Risking Expulsion for an Orgasm

The first week of university could destroy even the most resilient eighteen year old. I wasn’t ready for that. I arrived on my first day full of vigor and bravado, surprising myself when I boisterously introduced myself to all my fellow dorm occupants. I even made quick friends with my two roommates, all of us shoved into a double room with a lonely third bed in a bunk. It was a thrill to find out the freedoms of adulthood were more than I had expected. I was young, separate from any rules formerly set on me by my parents, and I was ready to attend parties, make mistakes, wake up in random beds. Before, I had aggressive curfews and a complete lack of privacy. My roommates weren’t going to steal my phone and read my messages or try to screen anyone I met, placing unreachable expectations on them. This was so different. The sea of new faces was an oasis of possibility for me.

Sadly, all of that boundless energy had to come to an end once classes started. I ran my social battery down to an absolute minimum, making me want to just lie in my bed with headphones and nap the days away. I was an animated corpse, slugging myself around campus from building to building and acquainting myself with all the overstimulating aspects of being at such a large university. I was growing depressed, listless, and wondering if this life choice was even worth it for me. That was, until a bright, neon-colored flyer caught my eye on the way back to my dorm.

I hadn’t realized there was a bar on campus. That was weird, right? I had never heard of a university that sponsored drinking. I guessed they were like the “cool parents” who hosted parties at their homes, proclaiming that it was better that their kids drank in a controlled, responsible space, rather than potentially drinking and driving. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me, but I still wondered if I’d even be allowed attendance while being under the drinking age. I was about to leave the idea before I noticed the name of a new, up-and-coming band I had recently started listening to. That drew me in immediately. This could be the event to replenish me, reinvigorate my spirits back to the enthusiastic person I thought I would be while studying here.

The sun was already starting to set after my late class, and the opening band’s set time was rapidly approaching. I caught my reflection in the mirrored exterior of a nearby building. Gross. I didn’t look ready to go out at all. While rushing back, the thought occurred to me that I hadn’t asked anyone to accompany me to the concert. Would it be weird to go alone? Did I even have the radiating charisma to trick a room of people into believing that I belonged in the crowd? Probably not, but I didn’t want to talk to anyone or have an awkward conversation in which I ask them if they knew the band, then try not to notice their shifting, clueless expression as they shake their head and tell me they have something else to do.

I shook myself back to my senses. It was just a concert; I had flown solo before, always having a lovely time, meeting new people, falling into a trance while dancing to the tunes. I could do just fine if I focused on the music. When I arrived back at my dorm, I tore through my wardrobe, deciding what look would project a non-pretentious sexiness, maybe one that could highlight the curves of my body. I chose an emerald velvet corset top with thick boning in the front, secured with a chunky silver zipper in the back, paired with some high-waisted cigarette pants and chunky black heels. I ran a brush through my hair and applied a dash of sparkly eyeshadow.

The person staring back at me in the mirror was much more presentable, and I had hope I could power through any awkwardness. Before I slipped out the door, I asked my roommate if I could take a few of her medicated edibles. I couldn’t face it sober, and I wasn’t ready to try and scam some booze at a university bar. She took one out of the container for herself as well, tapping it against mine before we both gulped them down. Cheers to me, cheers to not fucking up in a social setting too badly. Maybe the edibles weren’t the best idea if I was already feeling so paranoid. Well, it was too late for second thoughts. I made my way to the bar.

Somehow, I was granted access after the security guard marked two bold x’s on my hands. The air in the room was thick and sweet from some students hitting flavored vapes and blowing clouds up to the ceiling. There was a good mix of people, some in groups, some alone like me. I didn’t see a lot of other x’s when I scanned around, most occupants sporting an orange wristband. Suddenly, the ink on my hands felt more like a mark of shame than an innocuous indication of age. Everyone was older than me, more established, able to float around the room without fear of judgment or an overwhelming sense of doom. Even worse, in the time it took to walk over to the venue, the edible had already started taking hold of me, emphasizing each sensation, positive or negative. Luckily, a voice rang out over the loudspeakers and görükle escort bayan kept me from spiraling, welcoming the band to the stage.

As the band played, I caught a guy looking at me too long for it to have been an accident. He was a skinny guy of average height with a strong, angular face under some heavy stubble, and the pink and purple rays of the strobe lights reflected off the lenses of his thick-framed glasses. A flare, a signal to the night sky. I wanted to answer his call, but I wasn’t sure how. The songs passed by, and I stopped paying attention to the stranger. I let the music take over my body, swaying back and forth while extending my arms high above my head. The humid haze in the room was now comforting, like a warm hug. I was truly lost in the moment, submitting entirely to the beat.

A tap on the shoulder roused me out of my dreamy state. It was him. He had made his way through everyone to situate himself next to me. Up closer, he was a lot cuter than I had expected. Even in the low light, I could admire the strong curve of his nose and straight teeth exposed by his mischievous smile.

“Hey, I’m Chase. Haven’t seen you here at all before-you a freshman?”

I tried not to frown, as I thought his tone sounded a little condescending. Oh, so I must be a freshman if you had never seen me at your exclusive club. I mean, it was true, but he didn’t have to go assuming shit. I decided to give him a shot. I wasn’t great at first impressions either. If it hadn’t been for him, we wouldn’t even be talking right now.

“Hi. I’m Edie. Why do you think I’m a freshman?”

Over the loud amplifiers, it was hard to hear his response. I thought that could’ve been part of his game, to approach me when it was loud so he’d have to get this close to my ear for me to hear. I still couldn’t, though. It sounded garbled and lost against the background noise. I darted my eyes to the stage, then back to him, and decided I had probably already seen enough of the band to have justified coming out. Maybe I actually did want to be a little social. My interest was piqued. I had never hooked up with a random person at a bar before, or frankly, hooked up with anyone more than a year or two older than me. I broke up with my boyfriend before I had moved, and he was shy, modest, not enough for the fledgling freak growing in my soul. Maybe Chase could be that change of pace for me.

“Wanna go sit outside on the benches? It’s loud in here.”

Without actually answering, he took my hand and led me gracefully to the exit. He looked eager, and slightly surprised, in a way. It was as if he didn’t do this very often but took the chance on me. As we sat on the benches, a breeze rustled against palms in the cool desert night. Noticing my shivering, he suavely draped his arm around my shoulders.

“This better?”

“Big time. Thank you. So, why did you think I was a freshman? “

He looked at me, confused, as if it was a stupid question.

“I mean, I haven’t seen you around, and I’m at that bar a lot. My friend is one of the sound dudes. Also…I’m not sure. You just have a look to you like you don’t hate the world yet…like this school hasn’t ruined you like most people here.”

I shrugged against his arm.

“I guess I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Backtracking, his voice began sounding less secure, more timid.

“No…I mean, yeah, it’s a compliment. You looked like you were having a lot of fun. It made me remember why I liked going to concerts…and maybe just liking music in general. To see the way you threw your head back and…I don’t know, did that thing with your hips. You reached the jaded part of me.”

I stared at him, somewhat taken aback at the gravity of his comment. When I decided to attend the concert, I hadn’t expected to reverse someone’s deteriorating appreciation of music. His expression grew worried as a couple seconds passed without me speaking.

“I didn’t mean to be, like, weird or anything. I know you don’t even know me…I just meant I really liked the way you enjoyed yourself. It emitted a lot of happiness.”

I had to pause again, then laugh dryly.

“Well, it’s crazy how much unhappiness I emit in other situations. I’ve been having a rough time.”

He looked at me sympathetically, stroking my hair with a nurturing energy.

“I’m sorry if I made you feel bad by saying any of this then. Damn dude, why haven’t you gotten up and left me yet?”

“Mm…I get the feeling there must be something endearing in there somewhere.”

With a small smile, his long and strong fingers rubbed the curve of my shoulder, tickling my soft bare skin. My ear was close enough for him to lean over and whisper into it, making my breath quicken and body shudder again.

“So, Pretty Edie, other than being cold and being the undisputed dancing queen, how’re you doin’ tonight?”

“Wicked great. I’m a bit stoned right now, ate a big gummy.”

Chase laughed, reaching into his pocket with his other hand and retrieving a small, tightly rolled altıparmak eskort joint.

“Smoked the other one of these before the band went on. Want to add on to your high?”

I hesitated for a second, but soon nodded and placed it in my mouth while he ignited it with some fancy flameless lighter I’d never seen before. I was learning so much-“higher” education, I guess. I’d never smoked before coming to school, and I was finding that it helped me immensely in these exact situations, intimate ones. My innocence was truly being lost, day by day, and Chase was not a step towards a more wholesome direction. I didn’t think that was a bad fate.

I took a moderate-sized hit and held it for a few seconds, eyes closed until I exhaled.

“Thank you for that. You’re a nice dude, aren’t you?”

“Heh, I’m no saint.”

We passed the joint back and forth, engaging in some small talk. He revealed to me that, although he was twenty-six, he was only a junior, according to credits.

“Had to take some time off to deal with family stuff.”

I understood and didn’t press it. It was no time to accidentally set off another awkward emotional admittance that didn’t really matter to me. I leaned my body in closer to him, melting into the shared warmth. We giggled as we waved away the clouds of smoke and blabbered away through coughing fits. Illuminated in the bright overhead street lights, I could finally see his eyes, brown and shining like freshly varnished hardwood. He wasn’t breaking eye contact, completely enraptured by whatever I was saying. We were two magnetic poles, not even noticing as the hours passed and students poured from the building after the show was over.

Soon, we were completely alone, only the sounds of nighttime wildlife murmuring as background ambiance. The joint was long gone, and my body felt glued to the seat. Chase’s warmth still radiated against me, with me now lying against his chest. His heartbeat was fast and excited, validating my own buildup of intense energy in my nerves. He spoke to me sleepily as he absentmindedly played with my hair.

“Wow, no one’s here, huh?”


“No one at all.”


He removed his arm and eyed me, gaze wandering down my face and lingering on my lips.

“Would you be mad if I kissed you right now?”

“What? Why would I be mad?”

“Well, I’ve never done this type of thing before. What’s the etiquette? Am I allowed?”

I grabbed both of his hands and placed them in my lap, smiling at him with reassurance. I knew he was just dwelling on stupid things because of the weed, and for some reason, it was making me even more attracted to him. Perhaps it disarmed me, knowing that the playing field was even. I had been thinking about kissing him too, his full bottom lip just asking for little bites.

“Of course you’re allowed. Kiss me. I’ve been waiting literally for hours.”

I barely finished my sentence before his lips pressed against mine, and I could feel him smiling through the kiss. It was electric, our mouths fighting for dominance of whose lip would be on top, whose tongue would control the moment. Chase’s hands gripped around my hips, holding me firmly to keep me close to him. The kissing made me gasp against his mouth, so needy for his touch elsewhere. I reached for his thigh, lightly stroking it over his jeans.

From the pulling of the denim, I could tell he was already quite hard, but I didn’t want to touch him. Where could that lead? Would he really get his dick out when there was an easy eye-line from a walking path, surely patrolled by campus security? Still, I wanted things to escalate. The energy building in the movement of these kisses was sure to burst at some point.

I felt Chase’s hands move from my hips, reaching under me and cupping my ass instead. I was practically on his lap at that point from him pulling me forward, so it was easy to scoot myself up and slide forward, mounting him. That seemed to excite both of us. I felt my panties getting wetter and became very aware of the pants I was wearing. The friction would have to be enough for the moment, and maybe that was okay, because this reminded me of humping my pillow when both of my roommates were asleep, shoving my face down into the mattress so no one would hear me moan. This was much better.

What followed was a frenzy of gripping hair and necks while I rocked myself against him. There was no denying how hard his cock was, and I was growing increasingly shocked by the strength of the fabric. I hadn’t seen enough guys naked to really know what was normal, or what was above a statistical average, but I could tell he was definitely bigger than my ex had been, significantly. He had more than enough to play with. With the combination of rubbing my clit against his hard-on and the raised seam of his pants, I already had to control my moans, afraid they would echo against the buildings.

“Oh, Edie. You like this a lot, don’t you?”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned forward nilüfer escort to moan into his shirt, whimpering a bit before I was able to maintain even breathing again and respond to him.

“We should’ve done this inside. Me rubbing against you to the music.”

He thrust up against me while squeezing my ass hard, making me yelp and giggle, then grabbed harder, securing my posture firmly. He seemed serious. His expression had shifted from a playful grin to a face of authoritative assertiveness.

“What, so you could cum like a little slut on the dance floor?”

His words stung in a wonderfully painful way. Finally, I was given the opportunity to understand why some people liked to be called dirty things. I felt called out, put in the spotlight without having practiced any of my lines. I was in unknown territory, and I didn’t mind it. I may not have known how I wanted to be talked to, but he clearly did. I had never felt this wet before with anyone else, nor myself when I was alone in my bed. This was a new type of wetness, a persistent one. The outside of my pants was damp from it seeping through the layers.

I felt his grasp tightening on me as he chuckled dryly, mockingly.

“You can’t even talk. That’s crazy. You must like being called a little slut. Well, that’s what you are if you’re going to sit here at 2AM and rub against a near-stranger’s dick.”

“Mm, I know. I’m a slut. I can’t stop thinking about what it looks like…because it feels amazing.”

He looked at me, then over to the footpath, then back to me. I saw a question on his lips that he wasn’t letting me answer. Did he want to actually show me? We could probably compromise, have him pull back his pants and underwear so I could catch a sneak peek. Then he could just put it back away, part ways for the night, and make some plans to see each other another time.

He shifted me off his lap and began taking his calculated risk. I hadn’t considered he would actually start unbuckling his belt and unzipping his fly. It all happened so fast that I had no time to even process before his cock was out in its full pride, the gleaming head staring at me invitingly. It was extremely impressive, almost comically large against the backdrop of his thin stomach and raised hip bones. A slender guy with a fat cock, go figure.

As I continued to look, a blush extended across my entire body, accompanied by a blaze of heat in my crotch. What would I even do with it? Do I touch it? I wasn’t sure, so I just showered him with praise.

“That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, Chase.”

He chuckled, wrapping his hand around his cock and starting to stroke slowly while looking at me. His shoulders rested lazily against the back of the bench, raising his eyebrow slightly with incredulousness.

“I’m sure you haven’t seen that many to compare to.”

“Enough of them.”

“You’re really trying to make me call you a slut again.”

He used his free hand to pull me close to him again by my neck, making my breath hitch. He wanted to kiss me again, slide his tongue into my mouth, let the softness of my lips make him even harder. As the embrace continued, his touch moved from my neck to just below my top, playing with the ends of the boning and letting his fingers tickle the skin. Slowly, his hand crawled upwards. He rubbed up with an open palm and slowly felt each curve of my body, only stopping once he reached one of my hard nipples. I hadn’t bothered wearing a bra, and Chase was excited to realize that himself, circling his thumb against my nipple, barely making contact at first.

“Mm, fuck. I didn’t even know you had nothing underneath. How’re your tits so big and round? They’re fucking perfect. Damn.”

He jiggled my breast under my shirt, stroking himself a little faster as he did.

“You know, I don’t normally sit in public with my dick out. This is quite the special occasion for me.”

“Well, I’ve never done something like this either! I wish I could do something right now, too.”

He stopped stroking, staring at me with that same serious expression he had earlier.

“Why can’t you?”

“A-are you being serious?”

My words felt shallow in my throat. I wracked my brain trying to even remember how to have sex. Everything seemed more amplified and significant when the stakes were this high. If I went through with this, I would be agreeing to trust Chase. Did he even deserve that trust yet?

“There’s no one around. It’s fine.”

It was my turn to obsessively peer at the walking path. Like every time we had looked previously, there wasn’t a single soul to speak of at such a late hour. I stared at his cock again, then to his face. He was laughing at me knowingly, already assuming that my nervous exterior would crack and give way to whatever he asked of me.

“How about you get down on the ground and show me what you can do with that beautiful mouth of yours?”

He was right.

My cheeks were burning as my mind rushed. I felt understandably scared, but another emotion was overpowering it: red, hot lust. He’d be able to see if someone was coming. He had a decent vantage point. We’d be safe enough. If anything, we’d probably just get a stern finger wag if someone did catch us. I caught myself saying a quick prayer to God for protection as if he cared about our type of lovers’ fate.

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