I Love You Too Princess Pt. 02


Aidan felt the soft comfortable sheets of his bed around him as he blissfully woke up after a fantastic night’s sleep. It didn’t take him long to notice the delicious feeling of soft lips caressing his cock beneath the sheets, and he peeked at his little bed intruder.

He looked at his 18-year-old daughter Samantha, who was hard at work on his eight-inch erection. She made cute little moaning noises, licking his cock and beginning to move down the length. It seemed like she had been hard at work for a while. He let her suck his cock for a couple of minutes before groaning in warning. Samantha kept licking, using her free hand to play with his balls as he came, shooting all five streams of his hot sticky cum across Samantha’s face, chin and hair. Samantha took the load without flinching, smiling through the sticky mess on her face.

Aidan sighed deeply, resting his head back on the pillow. “Alright Sam, that’s enough,” he said. “I’m starting to think you’ve sucked me dry.”

Samantha giggled, licking his cock from balls to tip. “It’s not my fault that you taste so good, Daddy.”

“Run along now,” he said, ruffling her hair affectionately. “I’m gonna go get breakfast ready.”

The little nude 18-year-old climbed out of bed and skipped to the door, her cute rear end bouncing as she headed for her room. Aidan closed his eyes and lay there silently for roughly ten minutes before staring at his clothes lying on the floor. He got out of bed and almost picked them up, but then he thought: Who the hell cares?

He had been having sex with his daughter almost constantly for the past five days. They had been enjoying the sexual taboo of incest after realizing how each one felt about the other. But sadly, their sexual escapades were about to come to a close: Abby, Aidan’s wife and Samantha’s mother, was scheduled to arrive home late that night from a business trip. Aidan was determined to make the last day count.

He walked out of his and Abby’s room stark naked. Passing by Samantha’s room, he slowly began caressing and jerking his erect cock. The door was wide open and he looked inside. Samantha was still in the nude and lay on her stomach on the floor, watching Netflix on her phone.

“What are you watching, Sam?” he asked, though it was hard to maintain small talk with an impending orgasm. He wanted to pick up the pace, but at the same time he didn’t want to cum again so soon, and run out of stamina by lunch. Samantha giggled and got on her knees, raising her tits and getting ready for Aidan to shoot some more cum on her.

“Not yet sweetheart,” Aidan said.

“Awwwww,” Samantha pouted. She quickly stole a lick of his cock and giggled again as she went back to her phone.

Aidan went to the kitchen and began whipping up a healthy breakfast of bacon and eggs and sausages. He got the orange juice out of the fridge and poured two tall glasses. Setting the table, he shouted for Samantha as he sat down. She arrived, still naked, much to Aidan’s delight. He stiffened his cock and opened his legs.

“Alright, Sam, take a seat,” he said. Samantha giggled and happily sat down on his cock, quickly burying his manhood in her tight pussy. With his daughter straddled on his lap, he pushed his cock forcefully just a little bit deeper. Samantha gave a tiny grunt, and she leaned back, caressing her head against Aidan’s bare chest. Aidan gave her a big kiss on the forehead. “Your breakfast is getting cold, sweetie,” he reminded her.

She sat up and began to eat breakfast. Every couple of minutes she happily hopped up and down a bit on his cock, and he would stop whatever he was doing and put his hands on her waist to pump into her.

After finishing up with breakfast, he picked Samantha up and took her over to the other side of the table. There, he laid her down on the flat surface and opened her legs wide. “Alright, Sam, here it comes,” he said.

Samantha gave him a mischievous look and glanced down at his cock, which was halfway inside her pussy. “Yeah, Daddy, fuck my tight wet pussy. I need a hard, hard fuck.”

Aidan returned the mischievous look and grabbed her around her toned stomach, beginning to fuck her intensely. His shoving was so hard that the table thumped against the wall with every one of his thrusts, the banging sound mixing with the wet sloppy sound of a hard fucking. Samantha began to moan, and he joined her shortly after. Her face suddenly changed to a look of slight discomfort. Aidan had been fucking his daughter for so long now, he knew what that look meant. She was about to have a pretty hard orgasm.

“Don’t stop, Daddy, don’t stop!” she cried. “Fuck me harder! Harder! Oh, yeah!”

“You like that?” Aidan growled, as the table rattled forcefully. “You fucking like that?” He continued his onslaught.

“Ah, Daddy! You’re gonna make me…” Samantha’s breath came more raggedly, and her eyes were half shut. Aidan felt her pussy clench around his cock.

“There you go!” he encouraged. “There you go!”

Samantha aldatma porno arched her back and gripped the table cloth forcefully in her fists. He felt a powerful spurt of his daughter’s cum splash onto his cock as she let out an intense cry, beginning to spasm in orgasm. Unable to hold his own orgasm back any longer, Aidan braced himself. His body stiffened, and he started gasping for breath. Samantha didn’t notice any of this; she was lost in some happy place, her petite body twitching involuntarily as she gasped and moaned, her eyes dancing all over the room.

“Oh fuck!” Aidan yelled. “Here we go, Sam! Here we go!”

Samantha gave a sad little moan as Aidan pulled his cock out of her and went around to the other side of the table, the end near Samantha’s head. He jerked himself off at a dangerously accelerated pace, the friction warming up his length.

Aidan fired off a thick powerful blast of cum onto his daughter’s tits. More spurted out, though with less intensity. It landed on Samantha’s neck, chin, face, forehead, and the last shot landed in her hair. His body stiffened, and Samantha took the opportunity to swallow his cock from her upside down position.

Aidan helplessly watched the bulge in his daughter’s throat as she sucked him off on her back, inhaling his length. He’d given her some tips on deep throating when they had had sex before, and now she was putting them to good use. His cock was buried in her throat all the way down to his balls, which were pressing against her forehead.

She released his cock with a loud pop and came up for air, gasping. Saliva and traces of Aidan’s cum were glazed on her lips, as she gave Aidan a bleary grin. “Holy shit, Daddy, that was the hardest I’ve ever cum!” she said happily. “You fucked me super hard, exactly how I wanted.” She kissed each one of his testicles affectionately.

“I came super hard for you too, Princess,” Aidan laughed. “I can’t move, my body is completely tense.”

“Well, then I guess you’ll just have to sit here and watch me, Daddy,” Samantha said. She sat up and spun around so that she was facing him, and wiped a stream of thick runny cum off her left breast onto her fingers. Looking Aidan dead in the eye, she took some of the cum and began to rub her pussy with it. She gasped slightly and bit her bottom lip, fingering her ass and pussy with two fingers, then three.

To Aidan’s delight, he began to regain some control over his body again. He began stroking his cock to bring it back to full size, though it was starting to ache a bit. It’d be okay though; Abby wouldn’t want sex until tomorrow, she’d be so tired from her trip. He could fuck Samantha all day long. Today was going to be a blast.

Aidan and Samantha stopped screwing around-literally and figuratively-around eleven in the morning. The pair then began the dutiful task of cleaning up the house for Abby’s return. They had the place spick and span by 6 P.M., and no sooner had they both gotten dressed and presentable than the door opened and in walked Abby.

“Honey, I’m home!” she called, in that sing-song voice that was music to Aidan’s ears. He stared at her in the doorway, recalling the first time he had seen her at high school back when they were kids. Her wavy blonde hair fell down to her shoulders, her brown eyes sparkled in the soft light of the kitchen, and her smile glistened a pearly white at her husband.

She was dressed to impress, having just returned from her trip. Her blue knee-length dress was low-cut and tight-fitting, giving angle to her cleavage as well as a suggestive view of her shapely ass. A leather belt was pulled tight around her waist to announce that she was a size 4. She wore a pair of navy blue heels.

“Welcome home, honey!” Aidan said, moving towards her to embrace her. He pulled her close, feeling her body in his arms. There was no better feeling in the world.

“It’s good to be home, Aidan,” Abby said. Her chocolate brown eyes stared up at him. “I missed you guys so much.” She leaned up and gave him a kiss.

“Hi Mom!” Samantha skipped into the foyer and gave her mother a tight bear hug. Abby laughed as she returned her daughter’s hug.

“Well, hello to you too, Sam,” she said.

Samantha looked up at her mother. “I hope you’re hungry, Mom,” she told Abby. “Dad ordered a pizza.”

Aidan noticed that Samantha was back to calling him “Dad” in front of their mother.

“Mmm, that sounds good!” Abby said. “Well, Sam, why don’t you and your father go and get my bags out of the car?”

“Oh, no, I can handle it,” Aidan said.

“Sure he can,” Samantha said, scooting over to Aidan’s side. “My dad is big and strong.” As Abby checked her phone, only paying half attention, Samantha gripped Aidan’s bicep with both hands and squeezed lightly. “Aren’t you, Daddy?” she whispered, rubbing her bare thigh against his groin and grinning wickedly.

The little cocktease.

Aidan headed out the door to Abby’s Prius as ensest porno Samantha skipped away. Grabbing both of Abby’s suitcases, he felt the strain in his muscles as he carried them back up to the house. He felt older every day; one of the perks of having broken the “Big Forty” mark. Now he especially wasn’t planning on sex tonight. After a hard day of fucking his teenage daughter and cleaning, he was ready to hit the sack.

As Aidan came back through the door with Abby’s stuff, his wife whispered in his ear. “I hope you’re ready tonight, big boy. I haven’t had sex in two weeks.”

Aw, hell.

The pizza was great. They ate in the living room, watching some television and asking Abby about her trip. She had uncovered a child labor force at one of the corporations’ factories in Cancun that had broken regulations. With her story set, she’d taken the last few days to be a little bit of a tourist. Aidan was a little dismayed to hear the affectionate way she described her tour guide, Ricardo.

After dinner they retired early for the night. Aidan made sure he was the first in bed, waiting for Abby when she came out of the bathroom. She groaned as she flopped down into bed beside him. “I’m exhausted,” she sighed. “And I’m sore all over.”

“Maybe I can help with that,” Aidan said. He had Abby roll over onto her stomach. Keeping his hands parallel to each other, he slid them down each side of his wife’s spine, massaging all the way down to the lower back and over her ass. Then he slid his hands up all the way to her neck, over the shoulders, and down the arms to the fingertips. He went back and forth, repeating these motions, and Abby was like butter in his hands.

“Oh, God, I’m so glad I married you,” she moaned. Giving out little grunts and sighs every now and then, her noises were getting Aidan’s cock hard again. Amazingly, after five days of banging his daughter’s pussy non-stop, his cock was ready for more.

When he leaned up to massage Abby’s neck again, he let his erection press into her ass. She chuckled knowingly. “Alright, Aidan, I know what you want,” she said. “Let’s see it.”

As Aidan dropped his boxers, Abby pulled her night shirt up over her breasts, not taking it off all the way. In the dim light coming in from the window and the hallway, they appeared in all their glory: still looking pert and young after several decades, and sitting free on her chest without a bra. She lay on her back, and Aidan swung a leg over her, straddling her midsection. His cock was a pillar of diamond, the tip hovering between her breasts.

“Awww, did you miss me, boy?” Abby asked, speaking directly to his cock. “I missed you, too.” She began rubbing the underside of his cock affectionately with the palm of her hand. “I missed your hardness, and I missed your length. I especially missed all that hot gooey mess of cum that you’ve always got for me. I hope you’ve got plenty of cum in there, cause I want to milk you dry.”

Damn, Aidan thought. He didn’t know if he had the stamina for an all-nighter. He’d cum once for Abby, and then fake sleepiness and then they could pick up where they’d left off in the morning.

Abby brushed a strand of hair out of her face, and left her hand up by her face. Using her left hand, she began slowly stroking Aidan’s erection. “Ooh, baby, you’re hard,” she cooed. “I want you to cum so badly. I missed your cum, baby. While I was away I thought about you. I thought about your big strong body and your thick long dick. I needed it, I craved a good fucking. And now you can give it to me.”

She began stroking faster and faster, looking up at Aidan as she jacked him off. Aidan gasped slightly. “Oh, honey, your hand feels so good,” he muttered.

“Yeah?” she asked seductively. “You like that, baby? If my hand feels good, just think how good my mouth is gonna feel, or my pussy.”

Aidan almost told her he didn’t feel up to it, but her hand was doing wonders to his cock and he didn’t want her to stop. She jacked him off at a comfortable pace, her hand never going further than halfway down his length.

She leaned forward slightly, lifting her torso off the bed as she moved her hand even faster now. “Come on, baby, give me that cum,” she begged. “I want you to cum for me. Cum on my face, Aidan. Shoot your load all over me.” She felt his cock begin to twitch in her hand and laid her head back, sticking her tongue out slightly. “Yeah, baby, come on,” she murmured.

“Ohhhhh,” Aidan sighed, as his cock fired away. The first stream exploded from his head and landed on the left side of Abby’s nose bridge. The second hit just below her left eye. She moaned as a third stream pasted her left cheek, a fourth plastered her chin, and a fifth and final burst of seed splattered on her neck.

Abby jerked him off all the way through his orgasm, coaxing a single last drop of cum to the tip where it hung tantalizingly. She then let go of his cock and fell back against the mattress again, her face escort porno a sticky mess. “Oh, God, I needed that,” she said, tasting some of the cum off her face. “Mmm. I’d almost forgotten how good you taste.”

Aidan chuckled. “I could never forget what wonderful hand jobs you give, Abby. That’s what kept me following you like a puppy dog through high school.” They both laughed, and Aidan stifled a yawn. “Well, that was great, honey, but I am dog tired. I think I’m gonna hit the sack.”

Abby suddenly glared at him, annoyance running across her face. “Don’t you dare stop now! I’ve been waiting for us to have sex for two weeks! You know how horny I get! My fingers stopped working halfway through the trip, and none of the dildos I brought did the trick either. I want your hard cock, Aidan. We’ve only just gotten started.”

She sat up and pushed him down onto his back, now crouched between his legs with her face in front of his massive erection. “Mmmm, I remember how good it feels having your length in my mouth,” she said, drawing circles on his hip with her fingers. “And you can deny it all you want, but your cock wants it too.”

She was right; his dick hadn’t gone down an inch. How the hell did he have this much stamina? He’d already cum three times today, and here he was prepping for a fourth.

She opened her mouth and took in just the bulbous head of his cock, letting it sit in her mouth for a few seconds before releasing it with an alluring pop sound. “Oh baby,” she whispered. Wrapping her hand around the base of Aidan’s cock, she began slowly stroking it while sucking on the head. She sucked on the first two inches of his dick, while her soft left hand massaged his shaft.

Aidan moaned as Abby did the thing he loved so much. She sucked his erect cock from top to bottom, swirling her tongue around the entire time. He didn’t have a name for this, he just called it the “slurp” and boy did he love it. She made little noises every now and then, which only made it better.

Abby bobbed her head, taking two more inches in her mouth. She was now halfway down his length. Her mouth was warm and wet, and the saliva that was coating his dick was thick and slippery. She released his dick and used her hand to spread her spit down the rest of Aidan’s cock, as she looked him in the eye and grinned wickedly. “You’ve got more cum in there, baby,” she said seductively. “I’m gonna get it out in just a second here. You wanna try my throat next?”

Aidan grinned back, a wicked plan forming in his mind. “You haven’t taken my whole length in at least a month. Think you can handle it?” he said cockily.

Abby replied by swallowing his length, gagging once she got down to the seven inch mark. She pulled out and drew a shaky breath.

“How’s that?” she asked.

Aidan was close to cumming, but he hid it with a shrug. “I’ll give you that one as a warm-up. Try again. Take a deep breath this time.”

Abby braced herself and went down on Aidan’s cock hands-free. When she had almost completely swallowed him, he reached up and put his hands on the back of her head, groaning as he pushed her mouth down to almost the base of his shaft. His cock filled her throat, and he felt the warm fleshy walls of her esophagus wrapped around the head of his dick. He held her head down as he thrusted, gentle at first then more forcefully.

Abby, to her credit, stopped making surprised gulping noises after five pumps. She held still, relaxing her throat so Aidan’s length could slide in and out relatively easy. Aidan pumped into his wife’s mouth as the pressure built in his balls. He groaned, and pushed Abby’s head all the way down.

Abby moaned softly in surprise as her lips and nose came into contact with Aidan’s velvety blonde pubic hair. The cock in her throat shot another load of cum down into her stomach.

Aidan waited until his orgasm was over, and quickly pulled Abby’s head off his dick. She gasped for air and stared blankly at Aidan, eyes half closed, breathing heavy, cum hanging out of the corners of her mouth.

“I take it back,” Aidan said. “You can take it all.”

Abby chuckled. “I’m gonna kill you for surprising me like that,” she growled, climbing on top of Aidan. His hand stroked her cheek. Her fingers trailed along his chest, and the soft touch electrified him. Aidan dipped his head down and grazed her neck with his lips. Abby leaned forward and gave his ear a light lick.

Their hands traveled aimlessly all over each other. She ran her fingers through his hair, and he rubbed his erect dick against her smooth stomach. She bit his fingers lovingly; he licked her breasts, gently rolling his tongue across his nipples. She reached around and cupped his balls while he stuck his tongue inside her mouth and found her tongue.

Abby finally spoke. “As much as I like foreplay, I didn’t spend all my nights in Cancun thinking about you caressing me.”

“What did you think about?” Aidan asked, though he could guess the answer.

Abby grinned wickedly at him. “I thought about tonight, the night I got home from my trip. You’d give me the hardest fucking of our married life. We’d try every sex position in the book, cause we’d be so horny. You haven’t been beating your dick in the shower while I’ve been gone, have you?”

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