

“No, I really shouldn’t,” Dave said.

Dave was finding it harder to tell Nicole no to her requests as the alcohol continued to affect his body. He wasn’t drunk but he was definitely more open to suggestion than usual.

“Are you sure?” Nicole asked, biting her lip and twirling her hair just as she did at the interview.

Dave thought about his response for a few seconds before finally replying, “Ok, I’ll come in, but just for a few minutes.”

“You Kadıköy Escort can stay as long as you like,” Nicole said as she opened the door.

The couple stepped inside. The house wasn’t very big but Dave assumed that Nicole lived in it alone. It seemed very clean and organized but overall nondescript.

“Would you like something to drink?” Nicole asked.

“No thanks, I’ll just sit down for a couple of minutes then I’ll be on my way,” Dave responded.

Dave pulled up a chair by the kitchen table and sat down, Nicole then pulled out the chair nearest Dave and sat with him.

“Take off your jacket Dave,” Nicole suggested.

“No, I’m fine, thanks,” Dave said dismissively.

Nicole got up from her chair and unzipped Dave’s jacket.

“What are you doing?” Dave said.

“Making you more comfortable,” Nicole said.

“I feel fine, really,” Dave said.

Nicole sat on Dave’s lap and started to rub her hands over Dave’s chest.

“C’mon Dave, let’s fuck,” Nicole said, using that seductive lip-bite of hers.

“Ok, we should definitely not do that,” Dave said.

“Why? Don’t you like me?” Nicole asked.

“I think you’re beautiful,” Dave said, “but you’re going to be my boss, shouldn’t we keep our relationship platonic? Won’t we get in trouble if we start dating while we work at the same company?”

“Who said anything about dating?” said Nicole.

“So this is just a one-time thing?” Dave asked.

“Aha! You do want to fuck me don’t you?” Nicole said.

“Well…” Dave started.

“Say you want to fuck me,” Nicole demanded.

Dave took a few seconds as he realized the potential gravity of his reply.

“I want to fuck you,” he finally said.

Dave couldn’t control his inhibitions any longer, partly due to the alcohol but also because he hadn’t had sex in months and this girl was a bombshell.

“Come with me,” Nicole said as she led the way to her bedroom.

As Nicole took the lead Dave had a chance to admire her ass; he was surprised he hadn’t noticed it before but it was as tight and sexy as the rest of her incredible body was.

Nicole flipped on the light to reveal her bedroom, which consisted of a dresser with a mirror, a closet, and a queen-sized bed that took up most of the floor space, placed in the center of the room. The bedspread was red and gold with a floral pattern.

Nicole laid herself down on the bed and stripped off her shoes, socks and pants.

Dave took off his shirt then pounced on Nicole on the bed. They began kissing feverishly as Dave groped Nicole’s breasts under her shirt.

Nicole began breathing heavily, then pushed Dave back and lifted up her shirt. Then she sat up on the bed and undid her bra, revealing her perky, C-cup breasts.

Dave took them in his hands and sucked gently on her nipples while rubbing his hands around her breasts, stimulating that entire region.

“Oh Dave that feels wonderful,” Nicole said blissfully.

“Time to slide these off now,” said Dave as he reached for Nicole’s panties and took them off. Nicole had a neatly trimmed bush above her pink pussy. Dave drove his tongue inside Nicole’s vagina, expanding her delicate walls. Then he stuck two fingers inside her eager pussy and began fingering her as he licked her clit.

“Holy shit Dave that feels so fucking good!” Nicole exclaimed as she gripped the sheets on the bed tightly in her hands, recoiling from the intense pleasure.

‘If she can barely contain herself now imagine what she’ll do when I have my cock inside her,’ Dave thought to himself.

“Mmm I’m going to cum,” Nicole moaned.

“Cum for me baby,” Dave said seductively.

“I’M CUMMING RIGHT NOW!” Nicole screamed, then she let out a prolonged moan as her entire body convulsed in orgasmic ecstasy.

“Let me suck your cock Dave, I need it right now,” Nicole commanded as she came down from her erotic high.

“Take it out for me,” Dave said.

Nicole kneeled down on the floor, undid Dave’s pants, and was greeted by his long, fully erect penis. She put it in Bostancı Escort her mouth and started sucking hard on it, then gradually loosened her jaw around Dave’s cock to take more of it in her mouth.

Dave’s moans were more subdued than Nicole’s but his pleasure was audible. He could feel Nicole working up a sizable amount of drool on his cock as she bobbed up and down.

“Get back on the bed,” Dave ordered after a brief round of oral; he couldn’t wait to feel Nicole’s tight cunt envelop his throbbing erection.

Nicole laid flat on her back. Dave guided his cock along her opening, teasing her pussy until finally he plunged his pulsating cock into her.

Nicole groaned and held onto the bed as Dave plowed deep into her pussy, the head of his cock reaching her cervix with each thrust.

“Yeah Dave, you like fucking your boss? You like fucking me?” Nicole teased as Dave pounded her tight cunt.

Dave grunted an affirmative answer.

“Are you gonna cum all over your boss? Are you gonna cum all over me?” Nicole barked out.

“I’ll cum all over you you fucking whore,” Dave answered back.

Dave was turned on by Nicole’s filthy mouth. He was close to blowing his load.

“Stay right there,” Dave said as he pulled out of Nicole’s sore cunt.

Dave stroked himself aggressively, his breathing intensifying until finally he climaxed; his semen shooting out of his cock and on to Nicole’s stomach and tits.

“Wow that was a big load, Dave,” Nicole said in amazement.

Nicole rubbed Dave’s cum around on her stomach and licked it off her fingers.

“It tastes good too,” Nicole said.

“You are a dirty little slut, aren’t you?” said Dave.

“I’m YOUR dirty little slut,” Nicole said, “but just remember no one in the office can know about this.”

“Why would I tell anyone? I want your pussy all to myself,” Dave said.

“You’re going to climb up the company ladder quickly, I can tell,” Nicole said.

Dave laughed and said, “I should head home soon.”

“What about round two?” Nicole asked.

“Damn babe are you some kind of nymph?” Dave blurted out.

“No, I’m just fucking hot for you Dave,” Nicole said playfully.

“Ok I guess I’m up for another romp. You are just too much Nicole,” he said.

“I could say the same for you,” Nicole replied, staring at Dave’s penis, which was once again at full erection.

“How do you want me to fuck you?” Dave said.

“From behind, and let’s spoon,” Nicole suggested.

Dave climbed on the bed and kissed Nicole on the lips. Then he turned her body so that he was facing her back. He pressed his lower body up against her soft ass, then grabbed his cock to find her wet slit.

Dave was inside Nicole again and began to pleasure her slowly, savoring the incredible sensation of the head of his cock brushing against her walls.

Nicole grabbed Dave’s hands as his cock brought her close to another orgasm.

“You feel so good inside me,” Nicole moaned.

“Am I gonna make you cum again?” Dave said.

“Mmmm yes you are,” Nicole cooed.

Dave picked up the tempo slightly much to Nicole’s delight.

“Oh shit right there, just like that, don’t stop!” Nicole screamed.

Dave could feel Nicole’s vagina tighten. He pounded her harder now, his abdomen noisily slapping against her ass.

“OH. MY. GOD. YEAAAAAH!” Nicole shouted at full volume as she got off.

“Did that feel good?” Dave asked.

“Fuck yes!” Nicole replied.

“I can’t wait to cum on you again,” Dave said.

“Cum in my mouth,” Nicole said.

“You’re the boss,” Dave answered.

“That’s right,” Nicole said with mock authority.

“My dirty, slutty boss,” Dave said as he pounded Nicole’s cunt unrelentingly.

“I can’t wait to feel your warm cum in my mouth,” Nicole teased.

“I’m gonna cum right now, turn around,” Dave said as his climax suddenly approached.

Nicole did as she was told and stuck her tongue out. Dave grunted as he shot his load into Nicole’s eager mouth, his body recoiling from his intense orgasm.

“That was so fucking hot,” Dave said as they laid in bed afterwards.

“Aren’t you glad you didn’t go home early?” Nicole replied.

“Yes,” Dave answered.

“As long as you do what I want when I want, we’re both going to be happy,” Nicole said.

To be continued…

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