Her Boy Toys

Cowgirl Position

They’d just made love and Carol was idly fondling Sean’s still meaty but no longer fully erect penis when she started telling him about her latest conquest. Both felt it so refreshing to be free of jealousy, able to share intimate disclosures like this,

“He’s so cute, Greg is, a regular dreamboat. Smooth and sleek and boyish, and such a pretty face. A true Adonis. An art student, only nineteen. Big green eyes. Very sweet, a little shy. But, boy is he ever horny! His clothes come off and right away his cock is standing at full mast. Nice cock too. Hard, thick, nicely formed. Sort of like yours, Sean. And an absolutely fantastic ass, so smooth and perfectly shaped and firm,”

Especially with this last detail Carol thought she felt Sean’s cock stiffen a little. He was a virile bastard, Sean was. It didn’t take much to rouse his libido, especially thoughts of arousing bottoms.

“You like hearing about him, don’t you?” she teased, purring in his ear, “bet you’d love to fuck his tight young ass. He’s a virgin in that respect too. Straight, swore he’d never made it with a man. But still, I think he’s got potential. And do believe I have the young pup wrapped around my little finger.”

“I’ll bet you do, Carol,” Sean said with a sly smile, knowing Carol’s wiles could be very, very effective, especially with young, inexperienced men.

“So, would you like to meet Greg?” she asked, “You two would get along. I have a hunch you boys would find you shared some common interests.”

“It sounds like we already do, your pussy, Carol,” Sean said.

“That for sure, but there are other common areas of interest, I’d guess.”

So Carol proposed inviting both Sean and Greg to her place the following week. She’d cook a nice, romantic meal for the three. The two men would get to know each other a bit, feel each other out. And then, who knew what might unfold as Carol’s sexy wiles went to work.

“You hungry, Sean?”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind something to eat.”

Her eyes bright with lust, a sly smile lighting up her face, Carol turned over on her stomach, reaching back to hold open her buttocks.

“Why don’t you have some of this, then. I know it’s one of your very favorite dishes.”

Without hesitation Sean wedged his face between Carol’s alluring buttocks, warm and welcoming, and began to savor the delicious morsel concealed between the two cheeks. Carol sighed, her satisfaction with this attention vivid.

“What a good boy you are,” she whispered softly, reaching back over her shoulder to run her fingers sensually through his hair as he feasted, “making such a meal of your sweet Carol!”

A week later Sean and Greg were completing a sumptuous dinner Carol had prepared. The two men, well aware one thing they had in common was a shared intimacy with Carol couldn’t but be keenly attentive to one another. It was all in the guise of small talk, but Carol sensed clearly that Sean, in particular, was making a careful assessment of the younger man. Sean wasn’t even thirty himself yet, but to him this nineteen year old cutie pie must’ve seemed a mere babe. And knowing Sean as she did, Carol guessed young Greg met with Sean’s approval. More than once she caught him giving Greg the once over, and Greg, though more demure and circumspect, seemed equally enthralled with Sean.

“You know it’s rather hot and I feel like lying down for a while,” Carol told the two men, “I think I’ll go into the bedroom. You two are welcome to join me if you’d like.”

They followed Carol into her bedroom, both eyeing her scantily clad form. She had worn a short silk skirt and a tightly clinging top, the contours of her body vividly revealed.

“You fellows don’t mind if I undress, do you?” Carol asked coyly, a sly smile brightening her face as she pulled off her top. She wore no bra underneath and her breasts were suddenly revealed to the two men. Next she slipped off her shoes and stockings, then unzipped her skirt, took it off, and pulled down her very alluring, very lacy panties.

“Ah, so nice to lie down like this,” she said, stretching herself out on her big bed.

Without another word to the two men, Carol closed her eyes, suddenly acting oblivious to their presence. She spread her legs and slid a hand between them, fondling herself. Sean and Greg watched in silence as Carol began to masturbate. Sean was expecting this but Greg was not, and he looked at Carol with an unblinking, awe stricken gaze.

“She loves to play with herself,” Sean said, his tone casual as if this were an everyday occurrence, Carol masturbating in full view of two men. Greg continued to be speechless.

“Carol says you’re a pretty good fuck, that you’ve got a nice, hard cock,” Sean said, as casual as ever. Greg whipped his gaze over to Sean, his shock even deeper, blushing now.

“She– she– said that?” he stammered.

“Yeah, well you know, Carol. She loves to get fucked. And what did you think of the way she sucked your cock? I’m sure she sucked Bycasino it, right?”

“Uh– yeah– she did.”

“Did what?” Sean said with a wicked grin.

“Sucked– sucked my cock,”

“Well, did you like it? Was she good?”

“Yeah, uh huh, it– she– was real good,” Greg mumbled in a broken voice.

“And her pussy, pretty tasty, isn’t it?’ Sean continued.

“Uh– yeah–“

Sean looked down between Carol’s legs, Greg’s gaze following.

“Look at that pussy, look how wet she’s making herself. Did you lick her ass too?”

This frankness was too much for Greg who answered Sean with stunned silence. Suddenly Sean unzipped and pulled out his cock, a cock nearly fully erect. Greg’s eyes zeroed in on it like a set of lasers.

“I’m sure you did. I know Carol. If she’s going to make love to a man, she’s going to make sure he licks that pretty ass of hers,” Sean said, his eyes tilting down to Greg’s crotch. “Why don’t you take yours out too.”

Greg hesitated a moment, then pulled his out. Carol’s eyes were still closed as she listened, strumming her pussy. The two men gazed down at Carol and then at each other as they fisted their own cocks.

“Look at her,” Sean said, “she is just so fuckable, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, she is that,” Greg said, his voice more relaxed, getting into this intimate groove, male rapport getting the better of initial discretion.

“How’d you fuck her the first time? Sean asked.

“Oh, you know, I got on top, then we rolled over and she was on top.”

“Did you come at her from behind, she loves that,” Sean said.

“Yeah, I fucked her that way too.”

Carol listened. This was going just as she had hoped, Greg shocked at first, now quickly warming up to the subject as he and Sean masturbated along with her. She opened her eyes.

“You two boys look like you’re having fun,” she said, eyeing Sean, then Greg. Then Carol closed her eyes again, spread her legs even wider, even more provocatively, and continued fingering herself. Now Sean got down on the bed next to Carol and urged Greg to join him on her other side. Sean took hold of one of Carol’s breasts and began to massage it sensually, squeezing the nipple between his fingers, making it stiff. Following his lead, Greg manhandled Carol’s other breast.

“Nice tits, huh?” Sean said, looking straight at Greg.


Sean brought his mouth down to suck on a nipple, while Greg again followed his lead, sucking the other. As he sucked her nipple Sean slid his hand over her smooth belly and down between her legs, removing Carol’s own hand. Her eyes still closed, she lay there like a rag doll, letting the two men fondle her.

“This pussy is wet!” Sean said, “have yourself a feel, Greg.”

Greg slid his hand down to join Sean’s, their fingers together probing Carol as she lazily luxuriated in their caresses. Her eyes still closed, she reached down to grab hold of their two rigid shafts, massaging them expertly. She had been impressed by young Greg’s cock when she first laid eyes on it. Jokingly she asked him just how many inches he was carrying down there. When he told her ‘eight,’ she was not surprised, knowing how men are so keen to determine their stats, especially if those stats were impressive. He was nice and thick too. Sean may’ve had an edge on Greg in the endowment department, but just by a tad. In any case, it pleased Carol immensely that she had fucked both men, that both cocks she was fisting had been buried inside her. And now here were the two men, together, aroused by her again.

“Greg? I’m going to show you something else Carol enjoys, something you may not know about yet,” Sean said, suddenly moving to the foot of the bed, wedging a pillow under Carol’s bottom and spreading her legs even wider. “Take hold of her ankles for me and pull back her legs.”

Greg obediently followed Sean’s urging, grabbing hold of Carol’s ankles. This had the effect of vividly exposing Carol’s bottom. Sean, ravenous, brought his face down and began to lick Carol’s deliciously creamy pussy as Greg watched keenly. Then he lowered his tongue to her asshole. She sighed when she felt the warm, slippery tongue grazing over her sphincter, always craving that delicious sensation. And turning her eyes, Carol could see, inches from her face, Greg’s cock, rigid, imposing. She urged him to come a little closer and licked the younger man’s shaft as Sean avidly licked her bottom.

“Now she’ll need some of this, “ Sean said reaching into a drawer of the night stand where he knew Carol always kept some lubricant. He slapped a big dab between her cheeks and expertly slid a finger into her anal passage and up in her rectum. Carol moaned lustily, feeling the intrusion, now taking Greg’s cock between her lips, sucking him.

“Here, help me out Greg,” Sean urged, pulling out his finger and holding open Carol’s cheeks, “slide in a finger and help open her up.”

Greg let go of Carol’s Bycasino giriş ankles and she herself now took hold of them, pulling back her own legs to give the two men easy and full access to her heated bottom as she continued to suck Greg’s hard, young cock. Greg, a little unsure of himself but given confidence by Sean’s urging, now slid a finger of his own up Carol’s bottom.

“Nice and tight, wait’ll you see what else she loves up there,” he said, gazing directly at Greg as he brought his cock between Carol’s legs, closer to its target. But first he again slid in a finger of his own alongside Greg’s, the two men together digging into Carol’s bottom. Carol craved this new intimacy, both men, together, probing her anally like this. Finally Sean pulled out his finger, Greg following suit. Then he brought his cock closer, working the tip against Carol’s anus.

“Why don’t you help Sean put it inside me,” Carol told him, momentarily breaking off from sucking him.

“Yeah, Greg,” Sean said, taking hold of Greg’s wrist and bringing his hand down to Sean’s cock, urging him to take hold of the steely shaft. Again, Greg was suddenly shocked into silence as he now found himself holding another man’s erect penis. Carol, Greg’s cock between her lips, gazed down to take in the vivid sight.

“Stick it in her asshole,” Sean hissed lewdly at the Greg, who obliged, pressing the tip of Sean’s cock more firmly against Carol’s anus as Sean now pushed forward, slowly and skillfully working inch after inch of his rigid cock into the warm recesses of Carol’s tender bottom. As he began to fuck Carol’s ass in earnest now, Greg pulled his hand away, watching closely.

“What’s he doing to me, Greg? What’s he doing?” Carol purred teasingly.

“He’s uh– he’s– fucking– your ass.”

“Yes he is. And it feels so good too, it feels so good to have a nice, big, thick, hard cock up your ass, Greg,” Carol said, bringing a finger between her lips, wetting it, then bringing that finger back behind Greg’s balls and sliding it into his bottom.

“And what a nice ass you have, Greg, it’s so tight and smooth up in there,” she said, probing, digging deeper. She wasn’t going to say anything bluntly at this point about Greg taking it up the ass himself, but she knew he was getting the message. Though Greg was a virile, horny young lover, he was also a rather obedient boy, gladly acquiescing to Carol. She sensed he had a submissive streak, that, somehow, he’d make an excellent bottom. That was one reason he was here with she and Sean.

Carol took Greg’s cock back in her mouth, fingering his hole as Sean now took hold of Carol’s ankles himself, pressing back her legs, jackknifing them as he continued to fuck her bottom relentlessly, sensually. Her other hand freed now, she brought it down between her legs to her pussy, pleasuring herself, as, inches, below she continued to receive the most sublime rectal massage, courtesy of Sean’s beautifully rigid cock.

As he fucked Carol, Sean found that his face was only inches from Carol’s, only inches from where Greg’s thick cock nested between Carol’s luscious, hungry lips. He somehow loved this, loved this sight of Carol sucking another man’s cock as he fucked her up the ass. And for Carol the double dose of cock could not have been more welcome, one reaming her bottom expertly, the other between her lips, knowing how profoundly she was pleasing both men, both cocks, strumming away unabashedly at her own clit, Carol knew she was not far from climaxing. She would wait, though. She would wait until she saw the familiar, telltale signs on Sean’s face, could feel the first taste of Greg’s cum in her mouth. And that came soon enough as Sean suddenly arched his back and groaned, sighed deeply, driving every last inch into her depths as he climaxed. Moments later Greg’s sphincter throbbed around her probing finger as semen filled her mouth. This was Carol’s signal as, with a final, flicker she brought herself to an electrifying, volcanic orgasm.

They didn’t move, the three of them, Greg’s cock slowly softening between Carol’s lips, Sean’s in her bottom, Carol’s finger still inside Greg. Now she slowly withdrew that finger and released Greg’s cock from her mouth as Sean pulled out of her. The two men lay beside her as she brought them close, gazing into one man’s eyes, then the other’s, reaching down to take hold of their thick and meaty, but no longer quite rigid cocks.

A week later Carol had again prepared a sensational dinner for her two lovers, lobster bisque, sauteed scallops with wild mushrooms, an excellent Riesling. After espresso and lively conversation Carol once more led the two men to her bedroom.

“You were a very naughty boy last time, Greg, taking such liberties. Bragging. Telling Sean all about how you had fucked me, in all those positions, how I had sucked your cock. Sticking a finger up my ass. A very, very naughty, nasty boy,” Carol said, slapping him playfully. “And a lucky boy, Bycasino güncel giriş too. Enjoying my oral skills while you so eagerly watched Sean pleasure my bottom. And you certainly seemed to enjoy my finger in your bottom, didn’t you? Maybe you need something a little bigger up there today, something a little thicker. What do you think? Would you like that? Would you like to have that tight, young ass of yours fucked?”

Greg blushed, glancing nervously at Sean, then at Carol.

“Uh– I told you– I’m– uh– straight,” he stammered.

“So what!” Carol said sharply, but with a wicked, playful smile. “Just because you take it up the ass doesn’t mean you’ll stop being who you are. Look at Sean. He loves taking it up the ass, and that doesn’t make him queer. Right, Sean?”

“Right, Carol,” Sean said, delighted at her audacity, but, still, a little taken aback. He knew all this would be leading up Carol urging Greg to let Sean fuck him, but he hadn’t quite expected that Carol would bring up how Sean, himself, loved it when Carol fucked his bottom with her dildo.

“You should see Sean, how he craves it when I strap on my big cock and I fuck him.”

Greg glanced at Sean with a new recognition. Normally Sean, a top, fucked men; he didn’t get fucked. But Carol had awakened his bottom to the full pleasures of penetration. He had always loved to be licked back there, fingered while his cock was being sucked or he was fucking a woman. Carol went further, much further with Sean. She had insisted that what was good for the goose was good for the gander. She had convinced him to let her fuck him, fuck him properly with a nice, big, and very life like strap-on dildo she had purchased for this purpose. He could not resist her charms, her sensual, compelling entreaties. And so he surrendered his bottom to her full probing, and discovered that he craved it. Since that first time, whenever Carol took out her strap-on, a wicked smile on her face, a smile full of promise, he eagerly assumed the position, surrendering himself fully to her rugged and yet sensual moves.

“Would you like to watch me fuck Sean, Greg?” Carol asked pointedly, staring straight into his big, green eyes, then glancing over at Sean, the smile on Sean’s face telling her that he understood. That though the plan had been to seduce Greg, to get Sean to fuck him, that this ‘demonstration’ would somehow be part of the plan. Sean trusted Carol, trusted her instincts. And while normally the idea of another man watching Sean getting fucked couldn’t have been further from his mind, from his repertoire, now, somehow, it aroused him. For Sean had a lewd streak, an exhibitionistic bent. He loved to show off, he enjoyed being watched.

“Undress boys, I want to see you nice and naked,” Carol told the two men. She enjoyed this, taking charge, having two virile, masculine studs do her bidding. Whatever transpired for the rest of this evening and night, she would help orchestrate. Now she watched with satisfaction as the two men undressed. Their cocks, not quite yet erect, were thickening and becoming meatier.

“Sean? Why don’t you get up on the bed on elbows and knees and stick it out for us. Let Greg see how you like exposing your bottom to me,” Carol told him as he assumed the familiar position. Greg again had that stunned, awe-stricken expression on his face, as though he were not quite sure what he was getting into, but powerless to resist Carol’s overtures, whatever they might be. Was he thinking – worrying – that soon Carol might insist he present his own bottom for whatever ministrations she and Sean had in mind? Or was he only absorbed, for the moment, by what he was about to witness?.

The two men naked, Sean on elbows and knees on the bed while Greg stood, watching, waiting, compliant, Carol now took off her own clothes, revealing her sleek, sinuous body. Then she went into a drawer and retrieved her strap-on dildo, her very life-like rubber cock. As she attached the harness to herself, Greg’s eyes were riveted on the artificial phallus. She had been told in the shop where she bought it that it had been molded from the erect penis of a well-endowed gay porn star. And it certainly did look like a real penis.

“Do you like my cock, Greg?” Carol asked, stroking it a little lewdly.

“Uh– yeah– it’s pretty nice.”

“Pretty nice? Don’t you think it’s beautiful?”

“Right. It is. It is beautiful. And it’s big.”

“Well if you like this big, beautiful cock of mine so much, Greg, why don’t you come down here and suck it,” Carol said coolly, firmly, to the young man.

He took several deep breaths, looking back and forth between Carol and Greg, as he came closer. Then he lowered his face and took the rubber cock between his lips.

“That’s it, Greg,” Carol said, running her hand through his thick hair, pressing him to her, “suck that cock.”

A few moments later, she abruptly pushed him away, getting behind Sean now, wagging a finger at Greg and asking him to join her. She ran her hands slowly over Sean’s bottom, sensually caressing his buttocks now.

“Nice ass, huh?” Carol said.

Greg just stared, saying nothing. Carol now spread apart Sean’s buttocks, revealing his hole, vividly exposed to her scrutiny and Greg’s.

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