Internal Affairs Ch. 02

Hand Job

Hello everyone, this is part II of my story. I revised Part I, so please read before you read this one. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

No portion of this story may be reproduced for profit without the express, written permission of the author. . . .

This story is a work of fiction. The characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. . . .

The clock on the desk was illuminated with the time of 4:15 AM when a squelch erupted over the Police radio. “Raven 24, we have the target vehicle approaching the location; copy!” It was the secondary Surveillance Team, 3 blocks away, disguised as a Comcast truck. “Raven 24, do you copy?” Cedric, while slightly blurred vision from just waking up, looked at the clock as if in a daze.

“What? What time is it? Oh SHIT!!! It’s 4:15 AM.” Cedric jumped up from his sleeping bag, realizing that he and Cathy had been sleeping for over 5 hours.

Again the radio squelches, “Team 2, Raven 24, DID YOU COPY?”

Still completely nude, Cedric ran over and answered. “Yes. Yes, I copy”

“Is Everything okay?”

“Code 4, Partner. I just stepped out for some air.”

“Copy that!”

Cedric, now fully awake and getting his bearings, realized Cathy wasn’t in the room. While getting dressed, Cedric heard footsteps coming from the stairwell. It was Cathy.

“Ha! Where did you go?”

Cathy held up a brown paper bag. We got too eat, right?”

Cedric sensed she was upset. “What’s wrong, Cathy?”

She responded quickly. “Nothing.”

Cedric could see she was upset, but she wasn’t going to show it, not too him. She’s a 3rd generation cop. In her eyes, it would be a sign of weakness.

“You don’t regret what we did, do you?”

“No, no I just can’t work like this, Cedric.”

“Like what?”

Cathy really didn’t want to talk about what happened. Although this was the best sex she’s ever had, it was wrong. Cathy stood by the big warehouse window looking at the street light that was being distorted by the rain drops falling on the glass. “What happens now?”

“With what?”

“With us, Cedric.” Cathy’s voice was low and steady. Cedric walked over to her and turned her around so that she was facing him. Cedric could tell from the slight redness and swelling around her eyes that she had been crying.

Cedric agreed, “Yes, it is wrong. Yes, we could lose our badges, but I still want you to be my partner. That hasn’t changed.”

Cathy looked at him, and saw the sincerity in his eyes. “Okay” she said. Cedric leaned in to kiss her. Cathy wanted to turn away but she couldn’t. As their lips touched, Cathy opened her mouth to receive Cedric’s tongue. Cathy’s nipples started to get hard immediately, and her pussy started to throb. Her mind was saying no, and as much as she wanted to resist, her body was saying yes in response to his touch. Cedric pressed his body up against Cathy’s. While kissing her, he reached around and grabbed her ass. Cedric felt his dick getting rock hard. He stopped kissing her and demanded, “Tell me what you want, right now.”

Cathy knew what she wanted but she tried to fight it. Cedric grabbed the waistband of her jeans, and shoved his hand down past her panties, and cupped her already wet pussy.

“Tell me what you want, right now.”

Cathy couldn’t help what she was feeling. With Cedric’s hand holding her pussy, she looked up directly into his eyes and firmly replied, “I want you to fuck me.”

Cedric removed his hand and unbuttoned Cathy’s jeans, pulling them down just too her knees. He lifted her up onto the windowpane seat.

Because Cedric had only pulled her jeans down to her knees, Cathy couldn’t see what he Kadıköy Türbanlı Escort was doing when he lifted her legs up. The anticipation was killing her, and then she felt his warm tongue licking her ass. Cathy moaned with pleasure. Her vaginal walls contracted and a single stream of pussy juice escaped her lips. Cedric removed his pants exposing his fully-erect dick, and placed the tip of his dick right on Cathy’s waiting pussy. Cedric turned Cathy’s hips and legs to the right side of him so she would be in a semi-fetal position. Cathy’s entire body waited with anticipation for Cedric to slide his dick inside her.

“Come on, babe! Fuck me!”

With that, Cedric slid his 9 ½ inches all the way inside Cathy’s hungry snatch. Before he could get a good rhythm, Cathy yelled out, “Harder babe! FUCK ME harder!”

As he was pounding her relentlessly, Cedric placed one foot up on the ledge of the window so he could get leverage for getting his dick deeper inside Cathy’s pussy. Cathy could feel her vaginal walls grabbing onto Cedric’s dick. Cedric felt the deep burning in his balls; he was going to cum.

“Oh babe, I’m getting ready to cum.”

“Yes, babe, fill my pussy with that hot cum! PLEASE!”

After a few more minutes, Cedric grabbed onto Cathy’s thigh and waist and let a massive load of hot cum explode into her pussy. Feeling Cedric’s cum filling her pussy, Cathy shivered in pleasure as her own orgasm was again triggered by the force of Cedric cumming inside her.

Cathy didn’t want to admit what was going through her mind, because it was totally crazy. This was not how she wanted it to happen, but it did, and there was nothing she could do about it. I’m falling for him, she thought to herself. Cedric, still inside her, enjoying the warmth of her pussy, couldn’t clear his mind of what he had known the minute he kissed Cathy. This is going to get complicated. The clock on the desk read 6:15 AM, the day shift team would be coming in shortly. They needed to clean up. Cathy, while cleaning herself up, looked a Cedric.

“If this is going to work, we can’t do this here ever again, okay?”

Cedric knew she was right. They are Internal Affairs for crying out loud. If something like this got out, it would be a major scandal. Neither the city nor the Police Department needs that shit.

“Yes babe, I understand.” Cathy walked over to Cedric, smiled, and gave him a kiss.

“Okay then, no fucking on the job.”

They both started to laugh. Sounds came from downstairs, footsteps. The day-shift officers have arrived.

“Raven 24, over”

The Police dispatcher responded,”Go ahead.”

“Yes ma’am, Raven 24 is 10-7”

“Roger that.”


It had been raining all night and was still misting into the morning. A sleek jet-black Jaguar XF was carving a path through traffic on I-94 heading toward downtown, specifically 36 District Court. Behind the wheel was Special Investigations Asst. D.A. Amber Larson. Amber was utilizing the on-board phone system to speak with Tom. “Look, Tom, we don’t cut deals with corrupt cops.”

“I know, I know. But the attorneys for both officers, would like to lessen the charge.”

“It’s not going to happen.”


Amber looks at the on-board clock. 9:20 AM. She’s going to be late. “Tom is there anything else?”

“Yes, case #IA2216, Headquarter Surveillance needs a warrant for a warehouse.”

Amber knows if H.S. Units are involved, then I.A. will be too, and she wants her office too be on top of this investigation. “Who are the I.A officers assigned to this case?”

“Uh, let’s see. Okay, here it is, Detective Cathy O’Malley and Detective 1st Grade, Cedric Johnson.”

Hearing Cedric’s name caused Amber to slightly hyperventilate. “Okay, thanks Tom.”

The on-board Kadıköy Otele Gelen Escort phone goes dead. Only 15 minutes from her destination, Amber started to let her mind wonder. Cedric Johnson; she hadn’t heard that name in over 3 years, and thinking about him brings an uncontrollable desire to fuck. “This can’t be happening,” Amber said out load. The Jaguar makes a hard right turn onto the Belle Isle Park Bridge. With one hand on the steering wheel, Amber starts to unbutton her Vera Wang silk blouse, revealing her 42C breasts neatly tucked away in her black Victoria Secret sheer bra. As the Jaguar rockets across the bridge toward the island park, Amber squeezes her rock hard nipples that was clearly poking through the sheer material of her bra.

As the Jaguar starts to slow down, Amber sees the spot. A grassy knoll hidden by pine trees just off the small road, divided by the nature trail. The Jaguar pulls in and comes to a stop; finally she can address the internal burn that was ignited the minute his name was said. Alone in the Jaguar, Amber pulls her skirt up to her waist, revealing thigh high black stockings and her shaved wet pussy. Amber doesn’t wear panties.

Turning in her seat, allowing her leg to clear the center console to gain total access to her sex, Amber begins a feverish rubbing assault on her clit. “Oh, Cedric!” She moans, easily sliding two fingers into her pussy, she feels her asshole contract. Oh, how Amber loves anal sex. With her head tilted back totally consumed by the simultaneous attention she was giving her breasts and pussy, Amber thinks about the marathon fuck sessions Cedric and she use too have. “Oh babe, oh babe, how I miss you,” she whispers. Her pussy is hungry, its craving more. Amber pulls her finger from her snatch and reaches into the net compartment on the back of her passenger seat and removes a 10″ Mag Vibrator. After rubbing the base against her pussy’s lips, allowing her juices to coat the tip, she arches her back and with one forceful thrust slams the flashlight deep into her pussy. Her action causes a mind blowing convulsion through her entire body; her 5’8 frame went into an uncontrollable shiver. She screams at the top of her lungs “OH MY GOD, I’M CUMMING!!!!!!” Her vaginal walls locked up against the base of the flashlight like a vice grip, preventing it from moving, then rapid contractions resulting in a river of pussy juice running down her snatch onto the leather seat. Out of breath and panting, Amber relishes in the glow of her orgasm. The on-board clock reads 10:10AM, very late.


Beep, Beep, Beep,

Cathy answers, “Hello?”

Don responds, “Wake up, sleepy head!”

“Hi, Daddy.”

“Ha! Want to do a late lunch with your old man? I want to hear how your first day was!”


“I know you can’t talk about cases.”

“Okay, let’s do our regular spot. Say 3:30PM?”

“Okay Sweetheart, see you then. Bye.”

“Okay, bye Dad.”

Cathy rolled over in bed. It was 2:00pm. Okay, I’ve got an hour before I meet Dad for lunch Cathy thought to herself. She thought about what she was going to tell her dad about her first day as a detective. Well Dad, my day was great. Let’s see, I FUCKED my new partner multiple times while on a high-priority detail. Oh, and he’s a black guy, too. She knew that would kill him on the spot. Cathy’s dad is an old school Irish Catholic; his daughter’s behavior went against everything he stands for.

Cathy blocked this out of her mind. What’s done is done; she would deal with it in due time. As she kicked off her covers revealing she was completely naked, the air in the room caused her nipples to swell and get hard. Cathy turned her face into her pillow, her long curly red hair falling over her entire face; she begins to squeeze her breasts and Kadıköy Ucuz Escort nipples causing goose bumps all over her porcelain white body to appear. As she opens her legs, the sunlight streamed through her bedroom window revealed the moisture on her outer lips. Cathy began to think about how good it was to be fucked by Cedric, and while rubbing her clit, she rolls over onto her stomach and lifts her meaty ass into the air. “Oh, Cedric!” she whispered as she rubs her clit harder and faster; her vaginal walls open revealing a wet and pink tunnel waiting to be penetrated. A shiver comes over her as she slides two fingers inside her; she feels her orgasm just moments away. I need you inside me Cathy thought to herself. The sensation to relieve herself came again. This time Cathy rolled back over on her back, with her legs wide open she let the sensation take over. “Oh My GOD! Yes!” Her vaginal walls contracted multiple times, followed by a rush of clear liquid jetting out of her pussy like a broken drinking fountain at the park. While still shaking from the orgasm, Cathy turned onto her side in a fetal position, pulling the comforter between her legs. Cedric, what have you done to me? Cathy thought to herself.

DOWNTOWN DETROIT (Westin Book Cadillac Residential Penthouse)

As Cedric was getting ready for work, his phone started to beep.

“Hello? Detective Johnson.”

“The warrant is ready at the D.A.’s Office. It just needs to be picked up.”

“Okay, sounds good. I will stop by on my way into the office”

“All right, see you later.”

Cedric called over to the 36th District Court.

“Hello, District Attorney’s Office. This is investigator Thomas, how may I help you?”

“Hello, this is Detective Johnson, Internal Affairs. I’m calling about a warrant for case #AI2216.”

“Yes, yes Detective it’s here.”

“Can I pick it up tonight?”

“Sure, no problem. There’s an Assistant D.A. in till 9:00PM.”

“Great, thanks. Bye.”

“Goodbye, Detective.”

Cedric decides to stop and pick up the warrant before dinner. In living downtown, he is only 10 minutes from the 36th District Court Offices.

While sitting at her desk, Amber started to day dream about how great it was being with Cedric. If not for the shooting, they surely would’ve been married by now.

Knock, Knock.

Amber came back to reality. “Yes, come in.”

Investigator Thomas opened the door. “Hey Amber, an I.A. Detective is stopping by to pick up a warrant.”

Amber “Okay. Who?”

“Detective Cedric Johnson.”

Amber’s stomach quivered, her vaginal walls immediately started to secret her juices. “Okay, thanks.”

36th District Court Office Towers

The time is 8:23PM. Cedric is walking on the 14th floor towards suite
00 of the D.A.’s Office. He notices that most, if not all, of the staff has gone home. It is the Thanksgiving Holiday and the court is closed till Monday. As Cedric turns the corner to the
00 Suite’s large graphite-grey marble floor entrance with the double glass doors, he pushes the inter-com button and swipes his Police I.D. card through the reader.

Amber gets a beep signal indicating someone is at the office entrance. As she looks at the monitor in her office, she can hardly contain her excitement and fear. Cedric! she thought to herself. She pushes the button.

After a few seconds the magnetic lock clicks; releasing the glass door. Cedric walks into the office area and notices a woman walking down the hall toward him. But because it is dark with the low-level lighting and just a slight illumination from the exit door signs, it was hard to make out who she was. As she got closer, however, and the unmistakable perfume scent (Yves St Laurent’s Opium) hit his nose, Cedric’s heart started pounding through his chest. His 9 ½ inches of manhood started to stiffen up, and then it happened. Her voice pierced the calm office air.

“Cedric Johnson. Oh my GOD.”

As Amber appeared into the light, a rush of feelings and memories flashed through Cedric like a freight train speeding past its stop.

“Hello, Amber.”


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