My Beautiful Mom Joanzie

My name is John and I am 22 years old. I recently moved in with my divorced mom, JoAnne, or as she prefers to be called, Joanzie. She lives in an apartment complex in Miami, Florida. The complex is two rows of apartments, 2 floors high, facing each other. On each side are 20 apartments, 10 upper and ten ground floor apartments, and in the middle are two 30 foot pools. My mom lives in a first floor apartment directly in front of one of the pools.

The reason I live with her is that I previously lived with my brother and we did not get along very well. You know how brothers can be. We love each other but we were always at odds with each other. So my mom offered to take me in temporarily until I could save enough for my own place. Besides, my job was close to her home which would save me a lot of time and money commuting. The only drawback was that she had only one bedroom. She had twin beds but initially the thought of sharing her bedroom was kind of weird. Initially.

My mom had me when she was twenty years old. She always stays in shape. She likes being outdoors. She enjoys taking long walks on the beach. She loves swimming in the pool and spending hours lying under the sun tanning. She is a slender 5’5” with short golden blonde hair, a sexy figure with long lovely legs and curves in all the right places. I recall when I was just a boy walking down the street with her that men would definitely take notice of her. She’s not big busted but everything is in perfect proportion. She has great legs and a great behind and an always smiling face.

I am 6’3″ and 190 lbs. I spend my free time weight training, playing basketball and swimming. Both of us are in decent shape. We both also like to relax with a little wine and a little pot on weekends. We both work full-time in sales.

Like I said, it was a little weird in the beginning sleeping in the same room with her. Her bed is adjacent to the window and mine is next to the door. There is about two feet between the beds. The bathroom and shower is near the foot of her bed. One weird thing is waking up in the morning with an erection and hoping my mom doesn’t notice. I am well endowed and with 10 inches tenting my sheet every day it’s hard not to notice when my roommate is only two feet away. But she never seemed to notice. Or so I thought. She never mentioned it if she did. We both date but neither of us has a steady or long term love interest.

One very hot humid Saturday afternoon I was working out with the weights in our living room while mom was outside sunning herself. I was bench pressing while she was lying on a beach chair in the sun next to the pool. She always wore a low-cut barely-there bikini. That day she had on a bright red string bikini. I chanced to look out the window in between sets to see how she was. She was rubbing handfuls of baby oil on the tops of her smooth already browned legs. From there she moved to her hips and her flat belly, then up her arms to her shoulders and across the exposed portion of her breasts and also the portion underneath her skimpy top. I watched my mom massaging the oil into her tanned body and lost track of time. Her skin was glistening. I found myself staring at my mom’s semi-naked body shining in the sun and I started to get aroused.

I turned away to start another set just as my mom turned over on her stomach and began applying the oil to her buttocks. I forgot about the next set and stood there watching as her hands caressed her backside and slid underneath her bikini bottoms. What was wrong with me? How could I be thinking what I was thinking?

“That’s your mom! Get back to your workout.”

But I couldn’t turn away. My dick was pushing out the front of my gym shorts. My lusty eyes focused on those beautiful round butt cheeks, luscious legs and petite feet shimmering like fleshy copper only a few feet from my window.

Just then she got up and walked toward the door. I quickly moved to my bench and sat down and adjusted my stiff member so it wasn’t so obvious. She came inside and went to the refrigerator. She opened the door and bent over looking for something. My naughty eyes went right to her bursa escort bayan barely covered ass cheeks and stayed there for what seemed like an eternity but was actually only a moment. I could plainly see the outline of her pussy lips and asshole beneath the stretched thin material of her suit. She stood up with her back to me. I ogled her bare back and legs and her shapely rear end.

She had an iced tea in her hand as she walked back toward the door. I watched her butt cheeks sway enticingly back and forth as she departed. All I could think of was what was hidden beneath that tiny little piece of cloth covering her ass and pussy. My imagination soared with forbidden images and thoughts. My dick was leaking pre-cum and staining the front of my shorts.

I went back to the window and gazed in a horny incestuous haze at my mom’s prone figure. She lay on her back and undid the ties on her top and only the smallest bits of her breasts were covered. My cock was excitedly pulsing along with my increasing heart beat. She was facing the window so I could see her entire body right in front of me. My eyes traveled up from the soles of her bare feet up her sweet legs to the obvious puffy outline of her womanhood in between them, then up to her belly button to her barely covered breasts and the outlines of her pointy nipples and up her slender neck to her soft full lips and closed eyelids and then back down. I was memorizing every glowing inch of her near nakedness and thinking of her in a way that no son should think of his mother. No decent son anyway.

That was the first time, as an adult, that I thought of my mom in a sexual way. I shared her bedroom with her and slept only a few feet away from her but she was never the cause of my morning erections. That was just my natural horny state of being. But now my thoughts of her were downright obscene. The ridiculous undeniable state of arousal of my dick did not lie. It pointed straight and hard and true in her direction. It wasn’t listening to any logical or moral arguments and it wasn’t taking no for an answer. In point of fact it was never before in such a persistent condition of stimulation.

I wantonly lusted for my mother’s body. I wanted to touch and feel and caress and embrace her. I wanted more than ever to have my dick buried deep inside of her pussy and fucking that desirable, delectable, enticing, alluring woman lying in the sun in front of me. She was a sexy woman and she was my mom and somehow that made my pulse quicken more so than with any other sexy lady I ever knew and made her even more desirable to me.

As I stood there staring I reasoned with myself. What could I do? I couldn’t just hit on her or make a move on her. She’s my mom. I fought down my desires. I took a quick cold shower and went back to my workout. All the while my mind kept wandering to images of her laying on her back in her bed tonight. It was a constant struggle to pull my errant mind back to my workout but I did make it all the way through and then took a long hot shower and tried in vain to scrub away my indecent desires for my mother.

As I mentioned, it was Saturday, and neither of us had any plans so mom cooked us a nice dinner and afterwards we sat together on the couch watching TV and drinking wine coolers. I never really paid attention to what my mom wore but this evening was different. She had on a sheer pink tank top and very tight short shorts which barely covered the bottom of her ass cheeks as she sat barefoot with her legs up on the sofa next to me. I sat there in just my boxer shorts. After consuming our wine coolers mom laid back and put her bare feet in my lap and relaxed. I unconsciously began to massage her feet and toes and her lower legs. While I was feeling up my mom’s lower extremities she took out some rolling papers from our little stash and rolled us a nice blunt. She lit it up and passed it to me and after a few minutes we were both feeling very relaxed.

After an hour or so of watching the boob tube, I could see that mom was visibly tired. She sat up, kissed me on the cheek, and said goodnight. She then went to görükle escort our bedroom and closed the door behind her. I rolled another one and watched some late night adult themed shows with a lot of sexy half-naked dancers gyrating around. I was already in a subconscious state of arousal from my mom and watching all the boobs and butts bouncing around on the screen had my dick standing up and eager for release.

I quickly rolled one more and lit it up and soon I was in a fog of intoxication and horniness. I pulled off my shorts and started jerking off to the ladies of the night show. I was looking at them but I was thinking of my mom’s body lying half naked in the sun. I was as hard as a tree stump and profusely leaking pre-cum as my hand went up and down on my stiff shaft. I was ready to explode. I lay back on the couch waiting to erupt and imagined my mother sitting on top of my thick pole fucking the hell out of me. I closed my eyes and saw her naked tits bouncing up and down as she rode me to our mutual climax.

Just as I reached the breaking point and, in my mind’s eye my hot sweaty mom sits down and stays down and I am erupting deep within her womb, I hear the bedroom door open. I open my eyes and see my mom standing in the doorway with her mouth open and staring at her naked son lying on his back with his ten hard inches in his hand and his purple engorged cock head leaking thick streams of pre-cum down to his balls and ass.

I just laid there with my dick in my hand and looked at the object of my fantasy staring at my dick and then at my face and then at my dick. She was wearing a semi-translucent pink night gown which only reached to just above her knees. I could make out the shape of her nipples jutting out from her braless tits. She wore a matching set of pink panties which were visible beneath her gown.

All in one superhumanly quick motion I sat up and grabbed my shorts and covered my excited member. My mom recovered as quickly and walked past and went to the kitchen where she poured herself a glass of cold water and then walked past me again and went to her bedroom without saying a word or casting another glance in my direction.

I didn’t know what to think or do. I was still high as a kite and in a bit of a state of shock. My dick had wilted from the surprise so I put my shorts on and lay back on the couch to rest a bit but soon I was fast asleep. I woke up at around three in the morning and decided to go to bed. I entered our bedroom and mom was asleep. She was lying on her back on top of the covers. I went to the bathroom and turned on the light and peed. When I was done I opened the bathroom door just a crack but left the light on so I could see my mom lying in bed. I stood at the foot of her bed and just stared at her prone figure. My dick started to rise at the lovely sight before me, so I pulled off my shorts and started masturbating right in front of her sleeping form.

The bathroom light lit up only her side of the room and I knelt at her feet. I looked up at her body and tried to see if she was really asleep. Her eyes were closed and her breathing regular. I looked up the length of her long legs and tried to get a glimpse of her womanhood. As I knelt there admiring my mother’s feet and legs she moved her right leg up in a bent position and I could now see her crotch clearly.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Did she remove her panties? I could not make out any outline of pink undies and I thought I was looking at her hairy snatch in all its naked glory. My mother’s pussy was right there in front of me. I had to be sure so I got up from my kneeling position, with my erection pointing straight out in front of me and aimed right at the object of both our desires, and leaned in above her bed to get a closer look.

I moved up onto the bottom of her bed and crawled ever so slowly between her spread legs. My face was a foot away from the Promised Land and I knew for sure that I was looking at the thick black bush of my mom’s pubic hairs. I leaned in a little more and I could smell the aroma of pussy, sweet fragrant mommy pussy. My heart was pounding bursa escort bayan against my chest with lusty anticipation. My face was underneath the bottom of her nightie and I could make out the bright pink insides of her open pussy lips. I went in further and my nose brushed against her springy pubes. My rigid pole was leaking juices all over her bed. I stuck my tongue out and licked first her hairs and then her moist puffy pussy lips.

I couldn’t help myself any longer; my lust for my mother and my incestuous desire for sexual consummation were uncontrollable. I licked her pussy again and tasted her sweet salty nectar. The unique flavor of my mother’s love juices increased tenfold the other worldly desire which had already overcome me. I pushed my tongue into her soft silky vagina and slurped her juices. I licked and kissed and swallowed and knew in my soul that I was going to have to mount her and feel the muscles of her sex clutching and squeezing the full length of my hard dick.

I softly pushed her nightie up over her knee to her belly. I looked up at her face in the dim light and her eyes were closed. Her breathing was still the same regular rhythm as before. Her breasts went up and down as the air went in and out of her lungs. I climbed fully up onto her bed in between her naked legs. My more than ready cock was at the moist opening of her mound and clamoring for entrance. I moved on top of my mom and my cock head brushed her hairs and with one quick easy motion slid into her wet hairy hole.

Soon I was deep inside of her damp dark garden of love. Her legs spread open and welcomed me home. I had returned to the tunnel through which I had entered this world. I went deep and stayed there as my mom’s legs surrounded my lower back and held me there. Her arms went around my neck and pulled me to her face and she planted a wet sloppy kiss on my eager mouth.

“Oh God, baby. You feel so good inside me. Oh yes honey. Give it to me. Make mommy happy. Fuck your mommy John. Fuck me good. Oh God son. I can’t believe how big you are. Stay deep inside of me. I want to feel you fill me up with your big cock. You don’t know how long I have waited and prayed for just this moment. Every morning I saw your big hard thing standing up straight and tall. I never saw anything so manly and gorgeous. Just the sight of it, and knowing that I made it, made me wet and weak in the knees. I hungered to feel my big boy going in and out of me. And now it feels even better than I imagined.”

I fucked her slowly and gently and with a passion I had never experienced before, moving in as deep as possible and pulling out to the tip of my happy dick and then slowly sliding it back deep within her thrusting hips.

“Oh mommy I love you so much. I can’t believe this is really happening. My dick has never been this hard for anyone. I’ve never wanted anyone as much as I want you. I want to make love to only you. I want to fuck you over and over. Oh mom…fuck me mommy. Fuck me!”

“Yes my baby. I know you love mommy. You are my favorite and always have been. You belong to me. Oooohhh… Honey, keep that big thing moving just like…oooooh…just like that…Oh my…OhhhhhhGoddddSonnn! Oooohhh honey you just made mommy cum! It’s been so long since anyone made me cum. Oh baby. It’s never been like this. Your dick fits perfectly. You’re touching me where no man has ever touched me. Oh God John you are so deep inside of me. It feels so wonderful. We are a perfect match. Mother and son.”

“My big boy is a real man. You’re my man, honey. And don’t you ever forget it. Ohhhhh…That’s so good John. Make love to your mommy. Make love to me John. Mommy made you just for this. I love you more than you know. You belong to mommy. I don’t want you to ever leave.”

“Mom, I could never leave you. Not after this. I never knew what love was till today. You are so beautiful mom. The most beautiful woman I know. I’ll always love you mom. Always.”

My mom had many more orgasms before I finally came deep inside the walls of her overflowing love channel with the most soul-satisfying ejaculation of my life. After that night we remained living together and enjoyed each other to our hearts’ content. There will never be another woman for me after being loved and loving and becoming my mom’s lifelong lover. It was just like she said – I was made for her. No one ever was or ever will be as beautiful as my beautiful mom Joanzie.


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