Lick Me There – Everywhere


This is a sequel to The Janitor’s Closet, a story that people either loved or hated with little middle ground. I expect this story will get the same reaction. As usual readers are welcome to leave their opinions and comments and they will not be removed.

If you choose to make derogatory comments about me, women in general or people of other races, that’s your business. Please be advised though that if you do so in an effort to hurt me you’re wasting your time, because I’ve been hurt so badly by someone I loved and trusted for almost my whole life despite knowing better, nothing negative you say will even leave a mark.

For those who read and enjoy, thank you. I’m glad that I’ve created something that makes you smile, hard or wet. It’s fiction for now.


After getting rid of my husband following his unwanted visit, I took that shower that I had longed for, taking special care to make sure I scrubbed all of my soon to be ex-husband’s cum out of my sore pussy while vowing that this was a chore I would never do again.

The image of Dave’s face down between my legs, unknowingly lapping away at a pussy that had just been ravaged by the school janitor an hour earlier, stayed with me. Any guilt I had about that went away quickly because for one thing I had told him I wanted no part of him or his affections and had pleaded for him to leave.

The second thing that kept the guilt away was thinking that maybe he wouldn’t have minded even if he had known. The husband I thought I knew had turned out to be someone completely different, and looking back at the hints he had given me only made me madder at myself.

Who knows? Maybe that porn movie he had me watch where the husband gets this black guy to fuck his wife while he sits and watches was his way of suggesting that to me. That did nothing for me, no more than letting him rope me into that three way with that woman who turned out to be the one he had been sleeping with behind my back. To save our marriage, Dave had claimed. Bullshit, and for somebody who’s supposed to be fairly smart, I had proven to be a real fool.

Out of the shower, I dried myself and nuked a Lean Cuisine, bringing it into the computer room and pecking at it while checking my e-mail. Most of the incoming were garbage, but I got a chuckle at the persistent penis enlargement come-ons. Maybe they were for Dave, I mused. I didn’t need a penis enlargement, I needed a penis.

You just had a penis, I thought as I replayed the events after work that had been so out of character for me that it was hard to believe that was really me in that janitor’s closet, acting like one of those characters in a story at Literotica.

For the heck of it, that got me thinking about checking my special e-mail account that I had used for corresponding with readers. That had been a lot of fun as well, chatting harmlessly with guys like George and Dave and Dan and Ralph and Ed and Aaron, nice folks who would tease and flirt and make my days brighter.

They weren’t all nice of course. Some in fact were so full of hate and bitterness that I couldn’t get mad at them. I felt sad that they got so upset about a woman writing fiction that showed her just as horny and sex-obsessed as as man. Maybe it was my choice of some of my fantasy partners that incensed them so.

Ray the janitor this afternoon? He wasn’t fiction. He was flesh and blood, and while I had felt disgusted about how I had been manipulated into doing the things he had me do, the plain and simple truth was that I liked it. More than liked it. Ray made me feel like I wasn’t a worn-out old woman with sagging breasts and no future, and while I was sore in places I had never been sore before, it was worth it.

The Literotica e-mail inbox contained a few messages from old friends wondering how I was, but there was a message from an address I wasn’t familiar with. These I approached warily because you never know what you were going to find. Some of the pictures and videos people sent me were rather graphic, to say the least, but I clicked on the message anyway.


Hope you get this okay. This afternoon was fun wasn’t it? Too bad we didn’t have more time because there were a lot more things I wanted to do with and to you. Attached are a couple of souvenirs for you.

best wishes,


Chills went down my spine as I read his message, and then I opened up the pictures.

“Son of a bitch,” I mumbled to myself as I looked at a couple of photos taken with a phone or something, and the first thing I thought of was wondering whether Dave was still able to monitor my mail and was looking at what I was.

The photos were taken by Ray while I was – busy. They showed an aging blonde on her knees, someone who I thought was easily recognizable despite the camera angle and the quality of the photo, with an enormous cock in her mouth.

One showed me stretching out Ray’s dick by sucking on his foreskin while the other had my jaws opened Betturkey as wide as they could go, my eyes closed and my lips halfway down the veiny ebony cock.

This added another wrinkle to this drama I had created for myself. Not only did I have to worry about whether my Literotica profile would show up on a toilet wall at work, but now was the possibility that pictures of me sucking the janitor’s cock would appear all over the place.

My reactions were predictable. I was mad, mad at myself and mad at Ray for taking the pictures. Then the anger faded as I kept looking at the pictures, and in the end my hand had slipped inside the fold of my bathrobe.

The final result had me almost falling out of the chair with the frozen dinner plastic dish and my fork bouncing off the computer table while I brought myself to orgasm. Not as good as the ones I had in the closet at work but good nonetheless.

I got myself as composed as possible before typing out a response to Ray, and after a couple of drafts managed to type out something coherent and sent it out. I stared at the pictures for about an hour in hopes that Ray would be able to check his mail, and then his response came.


The scene was like something out of a spy movie, I thought cynically as I walked way out in back of the school to an area we sometimes ate lunch on nice days. This wasn’t lunch time though, it was midnight and there was nobody back there but me.

For the umpteenth time I asked myself what I was doing, having already posed the question several times on the way over, and just like every other time I couldn’t come up with an answer.

Menopause? Been through that. Dementia? I didn’t think so. Middle-age crazy? Maybe, but my soon to be ex-husband used that and I thought that was bullshit then, so me using it would not be right. Full blown insanity? Sounds plausible, but if you’re crazy are you the first or last to know?

So I sat at the picnic table breathing in the stifling muggy air while looking across the field towards the school and waiting for a man who may or may not come after his work shift ended.

As if on cue, from across the way came a tall lean shadow that grows taller and more imposing with every stride. I stood up and waited for him to come to me, wondering what I look like in the dim light provided by the moon and stars along with some illumination from spotlights on the school behind the shadow man.

“Miss Provost,” purred Ray, who seemed to be chewing on a toothpick as he came up to me, wearing the tank-top but having shed the green work shirt in a concession to the heat of the night by tying it around his waist. “Didn’t expect to hear from you so soon.”

“Those pictures,” I said as I clutched the lapels of my raincoat. “Why did you take them?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Ray said with a smile, his pearly white bright in the murky darkness. “You looked amazing.”

“I looked like a slut.”

“True, but aren’t we all? That picture with you trying to stick my whole cock down your throat?” Ray chuckled. “That’s hot stuff.”

“What are you going to do with them?” I asked.

“Look at them. Add them to my collection,” Ray declared. “The collection just keeps growing. I would offer to let you see it, but that wouldn’t be fair to the ladies in the pictures. Just like nobody will ever see yours.”

“Thank you for that.”

“Hell, there’s a couple of your colleagues in the collection.”

“What? You mean teachers from here?” I asked incredulously, my mind racing as I thought of the possibilities, ranging from the interesting to the absurd.

“Like I said, I’m discrete,” Ray said before peeling off his tanktop and wiping his forehead with it. “Hot as balls out here. How can you stand wearing that raincoat?”

“I had taken a shower and didn’t want to get dressed,” I responded as I took a step back toward a tree and opened up my raincoat, wincing when I heard Ray’s laughter as he saw that I was naked underneath.

“You a crazy lady Miss Provost!” Ray declared. “Just think, I was just like everybody else, thinking you’re so prim and proper and here you are flashing your stuff at me out in public.”

I pulled the raincoat back around me but Ray took a step towards me and pulled it open again.

“I wasn’t laughing at your body, Miss Provost. I was digging how crazy you’re getting. No, I like these,” Ray said as he big hands reached down and started to knead my pliant breasts. “So, did you have a nice evening?”

“Not really,” I gasped as my nipples popped out. “The afternoon was a lot better.”

“What was wrong with the evening?”

“My husband was waiting on the porch for me,” I explained while Ray plucked at my nipples. “He was hinting at wanting to reconcile but I wasn’t having any of that.”

“You argue?”

“No, I was too tired to argue. Too tired to fight so when he forced himself on me I let him do what he wanted so he would leave.”

“You Betturkey Giriş let him fuck you?” Ray said, using my sore nipples to pull my breasts upward as he seemed irritated at hearing this. “I don’t usually leave them wanting more.”

“I didn’t want him. I didn’t cum,” I gasped as the combination of pain and pleasure became even stronger.

“Did he know you just got fucked?”

“No. He just climbed on,” I whimpered before adding, “He went down on me first.”

“Oh, he one of those?” Ray cackled. “There’s some lady that I do sometimes. Her husband stands by the side of the bed and beats off while I bang her. One time I let him put my dick in her. Crazy motherfucker.”

“No. I don’t think he’s like that,” I sobbed while Ray twisted my nipples like he was tuning a radio. “But I don’t know anymore.”

“What exactly do you know, Miss Provost? Why you want to meet me like this?”

“Worried about the pictures,” I said as Ray let my breasts ease back down.

“I told you that you got nothing to worry about.”

“I know.”

“So why are you still here?” Ray asked as I felt his hand slide through the dusting of hair around my sex until his digit found my opening. “Oh – I see why you here.”

“Miss Provost, I’m tired. I had a busy night myself,” Ray said while his fingers toyed with my tender insides. “I’m all sweaty and everything.”

“I don’t care about that,” somebody said, although the words came out of my mouth as my hands when my hands went to Ray’s pectoral muscles and squeezed the moist muscles.

“That right?” Ray asked. “Let’s find out about that. Lick them. Suck on them.”

My face was directed to Ray’s nipple and I leaned forward and took the purplish chocolate bud in my mouth and sucked it, and when he told me to suck harder I did. Back and forth my mouth went, nibbling and sucking his nipples like a woman possessed while pawing at his taut frame.

“You a nasty lady,” Ray said as he pulled my face off of his man-boob and grinned at me. “But if you want me to get it up for you I think you got to do better than that.”

With that Ray calmly lifted his arm and with his other hand grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face under his arm, which because of our height differences lined up perfectly.

“Get on in there Miss Provost,” Ray instructed as he pressed my face into the sweaty recess. “Lick me there. Let your tongue slide all over. Suck it. Lick me everywhere.”

I did. Ray’s armpit was sweaty and even though the perspiration was fresh the funk that hit my face made my eyes water. Ray had smelled so nice earlier, but 8 hours of working and fucking had changed that a bit. I wished he had made me do this back then because it would have been more pleasant but Ray didn’t care about any of that and after a few minutes I didn’t either.

“Oh! That’s good. Lick it clean. You ARE nasty!” Ray declared after pushing my flushed face under his other arm, which I licked and sucked on just as I had the other one.

My husband had liked this done to him but this was way different. The kinky hairs that filled Ray’s armpits were coarse to my lips and tongue, but I found myself becoming even crazier as the pungent scent had me humping Ray’s knees and thigh with my pussy while I lapped his armpit from bicep to ribs, even running my tongue along the knife scar on his shoulder before he pulled me away.

“Yes,” I whispered gratefully as Ray pulled my raincoat off me while I tried to get his belt undone.

“Not yet Miss Provost,” Ray clucked as he spread my raincoat over the end of the picnic table and stopped me from climbing on like I had planned. “Want to feel your tongue so more.”

I dropped to my knees onto the dewy grass as Ray stepped out of his pants and tugged down those satin boxers to reveal that incredible cock, which to my dismay was not fully erect. That was a situation I was eager to change but Ray had other ideas as he revealed while lifting his cock away from me.

That was fine with me because I had sucked on his balls before, but after I ducked my head between his thighs and started to gobble on those soggy nuts he informed me that wasn’t what he wanted.

Instead, Ray turned around away from me and bent over the picnic table, resting his palms on my raincoat. I didn’t know what he wanted me to do so he explained.

“Come on you nasty girl,” Ray said as he wiggled his ass while backing it up towards by face. “Need a little lovin’ there too. Get on in their and toss my salad for me.”

“Ray,” I whined as he spread his thighs apart, and from my position on the ground I had a splendid view of the underside of his balls and cock, but that’s not where my tongue was wanted.

“Come on girl. The clock is ticking,” Ray complained after I put my hands on his rock hard ass-cheeks and hesitated. “You know you want it.”

Did I want it that bad? Did I want to please him so much that I would so what he wanted? My face moved closer, so close that my breath was bouncing off the underside of his dangling scrotum, and then I put my tongue on the ridge that ran from the base of his balls and slid it upward.

“Oh yeah!” Ray howled as my tongue slipped upwards toward his anus, and even in the murky light I could see the pink puckered ring surrounded by the ebony skin while I pushed my face into his steamy ass crack before my eyes went past. “Lick that hole.”

Thankfully he was clean but still and all this was an ass I was licking, and with it came the usual tastes and aromas associated with that orifice but I kept licking up and down that same path while Ray howled his approval.

“That’s it Miss Provost!” Ray said as he brought his hands back to his ass to spread the cheeks wider for me. “Get the tongue in there! Way into my bowels, you nasty thing!”

I closed my eyes as I tried to do what he asked, pushing the tip of my tongue into his anal cavity while trying not to think about what I was doing, and I guess I was doing okay.

“Nasty lady with a tongue like a serpent,” Ray announced as he implored me to get in deep. “Reach under there and jack me off while you rim me.”

My hand went under, blinding reaching to find something that was very easy to find, and my hand grabbed a cock that was on the way to being erect. My fist seized his flesh and blood sword and started to pump it while squeezing his balls with a lot of force.

I even started using both hands on that veiny monster, maniacally milking Ray while keeping my face buried as deep into his ass crack as I could, taking consolation in the fact that I didn’t think Ray would be able to take a picture of this.

“Showtime Miss Provost,” Ray declared while spinning around and reaching under my arms and picking me up like a rag doll, placing me gently on my back onto the raincoat while spreading my thighs.

“Tell me how bad you want it,” Ray taunted while spitting into his palm and stroking his swaying erection, making his glans pop in and out of view.

“I want it,” I mumbled, the feel of Ray’s fingers sliding into me making me shudder, my legs up in the air shaking a little as the long digits corkscrewed deep into me.

“What do you want Miss Provost?” Ray persisted. “Can’t hear you.”

Ray took his fingers out of my pussy and began slapping my labia with his cock, almost as if he was trying to make them puffier than they already were, and then he dipped the log into me just a bit before going back to clubbing my pussy lips.

“I want it – want your big cock in me,” I pleaded, and then he started to slap his cock into my fold even harder, repeating that he couldn’t hear me until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Put your big black cock into me, you motherfucker!” I heard myself rant, but while I was shocked at my mouth and my level of frustration, it apparently was just what he wanted to hear.

“Yeah!” Ray hissed as he pushed the tip of his cock into my sore pussy, and he kept telling me what a nasty slut I was while he forced more and more of that huge organ into me.

Ray was relentless, thrusting himself in and out of me so hard the picnic table I was on was inching away from him a little each time. From there he only got more animated and his efforts even got the legs at this end of the table lifting off the ground, all the while I was flailing around trying to claw his chest while I had a series of tiny orgasms that had me shaking and wanting more.

We sounded like animals, with me barking like a seal with every thrust and Ray growling and snorting like a bull while his sweat rained down on me like a monsoon.

“Ray!” I cried out after a few more minutes, although I don’t know why, and his response was to grab me behind the neck to force me to look at his impaling me while I screamed, “Gonna c-c-cum!”

I felt my orgasm – a real one – rising up inside of me, seeming to start at my toes and as surging up through my body, and then as I began to cum Ray pulled out. I forced his cock out, he would tell me later – and then I remember seeing a wave of fluids gush out of me and onto Ray before my head slipped out of his grasp and slammed back onto the table.

The next 30 seconds or so I’m not sure about because I was having some kind of seizure. I had experienced an orgasm like this before once but that was decades earlier. Now I guess I just reclined there and convulsed while Ray pushed his cock back into me and went back to thrusting, albeit much more gently now.

The orgasm, so incredible in intensity and length, began to become painful when it would not stop. I remember begging Ray to stop as my legs quivered over his shoulders, and I was going through aftershocks with my body shaking uncontrollably as I told him I would finish him off with my mouth because I couldn’t take it any more.

Ray pulled his cock out of me slowly, and after it was out I got into a fetal position as the little aftershocks continued to roll through me.

“I came already just before you did,” Ray said as he came over and knelt on the bench, running his hand through my hair while asking me if I was alright.

“Think so,” I said, the word “so” coming out in three syllables while my body went through what I hoped was the final spasm. “What was that? What did you do?”

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