Molly’s New Life Ch. 1

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Molly swallowed hard, drinking down every drop of her Master’s cum. This was what she was made for, she knew that now. All the time she had been with Josh after the night with Marcus, she had known she needed more. This was it. She needed to kneel at the feet of a powerful Master, servicing him for his pleasure and nothing more. She needed to be treated like the slut she was, demeaned and humiliated if he so wished. She needed pain too! Josh just wasn’t into it.

For weeks she had dreamed of the pain Marcus had given her large tits, to the point where they had ached in need of it again. Josh had tried, but he just couldn’t hurt her, and he couldn’t understand her need for it. Now as she felt Marcus’ cock pushing against her throat, her lips stretched around the thickness of it as she gulped down his precious juices, she knew her tits would get what they needed before too long. Marcus would love to hurt them, that she knew. She felt her cunt tingle as she thought about the teasing he had given her tits, knowing he would hurt them much more now that he owned them.

Her whole body tingled at that thought. Yes, he owned them! He owned her tits, he owned her cunt, he owned her ass…. he owned all of her. She was his possession now, she had given herself to him. Slowly she lifted her eyes to look at him, glad to be his possession.

“That’s it Bitch!” He said, as his hands roughly pushed on her head. “Oh yes! You’re such a good little cum-guzzler. I bet you could live on cum alone couldn’t you?” His hands gripped her tightly and his cock slammed against the back of her throat as he let the last of his cum out into her mouth. “It’s all a cum-starved bitch like you needs isn’t it? It’s all you deserve!”

His cock shoved it’s way down her throat now that it was somewhat softer and she gagged a little. He laughed and pushed harder, stuffing the entire length of himself into her mouth and throat until her nose was mashed against him; his hands gripping hard and forcing her tight against him. She swallowed, trying to breath, the motions of her throat getting more and more desperate as her need to breath increased. He sat motionless, enjoying the sensation, the control… then finally his fingers twirled in her hair and he yanked her had back, tearing her mouth off his cock.

“You’re in for a great life Molly.” He said, looking down at her as he pulled her head back hard by the hair. “Please me and you will get what you need; anger me and you will get what you deserve! Either way, I will do with you as I wish, because you are nothing but an object that I own to have pleasure with. You are my toy, my pet, you do nothing unless I desire you to, not even breath… Tipobet understand?”

She nodded as best she could with his painful grip on her hair. “Yes Sir.” She whispered.

He smiled. This was his dream slave, he knew it. All the years he had been a Master, all the slaves he had owned and trained, this one was the one. He had known it that night at Josh’s. Now he yanked on her hair to pull her around.

“See that door over there? That leads to the dungeon. That will become your favorite place, or at least, your tits’ favorite place.” He laughed wickedly and let go of her air, tossing her to the floor. “Now crawl into the dungeon and I’ll have some fun with those tits of mine.”

Molly crawled to the door and looked down the stairs into the darkness below. Precariously she crawled down the stairs, afraid not to for she had been told to crawl. She would soon learn that she would spend half her life on her knees, walking upright only when he allowed it. It was her place.

Finally she made it to the bottom of the stairs and followed the trail of light into the room she knew he must have disappeared into. She stopped in the doorway, her mouth open wide. His was a well equipped dungeon to say the least! She had read up on this lifestyle a lot, especially after he had come to them that night. She had seen pictures of dungeons, but none as well equipped as this. She had no time to imagine the uses of all the equipment however, for Marcus cleared his throat impatiently.

“I am sorry Master. I was just admiring all your wonderful things.”

He smiled. “You will become familiar with them all, in their turn slut. For now, crawl over here and lay down with your tits through these holes.” He was pointing to a platform in the middle of the room. Obediently she crawled up onto it and lay flat, her tits hanging through the holes in the boards, her head over the edge facing the floor. Marcus fondled her tits lovingly, then began squeezing them more roughly.

“These are wonderful tits.” He said, more to himself than to her. “So huge, so much flesh begging for torture! I am happy to own them.” With that he began pinching her nipples, twisting them, making them tender and sore and ready. Finally he let then go and she let out a little gasp. Oh how she wanted his fingers back, wanted the pain he had been giving her. He laughed at her then. “Don’t worry slut, they will get hurt soon enough.”

When he returned he hooked two thick rubber cords with hooks on the end to two large rings in the floor. He lifted one up and she saw a clamp on one end, just before he closed it over her right nipple. It was tight, and rough, but with a few turns Tipobet Giriş of a screw on the side, it was even tighter. She gasped under her breath and he smiled at her, then attached the other clamp to her left nipple. Without allowing her much time to think, he pressed a button on the side of the platform and slowly it began to rise, her nipples being pulled down, stretching them long and tight, until finally he stopped and tested the tension on the cords.

“Hmmm. They will take more, but for now, I will stop there. I have more to do to these tits first.” As soon as he had spoken she felt the boards around her tits closing in on her, the holes shrinking until they squeezed on her titflesh. Even then he did not stop, tighter and tighter they got, until she could hardly breath from the tightness against her chest. She looked down under the board and her cunt leapt at what she saw. There, as if no longer a part of her body, sat two large, round, dark mounds. They felt hard and tight, and ohhhh so sensitive, yet she hardly felt the clamps on her nipples anymore.

Marcus rubbed the back of his hand over the mounds. “My tits.” He cooed. “So lovely! Objects of pain; such a lovely color!” As he spoke he twisted the screws and suddenly she felt the clamps once again, then the platform began to rise once more. With a wince and a gasp she realized that the rings were not secured to the floor after all, but rather to a large heavy beam. As the platform was lifted, the rubber cords reached their limit and began to lift the beam off the floor until it was suspended beneath her, it’s entire weight hanging from her nipples. She closed her eyes as the pain washed through her, feeling it center itself in her cunt as a growing desire.

Marcus left her tits alone for a moment, and went to the back of her, where he secured her ankles to the platform, stretched far apart, then removed a section of the boards until there was a gap between her legs. He ran his finger lightly over her clit and cunt and laughed.

“So wet my whore. This pain excites you doesn’t it? You need it desperately don’t you? It is what you live for.. that and cum!” He laughed, a loud wicked laugh and she felt shudders rush through her body. She was almost ashamed to think of just how true his statement was; how much she needed this!

His laughter got louder, then suddenly changed to the harsh biting sound of his voice as he barked at her. “Whore! Cunt! Bitch!!!” With that she felt the sting of a whip across her ass. Her body tried to flinch, but it was tied down and all she could do was lift her head. The platform jerked and the cords bounced mercilessly on her nipples.

“Look Tipobet Güncel Giriş at you! Fucking painwhore! That’s all you are! A painslut and cumsucking whore!” Again the whip lashed at her ass, the beam bouncing under her nipples. “This is all you’re good for!” This time the whip struck hard across her purple tits and her head jerked back as the scream rattled from her throat. He was spurred on now, and again and again the whip lashed at her bound tits until they burned like liquid fire below the stocks that held them, her nipples raw and stretched from the bouncing of the beam below.

Her head began to spin, her eyes blur, as each strike of the whip brought another scream from her. Somewhere nearby she could hear his breath, quick and hard, as he enjoyed her lashing; his words as each strike hit home.

“Fucking whore!….. Worthless painpig!…. Good for nothing BITCH!…. Cumstarved SLUT!…” each followed by the sting of the whip and her scream. Her tits bore red welts now showing through the purple from the clamping, and throbbed in pain. She let out a long low moan and he struck her harder than ever. Another loud scream rattled through her body and forced it’s way out her throat, but with it, came her reward. Her cunt exploded in orgasm, so intense she nearly passed out. Nothing had touched her there, but her tit torture had brought her to the edge and over, and now she lay writhing and convulsing on the platform, cumming harder than ever in her life, while he urged her on with more lashes to her tits, fast and furious now to keep up with her orgasm.

Finally she lay limp, exhausted from her ordeal, and he dropped the whip on the floor, quickly lowering her till the weight was relieved from her nipples. He let the clamps loose and she whimpered as they throbbed in pain from their release, then the stocks were eased off her tits and she gulped hard as the blood raced back into them painfully. He undid her ankles and pushed her knees outwards, pushing his raging hard cock into her dripping wet cunt. Quickly he pumped her, his cum spurting almost immediately into her.

“Ohhh yes!” He breathed, as he came hard in his new slave. “Yess!”

When he was finished with her, he bundled her into his arms and carried her out of the dungeon and up the stairs, finally laying her on a bed of soft sheets. He covered her, and kissed her forehead. “Sleep my pet.” He said softly, brushing her hair from her face. “Sleep. If this is the life you desire, I will find you here in the morning. If you are gone, I will know what I give is more than you can bear.”

Her eyes were closed as he left her, pausing in the doorway. He wondered if he had been too harsh on her for her first session, but he had sensed it was exactly what she craved. It would take her tits several days to recover and be torturable again, but in the meantime, he would enjoy looking at the welts on her naked flesh. If she stayed there!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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