Living Out My Fantasy Ch. 01


My final Summer at home turned out to be an eventful one. Over the years, as soon as my sister’s turned 18 I’d managed to fuck every last one of them. I thanked God for the small town we lived in every night simply because there weren’t a lot of guys to choose from and my sisters were horny sluts. One by one over the years they took my cock and loved it coming back for more almost every night.

My final Summer though things were different. They were all away at college and had stayed behind that year. I was home alone with my Mom for the season.

Mom hadn’t taken everyone leaving well, and her usual glass of alcohol every evening had turned into several each day, starting earlier and earlier each time. Mom was drinking in the morning by the time I got home for the Summer. I’d usually find her sitting on the porch taking in the sun as she sipped from a tall glass of vodka when I finally got out for the day.

I couldn’t figure out a way to bring up the topic of her drinking with her right then, and frankly I wasn’t sure I wanted to. Mom had a tendency to not really pay attention to her clothes at that point, and it had become entertaining for me at least.

That first morning when I joined her on the deck she was wearing shorts and a t-shirt with a deep V neck. I noticed right away that she was showing off a lot of cleavage, but when she reached for her drink her top shifted and I had one of those big tits of hers completely in view. I could see everything, including the bright pink nipple that topped one of those big DD tits.

Being a horny young guy I didn’t complain at all. I certainly didn’t tell her and ruin my view either. So every day Mom would be sucking down vodka and I would be drinking a pop and staring at whatever she revealed that day.

It was the same when she worked around the house too. She’d at least attempt some housework then, and it never failed. Those big tits would be braless and I’d always manage to position myself so I had a great view of them when she bent over for something.

I had those images running through my head as I lay in bed at night. And yes, being the horny guy I was I would jerk off to them along with memories of my sisters. A few days of watching Mom’s tits though had another thought running through my head.

I was wondering if I could fuck Mom.

Surprisingly that was something that hadn’t crossed my mind before. I was so busy doing the girls that Mom never crossed my mind. She was now though and even drunk she looked really good. She had long dark hair and the alcohol hadn’t killed her figure, at least not yet. She was still 38DD-24-36.

As I tried to come up with a way to bang Mom, my birthday arrived. The tradition at my house was going out to dinner on your birthday, so I was looking forward to that. Mom wasn’t up for it though.

“I’m just not feeling the best tonight Eric. Can we do this another night?”

She meant she was pretty drunk at the time and I knew that. “What if we go to the bar Mom? How’s that sound? Their food is pretty good.”

Long story short I drove us both to the bar that night. Mom had drinks and I had a decent meal. I got her back into the car that night and headed home.

We ended up on the front porch swinging in the swing that night. Mom had a drink as usual as we chatted. Finally she’d had enough that night.

“I’m going in Eric. I’ve had enough tonight.”

“That’s fine Mom. Thanks for coming with me tonight.”

“You’re welcome baby boy.” I helped her out of the swing, propping her up against the wall. “Give me a birthday kiss Eric.”

As she looked up at me I knew I had an opening. So I leaned in and kissed her gently, then let my tongue slide gently across her lips. If she said anything I could pass it off on the booze. To my surprise though she didn’t.

Her mouth opened and her hot tongue slid into my mouth. She wrapped one arm around my neck and pulled me in for a most unmotherly kiss. As I returned that kiss my my left hand made it’s way up to cup one of those huge tits. I got a very nice handful before she broke the kiss off.

“Goodnight baby boy. Sleep tight.”

She staggered inside then, closing the front door and leaving me rock hard and dumbstruck on the porch. I decided to head out then and meet up with some of my friends.

We’d bored each other to death a few hours later so I headed home. When I got there the TV was still blaring in the living room, so I headed in to shut it off before bed.

I found Mom there on the couch out cold. Evidentially she’d gotten ready for bed and passed out watching TV. Her drink was spilled on the floor and she was snoring softly.

I took a deep breath and realized I had to help her to bed. Then I realized something else. She’d changed for bed which meant she either had on a nightie under her robe or nothing at all. I had an opportunity right then and I was going to take it.

I soon her shoulder then. “Mom? Mom?” Nothing. No reply at all. I smiled to myself. It was time to find out what grup seks yapan gaziantep escort was under that robe.

I reached down and slowly undid the tie holding it shut. I watched her the entire time just in case she woke up, but Mom never budged. When the tie was undone, I reached down and gently pulled her robe apart.

I was having good luck that night, at least with her. Mom hadn’t put anything on under her robe, and as the sides parted I got my first good look at those huge tits of hers.

They were incredible firm and full for a woman her age, and as I watched those bright pink nipples perked right up in the cool air of the house. I glanced up, making sure she was still out cold then my hands started roaming.

They slid over those twin mounds and my fingers went up work making those wonderful nipples even harder. I couldn’t resist after a few minutes of fun, so I leaned over and sucked one hard nipple into my mouth.

After a few minutes of teasing those bad boys with my tongue and teeth Mom moaned softly. I stopped immediately, looking up at her face.

Mom’s eyes were closed but she was definitely at least partly conscious. I heard her moan again and then she said, “God it’s been so long. Fuck me Bill. I’ll even suck you first.”

Bill had been my Father’s name. He left us years before and shacked up with a young girl who fucked him to death. He died of a heart attack one night during sex. Evidentially Mom had forgotten that in the state she was in, so I figured why not?

I raced out of my jeans afraid she would wake fully up. Mom’s head was near the edge of the couch already, so all I had to do at that point was tip her head my direction slightly. Then I wasted no time in introducing my hard cock to her soft full lips.

Mom’s mouth opened and true to her word she sucked me in. She was amazing at sucking cock that night. Even drunk on her ass she was the best I’d ever had. I took things nice and slow, enjoying her hot mouth the entire time. I couldn’t cum in it and that bummed me out a bit. But there was always the chance she’d wake up sometime and taste my cum, so I couldn’t take the chance.

I brought myself close so many times, but stopped just short of shooting in her mouth. Finally it was time for the main event.

I slowly pulled out of her wet mouth and reached down to pull her robe away from the rest of her body. Mom moaned as I got my first look at her completely naked. Then I parted her legs gently and moved into position between them.

I’ll never forget that first sensation; my rock hard cock touched the hottest wet pussy I’d ever ran into at that point in my life. I looked down our bodies and saw my shaft ready to plunge into her and had second thoughts momentarily. Then Mom drunkenly moaned, “Fuck me Bill. Fuck that hot pussy.”

That was all the encouragement I need. My hips flexed and my shaft slid into Mom’s hot wet pussy easily. I realized then that I’d been missing out all these years. Sure my sister’s were fun, but Mom was top of the line when it came to fucking.

She didn’t move really as my cock plunged into her hard and fast. She just moaned softly, calling me by my Father’s name the entire time.

“That’s it baby. Fuck me Bill. Make me cum.”

I banged Mom hard and fast, finally seeing her shake slightly under me. That was all I could take and before I gave it a second thought, I’d buried my cock in her one final time and shot a huge load into her pussy. I could just imagine it as it happened; that hot pussy I’d entered the world from years and years before being coated with my hot sticky cum.

I finally stopped moving and heard Mom breathing deeply and regularly under me. She was out again. My luck seemed to be holding that night. As I pulled out, I realized that my cum was a dead giveaway. When she woke up she’d realize something had happened.

As she slept there I got a washcloth and cleaned her up the best I could. I couldn’t resist getting a memory of that night then. As I picked up my jeans I pulled my cell phone out of the pocket and opened my camera app, taking a few shots of Mom sprawled out on the couch naked. A couple of close ups of her amazing tits later, I reached down and pulled her robe closed as best I could.

I hit the bed then, worrying what the next morning would bring. I shouldn’t have wondered. The next morning Mom was out on the porch deep in her cups again.

I walked out standing beside her getting my usual good look at one of those tits before saying, “Morning Mom.”

“Morning Eric. What time did you get in last night?”

Inspiration struck then. “About one Mom. Don’t you remember? You were watching TV when I came in.”

She smiled and shrugged. “I don’t. I feel asleep on the couch last night I guess.”

We talked a bit and I could tell she was on her way to another drunken day. Eventually I went in, grabbed some breakfast and played on my computer the rest of grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan the day. That was the only problem with not many friends being around. During the day they weren’t there at all. If they’d stayed in our small town, usually they were working.

Mom ordered in dinner that night and the rest of the evening was spent watching TV as usual. About 11 she got up and staggered over to the chair I was sitting in.

“Goodnight Eric. See you in the morning.”

She bent over to kiss my cheek and as usual I got a great shot down her shirt as she did. I waited until I heard her door close before heading to bed myself, calling it a day.

Of course that night I pulled out my phone and revisited my adventure from the night before. I flipped through the pictures there stroking my cock until I showered my belly with cum. Laying my phone down I cleaned myself up and drifted off to sleep.

I had the most incredible dream that night. I was laying back and someone was doing a magnificent job of sucking my cock. At least I thought it was a dream. That is until I opened my eyes and saw my naked Mom bent over my lap with my shaft deep in her throat.

I reached down to touch her head and she popped up briefly and mumbled, “Need your cum. Give me your cum Bill.” Then she swallowed my shaft again, bobbing slowly up and down my length.

I laid back at that point and watched as Mom’s hot mouth traveled up and down my length. My hand was on her head guiding her as she sucked me right down every time. I could see my cock sliding between her lips as she sped up. That hot wet mouth finally took me over the edge and I gave her what she wanted. I blew a huge load into her wet sucking mouth.

I watched as she happily gulped down my seed, swallowing until she’d gotten every drop. She kept going then, making sure I was still nice and hard. Then she awkwardly climbed on top of me and slid my cock into that incredible pussy of hers.

She did her best to ride me that night, and it was good enough to make her cum once. I was laying back enjoying the sight of those massive tits bouncing as she fucked me. Watching her cum on top of me was a fantastic sight in itself. Her body shook and her hands went to those huge tits, squeezing them tightly as she came for me.

She collapsed on top of me then and I immediately rolled her over, my cock still buried in that hot pussy. When she hit her back I jackhammered that pussy until she came again. This time though I joined her.

The feeling of my hot cum shooting into her was enough to make her cum even harder at that point. She was gasping for breath by the time I pumped her full and as I slowed down she realized I was still hard and ready to go again.

I slipped out of her, my shaft gleaming with her juices. She drunkenly scrambled into another position, this time on her hands and knees.

Kneeling behind her I thought for a moment and then reached for the tube of lube on my nightstand. I’d jerked off with it earlier, but now it was going to better use.

I lubed up my still hard shaft and then her ass. That made her gasp, and she almost screamed as my cock slid into that tight little ass of hers.

I stopped buried deep in her ass, waiting for her to get used to my length filling her up. It took a few minutes, but eventually her ass started moving against me and I knew she was ready for more.

My hips were slapping against her ass and my hard cock was buried deep in that tight little hole. I reached up her body and cupped those big tits, squeezing them hard as we fucked. I saw Mom’s hand move and realized she was playing with her clit as my cock slammed her ass.

She finally got off, coming under my body once again. I wasn’t far behind, and gave her my third load of the night filling up her ass. We eventually stopped moving and my now spent cock slipped from her ass. I got up and headed to the bathroom to clean up a bit just in case we could go again. I’d need some time to recover, but I figured I had at least one more in me that night.

That became a moot point when I got back to bed. Mom was face down and passed out right there in my bed. I wondered for a moment what to do with her then. As I was pondering my choices I realized something. If I let her sleep there and she woke up with me, maybe we could do this without her being dead drunk. She was incredible in bed totally loaded. I could just imagine what she’d be like without the alcohol.

So I chose that option. I let her sleep, covering her with my blanket and snuggling in next to her to sleep myself. I fell asleep that night with her snuggled up to my back, those big tits pressed against me.

I woke up the next morning to a hand gently shaking my shoulder. I turned over to see Mom sitting there, the blankets pulled up to cover her body.

“Eric, what the hell am I doing in bed with you?”

I did my best to look confused as I replied. grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort “You don’t remember Mom?”

“Obviously not.” With a worried look on her face she asked, “Did anything, you know, happen last night?”

“Well Mom, I woke up to you sucking me off and calling me by Dad’s name. Then you climbed on top and fucked me. And finally I fucked your ass. So I’d say yes. A little more than something happened last night.”

I saw her close her eyes and heard her softly say, “Not again.” Then she fell silent, obviously thinking about what I’d said.

I was still foggy from sleep and it took me a few moments to realize what she’d said. “Hang on Mom. What do you mean not again?”

Mom finally looked up and told me what she meant.

“Your honest sister Mary came out to me when she turned 18.” Mom closed her eyes and sighed. “After dinner that night she came home and had a drink. And then told me she thought she was gay.”

I laughed and told Mom, “Mary was never gay Mom. I can tell you that for sure.”

“How do you know that Eric?”

“Because Mom, Mary and I did the same thing you and I did last night. Quite a bit actually. She’s bi maybe, but definitely not gay. So what happened between you two?”

Mom blushed. “I guess I had a few too many that night and gave her her first time with a woman.”

“That’s kinda hot Mom. So you ended up in bed with her too then?”

Mom nodded again. “How many of your sisters did you do Eric?”

“All of them Mom. They’d turn 18 and we’d go crazy on each other.”

“Really? So Lisa was the first then?”

I nodded. “I heard a buzzing noise one night and Lisa was gasping. So I went to make sure she was ok and found her with one of your vibrators buried inside her. She pulled it out, tossed it aside and I fucked her that night.”

“Damn Eric. So she asked you then?”

I nodded. “She was in my room almost every night Mom doing one thing or another.”

“What about Chris?”

“She was fun. Lisa told her about the fun we had and once she turned 18 she came in wanting to know what rough sex was like.”

“So you showed her. And then Mary of course.”


“So which was your favorite Eric?”

“So far? You are Mom. You’re incredible, and that’s with you drunk on your ass.”

Mom smiled very slightly. “Did I really call you by your Dad’s name?”

I nodded again. “It was kind of weird, but hey it worked for you and that’s all that counts.”

I could see Mom mulling things over in her head then and a question came to mind.

“Mom, why do you drink so much? I’m not complaining mind you. I’m just curious.”

“I started right after Mary went to school. Unlike you, they don’t seem to want to come home for the summer anymore. And it’s lonely Eric. Really lonely.”

“I get that. My freshman year at college I found out that no one dates freshman. I really do get it Mom.”

An idea had been percolating in my brain for some time at that point, and it seemed to be the right time to ask her opinion.

“What if I switched schools Mom? I could transfer somewhere else, and the nearest college to us that has what I want is only 35 miles from here. I could drive there every day.”

She questioned me about the curriculum, and I told her about it. I told her it had been my first choice to begin with, but she didn’t seem to mind then that I attended a school farther away. So I went to the state university to get the whole college experience.

“The point is Mom, I can be home every night and still going to school. And you’ll have someone here again that needs you. The only question after that is what about this?”

I gestured to both of us barely concealed by the covers. She looked a little surprised by my question and then smiled.

“You don’t really think this is going to happen again do you Eric?”

“Too be honest Mom, I’d love for it to happen as often as you wanted.” I saw the look of shock on her face and explained.

“Look Mom. You’re not only lonely, you’ve got needs that have needed attention for quite a while. Why else would you be fantasizing about Dad? I’ll be home every night now, and I’ll be I’m the same boat simply because all the girls my age are either at college or married already. So why don’t we take care of each other?”

That didn’t convince her, but luckily I had something to add to it.

“Besides all of that Mom, we love each other already. We both know we’re never going to have kids or get married, so why not?”

She looked at me shaking her head in amazement. “Are you telling me Eric that you’re attracted to this old bag of bones?”

“God yes Mom!” I stood up buck naked and went to her side of the bed. Pulling back the covers I told her, “Come with me.”

I led her to the full length mirror in my room and stood behind her. “Look at yourself Mom. Really look at yourself.”

I saw her eyes roam over her body then. “You’ve got amazing tits and wonderful nipples that I could spend days playing with. Then that body tapers down to a narrow waist and back out to an incredible ass. What more could you want?”

I moved then, it stepping in beside her. “And besides, look what you do to me?”

She looked down checking out my rock hard cock. That made her smile and her soft hand reached out and wrapped around my shaft stroking me gently. Finally she said, “You’re right Eric. Why not? Why shouldn’t we make each other happy while you’re living at home?”

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