Shawn and Kendall Ch. 02


Chapter 2: A Morning Thing

Shawn woke up on Sunday morning feeling slightly regretful of his behavior the night before. Did Kendall deserve to be blasted like that for what she said? The more he thought about it, the more he rationalized that she couldn’t have meant any harm. It’s very sibling-like to pick at your brother. Surely she wasn’t trying to cause any real damage. He recalled giving her more flack for less over the years.

He reflected on his lengthy jerk-off session as he mustered the energy to get out of bed. He was still trying to figure out what had happened to his body last night. Shawn was no stranger to masturbating to thoughts of his sister, but this was completely different. His body was on fire while he thought about having risky, raw sex with Kendall. Shawn had no genuine desire to get her pregnant, and he had only ever had sex with condoms, but something was intoxicating about the thought of engaging in such an act. He couldn’t stop thinking about it. The idea of committing the ultimate forbidden act made his chest thump. He casually reached down and felt himself getting hard again already, and he wasn’t even out of bed yet.

“Fuck,” he mumbled to himself in aggravation.

Shawn hoisted himself up and began his morning routine, wandering into the bathroom to wake his legs up. He couldn’t help but stare at his boner in the mirror while brushing his teeth, feeling jealous of Bradley. Shawn huffed with irritation as he brushed. That ungrateful asshole must have been living his ultimate fantasy. If they were trying for a baby, Bradley was allowed to cum inside Kendall as much as he wanted. Shawn got so hard thinking about it that his dick began throbbing and leaking precum right through his boxers.

He hated that Bradley was allowed to have that part of Kendall. Shawn wanted that to be him with every fiber of his being but knew it was impossible. He constantly struggled to accept that he could never have Kendall the way he wanted her, but some jerk like Bradley could.

The usual, burning-hot shower poured over him as he failed to ignore his erection. Instead, he kept thinking about Kendall’s body and what it would feel like to be inside her.

“Dammit,” he wiped the water from his face and looked down at his rock-hard dick angrily.

He was oozing precum onto the shower floor as his boner throbbed and bounced.

“Stop, already!” He yelled as if his dick were someone, wishing it would obey him.

He knew his thoughts about Kendall were fucked up and wrong, and they would ruin everything if he weren’t careful.

His erection finally settled after throwing on some fresh boxers and a t-shirt. Shawn sighed, trying to clear his mind before leaving his room, bracing for the imminent post-fight awkwardness with Kendall.

Shawn then headed downstairs for his ritual cold brew. As he turned the corner into the kitchen, a figure near the counter immediately drew his attention. It was Kendall, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and panties. It was not uncommon for her to dress this way in front of him, and Shawn couldn’t help but stare at her.

Kendall was making something and had her back turned to him. He could see her perfect, round ass hugged by a pair of light pink panties. It gently bounced beneath her black t-shirt as she stirred whatever drink she made on the counter. Her thighs were beautifully tanned, and her skin looked so soft. Shawn had spent many years staring at Kendall’s ass, but this morning he was unable to look away. He wondered if his eyes couldn’t stop because they had not seen each other for a while. It was as if his gaze was starved of her lovely body.

Shawn knew he couldn’t afford to get caught staring after trying so hard to make his boner disappear. It would just make things even worse.

Not knowing how Kendall dealt with their fight, he assumed they were still supposed to be mad at each other and went for the fridge. However, Kendall heard his steps and immediately turned around.

“Hey! I already made you some!” Kendall said cheerfully but nervously, bracing for a still-angry Shawn.

She held one of his mason jars toward him with both hands around it.

Shawn hadn’t expected her to be making his coffee after their fight. He reluctantly accepted it from her.

“You know how I like my coffee?” He asked skeptically, wondering why she was acting so friendly.

“I’ve known you your entire life, Shawn. I know how you like your coffee…” She answered defensively, taking a step back.

Shawn took a test sip of the coffee she handed him. To his surprise, it was perfect. She did know him inside and out. Kendall stared nervously, awaiting confirmation that it was acceptable despite sounding overconfident that she had it right not five seconds prior.

“It’s good. Thanks…” Shawn mumbled awkwardly as he turned back around, unaware of what else to say.

“Hey, wait!” Kendall panicked, gripping her hands around his forearm, “wait… Please?”

Shawn looked down at her grip, then into her eyes. şahinbey escort She looked tormented.

“I’m really sorry, okay?” She pled, holding onto him tightly as her voice broke, “I shouldn’t have called you weird last night. I shouldn’t have opened your laptop. You had every right to be mad at me. I’m sorry I haven’t been talking to you, and I know you don’t like it when I do that. I’ve been such a jerk, and I’m sorry for everything. But please don’t be mad at me!” Kendall said with tears welling in her eyes.

Her behavior completely threw Shawn off. They had been through significantly worse stalemates over the years where neither one would step forward and try to make up. Kendall’s usual turnaround time was three days when they fought–seeing her in this state after just one night made Shawn question the severity of his behavior. Perhaps he did overreact, and she didn’t deserve that. Nevertheless, he did what he thought any typical sibling would do.

Shawn let out a disgruntled sigh, setting his coffee on the counter and pretending to be upset so he could catch her off guard.

“C’mere, ya weirdo,” he said, tugging her head with his hands and messing her hair up.

Kendall burst into laughter as she fought him off, stuttering his name out and begging him to stop.

“How could I stay mad at such a weird little weirdo?” He said playfully as he manhandled her.

As they play fought, Shawn unintentionally pulled Kendall closer to him while he teased her and messed her hair up. He had mastered the art of this game from years of fighting with her. He knew exactly how to keep her hair in her face so she couldn’t win. Within seconds, Kendall was utterly disoriented, and without meaning to, she firmly planted herself against Shawn’s groin.

Shawn immediately felt her ass on him but couldn’t move away because Kendall was holding onto his arms in front of her, trying to overtake him. The positioning was so exact he could feel his dick right between her ass. At first, he tried to ignore it because Kendall seemingly did not find their position inappropriate. But her warm, soft body was beginning to make him react.

She flipped her hair out of her face and looked back at Shawn, not letting go of him. The smell of her hair as it brushed past his face was floral and sweet.

“Best friends?” She asked, finally raising her pinky in front of his nose with a giant smile.

“Uh, y-yeah. Best friends,” Shawn answered nervously, gripping her pinky with his own.

Shawn desperately wanted to get out of this hold because his dick was already getting hard. He could feel it happening, and the last thing he wanted was to deal with another awkward incident after they had just made up. He tried to pull his other arm away from her, but Kendall was strangely playful this morning. She tightened her grip and grabbed his free arm again, pressing against him. Her soft, round ass was grinding directly against his groin. The feeling sent him over the edge. A chill ran up his spine, and Kendall didn’t realize what she was doing until it was too late.

“What, giving up already? When did I get stronger than you?” She said playfully, having no idea that Shawn was becoming rock-hard behind her.

“Hey, come on! Stop!” Shawn called out as he tried to escape her grip.

“Not until you admit it!” Kendall laughed, “admit I beat you this time!”

Shawn saw no other avenue. He could feel himself getting harder and harder against her.

“Okay, you win. You beat me. Now let g-“

Kendall interrupted him, placing a hand on his rib and pushing herself away. His worst nightmare was unfolding in front of him.

“Whoa, hey! What’re you…” She mumbled, turning around to investigate the prodding against her.

Shawn’s boner was at full force, visibly throbbing in his boxers.

Kendall’s jaw dropped as she stood there frozen in shock, not knowing what to say or do. She stared at it until Shawn panicked and folded his hands over it. Her widened eyes finally looked up at his.

“It’s just… You know,” Shawn said, scrambling to find an explanation that she would believe, “you know, like, a guy thing? In the morning? I haven’t gone to the bathroom yet, and…” Shawn stumbled out, knowing she probably didn’t believe him.

“Uh- yeah! Totally,” Kendall finally spoke up, “a morning thing. I get it…”

It was painfully evident that she only agreed with his bogus story to expel the situation’s awkwardness. They both stood in front of each other as the air around them became more uncomfortable by the second.

“Um… Hey!” Kendall said enthusiastically, breaking the silence.

Shawn looked at her in shame, holding his hands firmly over his erection, wishing he could vanish into thin air and escape.

“I went and got this last night in case I needed help making you love me again today,” she said, fidgeting through a bag on the kitchen table, “guess I didn’t need it…” She said awkwardly, sneaking another şahinbey escort bayan glance at his boner.

Shawn cringed with his eyes clamped shut as he stood before her and held his dick like a moron.

Out of a plastic bag, she pulled a very retro-looking video game with an unmistakable label on it. It was the first fighting game Shawn had ever played as a kid. This was Shawn’s all-time favorite video game and a heated, bloody classic from their childhood.

“Whoa!” Shawn called out, rushing forward to grab it from her, “where did you find this!? It had to be super expensive!”

Kendall had the most victorious grin as she crossed her arms and bucked her hip to the side.

“That old game shop an exit up is still open. Every once in a while, they get something like this in. Only cost me ten bucks,” she gloated.

Shawn analyzed the case front and back. It was beaten up and had been traded many times over the years. The cracks in the plastic told of its age. He still remembered every single word on it. The pictures on the back summoned his childhood. He recalled fond memories of annihilating Kendall when they were kids. She would get mad because she didn’t know any combos, but he knew them all.

“But!” Kendall shouted, snatching the game from his hand, “you can’t play without me,” she said, waving it in front of him like some treat, “and I bet you won’t beat me so easily these days.”

Her smile was confident and aggressive.

“We’ll see about that!” Shawn called out excitedly, but Kendall stood in place and casually pointed down at his boner.

He was still hard.

“Uh, do you need to… Um, first?” She said nervously, trying not to stare at it.

Shawn placed his hands over his boner in embarrassment again and turned his body to face the other direction.

“Uh, y-yeah! Sorry. You set that up while I go to the bathroom,” he said awkwardly.

“Kay,” Kendall said with a playful smile as she turned around and headed for the living room, “don’t be in there forever, dork.”

“Right…” Shawn mumbled, making his way toward the half bathroom near the front of the house.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid…” Shawn berated himself as he shut the door behind him, “You’re a fuckin’ idiot, man! A morning thing!? You’re so fucking stupid!”

Kendall went to the living room and began powering on the console, where all-out war would undoubtedly occur until at least lunch. She was supposed to be looking for the other controller and setting up their match, but she immediately spaced out when her butt hit the couch, thinking about what had happened between them. Her mind replayed it repeatedly until his boner was against her ass. She knew better than to believe his nonsense about guys in the morning, but her mind didn’t want to think that she was why he became so aroused. Did pressing her butt against him cause such a reaction? Kendall knew she was attractive, but surely he didn’t see her that way. They’ve spent their entire lives changing in front of each other, cuddling during movies, and even falling asleep together. Wouldn’t it have been evident that he felt some way towards her before today?

Kendall’s thoughts then circled back to the porn she saw on his laptop. It was all brothers and sisters having sex with each other. She didn’t nose through any of what she saw, but the video file names were visible, and she couldn’t control herself from reading some of them. They were unbelievably lewd and consisted only of siblings. The words “brother gives sister a creampie” and “siblings fuck while parents are at work” came to mind as she remembered his computer screen.

She wondered how far this went for him. Was it possible that Shawn thought about her in that way? Was it more than just a fetish for him? A nervous heat began to build in her chest. She couldn’t stop thinking about the shape of his dick through his boxers as her body remembered the feeling of it pressed against her. It looked remarkably hard, and it throbbed so eagerly.

“No,” she whispered, standing up to look for the second controller like she was supposed to, “there’s no way. He doesn’t think about me like that. It’s just porn.”

Despite her efforts to convince herself, her chest tightened, and her heart pounded. She wandered the living room searching for the controller, growing more stressed by the second as inappropriate thoughts invaded her mind. For the first time in her life, Kendall began thinking about Shawn in ways that a sibling shouldn’t. Finally, Kendall froze in the middle of the room and shut her eyes.

“No, stop it. That is so fucking gross,” she groaned, forcing her dirty thoughts away.

“What’s gross?” Shawn announced as he appeared from around the corner.

Kendall jolted and turned around, not expecting him so soon.

“Uh… Nothing. It’s nothing,” she answered in a panic.

Shawn gave her a strange look as Kendall sat on the couch in her usual spot, wondering what was bothering her. escort bayan şahinbey But he didn’t want to create any more tension, so he left it alone.

“You ready?” He asked, sitting down next to her.

Their arms brushed against one another as he nestled in beside her. The feeling of their skin touching caused Kendall to look over at him nervously.

“Um, yeah,” she mumbled, staring at him, wondering what he really thought of her.

“I know what’s going on with you,” Shawn said straightly, “you’re so obvious.”

Kendall’s stomach sank as she stared at him, flustered. She wouldn’t be able to live with herself if Shawn knew what she had just been thinking.

“You know I’m going to kick your ass, and you’re afraid,” he chuckled.

Kendall felt the relief wash over her as she turned to face the screen. She hadn’t been found out after all.

“Whatever, pussy,” she scoffed with a fearsome calm, “you better fight as hard as you talk.”

Shawn looked at her with a competitive scowl, and Kendall returned his look with an evil smirk. She knew he hated being called that.

The two destroyed each other for hours on the couch, laughing, insulting, and occasionally getting into a play fight. But they were having a blast. Shawn again felt the joy of spending time with his best friend, and Kendall was finally enjoying being away from her chaos with Bradley. Battling was their first positive interaction since Kendall had come home. After that, everything seemed to feel normal again, or so they thought.

Something was different now. That morning’s events in the kitchen would not leave Kendall’s mind, no matter how hard she tried to stop thinking about them. She kept sneaking glances at Shawn while they played, slowly but surely questioning herself as her mind wandered into dangerous, new places. Kendall had to fight off every inappropriate thought that invaded her mind. Ideas of what Shawn’s dick looked like beneath his boxers seeped in, causing her to physically clamp her eyes shut and force her imagination to a halt. Part of her grew paranoid that her intrusive thoughts were a form of cheating because she was committed to Bradley and would never think of another guy this way. It was her first time feeling such conflict, and it disturbed her even more that it was her brother.

Kendall was beginning to want to ask Shawn things that she knew would cause problems between them, like how far his taboo fetish went for him. Discovering his secret made him angry enough as it is, though. It didn’t seem like a good idea to bring it up again after how he reacted. But she also knew it was wrong to think about such things. What would happen if it wasn’t just a fetish for him? What if her brother did think about her that way, and how would she deal with that information?

Her rational side knew it was a terrible idea even to humor these thoughts, but a small, fleeting part of her didn’t understand why her mind couldn’t shake the thought of her brother secretly wanting her. She didn’t understand this tightness in her chest when she looked at him. What was this feeling? Why did she suddenly thirst to know how he felt? Was it normal to wonder about this sort of thing? She struggled to subdue these dangerous curiosities without realizing she was staring directly at him.

“The heck’s your problem, weirdo?” Shawn asked, causing Kendall to snap back into the real world.

Her eyes jolted back to the screen. She had lost. Her cluttered thoughts made her forget about the game entirely for a second. Kendall looked back over at Shawn, who was already giving her a puzzled expression. They stared at each other awkwardly, point blank.

“Is there something on my face?” Shawn mumbled.

Kendall looked down at the couch in embarrassment as she began to process what was happening. Her chest was pounding, and her thoughts were grotesquely inappropriate.

“Yeah, it’s called ugly!” Kendall laughed, trying to make the smoothest recovery possible.

Shawn’s confused look gradually melted into a smirk as he watched her laugh.

“Real funny,” he said with an attitude, “I’m gonna go get us something to drink.”

“Thanks, I’m parched,” Kendall responded with a gentle smile.

Shawn stood from the couch and headed toward the kitchen, thinking nothing of what had happened.

Kendall sat there in silence, struggling to fight off the embarrassment of getting caught staring at him like that.

“Stupid…” She whispered to herself, shaking her head with her eyes closed.

She didn’t understand why these thoughts about Shawn were so difficult to fight off. It was wrong; she knew she had no business dwelling on it any further.

After a deep breath, Kendall stabilized herself just before Shawn returned with two glasses of water.

“You okay?” He asked, taking a large gulp from his glass, seeing her huff.

“Yeah, thanks,” Kendall sighed, taking a drink.

“Hey,” Shawn said, “Sorry about… You know, back there.”

Kendall nearly choked on her drink and set the glass on the table, caught off guard by his sudden apology.

“Oh! No, it’s fine,” she answered with a slight cough, “I’d already forgotten about it until now.”

She wondered if her lying was as bad as it felt as she struggled to keep her composure. Shawn scratched the back of his head with an uncomfortable look, not buying her answer.

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