Hubby’s Quirks


Anyone who has ever been to Oak Cliff south of Dallas, knows that it is a very mixed area. At the southern end, it is very poor, and mostly black. On the north side nearer to downtown Dallas, there are some affluent areas.

I grew up on the south end, and I’m not black. In the late sixties and early seventies, this was not a good thing. I attended Harrell Budd elementary school, Boude Storey middle school, and South Oak Cliff high school (which I didn’t finish).

I joined the marching band, because it could replace the gym requirement. Having been in the showers with the black guys, well let’s just say I didn’t measure up.

I met my future wife while we were in eighth grade. In most of our classes we were the only white kids. These were turbulent times, with racial unrest all around the country. Most days there was someone getting beaten or stabbed, or worse.

We married at 16, (yes she was pregnant) and we dropped out of school. We were very much in love, and knew it would be hard going, but we would make it. Our son was born when we were 17, and living in a rented mobile home. With no help from our families, we had to work hard just to stay afloat. I worked 15-20 hrs a day at convenience stores and fast food places. I studied a trade and eventually got a good job.

Of course you wouldn’t be reading this, if that was all there was to the story. Yes, while in gym class I was profoundly impacted by the difference in not only the color, but particularly the size of the black boys. Ok, … the size of their cocks. I also had a very dear friend that was black, and huge in that department.

Before I met my wife, Sue, I had a few girlfriends. In those days sex was easy to come by. ‘Make love not war’ and all that. So I wasn’t a virgin when I met her. Late at night, while I stroked my cock, I would be thinking about which ever girl I was seeing at the time and what I would like to do with her. Invariably, somehow my friend would come to mind and replace me in my fantasies.

After marriage, my fantasies didn’t change much. While making love to my wife, or masturbating, (we all still do it even though we are married) the image of a black guy fucking her always got me off quickly. I never mentioned it to her, even when we talked about such things.

As I said, I worked hard, made some good investments, started my own business, and did quite well for myself. We moved to north Dallas, in a very nice area (I wont say where, cause we still live there). Our son grew into a very nice young man, and went away to college in Austin.

There we were, mid thirties and empty nesters. Still young enough to enjoy life and the money to do it. So we did. Weekends to Vegas twice a year, and two week vacations in the summers. Which brings up a question. Why is sex better when your on vacation? Less daily pressure, or less inhibited, or what?

It was on one of the Vegas trips when I finally told Sue about my fantasies. To say that she was surprised would be an understatement.

“You really think about me making love to a black man?”

“Well, early on, it was Robert Williams. You remember him, my friend that overdosed back in 74. Since then it has been faceless random black guys with big cocks.”

“So you think it’s true what they say, about black men having bigger cocks than white guys?”

“From what I remember back in gym class, even in middle school, it was definitely true. That’s why I dropped out of gym.”

She put on her playful face and said “ah, was my widdle boy embarrassed by his widdle dickie?”

“Embarrassed? A little I guess, ashamed too. For all us white guys. You didn’t see the way they swung back and forth as they walked out of the shower. I was lucky if mine even bobbed up and down a little.”

“You don’t have to worry, darling, you are man enough for me. You always get me off. Sometimes with your dick, sometimes your tongue, sometimes your hand, but you always make sure I enjoy myself. It’s one of the things I love about you, your determination in the bedroom.”

“Thanks for your vote of confidence. Now get dressed, we have tickets for the dinner show in an hour.”

That night in bed, I went down on her for her first orgasm, and then was just getting my dick into her when she said ” Yes … fuck me with that big black cock.” Sue is usually very reserved, so this shocked the shit out of me. To be more precise, it shock the cum out of me. I unloaded instantly.

“Wow, that really does excite you.”

“I told you it did.” I panted. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I have never cum so quickly. All she had to do is mention black cock in her and it was over. How was this going to affect our lives?

The next day, we were lounging at the beautiful large pool they had at our hotel. I was having tea, I don’t drink, she was on her third pina colada, when a well built black man walked by wearing a less than adequate swimsuit. “Mm mm.” was all she had to say to make me have to turn over to hide my hard on.

“Really Sue?… Bostancı Esmer Escort Is that how it’s going to be?”

“Hey, girls have fantasies too, you know.”

“I thought you said I was enough for you.”

“Just because I drive a nice fast sports car, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a big S.U.V. once in a while.” Where does she get this shit? Ok, maybe I was a bit fast last night, but really!

We had a leisurely dinner and some gambling before heading back to our room. I was up a little from the tables so I was in a good mood. She showered first and then I went in. I put on one of those plush robes they provide in Vegas, and entered the bedroom. “Look, Hun, you were right.” she said pointing at the television screen.

She had put on the porno channel, and there it was in all its glory, a black man with a huge cock fucking a white girl brainless. Believe it or not, this was the first time I had ever seen such a thing. I wasn’t aware that there was interracial porn. Had I known, I certainly would have been a follower long before.

Instantly there was a tent in the plush robe. Of course, Sue noticed right away and took full advantage of it. She took me into her mouth and I shot my load, setting a new record for limp to ejaculation. Sue continued to suck me and I never went soft. Just staring at the screen and living in Dreamworld. She pulled me into her pussy, and as I watched more of the porn, came again. She seemed to be delighted to have this power over me.

That was our last night in Vegas. Since returning home, she has continued to taunt me with interracial themes in the bedroom. Not always, but when she does, our love making is outrageous. I always cum twice, once quickly, and then on to round two without a break.

She talks about finding a black boy toy, or about the black neighbor. She has even gone as far as suggesting I buy her a black dildo to play with. I didn’t.

The following summer, we (she) decided to vacation in Jamaica. Our son and his roommate met us there for the first week, then they were headed to Paris with his roommates parents. We stayed an additional week.

We had excellent accommodations, a beautiful, two bedroom villa. Complete with private patio and hot tub, built in bar, maid service. The works. The boys had a great time chasing girls and fishing and beach stuff. We also had a good time, fun in the sun and party at night.

After the boys left, we continued on our vacation. We had romantic dinners. Midnight walks on the beach. Our personal hot tub play (they are going to have to sterilize that tub)

We were lounging poolside one afternoon, when from behind me came a rather deep voice. “Missy Sue, ya look wonderful!” I probably didn’t mention that my wife is very attractive. She works out at a gym several times a week and keeps her hair and nails done as well. While we have been here she has taken advantage of the on site gym as well.

“Hi James. This is my husband, Rick. You look pretty good yourself. Honey, this is James, he is the trainer at the gym.” before me was a living stature of an African god. Powerfully built, tall, uniquely handsome. When he shook my hand, his hand swallowed mine it was so large.

“Ya should wear dat bikini to the gym tomorrow.” James said with a sly grin. Sue usually wore sweats to the gym, this is probably the first time James could see how toned she was.

“Not going to happen, James, but you keep on dreaming.” Was Sue actually blushing? She was! I could see her chest turn crimson as she spoke. Then she sort of giggled and twirled her hair. What the fuck?

“He seems to like you.” I said after James left. “He’s quite good looking too.”

“So I noticed. He’s also quite well hung.” I was a little taken back by that statement from Sue.

“How, pray tell, do you know that?”

“He wears spandex a lot at the gym, and sometimes loose shorts. When he ‘spots’ me, I’m more less looking up his pant leg. The spandex leaves little to the imagination, the loose shorts leave nothing to imagine, if you know what I mean.”

I was traumatized. My almost saintly wife had been looking at another mans cock! A black mans big cock! A BBC!! Traumatized and hard as a rock.

“So, do you always go around looking at men’s crotches?”

“Not usually, but lately more so.”

“Why lately?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I’m hitting my sexual peak or something. Lately men’s equipment just interests me more.”

I had to let the subject drop so I could get my dick to subside. I certainly planned to bring it up again in the future, though.

Back in our room that night, I was just starting to work on her breast, when she brought it up. “Did you mean what you said about James liking me?”

I was rather busy, and not really paying attention, and just mumbled an affirmative “mhmm.”

“I think you’re right. He is always making mildly suggestive remarks to me. A couple of times he ‘accidentally’ rubbed that big thing against me.” Now she had Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort my attention.

“Really? You felt it on you? Was it hard?”

“Yes, yes, and no. It wasn’t hard but it was bigger than yours.”

I didn’t even check to see if she was wet. I just jumped on and in her and came instantly.

“Well, that was quick. Maybe I should get James to come finish what you started.” That got me going again, so I started to thrust into her more. “You like that idea huh? You’d like a big black cock fucking me wouldn’t you?” I nodded into her neck and kept on pumping her. “Would you like James to see me naked?”


She began to hump up into me. “Would you like it if I sucked his big black cock in front of you?”


“Do you want me to let him fuck me?”

That did it. I came again. “I take that as a yes.”

I was totally wasted. Laying on her panting. My mind in a whirlwind. What had I just agreed to? Did I really want this? Better question is, did she want this?

“This really gets you going, doesn’t it?”

“Evidently. You know it’s been a fantasy for me forever. I don’t know if I really want it though.” She was quiet for a moment then she really threw me.

“I would, you know. If you really wanted me to. I’m not sure if I could otherwise, but if you want it, I would do it for you.”

“I just don’t know about that. I mean, it’s a great fantasy, but how will it affect our marriage?”

“Rick, I love you dearly. Always have. I don’t want anyone but you, but I will do anything to make you happy. If you want this, I will do it. Hell, I might even enjoy it. But, if you say no, that’s fine with me too.”

I was dumbfounded. I knew she loved me, she had always been the perfect wife and mother. This though, went above and beyond. Could I handle it. I know I want it, but she had always been mine. Would that change.

After breakfast the next morning, I stopped by the spa to check on getting a massage. Leaving the spa, I had my head down examining their brochure. When I literally ran into James. It was like hitting a brick wall. Stunned, I stepped back to apologize, when I realized who I hit.

“Excuse me, James.” Then my eyes went right to his spandex incased crotch. There it was, an eight inch coiled Jamaican snake. I could only imagine how big it would be hard. When I finally tore my eyes away and looked at his face, he had a knowing look in his eyes.

“Ricky, good to see ya mon.” I don’t like being called Richard, Ricky is even worse. I don’t know why, but my eyes went right back to the snake. “Tell dat beautiful womon of yas, to stop at da gym latah.”

“Uh … Yeah , sure, James. She will probably be in sometime today.” I said looking up again. He was grinning like he won the lottery.

Back in the room, Sue was already dressed for the gym. “Hi honey, I was just on my way out. Did you check on a massage?”

“Yes, I have an appointment later for it. I ran into James on the way back. He said for you to come by the gym, I told him you would.”

“That’s odd. He knows I have an hour booked with him in just a few minutes.” She came up to me and started rubbing my chest. “What was he wearing?”

I choked out “Spandex.”

“Mm, I love it when he wears spandex. Did you see his crotch?”

“How could I miss it? It was like he had a python in his pocket.”

“Yeah, I know. See you later.” she leaned in and gave me a kiss, making sure I could feel her C cup breast against my chest. Then she left. It felt like she wasn’t wearing a bra. Or was it just my dirty mind at work?

A few minutes later the phone rang. It was the spa telling me that the masseuse called in sick. I was kind of glad, because I probably wouldn’t be able to relax and enjoy it anyway. So I took a shower and waited for Sue to return from the gym. I was sitting in the plush robe again, looking over some tour info when the door opened.

Sue entered, being carried by James. “Hi, Rick. I stupidly twisted my ankle stepping off the treadmill.”

“Are you alright?”

“Yes I’m fine. James insisted on carrying me all the way here. Can you believe how strong he is.?” He sat her on the bed, and when he raised up, the python was uncoiled. Completely. She had to have felt it while he carried her. It was directed up and to the side, or it would have came out his spandex shorts. It went up past his hip bone and slightly around the corner, only it didn’t bend well. I just stared, totally awestruck, and tented the plush robe. Again James gave me a knowing look.

“Should I call a doctor or something?”

“No, dear I’m fine really. But I could use some Tylenol, and maybe a bandage.”

By the time I got dressed, located the painkillers and bandage, and returned, almost an hour had passed when I reentered the villa. Sue and James were in the hot tub. “Ah … that feels so good. Yeah right there.” I looked in and James was sitting opposite Sue in the tub, obviously rubbing the sore ankle. Bostancı Evi Olan Escort “Dear, did you get the Tylenol?” I handed her two extra strength Tylenol, which she washed down with some wine they were drinking.

“James made a wonderful suggestion for my ankle. Hot tub and wine.” I was somewhat relieved to see that she was wearing her swimsuit, even if it was the one that James had liked. Although, with the bubbles, I could only see her top half. “Join us.”

“Uh, no thanks, I will wait inside for you.” I had to get away before James saw my hard on again.

After a couple of minutes I was deliberating on going back out there, but I didn’t want it to seem like I didn’t trust her. Just as I made my mind up, I heard them getting out of the tub.

“James, you don’t have to carry me. OH JAMES! I didn’t know you had nothing on under those bubbles.” They came in wearing robes and James carrying Sue again. Only this time, it was obvious that James was very erect, and the expression on Sues face told me she had seen it.

He laid her on the bed again, and leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips. Sue looked like she was still in shock over seeing the python in all its glory. After the kiss, James went to the bathroom and retrieved the complimentary lotion, and began rubbing it on her ankle. The whole time his cock was quite visible. Actually, there was no way to hide it. Sue looked at me, then down at my noticeable excitement. I was just watching it all unfold like a movie.

As he rubbed her leg, he pulled on either side of her robe and it opened for him. James moved up from her ankle, to kiss her again. He managed to get her shoulder straps off without either Sue or I noticing, and soon was sucking her left nipple. This caused Sue to moan and close her eyes, but not before seeing me stroking my cock through my pants.

I was beside myself. I couldn’t move. I was terrified and yet I was dripping precum in my boxers.

“Ricky mon, gimme a hond.” I suddenly realized, he had the bottom of her bikini half way to her knees. I glanced at Sue’s face to see her nodding at me. I reached over and finished removing her bikini. She spread her legs, and James insinuated himself between them and continued to nuzzle her breast. Sue then peeled the robe from his shoulders and off him.

What a magnificent specimen of manliness. He was ripped from head to toe. James began to kiss her and dry hump against her pussy. I could just imagine that cock running from tip to balls, between her labia. Sue was squirming about and reached both hands around his neck, as he made meal of her lips and breast.

“If ya want it missy, ya have ta do it yaself.” Sue looked at me. I was standing there with my first load dripping from my fingers and working toward my second.

“Ricky wants this for ya too, missy.” He was right. I wanted it too. I can’t remember wanting something so much. Sue must have read it in my face, because she reached between their bodies and grabbed his cock. He had to raise his ass, so she could put where it belonged. I could see her small white hand not quite encircling his magnificent weapon. She rubbed the pinkish black head over her pussy to moisten it, then placed it at her opening.

James took it slow, knowing this was a first for her. He would push in a little then withdraw some then push a little further. It was agonizingly slow going, but I could tell Sue was loving it. He wasn’t half way in when she had her first orgasm. James just kept feeding it into her.

She raised her knees up and placed her heels on his ass. Virtually giving herself completely to him. He took full advantage too, finally impaling her on his entire cock, as her second orgasm hit her. She started this staccato O-O-OH sound with almost every thrust he gave her.

“Missy’s liking this Jamaican licorice stick now.” James opined. I had to agree, it sure appeared she was loving the shit out of it. I could see her belly ripple as that huge head moved in and out under the surface. Then I watched his ass pump up and down, flexing a little extra at the end of his down stroke, to be sure he was giving it all to her. Giving her pussy just what it needed. That caused my next load to shoot all over the bed.

James hooked his arms under her knees, and pushed them toward her chest. I think he wanted me to see what was happening to her little pussy. Her outer lips were stretched around that phallus, and the inner ones were moving in and out of her with it.

Sue was still making that staccato noise, but now after every ten or twelve strokes she would go AAAAHH. She was on a constant orgasmic high. I had never seen her like this.

“I’m about to plant mah seed in ya missy. Ya want it dancha?”

“Oh yes James. Give it to me. Oh God… Oh God… Oh God!” she was screaming as she felt each stream launch into her womb. I couldn’t imagine how much potent sperm she was receiving.

James finally collapsed on top of her. Their breathing was ragged. Her eyes were closed and she had her hand on my dick. I hadn’t noticed when she had done that.

James, after some time, extricated himself from her pussy. It seemed to take forever to be completely free. It was as if her pussy didn’t want to let it go, and I’m sure it didn’t. Hanging limp, covered in their juices, it was still magnificent.

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