Sarah Visits Gramps: And This Time…


Sarah Visits Gramps: And This Time Wants His Cock!

Although not completely necessary, I would recommend you read Sarah visits Gramps: An Awakening first as it explains how Sarah was first introduced to Gramps and his sex life!


Sarah was wanting some cock… Gramps’ cock to be specific.

A few nights before I had found my mother, Laurie and Gramps’ girlfriend, Ginny, naked and having sex with my grandfather when I made a surprise visit. After recovering from my surprise, I joined in enthusiastically. Gramps was a hung stud; Mom and Ginny still had it going on. I ended up sucking Gramps’ dry, as he came while I sucked his cock for all I was worth. But I still hadn’t felt Gramps’ cock in my pussy… and I needed to feel that large, veined cock up my cunt.

Three days after the sexcapade, Sarah decided to visit Gramps on his boat. It was a beautiful Saturday and the early afternoon sun was bright and high in the sky. The beach was hopping as Sarah drove by. Soon she would be at the marina and would see Gramps, if he was on board his boat. This was a surprise visit. The marina was separated from the beach, which provided privacy. Gramps’ boat was docked in a private section of the marina. This meant that it was fine to sunbathe topless, or completely nude, as long as you didn’t flaunt it to everyone in the marina. Sex topside was officially frowned upon, although children weren’t allowed in this section of the marina. So there weren’t many complaints about what happened on board.

Sarah approached Gramp’s boat and saw that he was scrubbing the deck and another man was working on the boat’s engines.

“Hi Gramps!” I shouted as I got closer. My pussy was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t alone. It longed for his cock. I’d still visit and perhaps find out when he’d be alone so that I could fuck him then.

Gramps lifted a hand welcoming me onboard. “Great to see you pumpkin. I was hoping to see you this weekend. Meet my helper, Diego.” Diego lifted his head from the engines. “Hi Sarah! Your Grandpa has been telling me about you. Very nice to meet you!”

“I hope that he has said good things,” I replied.

Diego şehitkamil escort smiled and subconsciously adjusted his cock in his shorts. He replied “He has said very good things about you. He said it was great seeing you the other night. That it was fun having the family together.”

I wasn’t sure what Gramps had mentioned. Did he go into detail about the sex? I wasn’t sure if I should be embarrassed or proud.

Gramps thought it was the perfect time to stop work on the boat. He invited all of us to have a drink on board and relax. I was in perfect agreement. Diego was a hunk. Tall and dark. He had no top on and he was built. Long, lean and obviously strong. His biceps showed work in the gym. His pecs were well defined and he had a washboard stomach. Black hair that was cut short, but stylish, parted on the left. The rest of his body that I could see was hairless. No hair on his arms or legs and his torso was also smooth.

After we chatted for a bit, we each refilled our gin and tonics. I was getting randy and decided to push the action. I took off my light coverlet. Underneath I had a bikini that held my substantial rack. I could feel my nipples poking out of my top. From Diego’s reaction, so could he! After another sip of my drink, I reached between my tits and unlatched the top. My tits fell out! As well as Diego’s tongue.

Gramps declared “I told you that she has a superior rack!”

Diego exclaimed “What gorgeous nipples. The areola are large and dark and the nipples seem excited!”

I sat and reached up and grabbed each nipple and started to pinch and pull on them. The nipples got even more erect. Diego couldn’t sit there any longer. He came out of his captain’s chair and grabbed each tit and then brought his mouth to the left one and bit my nipple. With his other hand he pulled on the right nipple.

I thought that I should take control, as much as I could. “Drop your shorts, Diego. Let me see what’s hiding in there.” As Diego stood up to take his shorts off, it became apparent that he sported quite a package. Diego had them off in a jiffy and his boner was şehitkamil escort bayan facing straight up… and it was magnificent. I thought that Gramps had a big cock, but Diego matched it and a bit more. Long and thick and completely shaven. I was in heaven. Diego now was completely naked and what a sight. I think I fell in love, at least with the total body.

I grabbed Diego’s cock and started to stroke the shaft with one hand, while the other was cradling his balls. All of a sudden I felt another pair of hands reaching for my boobs from behind me. Gramps was in action.

As good as it felt to have Gramps playing with my tits while I stroked Diego, I needed more. Reluctantly I let go of Diego and placed my hands on the arms of the chair and lifted my ass. Diego understood that I wanted my bikini bottoms off. They were gone in a flash. Then I was back at his cock, this time grabbing his cock as I stood up and declared “Let’s take it to the cabin, gents!”

Diego had no choice as I pulled on his cock. And guided him into the cabin. Gramps was right behind. I sat in the middle of the sofa and Diego sat to my left. “Gramps, let’s see your cock! Strip down. Then sit on my other side.”

As Gramps stripped down I told Diego, “Grab your cock and start stroking it. Just like you jerk off.”

I grabbed Gramps’ cock and started to stroke it slowly.

“Does this shock you Diego. That I am stroking my grandfather’s dick? We try to keep it in the family.”

Diego replied “It’s OK with me. Whatever you guys want to do. I’d want to fuck you too if I was your Grandpa.”

“He’s got an outstanding cock for an older man, don’t you think?”

“Absolutely,” replied Diego.

Finally I let Gramps sit next to me and I grabbed Diego’s cock. I was now stroking both cocks.

Gramps and Diego both leaned over and started to play with my tits. Soon they were sucking on my nipples. Diego reached down to find my clit. When I’m excited and my clit is being played with it protrudes out and it looks like a little dick head. It most definitely looked like a little cock now. Diego sunk his escort şehitkamil middle finger up my snatch while keeping his thumb on my clit. And then I felt a finger working it’s way toward my butt hole. Already in ecstasy with Diego working his magic, I was sopping wet. I hoped that Gramps would be able to use it as lube for my asshole. All of a sudden his finger popped into my sphincter and I had my first orgasm tonight. It was strong and long. Diego and Gramps kept working their magic as it never seemed to stop. After a long bit, I realized that I was no longer stroking their cocks, just having a stranglehold on them.

I had been wanting Gramps cock in my honey box since I visited him with Mom and his girlfriend. Tonight was the night!

“Gramps, sink your cock in my cunt!” Gramps knelt on the floor and I slid down the couch so he could enter me. He started slow, but penetrated deeply. Meanwhile Diego wanted some attention as well. He stood on the couch with his cock in my face. I grabbed his dick and started to swirl my tongue around the head. His hands went to my head, but he wasn’t yet face fucking me. He was enjoying me tonguing him.

Meanwhile Gramps was picking up the pace. He wasn’t thrusting as deep now, but he was stroking faster and faster, bringing me closer to the edge. Diego was now forcing my head onto his cock. I grabbed and spread his butt cheeks as I opened my throat and he thrust the entire shaft down my throat. After several thrusts he withdrew, I took a breath and then he thrust down my throat again.

Diego kept saying “Suck me, suck me off. I want you to taste my cum.” Then I heard him exclaim “Yes, yes, finger my ass! It feels great Sarah!” Except my hands were spreading his ass cheeks while helping to push him down my throat.

All of a sudden Diego stopped pounding my throat as Gramps said “That’s me Diego! Enjoy it.” Then Diego picked up the pace again and spurted his seed down my throat and into my mouth. Gramps now savagely pounded my cunt and let out a series of grunts as he emptied his seed in my cunt.

Diego untangled from me and Gramps pulled out. I had them stand in front of me. I grabbed their cocks and brought them toward my mouth. “I want to see if I can get both your cocks in my mouth!” So I barely got their heads in my mouth and then slapped their cocks together and pulled them into my mouth again. Then I alternated one after the other, pulling them deeper into my mouth. I could taste myself on Gramps cock.

All in all a great afternoon!

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