My First Time Out of the House


Today was the big day. I woke up around ten a.m. already horny. I woke up numerous times throughout the night due to the fact that I slept in a g string and some snug women’s slacks. It was my first time sleeping in a thong and women’s pants, so it was mildly stressful. Enough to wake me several times. I woke up with a semi, and my first thoughts were of finding some of my mom’s pants to wear and a chance to get outside.

Until this point, the furthest I had gotten was going across the street to get books out of my car, while neighbors were outside. I have done that a few times, it was very exciting at first. I surprised myself with how comfortable I felt wearing such tight, and obviously feminine jeans out in front of others. At least a handful of neighbors saw and acknowledged me. I even made eye contact with two and said hi to another. No negative reactions. Presumably because I was so comfortable and natural in my mom’s jeans. I have gotten used to wearing them around the house quite often lately. I sometimes wear them now just to wear them, not always for sexual arousal.

But today I felt like going a little further than usual. I had contemplated going to get gas near my house in the jeans, but never had the courage. I was to worried I would run into someone I new or that I would get a negative reaction from someone. That would be toooo embarrassing. Today was different though. I felt more comfortable being seen and being out of the house in the jeans now that I had a few small, positive experiences under my thong. Which I always wear with the jeans by the way.

So I got up, checked the laundry and found no jeans. I headed to my mom’s closet to find all the jeans as they always are. I took my favorite pair, the one I almost always wear. They just happen to also be conveniently placed at Pendik Esmer Escort the top of the pile.

I take the jeans and head back to my bathroom. I remove the slack I had slept in, and tugged on the new, familiar pair of jeans. I hadn’t yet decided what I was to do or how far I would venture. I went into the garage and hit the door opener. I walked to the front of the garage and waited as the door slowly opened. Watching the door slowly open as I stood there, feeling so expose was nerve rattling. The door opened and my eyes adjusted to the new light. I took a few cautious steps outward. No one there. I look up and down the street as I take a few more steps. Still no one. So I walk across the street again to retrieve my car. As I walk through the open I pass the house of neighbors I have known for many years and were very close to. The thought of them catching me and them mentioning it to my family wreaks havoc on my adrenaline stores. My adrenaline is definitely pumping and as I get into the driver’s seat my heart is pounding. I drive back to my drive way and park my car there. I like the car to be right in front of the house so I can use it to hide my self partially if need be. While getting out of my car I move slowly, unsatisfied. I check out my butt in the car door. “Nice” I think, my butt is pretty round and feminine for a guy. I think I fill out a pair of girls jeans pretty nicely.

I walk slowly back into my garage, thinking of ways to get some more excitement out of this. But I’m not yet ready to just go out like normal with the jeans. So, I stand for a moment and look around. I check out my ass again and bend over to see just how I have to bend to see/show my thong. I’m pleased with how little it takes.

I come up with nothing…. I head back inside. I stop Pendik Eve Gelen Escort to see how I look in the bathroom mirror as usual; I wish it was full length. I also wish the jeans were a few inches longer as the come up just a little short on me. I think about going to get gas… I need to study and I don’t have much time, but on the other hand, I do need gas. I’m way too horny to study now, but not ready to cum yet. I decide to go check out the gas station and take a pair of my regular jeans just in case. I figure I’ll check out the gas station and see how busy it is. I have a hard time keeping my erection down as I drive, and I worry about cum showing on my crotch. I pull into the gas station and its way busier than I thought it would be. Maybe a dozen cars. I pull into the far end of the gas station and decide to just go for it. I hop out and whip out my wallet, trying to stay calm. I swipe my debit card and wait for authorization… Time to look around. A car pulled in right next to me while I was getting out. It was a young woman with a little girl in the back seat. She doesn’t look in my direction, that helps a little.

Authorization complete, I hear a beep. I pull the pump off the rack, and I fumble to punch the correct button to start the gas. I start fueling, and I realize that I’m pretty comfortable. Maybe this isn’t so bad, I actually feel pretty natural by now. Things are going very well. A few cars have driven by and I didn’t even attempt to hide myself. I’m feeling pretty confident, so I think “what can I do to expose myself juuust a little more while still seeming natural?” Hmmm, how dirty are my windows? So I check the back window. Pretty dirty…. Perfect!

I’ve now stepped over the gas pump and am now standing in full view of anyone to see. It feels great. Pendik Evi Olan Escort I grab the squeegee start walk behind the car. The girl in the car next to me is leaning into hear car, bending way over. No thong showing. Time to start cleaning. I start scrubbing the dirt off and look around. The girl next to me pays no attention and a lady walks out of the convenience store. She seems to be unaware of me. No one seems to think twice about me wearing super tight jeans; I guess they don’t notice my round butt.

After the back window was done, my pump shut off. I unhooked and hopped back into my car. I feel great! I start thinking about going into the convenience store to use the bathroom. Somehow I’m still now dying of embarrassment and haven’t run home yet. So I pull up into the front space and think about going in. I see some guys come in and out. Being around women is much less nerve racking than guys are. I see an employee sweeping the parking lot and decide to ask her if they have a bathroom. Making contact and talking to someone like this seems so exciting, only when I get out she is pretty far away and the guys in the area make me too nervous. I guess I’ll just show a little thong on the way out instead. So I pull up my hoody a little and adjust my pants and thong. I pull my thong up a little as I pull my jeans up, lifting my butt cheeks. I hope that as I climb back into my car my thong is showing, and I’m pretty sure it was. But whether or not she even notices it was another thing. I drove home feeling proud and relieved. I was a little bit anxious and wanted more. But it was time to finish. As I arrived home, I made sure no one was there and wiped it out. I came pretty hard and made nice little mess. None on the jeans, thats a first. LOL

I hope you guys enjoy my little story. This happened this morning. Any comments you guys have would be great.

I would love to hear your stories if any of you have similar stories, and please be specific and detailed with them. I want to know EVERYTHING! All the details, all the emotions,every piece of clothing worn and how you got them.

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