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I am a 38-year-old costumer service rep and single mom that lives with my newly turned 18-year-old daughter named Tiffany, within a two-bedroom apartment. On my job I always work the 4pm to a 12am shift, leaving my daughter Tiffany home alone for most of the evening. I always warned my daughter if I would ever find out she had anyone in my house while I was gone there would be hell to pay especially, if it was a boy.

Although, I always caution my daughter about the risk of not using protection when having sex, I had made it perfectly clear to her if I’d ever caught her in our home being fucked by some boy there would be hell to pay. Therefore, If I had caught her being fucked by anyone, I would have just kicked her right out the house and send her angrily off to her farther who relocated himself to Atlanta.

I usually, never miss a day of work until, one day I felt really sick. After informing my supervisor that I was not feeling well enough to come to work that day, he permitted me to take the day off so I could recuperate. Exhausted I retired to my bed however, being a very light sleeper I had woken up abruptly hearing the sounds of my daughter and another person who was a male brazenly walking through my door.

Although, I was incensed with anger I quietly listened and peaked behind my bedroom Onwin door where neither of them could neither see nor hear me as I watch patiently to find out what my daughter is up to while I was away at work. Looking, through an opening in the door, to my dismay I witnessed Tiffany and the young man both cuddled up on my living room couch smoking cigarettes. Tiffany took long deep puffs, inhaling her cigarette smoke proudly. I was flabbergasted to see my daughter enjoying a cigarette because, she always complained to me about my occasional smoking habit.

I don’t know if it was my ailment affecting my brain because, for some reason I couldn’t help but admire my daughters’ choice in a man. Fitting the criteria of tall, dark, and handsome he was the type of boy I wished had sexually experimented on me when I was around my daughters age. Within minutes my contempt was replaced by amazement as my daughter suddenly unzipped his Sean John jeans, and proudly pulling out his very delicious looking cock. I am ashamed to admit it but at that moment my anger quickly turned into anticipation, as I eagerly wanted to see how Tiffany, who immediately grinned from ear to ear within the second she held his dick in the palm of her hand was going too handled its enormous size. At first, Tiffany in awe, began playing with his dick then, as a few minutes went past a jubilant Tiffany with pre cum soaked hands was now ready to suck on it.

Quickly dropping to her knees Tiffany bravely put his large, wet, and sticky cock inside of her mouth. Suddenly as the juices from my clit began to leak down my legs, I could no longer withstand its urges to be touched. Instantly, under my extremely moist panties, I began to stick fingers inside and out of my soaked pussy hole, fondling it to the point that I physically had bit on my lips to keep my moans silenced. However, I was thankful that Tiffany’s spits, slurps, drowned out the ones that did slip out and the young man delighted moans as she submerged her face deep within his chocolate nut sack.

As the boy’s dick stayed wrapped in between my daughters, chapstick glossy lips her tongue gradually kept sticking in and out of her mouth sucking on his throbbing penis as if it were her last meal. With saliva and sperm trickling onto Tiffany’s soft brown lips he quickly grabs the back of her head, pushing his solid cock further down her throat. Tiffany, found herself constantly gasping for air as his long black dick kept ramming into her mouth. At last, in a delightful roar he orgasmed in pleasure leaving my daughter’s face covered in cum, bursting the nut inside her mouth and onto her face as she slowly pulled her head away from his cum spouting penis. Seeing how excited my daughter was made me so envious of her because I couldn’t help but wish it were I in Tiffany’s shoes as his ejaculating juices drenches her face.

After sucking up the last of the juice dangling off of his limp dick from that sloppy blowjob, Tiffany got on the couch then spread apart her legs and started finger popping her twat. My baby’s a smart bitch because she was masturbating to give that boy some time to energize that exhausted penis below his waist. My daughter was so horny that she pulled out those fingers, which were inserted in her twat and then begun licking the drops of her semen off them while she used the other hand to continue pleasuring her clit. I guess not being fucked so long by a man in his teens; I couldn’t help but be surprised on how the boy’s youthful penis quickly became erect again after no more then a couple or so minutes. Sliding on his Trojan allowed me to finally learn the name of this handsome teenager screwing my daughter before my very eyes. Oh, Tyrone! My daughter gasped in a whimper as she bravely took inside his huge package. Witnessing his penis-laying claim to my daughter’s vagina at that moment I still couldn’t understand my inaction. Why are my fingers occupied into pleasuring my pussy and not wrapped tightly around their necks? Nevertheless, I still had to see more.

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