On the Rebound


I’ve tried writing several different stories, but have never posted anything before this. So hopefully this is something at least somebody out there enjoys reading as much as I did dreaming up. The usual warnings apply: if you’re under 18, or these types of stories are illegal for you to read in your area, then go somewhere else. Otherwise, enjoy.


The tears were still drying on Alec’s cheeks as he slumped at the booth in the 24-hour diner, cold coffee in front of him, not knowing where to turn next. He’s been like that for at least a couple hours, still trembling in reaction. He knew his parents would have difficulty with him being gay, but if he knew they were going to kick him out he would have kept it quiet and stayed in the closet until he could pay for school himself. It was summer now, but the next year he would have started his first year in college in Electronics Engineering. Now all of those dreams meant nothing.

Scott came out of the kitchen, taking off his apron as he went. The only waitress on duty, Rachelle, called out to him. “Done already?” “Yeah,” he answered, “Dave came in early and told me to just clock-out now. It’s not like he has lots to do tonight!” He gestured around the mostly empty lobby, only then noticing the young man slumped at a far booth. As Rachelle moved off to clean a table just vacated by a trucker, something about the slouching boy attracts his eye, and he found himself looking over the kid closely. He was smaller, thin but not skinny, dark brown hair, and soft – almost feminine – features. There was something about the depressed figure that was tugging at Scott’s heart, and he found himself walking up to the table.

“Hey.” The gentle greeting snapped Alec from his re-re-playing of the nights events, and as he looked up he found himself looking at a rough – yet somehow gentle – face with piercing amber eyes. “You all right”?

Alec blinks, then realizes he was staring. He drops his gaze back to the table, hiding a light blush. “Sure”, he replies with faint sarcasm, “if you call being kicked out of home and having nowhere to go, I’m doing peachy.”

The stranger nods in sympathy, ignoring the sarcasm. “Ya know, I’ve got a decent place back near the college campus I share with some other guys. I’m sure they’d agree to let you crash there for a couple weeks until you get your feet under you again.”

Alec’s head snaps back up in startlement. “You’d do that for a complete stranger? You don’t know anything about me!”

He smiles. “I get feelings about people, and my intuition is usually right. I’m Scott.”

Alec shakes the offered hand, smiling in response. “Alec. If you’re sure about this. . .”

“Very certain. My car’s parked around the side. . . um, do you have a car?”

“An old beater, but it runs – barely.”

Scott nods as they walk out of the diner. “No problem. Just follow me, then.”


They drive up to a decently sized, but fairly old two-story house. After they both get parked nearby, Scott leads Alec in, opening the currently unlocked door but locking it behind them. “The other housemates are usually awake at this time of night, but should be turning in soon. We try to keep the house locked up when we remember to.” Alec starts to wonder if Scott is the ‘responsible’ one of the group, but doesn’t say anything. Scott starts to take his shoes off, so Alec follows suit. In the living room right next to the entry two other guys were watching a movie, with a bowl of popcorn between them and bottles of beer in hand. Scott points, “The big jock is Ben, and the other one is Tim. I’m guessing Rick’s in his room, on-line as usual. Guys, this is Alec, who needs a place to crash. I offered the couch for a couple weeks.”

Ben and Tim both nod in greetings. Ben grins. “Another foundling, Scott? Are you collecting them?”

Scott mock throws a shoe at him. “Hah, hah. Pay no attention to him.”

Scott shows Alec around the house, pointing out the two bathrooms, the kitchen, and laundry. Upstairs he goes to the one lit bedroom and knocks on the open door. The guy at the computer looks up, “Hey Scott, what’s up?”

Scott introduces Alec to Rick, while Alec tries to identify the MMORPG on the computer screen. He doesn’t recognize it by the time Rick’s attention gets pulled back into the computer and Scott leads Alec away.

After scrounging around in a few rooms and closets, Scott finally comes up with a blanket and pillow. “Here, you can sleep on the couch for now once they’re done watching that movie. Didn’t look like you got anything besides coffee at the diner, so you’re free to scrounge for tonight. After that you’re expected to chip in for groceries, snacks, pop, and beer if you drink.”

After the movie finished up, everybody else went upstairs, either to bed or back onto respective computers. Alec turned off the lights downstairs and laid back on the couch, staring at the ceiling, awake but unmoving for several hours adana escort before exhaustion catches up to him.


The next morning. Alec wakes up to the noise of somebody in the kitchen. Whoever it is is trying to be quiet, but they’re not being very successful at it. Alec sits up, rubbing at the dried tears under his eyes and blinking at the bright sunlight streaming in the windows. Wandering into the kitchen, Alec finds Scott mixing something up, with bacon frying on the stove. Scott looks up, “Morning. Feeling any better?”

“I’ll get there. You cook here too after working the diner?”

Scott grins. “I like cooking for the guys now and then, and I thought I’d whip something up for everybody. Coffee’s brewed, and we’re having pancakes and bacon.”

Alec finds himself hoping that Scott is at least bi, if not gay, but squelches that line of thought before he starts blushing again. “Thanks.” Scott opens a cupboard to show where the cups were, and Alec grabs some coffee.

“Got any plans today, or were you just going to take out frustrations on something?”

Alec gives a small grin. “I’m just going to wait until my parents have both left for work, and I was going to slip over and grab some clothes and stuff. I’ll start picking up applications this afternoon after I get a shower.”

Scott nods. “Got it. I didn’t get any summer classes this year, so I was just going to make a copy of the house key for you later today before work. If you need anything, at least to talk or anything else, just holler.”

Alec smiles. “Thanks. I really appreciate all of this. You don’t need to go to all this trouble for me.”

“It’s really no trouble at all. You have yet to see me really go overboard for somebody.” He turns away suddenly to get the bacon, and Alec gets the odd feeling that Scott’s embarrassed about something. He considers asking, but decides to wait for the time being.

After breakfast Alec drives back to his parents house and lets himself in. He sees some of his stuff already thrown in large garbage bags, so he just adds to the bags, grabs a couple magazines he didn’t want them to find from under his mattress and slips them in as well. He stoutly ignore the fresh tears in his eyes as he firmly walks back out, house key on the dresser, vowing never to return.


On his way back into the room-mates’ house, Alec brings in with him a change of clothes so that he can finally take a shower. As the only shower is in the upstairs bathroom, he heads on upstairs, mind still on his problems, not noticing the faint noise coming from one of the open bedrooms. Noticing movement from the corner of his eye, he automatically looks in, then instantly freezes with surprise at what he sees. Scott was down on his knees between Tim’s bare legs, face buried in Tim’s crotch. They were at a sideways profile to the door, but Tim had his eyes closed, so Alec saw everything as Scott continued to work his head up and down along Tim’s shaft. Alec’s own dick got hard while watching this, licking his lips, completely engrossed in the action before him. He watches in amazement as Scott shifts a little and goes all the way down, his throat bulging with the effort and his chin touching Tim’s balls, Tim grunting in pleasure. Alec must have made a small sound while watching this, because Tim’s eyes flew open and Scott pulled himself off of Tim, both looking suddenly at Alec.

Alec turns very red and backs off, starting to stutter an apology for intruding on them when Scott interrupts him, smiling. “It’s all right, we don’t mind if you watch. Everybody else has watched as I serviced one of the guys.” He points at the growing bulge in Alec’s pants. “Looks like you’re enjoying the show.”

“You just suck off any of the guys whenever they ask?” asks Alec, amazed.

“Pretty much. One day I walked onto Rick while he was wanking off, and since I was still recovering from my previous boyfriend walking out, I just sucked Rick off. It’s been a habit to help them out like that ever since.”

Alec blinks. “So you’re gay too?”

Scott grins. “Too? I thought you were, ever since I saw you at the diner.”

Tim clears his throat. “Weren’t you doing something here, Scott? You can flirt with the cute guy later.”

Ignoring the ‘flirt’ comment, Scott instead gestures to Tim’s crotch. “Say, you want to try this, Alec? It would be fun if I weren’t the only one doing this.”

Alec tries to hide his interest in the suggestion. “What, just suck him off right here and now? I hardly even know him!”

Tim responds, “So? I’ve even tried sucking off the others a couple of times just to find out what it’s like, even though I don’t have the interest in men you two do. It’s really no big deal.”

Alec thinks about it, then decides right there that his parents’ false morality and holier-than-thou attitude has nothing to do with how he lives HIS life. He steps forward towards Tim, afyon escort and Scott gets out of the way, sitting on the bed where he can watch. Alec kneels between Tim’s legs, taking a few deep breaths, before leaning forward and down to take the head of Tim’s cock in his mouth. After a few false starts he figures out what to do about his teeth and tongue to keep them out of the way, and starts to go at it. Remembering that Scott had varied what he did every few strokes, Alec tries a few of the things he saw Scott do, and was rewarded with a faint grunt followed by a sigh of contentment from above him.

Getting into the swing of things, he decides to attempt deep-throating. He shifts his body forward as he saw Scott do, and just dives straight down only to pop right off of Tim, sputtering and trying to clear his throat of the gag-reflex.

Scott laughs. “Easy, tiger! It’s not that easy to deep-throat. You sure you want to try that now? You were going just great without it.”

Alec swallows a couple more times, wiping the sudden tears from his eyes. “Can’t you tell me how you do it? I WANT to take it all in!”

Scott grins at Alec’s enthusiasm. “Only since you insist. You can’t swallow it and suck him at the same time. You have to relax your mouth. Take it slow. And you really are swallowing him, so start the swallow just before the head hits the back of your throat. Don’t forget you’ll have to back off of him to breath, so alternate deep-throating with normal sucking. Just try again if you don’t get it at first. It took me several attempts before I was able to get that down.”

Alec starts back up with normal sucking, working up and down on Tim’s shaft again while building his self-confidence. After a good number of strokes, he tries it again, following Scott’s suggestions. He gags again the first time, so goes back to sucking to recover before trying again. He keeps gagging, time and again, but single-mindedly perseveres, refusing to give up, and loses track of how long he’s been at it. Suddenly, he finally feels Tim’s cock sliding down his throat, and closes his eyes as he pulls his head all the way down until he finds his nose pushed into Tim’s flesh. Proud of his accomplishment, he holds himself there, swallowing around Tim’s member for a while. Tim startles him by crying out wordlessly, grabbing the back of his head and bucking his hips up into his face. Alec grabs onto Tim’s legs and tries not to panic and to just relax, hoping he doesn’t pass out. He feels the warm cum hitting the inside of his throat, and knows it will be over soon.

Tim finally releases him, and Alec pulls all the way off of him, his lungs still burning as he takes deep breaths. “Wow,” he exclaims, wiping a couple drops of cum off his slightly bruised mouth, “didn’t expect it to happen quite like THAT!”

Scott pulls his hand out of his pants, and as Alec gets off of his knees suddenly grabs Alec’s hand and pulls him into Scott’s arms. Alec looks up into Scott’s eyes, startled but not struggling, and starts when Scott’s mouth descends on his. He’s frozen for only a moment before he returns the kiss, wrapping his own arms around Scott and leaning a little in to him. Scott pulls back away suddenly, flustered. “Sorry about that. I mean, seeing you like that, it was just so hot, and I just . . . I mean . . .”

Alec grins up at Scott, very happy with life at the moment. “It’s all right. I liked that. A lot.”

Tim clears his throat loudly. “If I’m any judge of these things, you two are going to start screwing each other very soon now, and this is MY room. Scott, you have your own room for those kinds of activities.” He starts pushing them out, still with his pants and underwear piled next to his chair. “Besides, I need to get my stuff together for class. So go on, you love birds. Have fun. But not in here!”

The door slammed shut behind them. They look at each other for a few moments, Scott’s mouth twitching, before they both break down laughing. Alec stops first, looking at Scott with a smile. Scott asks him, “What?”

“Well, we got our marching orders . . .” Alec draws it out suggestively.

Scott looks at him. “You really want to do this? I mean, I’d love to do it with you, but . . .”

Alec draws down Scott’s face for a quick kiss, but stays close to look Scott in the eyes. “Of course. I think I’ve fallen for you since you picked me up at the diner.”

Scott grins in response, and wordlessly leads Alec to his room, already starting to take his shirt off. Alec follows suit, and by the time they get to the bed, they are almost completely nude with a line of clothes from out in the hallway to the bed. Alec uses the bed to support himself as he bends over to take off his remaining sock, and Scott fondles the nicely exposed ass. Alec pushes his ass out into Scott’s hand, putting both hands on the bed and spreading his legs, showing in no uncertain terms how he wants to be used. Scott lightly rubs a finger along alanya escort Alec’s ass crack, pushing only lightly when he gets to the anus. Although he notices some stretch marks around it, right now he finds it very tight, so he quickly rummages in a dresser drawer and pulls out some lube. Squirting a bit on a couple fingers, he goes back to Alec’s eager ass and starts to push a finger in. It slips right in, but he just rubs it around inside Alec, pushing outward against the walls to loosen him up. After a bit of this, he tries the second finger and finds Alec’s ass just slurps that in too, as if his body wanted as much of Scott in him as possible. While spreading more lube inside of Alec, he uses his other hand to apply plenty of lube on his cock, tosses the tube onto the bed and lines his dick up.

Feeling the pressure on his hole, Alec braces himself. But then Scott orders Alec, voice rough with desire, “Turn over.” Alec quickly flips onto his back on the bed, pulling his legs up and out. He watches Scott lean down over him, lining back up again, and looks Scott in the eye with need. Again feeling the pressure on his asshole, he wills himself to relax his ass as he learned with small household objects back home, hoping Scott will fit. He is soon rewarded when Scott’s cock pops in, and watches as Scott leans over a little more to gently slide it all in. His eyes move down to watch as Scott’s dick disappears into his ass, then their genital hairs mix as Scott’s hips press into Alec’s ass. Alec revels in feeling ‘full’ in a way he’s never felt before, moving around slightly just for the sensation of his innards shifting around Scott’s hard member. The pain of being penetrated starts to fade, and he looks back up to Scott’s eyes, saying “Fuck me” eagerly enough to wipe the slightly worried expression from Scott’s face. Taking that as an order, Scott gently starts to pump into Alec, starting with long slow strokes. Alec gets lost in the lovely sensations for just a short while before getting bored with the slow pace. “I said fuck me! I’m not fine china!” Scott grins widely at that, but again follows the prompting. Alec quickly finds himself grunting in time to Scott’s thrusts, eyes still riveted on Scott’s even as his whole body starts being pushed around under the force of their love-making.

A warmth starts spreading through Alec’s body, centered only a couple inches from the point of penetration. Alec tries to focus on that sensation, but gets distracted by a slight creak on the floor outside the open door, and even though he can’t see past Scott’s body he knows somebody’s out there. He feels his face getting hot from knowing he’s being watched, but didn’t think he could stop Scott at this point even if he wanted to – which he didn’t. The wonderful sensations inside, having this hot guy wanting him so bad, and now being watched all finally pushes him over the edge. Even though he doesn’t physically cum, it almost feels like that except more spread throughout, and he cries out in ecstasy as his body involuntarily thrashes and bucks under Scott’s weight. This seems to set Scott off as well, as he also cries out with a final thrust, holding Alec tightly as he cums deep into Alec’s bowels. Staying in him, Scott lowers his head down and kisses him, making him forget the voyeur. He wraps his arms around Scott, returning the kiss, just wanting to stay like that forever.

When Scott breaks the kiss, Alec finally remembers they were being watched and tries to wiggle out from under Scott, but then sees around him and notes that the voyeur had left. Scott looks at him, “Something wrong?”

“We were being watched. I didn’t see who it was.” Alec’s face starts flaming again as he considers the perfect view of the penetration the watcher must have had.

Scott just shrugged. “It was probably Tim on his way out. They’ve not only seen worse, the others here have also been caught in similar situations. You get used to it.” He suddenly smiles. “Is that what set you off? Do you LIKE being watched?”

Alec wonders if it really was possible to die of embarrassment. “Um, I’ve never.. I mean . . .” he stammers.

Scott silences him by giving his lips something else to do. Pulling back from the kiss, he grins. “Don’t worry about it. We’re pretty. . . flexible about sexual matters. Anyways, I want to get some lunch before I head out to work today.” He turns away and starts sorting through the clothes on the floor, figuring out which was his. Alec just lays there a bit admiring Scott’s bare ass, only starting to get dressed after it gets covered up.

During lunch they talk a bit, and Alec finds himself completely at ease with Scott, trusting him with almost anything, although he doesn’t mention his more wild day dreams, not wanting to lose the person he is falling in love with. He does tell Scott about the fight with his homophobic parents last night, leading to his being kicked out. Scott tells him that that kind of attitude does seem to be dying down, but there are still plenty of holdouts. Scott invites him to share his bed with him that night, and Alec’s answer of “Yes!” was fast enough to draw another amused smile from Scott. After a quick kiss and another pat on Alec’s ass, Scott heads out for work.

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