Loosening Up Bk. 11 Ch. 26-30


Chapter 26 – Northern California II

The Chase Center in San Francisco was a sell-out – eighteen-thousand-and-a-few-more fans. At one point, Dave told the crowd about the thousands of details it takes to put on a concert and the potential nightmare a performer has regarding all the logistics regarding a concert – the travel, arrangements, contracts, tickets, the band, roadies to help set up and tear down, venues, security, ticketing, VIP passes, and so on. He then pulled KC from the side of the stage and introduced her as his best friend because she handled all that administrivia for him and really for everyone in the audience.

KC blushed, but he kissed her in front of everyone, and then sang a love song to her – John Denver’s My Sweet Lady. KC was reduced to a blushing and blubbering mass of sexy female with tears running down her face by the time he finished. The cameras and the large screens couldn’t miss him telling her that he loved her when the song ended. KC sat off to the side of the stage for the rest of the concert. She was attentive and great eye candy.

The green room was a buoyant and happy place after the concert. About eight other hot women slowly appeared as the band members brought them back to meet the rest of the entourage and to eventually head back to the Fairmont for the After Party. Dave noted that blondes were favored over brunettes; there were no redheads. Also, only one of the eight was probably over thirty. No one looked underage as had been the case when Beth got chosen by one of the guys.

Dave heard one of the newly recruited girls asking KC what the After Party would be like. KC told her, “I’ve never been to an After Party before, but I’m looking forward to this one because it’ll be my first. Everyone fucks everybody else. You got asked for a test, right?”

The brunette with long hair said, “I did. I figured that was why. Is it a drunken orgy with lots of drugs?” The girl sounded worried.

KC shook her head, “No drugs except pot. There is alcohol, but it impairs the men’s performance and the ability of the women to give unbiased consent. These guys want sober partners and unquestionable consent. This is not the stereotype of a rock band After Party, I’ve been assured. Sorry if that disappoints. I’ve talked to lots of the others, and that’s the scoop.”

The brunette looked relieved, “No, that’s good – great even. I don’t drink or do drugs. I was afraid that I’d be the odd-man-out.”

KC introduced herself and found the brunette was Karly James from San Jose. She had a friend named Oaklee Koob with her – one of the blondes, however, Dave speculated that the curtains wouldn’t match the carpeting. They talked about their hometowns and Dave drifted away to the bar to fix his wine cooler – a glass of ice with white wine poured over it. He also got a glass of wine for KC.

Karly was slightly younger than KC – mid-twenties, Dave guessed. She was brunette with brown eyes and a slim lanky figure. She had an angular face with high cheek bones, that gave her a very appealing look.

He noticed KC watching him closely, but he realized it wasn’t just him; it was the entire set of arrangements for the bar in the green room with some hors d’oeuvres. She was making sure everything was as she’d ordered and whether it was all adequate to the occasion. In Dave’s opinion, it was.

After the band declared they were properly packed up, the entire group headed out a side door of the Chase Center to three jitneys that each made a couple of round trips to get everyone to the hotel. Dave and KC waited until one of the last trips to catch the ride. KC wanted to be sure there was no stragglers. As they waited, he assured her that her arrangements were stellar and exactly the right thing for everyone. She relaxed – slightly.

Back in his suite at the Fairmont, Dave got them both replacement drinks at the well-stocked bar. Jack, the steel guitar player, Bart – a backup singer, Oaklee and Karly joined them. They had their drinks and some roast beef sliders and shrimp cocktails, and sat at an island in the kitchenette.

Later, Mick started to circulate through the rooms in the suite dimming or turning off lights. He appeared anxious to get the ball rolling. Dave noticed a barely legal blonde following along behind him. She was only wearing a lacy thong and she pranced on tiptoes as she followed, allowing her generous tits to swing and sway in a most interesting manner. The vista was amazing.

The three girls watched the bimbo blonde with great interest. For a minute no one spoke. Karly finally said, “Is … Is that normal for a party like this – I mean her nudity?”

Jack nodded, “At parties like this one, absolutely. Soon, everyone will be naked and … doing things with each other.”

Bart said, “I’m surprised she’s wearing a thong. Nice ass, though.”

Karly and Oaklee looked at each other with worried expressions.

Dave said in a relaxed tone, “No one is going to force you to do anything. KC, you hung out with this group and me escort tanıtımları last night. Would you care to speak about the evening?”

KC leaned toward the two girls and spoke in a confidential way, “I was worried like you were. I’d been with Dave, but no one else in this group. Not all the guys were there, but most were. I fucked all of them. It was a colossally great night; one of the best in my life. Everyone was considerate and I had more orgasms than I could count. I recommend that you start taking your clothes off and find your inner slut for the night. You’ll love yourself in the morning.” She laughed.

On that note, KC lifted the t-shirt promoting the Dave Prentiss and The Hawks concert tour over her head and tossed it on the counter behind her. Dave had requested that she go braless at the start of the day, and she had. She was also commando, but that was harder to see since she was wearing blue jeans. As the hem of the shirt passed her boobs, there seemed to be a rumble and a tremor in the entire city as they shook and vibrated like large hemispheres of Jello. Eventually, the extra jiggles stopped with her spectacular tits on display. KC gave a coy look to the others, especially Bart and Jack. KC was much more interesting than the bimbo blonde.

Karly announced to her friend, “I’m doing it.” She stood and started to strip. KC had kept going, not stopping with just her t-shirt. Dave helped her out of her jeans. She was not the first girl naked in the room. Oaklee also started to strip. Both Jack and Bart helped her shed her snug jeans.

Karly was talking to Jack and Bart as they all stripped. “I’ve never done this before – been in a group fuck. If I’m doing something wrong you’ve got to tell me. I’m kind of embarrassed enough just being naked in front of everyone else, but I don’t want to also be doing something I shouldn’t.”

Jack said in a supportive tone, “I don’t think there’s any way you can screw this up. Just stay horny and don’t freak out about anything. If someone suggests that you do something you don’t want to do, just say no or not right now. We all understand that word. No one will force themselves on you in this crowd.”

As Jack spoke, he’d moved closer and closer to Karly. Eventually, they kissed and then the kisses got really deep and passionate. It was clear they were worked up. Next to them, Oaklee and Bart became similarly occupied, as did KC and Dave. Each girl was holding onto their man’s cock and pumping it, as they got fondled and fingered.

There was a chuckle and giggle, and Jack said, “Switch.”

Karly and Oaklee looked unsure what to do until KC whispered to them and gestured. Oaklee then flowed into Dave’s arms, looking surprised and very pleased to be with the star of the evening. Everyone made out with their new partners for a few minutes, until Jack had everyone switch again. Everyone was getting amped up sexually.

By the time of the second switch, hands and mouths were coming into play in a major way on various exposed genitalia – mostly, the guys sucking on the girl’s tits or trying to lick their slits. KC wasn’t as shy, so she was also fondling Jack’s very rigid dick and looking quite happy about what was happening to her and what she was doing.

Dave led the other five into his bedroom. KC and Jack immediately took over a large overstuffed chair in the room. KC sat, leaned back, and put her legs over the chair arms and pushed her pussy forward to the edge of the seat cushion; Jack knelt on the floor in front of her and started to eat her pussy with fingers embedded inside stroking her G-spot. KC’s moan let the others know she was pleased with his quick thinking.

Dave and Karly lay side-by-side with Bart and Oaklee. Dave started to eat Karly’s pussy, as Oaklee ingested a good portion of Bart’s hard cock. The slurping sounds were almost humorous, and certainly made Dave smile.

After only a few minutes, Dave saw Karly and Oaklee lock eyes with each other. Karly was in some kind of ecstasy and for that matter, so was Bart. The two of them had even taken to occasionally kissing each other. Suddenly, without a word spoken, there was some shifting around. Dave was eating out Oaklee and Karley was blowing Bart.

After a minute, Oaklee said, “We’ll switch ends with you in a minute. This is kind of fun.”

A feminine groan and male sigh from the cushy chair in the corner made the others look. Jack had just sunk his manhood into KC.

Oaklee gasped. “I’ve never seen anybody else fucking – I mean, for real, other than on the Internet. This is so cool. It’s just like live pornography.”

Karly had stopped her work on Brad to watch the couple. She said, “Let’s switch ends.”

Again, some readjustment took place. Oaklee was loving Dave’s cock as Bart ate out Karly.

Karly soon told Bart, “I’d really like it if you started to fuck me.”

Bart chuckled, “I’d kind of like that, too. I really like you Karly. I just want to make you a very happy woman.”

She gaziantep escort tanıtımları said, “I don’t have much in the way of boobs.”

“Don’t care. I like you, and your nipples are ultra-sensitive.”

After Karly and Bart started to make love, Oaklee decided that was what she wanted. She’d been working on Dave’s hard-on, and just rose and mounted his body, sinking her warm, velvety cunt down on his cock. They all started to fuck.

Jack warned everyone from the chair, “Nobody cum. Hold off. We’ll switch in two or three minutes.” And amid giggles from Karly and Oaklee, that’s what they did. Dave had KC back, Karly went to Jack, and Oaklee started a hot fuck with Bart.

Karly said, “I feel so naughty fucking three men in sequence.”

Jack laughed, “How about all three of us at the same time?”

“How’d that work?”

After a wee bit of planning, the men showed Karly how she could be fucking three men at once, or vice versa. She didn’t want to try anal sex, so she slowly worked two men’s cocks into her hot vagina, and then got mouth fucked by Bart. KC and Oaklee looked on and whispered together as they kissed and stroked one another. The group was laughing, and Oaklee tried the arrangement for about two minutes just to say she’d done it. KC went last and experienced about a hundred orgasms.

Karly said, “Now, I know I’m not only naughty, but also an ultra-slut. I am so turned on I could fuck a bed post.”

“No need,” Bart assured her as he withdrew, “we have no end of men willing to help alleviate your problem. If you want more variety, we can go into the living room. I’m sure they’re swapping around in there. It’ll help you loosen up your thinking.”

Karly didn’t change rooms. Two other members of the band came to the bedroom to relieve Jack and Bart, and to try out the new girls.

Later, KC and Dave both talked to Karly and Oaklee about how to hold the evening in perspective and not get down on themselves for their raunchy behavior.

* * * * *
KC was up early. She padded around the Presidential Suite at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento in her birthday suit getting a sheaf of papers organized. While she worked, Dave showered and shaved. There was a rehearsal with the band at one o’clock, and then the concert on Wednesday evening. He wanted to practice his guitar and KC had arranged for a keyboard to be set-up in the room.

There was a knock on the door, and a muffled voice announced, “Room Service.”

Without a care, KC opened the door and pointed to the dining room table where she wanted their breakfasts arranged. The crisply dressed waiter barely blinked at KC’s nakedness, and then wheeled in the meal cart with their meals. He left three minutes later, but most of that time had avoided looking at KC as she continued to thumb through her papers on a credenza in the living room. Mostly, her back was to him; but then she did have a spectacular ass and legs.

As Dave arrived dressed in the room from the ensuite bathroom, KC sat opposite him and they ate. She told him, “I’m going over the Golden1 Arena to check on details for tomorrow. I’ll probably be all day. You and the band have the ballroom on the first floor to rehearse in both today and tomorrow. There are two men to help the band set up and tear down. Instruments can be left in the room overnight. One of the roadies will also act as security.”

After breakfast, KC went and dressed, spending the requisite time for makeup and perfection of her hair style. She slid all her papers into a portfolio case and with cellphone in hand, departed for the day.

Dave made some calls back to Sarasota. He had a long talk with Alice, updating her about the trip, the people he’d met, and the plans for the rest of the week. She also told him about her long conversation with KC a few days earlier.

Alice gave him an update on EneRG, since she was at work, and then filled him in on what the weekend had been like at the Circle. Dave felt homesick for all his friends and lovers as she went into some detail. He especially missed her, and despite a surfeit of female companionship, felt remiss in many ways as she told him about having spent Saturday night into Sunday morning with three of the college men in the Circle: Caleb, Jay, and Logan.

Alice and the three men had fucked all night long. At their request, she’d kept an endless stream of her pornographic videos featuring Alice Angel showing on the bedroom television as the men tried to duplicate some of the feats in her films. Sunday night, Alice and Julie had been with Owen, and the night after she’d been in Ike Turner’s bed.

Alice teased Dave about being away so much. “If you come back home, you know you own my body. I may even have learned some new sex tricks to please you. I’m pushing my partners to be more experimental with me. Tonight, Larry, JR, and I are going to Rembrandts – that new bar on Pineapple Avenue. It’s apparently quite the night spot in town.” She then teased, gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları “Maybe I’ll pick up some guy and let him fuck me back in his apartment … or maybe just on the hood of his car.”

“How do you find the energy?”

“Well, I do sleep some, but the fucking and sex really energizes me. I’ve been going weeks like this, and I’m not even tired. I do think of sex most of the time, but I’m managing to get my work done, even on only four hours of sleep a night. It didn’t sound like you were suffering too much, though.”

“Are we in trouble? Is our marriage in tact?”

“Oh, God, no. We’re fine, I assure you. I love you. All the other stuff is fluff. You’re the most important man in my life. I’m the dutiful wife watching her celebrity husband gallivanting around the country singing his lungs out and getting laid, relaid, and parlayed. You know I don’t care about that stuff, but I do like being able to sate my own urges. I guess I also like having the variety available to do that in creative ways.

“I guess I should tell you that I also like your choices of women along your journey. Last summer and this summer you’ve inspired a bunch of them to come to the Circle to live and play. They’re all wonderful. I was with Bree and Dakota Sunday afternoon for a while. What beautiful people they are. Erin has two more to introduce at tonight’s dinner: Sam Tilton and Beth Williams – Nikky’s cousin.”

Dave urged, “I’m glad some of them are showing up. There’ll be more. If you feel that we’re in trouble in any way, I hope you’ll send up a flare so we can address the issues before they multiply. I’d stop this trip and concert stuff in a microsecond if I thought it threatened the family.”

“It’s not, I assure you,” Alice said in a sincere tone. “I love being asked about your new career, where you’re singing, and so on. The local paper just did a feature article about you in their Sunday edition. I saved it, and I also sent you the link by email yesterday. And, don’t worry about ‘Us’ – we’re fine. Do you want to go back to the two of us being evangelical virgins that only had sex by appointment on Wednesdays and Saturdays?”

Dave almost screamed, “NO!” They both laughed.

Alice said, “Then stop worrying. Go make love to KC. She sounds nice and I’ve talked with her on the phone about your schedule. Bring her home sometime. Know that I’m trying to arrange a surprise for you. Go have fun.”

They ended the call, and then Dave practiced piano and guitar for two hours. Part of the time, he worked on a new song that Alice had inspired; the theme was about being on the road so much that he got homesick and missed his family, friends, and lovers. He had a quiet lunch in the room and watched the news.

When Dave met up with the band, he played his simplified version of his new song – Homesick The band members and backup singers identified with the song, and soon were joining in and even harmonizing at he sang. The song took shape over the next hour, and Robby Nixx declared the song concert ready after ninety minutes. He promised they’d come back to it a couple of time before actually adding it to their repertoire.

The rehearsal and breaks went until five-thirty. KC appeared shortly after five and sat and listened to the last part of the rehearsal as she sat in a hotel chair. The song, Tucson Flower, was also a new one that Robby was trying to get most of the band members to join in singing. The overall effect was powerful and gave more of a group feel to what would be happening on stage.

KC applauded along with René and Peggy, who’d also come in a few minutes earlier to hear the end of rehearsal.

After they broke, there was a brief discussion about dinner plans, and everyone headed off to their rooms for an hour. Dave saw one man he didn’t recognize come in and ensure that the doors to the room were locked. He briefly talked to Robby about security and then everyone left.

Dave caught up to KC as they meandered down the hall towards the elevators. “How’d your day go?”

“A million details attended to and resolved; I hope. We’ll know tomorrow night.” She brightened. “Overall, this place is well organized. There’s a new guy running the concert; he’s only four years older than I am. We hit it off in a big way.”

Dave chuckled, “Do you want to invite him to the After Party, or even connect with him tonight.”

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“Not a bit. I get off knowing girls I love are having a sexual union with another man or men.”

“He did ask me to dinner.”

“Call him.”

KC pulled her phone and did that magic thing with both thumbs that would be the equivalent of typing five hundred words a minute. There was an immediate response to her text. KC lit up with a great smile.

“He’s going to join us for dinner. I want him to meet you.”

“You should be his primary interest. I’ll appreciate meeting him, however.”

Thirty minutes later, there was an introduction between Dave and Shane Ford. Shane looked as though he’d stepped out of a men’s fashion ad in GQ magazine. He epitomized the expression tall, dark, and handsome. Dave could imagine KC gushing girl juice in her panties over the guy, and could see the lust they both had for each other. He played it cool and made sure to give them room, so they could both talk without him hanging over their shoulders.

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