Running into Bed

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The year is 20xx, due to the rise of prominent global oligarchies, corporations have become more protected and affiliated that most if not all large scale governments. The database containing exercised documents from the xxxxxx corporation have been redacted and filtered to preserve past developments from inquiring competitive advancement.

The documents listed below is undetermined if fiction or non-fiction, please consider all readings at your own discretion

Author : Aap, Giovanni
Title : Running into Bed

No new voicemails,

No new emails,

No incoming work,

Feels like summer time for sure,

It’s 5AM and I can’t sleep, the bird are starting to wake up, maybe I should go for a run?

I reach into my dresser and I pull out a tank top and head for the underwear drawer, shit…I’m down to just these little blue ones? Grant it these short briefs aren’t just normal ones they are kind of cute, and I don’t want them to get all sweaty, they fit me really tight. I love how well they fit. I then grab a pair of shor…wait where are my shorts? Dammit, I should really buy more shorts if I’m going to keep forgetting to wash them. I go down one more drawer and see that I do have a pair, that looks like, yep I had these since I was 13, this will be fun. As I head to the door I look in the mirror and kind of blush hoping someone wouldn’t notice how silly I look while I run. Good thing my running path gets pretty secluded in the mangroves and brush.

When I get back I’ll make sure to do my laundry.

I hop onto the trail and turn on my music player and get ready for a trance of running, exercise always helps me start my days right. I get about 3 miles into my run and I’m at my halfway point, I stop at the observation deck and take a break. As I notice no one is around, I decide to stretch for a little bit, as I’m leaning over and grabbing my ankles I take a look towards my shorts and I notice how much I’ve grown out of them. I started to stare a little too much and notice that under my shorts I see some more growing, I’m starting to swell up, and a rush comes over me becoming excited. Beginning to get nervous I stood up and looked into the sun. As I regain my energy I decided to head back home.

When I got to my street a few blocks from my loft, I decided to reduce my pace walk home, I thought my slight erection from before maybe got my blood flowing places that I needed to sustain my cardio.

On the corner of the main street, we have a post office, and I noticed a gentleman looking into the window with an envelope in his hand, I guess he didn’t realize that the sign said ‘closed’ on the other window, which below that said it won’t be open for another hour.

I felt like being polite, so when I approached him, and as I was pulling my ear buds out of my ears, he turns around. As he looks at me I look at him. He’s a late 30s and slim and handsome! He was wearing a tight t shirt and a neatly pressed pair of skinny khakis and slip on shoes.

“They don’t open for another hour” I said.

He smiles and looks down at me, “Ugh, I wish they were; I have to send this bill out today, I wouldn’t have this problem if my email was working!”

“Did your email just stop working or something?” I responded, tucking in my ear buds into my shorts.

“Yeah, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to figuring computers out, I usually have someone help me, but it is pretty early to bother anything just yet.”

“Strange luck, but computers are my thing” I started to pull out my running wallet and in it I have my ID and business cards and small cash. “My rates are xx/hr and I typically charge a 1 hour minimum” I said. As I pass it to him I notice that he wasn’t really looking at the card, but what was below it. I start to get nervous, he might be on to me and what I’m wearing! I hope he doesn’t think I go around town like this!

“This is perfect!” he interjects. “I hate to be on short notice, but are you available this morning?”

“I’m free now” I said without even thinking, Slightly embarrassed saying that but, I just thought for someone like this I wouldn’t need to bring any of my tools and I’m thinking he would appreciate me helping him out.

“Great!, by the way name’s Martin, I just live a block over if that works?”

Without skipping a beat I say “Sure thing, I’m Gio, and it looks like I’m practically your neighbor, I just live over on xxxx street and xxxxx at the xxxxxx xxxxx’s”

He smiles, and we head over to his place, we didn’t say much to each other, but I could tell he was wanting to open up to me, he looked like fatih escort the type that would.

We head up to his driveway, from the street it looks like it isn’t much of a house, but if you look closely it opens up quite a lot toward the back. We started to walk into his garage, and through his laundry room, I glance over to his washer and dryer units and on the counter I notice he has quite the collection of underwear and swimsuits, in quite a variety of colors. I start to get nervous, but also comforted that someone might have the same passion for bulges as me. Now I’m starting to get curious, what kind of bulge does he have?

So we continue to walk through his house and he suggested that I wait for him on the patio couch as he goes and grabs the laptop.

As I glance around I notice that he has quite the house, he must be pretty successful. With not to much further thought he comes back and sits across from me and hands me his laptop,

“I hope I closed all the porn I was looking at earlier!” he utters out as he sits across from me with a small smile coming from him.

“If I see anything I’m sure I wouldn’t mind 😉 ” I responded.

I noticed that I might have been pushing it, but he seemed like the type that enjoys that kind of humor.

“So usually the problem with email clients is that on a regular basis it is good to re-enter your credentials, sometimes your sessions need to make sure they haven’t expired” I mutter out like the computer-based life form that I just turned into.

He looks at me and tries to understand what I said. As I switch over to his outgoing credentials I accidentally click on his outbox and notice he has a handful of unsent messages. With most of them with the subject as “BULGE PICS”. I tried not to show much expression while seeing that, but I instantly turned red and flooded with emotions. Like what kind of pics is he sending out? What if I really would like them? He was slim and fit, how could he not have a nice bulge?

I ask him to come over and re-enter his credentials, Martin moves around the table and stands next to me on the couch and looks down at his laptop, I decided to glance over, I was literally eye level with his waistline, and those poor khakis! The bulge that they were holding back just made press against my lips. As he leaned over and typed onto the computer I sat back on the couch and waited for him to get out of the way. Uh oh, I’m starting to get hard!



“Looks like that did the trick!” I said with a little excitement but not too much volume. Still trying to contain my exposure from being so close to him.

“I appreciate it so much” He smiles “How was your run? Isn’t the xxxxx xxx trail a great path or what?”

“I just got done doing that; It has to be one of my favorite in the area” I realized that he wasn’t that much of a rush to get me out, maybe he is wanting me to stay around for a full hour 🙂

“If you look behind you I have a hot tub against the wall, would you like to use it? I’m not trying to barter you trust me I’ll be paying for your services, you were a life saver!”

I turn around and what looks to be against his bedroom sliding doors is a very nice hot tub, I started to get nervous, but I didn’t want to say no.

“I don’t have any trunks, is it okay if I just go in my underwear? They’re briefs they practically look like trunks” I responded.

As Martin lifts the laptop onto his lap “Sure, would you be offended if I join you after I send these emails out?”

“Of course not, its your tub!”

I got up and attempted to walk around the couch and head for the tub, but I ran into the same path as Martin, we both did a respective jig past each other smiling, but I ended up facing the same direction as him going past, and noticed that I accidentally brushed up against him, I instantly got nervous, and excused myself.

The tub was already on and the display say a warm 101 degrees, sounded perfect to relax into after a good run. I started to remove my music player, shoes, and then my shirt. As I look down, I notice that my shorts are really short, would he mind if I just jumped in wearing those? I told him I wouldn’t…he might get offended if I look dishonest. While I was pulling down my shorts I was pondering this I noticed that he wasn’t typing anything at all. When I took them off I turned around if he was still around, and he was just looking over smiling.

Martin closes his laptop and shouts over “Do you want anything to drink? I juiced some citrus earlier if I throw some tonic water in it, its pretty good”

“Sure” çapa escort 🙂

As I settle into the tub, and the tingling through my body dissipates, I notice that these underwear I’m wearing are really tight on me. I hope it doesn’t look like I’m trashy.

As he comes back out, does he come out, just him holding two drinks and a pair of light gray briefs, and wow I was just watching how it sways when he walks, I just got completely mesmerized into it. The contrast of his smooth tan skin, slim body, and conforming yet reasonably noticeable bulge coming towards me, he must have known that I would be glaring at him.

He puts down the drinks next to me, and climbs into the tub next to me

We talk for a bit about his company and what I have been doing since just getting out of school.

“Do you plan on going back to school?” he suggests.

“I would like to, but I think my current work keeps me pretty busy and current” I kind of bluffed thinking I was some hot shot consultant.

Based on his look of confidence he said “My building could probably use someone like you”

“What building is that?” I said.

“Its the xxxx xxxxxxx on xxx-“

I cut him off “Of course I know that building its practically the best looking building in this city!”

He smiles, “It took a while to get going, but it finally has gained its own momentum”

I’m impressed, as things started to settle he starts to make his way over to me, and reaches for his drink in the most obvious way possible. As he is standing his bulge is still dipping into the water like a very long rope in a well. I get excited the water allowed the outline to show up really well. Being polite I grabbed his inner thigh to give him more balance as he reaches for his drink. He takes a sip and advances his hand behind my neck. He looks down at me and beings to smile and looks like he’s blushing.

I tried to not say anything or do anything that would cause him to sit back down, I really wanted him to be close to me, I think he is a really attractive warm person and I think I have nothing to be scared of. As he is standing there I started to rub his thigh into his upper thigh, as I’m tranced into touching him I started to realize that he was torquing his hips into my direction leading his hanging concealed package against my wrist, I instantly get hard.

He decided to move his leg around my legs so he was standing and straddling me. I knew this was going to get pretty hot and we had no distractions from anything, it was meant to be.

He grabs the waist line and starts to pull down his briefs, and I just start to slightly unhinge my jaw in amazement, seeing as he is super smooth and takes good care of it, I start to notice the trunk he is trying to unmask and it is amazing.

I reach around with both arms and grab the lower part of his ass and settle in for a front seat view to his one man show.

As he’s holding it he grabs the base with his free hand and starts to pull ever so slowly on his shaft, you can tell he takes pride in showing in uncontrollable throbbing as he is growing in his hands. As his only cheerleader, I am sitting in amazement at how well hung he is, I guess with a dick like that you have no choice to do big things in life like building a sky scraper! Maybe it was his way of showing the world off his cock without showing it.

Now that it is fully erect, his snake charming abilities didn’t only effect him, I’m now quite turned on and bursting from my undies, I reach in to kiss his waistline and hold him. I look over to watch how he is responding to it, and he looks really turned on, I pull back and notice the precum dripping out of him now, he really wants to play with me, and so do I.

“Shall we go somewhere more comfortable?” he murmurs.

As I look up towards him “What do you have in mind?”

“My bed” as he starts to pull back and grab me, we start to get out of the tub, and head through the sliding door and into his bed.

While drying off in front of his bed, he gets down on his knees and pulls my underwear off, and my hard cock slingshots out and almost hits him on the head as he is pulling them down. I crack a smile knowing what was going to come next. He makes his way back up to my groin area and begins to kiss the tip of my cock. I start to moan wanting him to go further and kiss more of it. As he goes about mid-way down my cock he starts to stand up and pulls me into bed.

As he is laying down I start to follow him, and I then grab his fully erect cock. Holding it and admiring how far it goes past his navel, I begin to kiss it. Holding it as the base I start sarıyer escort to cover the head with my mouth, I get a full taste of his precum and it was pretty nice, it didn’t taste like anything I didn’t want in my mouth, I begin to go down further. I get about halfway, and I feel like I’m about to gag, he has so much cock! I don’t know if I can go further, I hope it doesn’t embarrass him. I move over to his side and adjust myself so I’m now sucking his cock and looking towards the sunrise over the hot tub, it feels like I’m on a warm cloud, with passion and arousal keeping us afloat.

I begin to get really involved almost at an ocean’s rhythm bobbing forward and back down his shaft, I sense he is enjoying this very much and beings to hold my neck. He starts to move his legs in the fashion as if he can’t lay down any more. He leans over and whispers into my ear “I want to give you more, but lets take our time”. I pull out and turn up to him and tell him “At least let me make you cum”. He starts to pull himself up against the bed rest and suggests me to get between his legs. “Lets cum together” he suggests. I then spread against him so it looks like we are knotted together and our cocks are against each other, his towering mine I begin to stoke myself against his cock. We are both so turned on at this point, I look up at him and he is licking his lips, he then looks at me and says ” I want to cum with you”. He then reaches around and begins to stroke both of us at the same time. I begin to see him tense up and I’m rushed my excitement. It is as I am feeling him orgasm through my cock. I didn’t want to cum just yet I wanted to see him cum before I did.

As he started to moan, I look down and see this uncontrollable throbbing taking place over my cock, and see him make huge spurts towards me just missing my face and landing just above my chest. “Wow! Keep cumming for me” I said, as I start to get really close, I start to count how many spurts he has. 7…8…9…10…ahhhmmmm, I begin to cum after feeling his hot load dripping onto my cock. I begin shooting towards him just making it to his stomach and I begin to pull back and shoot on myself. As I finish after cumming what looks like half as much as he did, he must had quite the build up, I start to lean forward and lay against his chest. While we are both calming down from what looked and felt like extreme foreplay, I feel his left over cum dripping from his waistline and onto my leg, I feel sexually attached to him just by ejaculate. It was so worth my time helping him!

Now that we are both relaxed and deflated and covered in each others cum, I decided that it might be good to clean up before it will be difficult to after it dries. I grab a towel and begin to wipe the cum off of me and start to work on him drying him off. He looks up and tells me how sexy I am and just cumming like that is just perfection. I start to smile and blush and tell him that the feeling was mutual.

He starts to get up and reaches into his dresser and grabs a pair of lime green undies, he throws them at me, and tells me “wear these, they are my favorite; now you have a solid excuse to come back” he also slips out “bring them back clean or dirty, just knowing you are wearing them turns me on” 🙂

I start to put them on, we just about have the same waist size, he might be just a size bigger but they are snug on me, but it seems like in the crotch area he has twice the cock in them than I do, he must really like these pair.

Now heading through the sliding doors and near the hot tub, I begin to put my clothes back on, and grab my belongings. As I stand up and see he grabs my blue undies and puts them on, soaking wet, I start to smile. “You got a thing for undies, huh?”

“I sure do, and yours feel really nice” he says.

Looking down his cock doesn’t even fit in the pouch, his semi ejaculated cock is running against the waistline and almost past his hips, his cock is quite the piece.

“I guess I should head back home, I’m sure you have a long day”

“Yeah, but it will be a great one now that I got to spend my morning with you” he says.

“Oh wait” he goes back into the bedroom and grabs what looks to be a card.

“Here is my business and contact info” as he’s passing it to me. “Send me your invoice and I’ll have my secretary send you over a check; we might need someone like you in our building, I’m serious” as Martin passes me his info; I look relieved.

“We can always do this more often as well, neighbor” he bumps my arm suggesting that we can be both business and personal ventures.

“For sure, I’ll bug you later?” I say.

“Perfect, talk to you soon” He smiles and gives me a hug and I grab his behind in my damp undies.

As I walk out of his front door, I feel relieved knowing this morning happened for a reason. This wasn’t going to be just another summer I thought of as I look against the shoreline and see Martin’s building shining against the sun.

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