Holiday Abbie


“Just arrived?”

The voice came from my right as I took a sip from my drink.

“Yes,” I replied, “I’ve been sent down here to allow the wife to empty the cases and get things straightened out.”

“Been there, always the same routine.”

He introduced himself as Jason with an outstretched hand.

“Ally,” I replied as we shook hands.

“How are you finding the hotel?” inquired Jason.

“It’s lovely, exactly as advertised.” I replied, “Relaxed, clean, friendly staff. We’re just waiting to try the food later.”

“You won’t be disappointed, it’s lovely. We come here two or three times a year. Have done for a few years now. Same room every time now. It gives us everything we need.”

As we swapped life stories a couple of giggling teenage girls walked past unaware of the two middle aged men who were admiring their toned figures, youthful breasts….thinking of what they’d do to them – given the chance.

“Nice,” whispered Jason.

“This is a great seat,” Jason replied. “You see them all passing by. There are some beautiful specimens this week, stunning.” Jason was a man of my own heart.

As we continued admiring the view I noticed a familiar figure in the distance, Abbie, my wife of 32 years. She gave me a shy wave as she spotted me and headed over.

“Now this is more to my liking! Ally, red bikini to your right.”

I smiled as Abbie walked over to us, wearing a skimpy two-piece red bikini with a light wrap round her waist. She looked amazing as the bikini allowed you to see her well-shaped body. Abbie didn’t do gyms or keep fit classes, but she still had an amazing body. Slim, with average sized breasts and curves in all the right places.

“This is my wife Jason,” I laughed as Jason’s face reddened, “Abbie, this is Jason.”

“Lovely to meet you Abbie, oh, and apologies Ally, I didn’t realise.” he tailed off, embarrassed.

“No problem Jason, I’m just glad you appreciate the same qualities that I do.” I winked.

“Is it too early for drinks – shall I get a round in?” Jason asked. Probably hoping to get away from the confused Abbie.

We gave our orders and off he went to the bar.

“What was that all about?” Abbie asked, confused.

I explained what happened and she just smiled and shook her head.

As Jason returned with the drinks Abbie teased, “You’re not so bad yourself Jason.”

I admired my somewhat emboldened wife. It wasn’t like Abbie to be so forthright, she normally preferred to remain in the background when in a group. But I often see a different side to Abbie when we’re on holiday. Away from the usual daily grind it’s as if she reinvents herself. I love it.

As we drank Jason announced, “Hold on, here we go, the duchess has arrived,” and nodded in the direction of a thirty something who was heading our way wearing a three-quarter length white lace kaftan which highlighted her beautiful shoulder length auburn hair.

“Folks, allow me to introduce my partner, Alison. Alison, this is Abbie and Ally.”

We shook hands and Jason headed off to get another round of drinks.

“Jason says you’re regular visitors to this hotel?” I asked

“Yes, we keep coming because it seems to attract nicer people, no noise, parties, riff-raff. Just folks who want a nice relaxing holiday and maybe something else.”

I didn’t know what the ‘something else’ was, but from early impressions it did seem really relaxed.

Jason came back with the drinks and suggested we take them out to the poolside and take advantage of the lovely sun that was breaking through the clouds. As we walked out, I followed Alison and I was thinking about what was under that kaftan. Abbie was already out searching for an ideal spot and gestured us over to a table just under a tree with four loungers.

“Here you go, Alison!” She pointed to a lounger one in from the end. “And this one is for you, Jason!” The girls were on the inside, with the guys on the outside.

As the girls chatted, they both brought out their sun cream and started rubbing it on their legs. Jason and I just sat back and relaxed. Well, I wasn’t really relaxing, I was patiently waiting on Alison removing her kaftan!

In an almost synchronised movement both girls stood up and without breaking their chat they slipped off their coverings.

I couldn’t see Abbie or Jason as my view was blocked by the most tremendous looking arse I’ve seen up close for many a year. Tight cheeks slipped out either side of a bikini bottom that strained to fulfil its task. Alison wasn’t much taller than Abbie, but her legs seemed longer. Tight calf muscles suggested she worked out, and I followed a line from her ankles to her butt cheeks.

I found myself nodding in approval, Alison was a fine specimen.

As she stepped to the side to put the kaftan over the back of the lounger, Abbie came into view and I could see her looking directly at me. As I looked away in embarrassment at being caught, I could see Jason staring equally as impressed at my wife’s butt!

I felt escort videoları a little aroused at the thought of some other man admiring my wife and was wondering if he was getting turned on at what he was seeing?

Abbie’s butt wasn’t as tight as Alison’s, but I’ve always found it inviting. My biggest regret is Abbie simply won’t entertain anal, oh how I would love to part those cheeks and plunge my erection deep inside her. Jason was possibly thinking the same.

The girls sat down and continued their chat and rubbing in the cream.

I watched Abbie rubbing the cream on her shoulders and then she looked at me and started working her hand down inside the cup of her bikini top. Almost scooping out the breast as she covered all the skin. One breast done she repeated the same on the other breast never taking her eyes off me. When she finished, she gave me a little smile and a wink. Teasing bitch, if only she knew what was now going on in my shorts!

And then, this quiet little shadow of a woman who loves to stay in the background – except on holiday – turned round and handed the sun cream to Jason and asked if he’d rub some on her back.

She turned round to face Alison and I and closed her eyes slowly as Jason caressed the cream into my wife’s back. I looked at Alison to see what her reaction would be to seeing her partner rubbing suncream into another woman’s body – and she just sat there, almost stunned I’d assumed as her arms dropped to her side. A split second later she spun round and handed me her sun cream and teased, “Abbie isn’t the only person who likes another man to rub cream onto her.”

I gladly took up the invite and started to smear the cream all over Alison’s shoulders and back. As I rubbed, I looked over to Abbie. She opened her eyes to see if I was watching and then she straightened her back and told Jason “Stop just now Jason, I want to make sure my whole back is covered.”

She reached back and undid the clip on her bikini and held the cups to make sure her breasts weren’t exposed.

Jason continued to rub, and it seemed from my angle that Abbie’s back had grown in length as his stroke from the top to the bottom went on forever. There was no doubt he was rubbing cream all the way down to my wife’s butt cheeks and there wasn’t a hint of complaint from her.

I’d hoped that Alison would follow my wife’s lead, but I assumed I was doing a good enough job and I was left watching as Jason enjoyed his opportunity.

After what seemed an eternity, Abbie thanked Jason for his help and asked him to fasten the bikini clip.

“I’m not so happy fastening bikini clips Abbie, I’m more of an unfasten type of man, but there you go, you’re all greased up and protected.”

We settled down for the rest of the day. Drinks and conversation flowed.

Jason revealed that he’d inherited a very successful building company from his father and had sold it after running it for over 20 years. In this time, he’d also built up an impressive property portfolio and at the age of 55, and with no kids he was now retired and was enjoying life to the full.

Alison, without shame, simply confirmed that her part in the relationship was to make sure Jason got his enjoyment.

There was to be no big reveal from Abbie and I, we were just two hard working people with average jobs catching a well-earned holiday. With the kids now grown up and away we were looking to do all the things we’d wanted to years ago but never got the chance.

As the sun started to settle for the night we headed back into the hotel to our now new favourite seats. Jason told Alison about his embarrassing moment when he first noticed Abbie. She laughed and revealed she’d thought the same when she first saw Abbie, so they were equal – albeit without the embarrassment.

A final drink and an invite to join Jason and Alison for dinner had us heading back to our rooms.

As we entered the room Abbie threw herself on the bed. “They’re lovely people Ally, so easy going. And a bit naughty I think.”

“Naughty?” I asked

“Oh yes, some of the things Alison was saying and telling me. I think they’re into swinging and swapping partners. Did Jason say anything to you?”

“No,” I replied, “Apart from perving at people as they passed by, he’s said nothing.”

I lay down beside Abbie and rubbed myself up against her body. I could feel the heat from her skin and gently started to rub the outside of her thigh.

“I hope you’re not burnt.” I said. Abbie was fair skinned and had to be careful in the sun.

“I’m fine, the sun cream I get is good stuff. Expensive but good.”

“Your back should be OK, I noticed Jason ensured you were well covered – in all areas.”

“Yes, he was a bit bold with his hands – although I wasn’t that offended, in fact I enjoyed it….his hands are rough from all that hard graft, not like your soft girly hands.” She burst out laughing as she teased me. Working in an office does have its downside I suppose.

I gaziantep escort bayan videoları moved my hand to the inside of Abbie’s leg and slowly slid it up towards the top. As I brushed against the material of her bikini bottoms, she started to pull at the sides and slid them off.

“We need to get showered and changed soon, so no big petting sessions, Ally.”

A took that as a signal that we were having a spot of ‘mutual masturbation’. A term I would use when I teased Abbie about how unadventurous our sex life was. No wild passionate sessions, just a quick shot at mutual masturbation every couple of weeks.

A downside of having three kids, no time, no space, no privacy. Now the kids were away I’d hoped things would have changed, but they hadn’t.

Finding my way through her naturally blonde bush I slipped my finger into Abbie’s moist, welcoming clit and started to slowly rub.

There was a time when Abbie would shave her pussy for me as she knew it turned me on, but those days were gone. Another downside of family life sadly.

She let out a moan of pleasure and started to pull at my shorts. I helped her slip them off and she started to feel for my cock which was bursting to be relieved of all the pressure that had been growing during the day. She wrapped her hand round my erection and started to milk it. We followed our usual process, the faster Abbie pulled and pushed, the faster I rubbed.

I put my arm around her head and reached down to her breast. The nipple was soft as I touched it but soon became erect.

The first orgasm built and her hand quickened as her back began to arch…..heavy breaths and then moans of pleasure filled the room.

Abbie settled and I started to slowly rub again, a gentle pull on her erect nipple had her back arching again and the quickening hand showed orgasm number two was on its way. A long deep sigh and Abbie began to relax again. One more before I have to explode – it was getting too much to control.

I let my hands slip down between Abbie’s leg and rubbed her perineum. She’d once let me finger and then enter her butt and it was so erotic for me, but after that one time the perineum was as far as I’d get.

After a few gentle caresses I was back inside her clit. Heavy breaths, the fast hands and we were both ready to orgasm together. As Abbie moaned with pleasure, I was shooting my load all over her stomach and hips. She kept pulling as her orgasm continued and then, as the last drips of cum emptied my balls she settled.

We both lay still for a minute and then Abbie burst into life and ordered, “Right, you get yourself showered and ready and go downstairs to your viewing seat, and then I’ll get ready and meet you down there.”

I followed orders and later I joined Jason at our viewing seats.

After we had a couple of drinks Abbie, and a few minutes later, Alison joined us, and we headed off for dinner.

Through the dinner Abbie and Alison would be in deep conversation while Jason and I talked the usual rubbish about football, politics and so on. Every now and then Abbie would let out a gasp of shock followed by a giggle and a look at me with raised eyebrows. I wondered if this was them discussing the ‘naughty’ stuff, or the ‘something else’?

After dinner we sat in the hotel lounge and watched people passing through. Initially the girls would comment on the men, and the men would comment on the girls, but as the evening passed and the drinks took effect, I noticed the girls would also comment on other girls – and Jason would join in when they talked about passing men.

As it neared midnight the lounge got cooler, so we discussed heading to somewhere warmer. Jason and Alison suggested their room as it was one of the bigger penthouse suits and would give us more room.

Sure enough, when we stepped into their room it was easily twice the size of ours and far more luxurious. Abbie was impressed. “Wow! We could all fit on that bed, it’s massive.”

“We’ve had four on it before,” replied Alison, before she gave an embarrassed look towards Jason. I wondered what that was all about.

“Drinks everyone?” asked Jason – as if he needed to ask. For someone who rarely drank, Abbie was throwing the drink over her throat, and I was pleased she seemed so relaxed.

The room had two, two-seater suits and we sat down with our drinks. The girls on one, the men on the other. While Jason used the bathroom, I watched Abbie and Alison snigger away together. Alison got up and went over to a drawer and pulled out a few things. Then, when Jason came back into the room, Abbie and Alison both went into the bathroom.

“What’s that all about?” asked Jason.

“No idea,” I replied.

We could hear lots of giggling from behind the door and Jason looked at me puzzled. Then the door opened, and Alison walked out wearing a black silk camisole that clung to her breasts. And black suspenders and tights that simply amplified her beautiful gaziantep escort videoları long legs. Her eyes were fixed on Jason.

With a smile on his face, he simply said, “Brilliant, a perfect end to a perfect night.”

I was lost to what he meant by that, but my thoughts were interrupted when my beautiful wife stepped out from behind the door wearing the most revealing red basque, the briefest of briefs and suspenders.

“Fuck me,” was all I could offer. She looked magnificent.

She walked towards me and took my hand. Pulling me off the seat she pulled me close and gave me the most passionate kiss I’ve had for years. Her tongue explored my mouth and there was no escape as she gently pulled the back of my head towards hers.

She slowly pulled away and led me to the bed.

When we reached the bed, she turned me around to face her and gently pushed me back until I lay on the bed facing her. “Get your cock out,” she demanded.

As I pulled my shorts down, I could see Alison and Jason standing beside Abbie. Jason’s shorts were down to his ankles and Alison was playing with his cock as they both watched us. My cock was pointing right at me, solid and erect waiting on what Abbie had planned for it.

Abbie lent over and teased my cock into her mouth. It had been years since I had felt that pleasure. She gently sucked as if trying to draw out my sperm before it had even the time to gather. Working my shaft with one hand and nibbling at the head I was powerless to stop the ejaculation that was building up inside. Within minutes her mouth was filling up with my fluid.

She held her head still until the last drop had left my body and she simply opened her mouth and let my cum drop onto my stomach. Her final act was to spit the last drop of cum towards my face. Was this really my wife? She was magnificent.

Abbie lay on the bed and gestured to me to slip towards the top. Alison and Jason then moved towards us. Alison eased Jason into the same position as I’d taken, and she proceeded to run through the same sexual act that Abbie had just completed. The one difference on this occasion was instead of spitting out the dregs of Jason’s cum, she let it drop into her hand and fed it back into his mouth. He swallowed it all without any protest.

I then watched Abbie pull down her briefs and open her legs. “Your turn Jason,” she whispered. He rolled round with a smile on his face and positioned himself between her legs.

Alison got up and lay beside me. As I watched an almost stranger prepare to taste the juices of my wife’s pussy, his partner had reached over and was now playing with my limp cock. “Make it go hard Ally, for me,” Alison asked. I’ll do my best, I thought.

I’ve often asked Abbie if she’d ever consider a threesome with another man – or women. But she’d always bat the suggestion away. “I don’t have enough confidence in myself,” she’d say.

Yet here we were in that very scenario. Oh, how I love my ‘holiday’ Abbie.

Jason moved forward and Abbie lay down on her back. Her moans told their own story as Abbie writhed with pleasure gyrating her hips as Jason buried his head further into her. She placed her hands under each butt cheek and gradually her moans increased as she started pushing herself forward onto Jason’s eager mouth.

As she watched Jason and Abbie, Alison lifted her leg over mine and started to rub her clit up and down my thigh as she pulled on my erection. Her juices lubricated her movement, and I could feel her push down on my leg as Abbie’s moans grew in intensity.

In one joyous moment, Abbie was crying that she was cumming, Alison was breathlessly saying she was cumming too, and I was ejaculating everywhere.

Poor Jason, he was the only one not ejecting body fluids!

As we lay gathering our thoughts, Jason had started to slide up Abbie’s body. I could see her position her legs so he could slide right into her and a short moan from Abbie confirmed that that moment had arrived. He gently pushed further in, and Abbie whispered, “Oh that feels good Jason, a little more.”

He obliged and they held each other for a moment. Abbie released her grip and that was Jason’s signal to pull back slowly. As his cock was about to slip out, he pushed back in. Abbie’s back arched and Jason began to push and pull rhythmically.

Alison slipped off the bed and walked to the bottom. She pulled on my legs as if to pull me down the bed so I moved down as invited. She stopped me when my head was in line with Abbie’s pussy, and she reached up and positioned my head so I was looking straight at Jason’s cock as it slid in and out of my wife’s pussy. I could see her juices coating the sides of Jason’s piston and it was electrifying to watch. I was mesmerised.

With me in position, Alison moved round and lay beside Abbie. She started to unclip the front of Abbie’s basque to reveal her breasts. Alison was soon kneading them and teasing Abbie’s nipples with her teeth.

Watching his partner pleasing another woman must have been too much for Jason and he started to breathlessly announce he was cumming. His thrusts got quicker and longer before he finally pushed into Abbie as deep as he could. Abbie held him in place tightly as he fired his load deep inside her.

As I lay staring, I could see trickles of Abbie and Jason’s cum slip down his balls. I was almost tempted to lick the trickles up.

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