Pat’s Panty Slave Ch. 01


This is a fantasy story of mine.

I am a 35 year old man with a wife and 2 kids who, for some reason or other, feels the need to dress up once in a while, in my wife’s sexy underwear. Whilst “dressed up” I tend to fantasise about numerous things, one of which I will share now.

It starts with me returning home one day after dropping my wife and the children at the train station for a day out. As I walk up to my door I notice that my neighbours door is ajar and her car is not about. I enter my house and spend a short time watching for any signs of movement next door. My neighbour, Pat, is a little older than me, but has a nice body and long blonde hair. She also has a beautiful 19year old daughter, but you would think they were sisters when they hit the town of a weekend.

As I watch the house, I start to feel stirrings in my trousers, and think that, as I’ve got the house to myself for sometime, I could have a bit of fun “dressing up” When I get like this, I usually like to put on my wife’s favourite black lacy bra, black thong, and a black pair of hold ups. I sometimes like to imagine what it would feel like to have a cock up my arse, so I lube up her 8″ vibrator, shove it up to the hilt and switch it on. By now my cock would be straining the material of the thong and oozing pre-cum into the lace. I would then tie myself to our bed after putting on a blue movie and wait for the inevitable fountain to erupt from my loins. So far I have been lucky and not been caught. Today was different, I had a window of opportunity open before me that just had to be seized.

After about 45mins, I think to myself that I should do the neighbourly thing and check to see if anyone is home. As I push open the door, I notice numerous pairs of thongs on the radiator in the hallway, my cock starts to pulse into life. I start to think that maybe this isn’t such a good idea, but my urges take over and I start to mooch about the ground floor. After making sure that the TV and video were still in place I assume that Pat must have left in a hurry and forgot to make sure that the door was shut behind her. As I start to move up the stairs, my mind and my cock are both thinking the same thing. As I make my way into her bedroom I’m hit by the scent of her perfume, and think to myself that this might just be my lucky day, as I know that she doesn’t usually return home until quite late, or so I thought!

Thinking that I have all the time in the world, Pendik Yabancı Escort I build up the courage to open her wardrobe, I find the usual businesswoman stuff, suits, jackets, smart dresses etc, and a lovely array of shoes. I then part the hanging clothes to check out what’s at the back, I notice a large box. Inquisitive as I am, I open it and am amazed to find a large selection of sex toys, black leather 4″ heeled thigh high boots, handcuffs, and bondage gear. To say I was shocked was an understatement, I always thought her pleasant enough and demure, but it appears that she is a bit of a sex fanatic!

As I browse through her array of dildos and vibrators, my mind races and my urge takes over. I select one of her dildos, 10″ long and about 4″ thick, and throw it onto her large bed. I then move to her drawers and within seconds I found the treasure I was after. She had a drawer stuffed full of racy lingerie in assorted colours. I quickly fumble for a pair of black silky hold up stockings, a black lacy thong, and a black bra, and throw them onto the bed next to the dildo. I stop suddenly to take stock of what I was doing, but as my cock started to fight against my shorts, I knew it was now or never!

As the pre-cum leaked from my cock, I knew this was the right thing to do. If only foresight was a wonderful thing! I move to her window and slowly part the curtains a little to make sure she hadn’t returned, I was in luck, no car. I returned to the bed, paused slightly, then shook my head and stripped. The thong went on first, the feel of the lace sent my cock into spasms of joy, I tucked it in as best as I could, which wasn’t hard as I am not the most well endowed, and grabbed the bra and clipped it into place. I turned and looked at myself in her full length mirror, my mind raced. I slowly pulled the first stocking up my leg, then the second, savouring the feel. I went back to her wardrobe and found a pair of 4″ stiletto shoes and put them on. Everything felt great, even as I leant onto the bed to get the dildo, until I heard those mortifying words.

“What the hell have we got here then?”

In the throes of dressing I hadn’t heard Pat’s car return or her come upstairs to the bedroom. I slowly stood up, “turn around” she instructed. “Pat, this isn’t what it looks like” I said as I turned to face her. “Well that’s not what I would say. I’d say we’ve got a closet sissy living next door, haven’t we Pendik Yeni Escort Iain” My cock shrivelled inside the thong and I felt deflated and embarrassed as I looked at her dressed in her power suit with her legs encased in black nylon and black high heels. She looked everything I had ever fantasised about.

“What to do now?” she pondered

“well I could return everything to its rightful place and leave” I offered humbly.

“No, that won’t do at all, I have an opportunity, and I tend not to waste them” she gloated “what was the plan for my dildo then, sissy?”

“Err nothing really” I replied meekly.

“I’ll bet it was going to disappear up that tight little arse of yours, wasn’t it?” she said with a wry smile on her face. “well go on then, let’s see where it was going”

“No way” I said.

“What would your wife say if I told her about this then?” Pat went on, “shall I phone her and tell her your little secret?”

I thought for a moment, then realising my predicament, picked up the dildo.

“thought so” she laughed ” you can forget about lubing it up, I want to see you suck on it for a moment”

I couldn’t believe that I had been so stupid, but I didn’t want my wife to find out so I took the dildo and put it to my lips, and slowly began to lick it’s sides.

Pat decided to settle down for the show, and I watched as she slowly removed her business clothes until she too was wearing just black sexy lingerie and stockings. She then draped herself into an easy chair in the corner of the room.

I had been lapping at the dildo for a couple of minutes when she said “deep throat it!” I tried to take as much of it as I could but struggled to about 6″, “I can’t take anymore” I stated. “We’ll see” said Pat, as she moved to the box of toys. She grabbed a strap-on dildo and changed the phallus for a 10″ and after putting it on, strutted across the room towards me. Strange thoughts raced through my mind and were spot on as she instructed, “kneel down, sissy” my knees hit the carpet as quick as they could until I had this bobbing dildo inches from my face. I looked up at her stern face hoping for the immortal words to release from her luscious mouth, I didn’t have to wait long as she looked down at me, smiled, and winked at me. That was my cue and I took her cock in my mouth and slowly began to slurp at it.

“Suck it bitch, you know your place now, don’t you?” she said Pendik Masaj Salonu as she began to move her hips slowly forward. I sucked and nodded at the same time knowing my embarrassment was complete, or was it?

When about 5″ had disappeared into my willing mouth, she put her hands behind my head and thrust forward, I gagged violently as the rest of the dildo sank into my throat, “that’s better, I knew you could take it” she smirked, as she continued to fuck my face. With the dildo in to the hilt, my nose was pinned to her crotch, where the smell of sex was beautiful.

After about 5 minutes of face fucking, Pat decided that my cherry needed popping, and removed the dildo from my mouth. She stepped back a little, I leaned forward searching for her cock. “I think you have another hole that needs filling first” she laughed. “Get on the bed and face the window” she demanded. I was now in too much of a sexual frenzy to notice that Pat had took a camera from another drawer and was snapping away to her hearts content as I mounted her bed and aimed my virginal ass at her. By now it was too late to do anything about the snaps anyway.

“I want your cock” I begged.

“Where?” she asked.

“In my ass, in my ass” I screamed.

“You know that there’s no going back now, don’t you?” she said “you’re mine now” as she began to lube up the dildo for my demise.

“Yes, Mistress” I responded.

She then grabbed my hips and plunged the full length into my ass in one swift movement. I tried to move forward with the thrust but she held firm and I felt the full force of the dildo as it filled my hole to the brim. As she rode me she playfully slapped my ass cheeks and caressed my throbbing cock, still encased in her thong, until I could hold back no more and spurted my cum in the thong and on the bedclothes. “Someone’s got some cleaning to do in a minute” she said as she continued to plunder my man pussy for about 10mins before she exploded with orgasm. We then both collapsed onto the bed well spent.

After a few moments Pat slowly slid the dildo from my ass with a “plop” then said sternly, lick up your mess sissy”

I slowly lifted myself up from the bed and moved my head to where my cum had saturated the bed and slowly tasted my cum, as I lapped it up. Pat had now got off the bed and was taking more pictures of my demise. “Just a little insurance for the next time” she said.

When I had finished I lay on the bed thinking “what have I done, and what have I started” when I heard someone else enter the room. It was Pat’s daughter, Jo.

“Hi Mum, another willing victim, I see” she said seeing a crumpled heap of a man laying on her mum’s bed in women’s underwear.

To be continued…

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