It didn’t take more than a glance – fingering his delicately-shaped ankle, sweeping up to the thigh-high tops of his stockings, just the barest glimpse of skin through the black transparent bolo panties, upward getting grabby to the soft pecs and rigid nipples – to grow a haunting rough wanting. Of course, his face was composed of a frigid “You’ll never fuck me” smile and petite sassy, sexy expressions. With the slightest nod of my throbbing head in his direction.That was Hendry, born Henry Dryden something-something.I could feel my balls tightening like maturing walnuts, bigger than avocado pits and taut as fuck. It felt like an instant boner and literally ached up and Porno 64

down the shaft vein, my cockhead felt like it was pulling me closer to Hendry with every breath.He/she leaned close to my ear and breathed those five words I love to hear: “Want to fuck me, Daddy?”His tongue snaked from between his lips and he traced it around the whorls of my ear. Right, then left, then right. And then there was a soft breeze of his breath again, “Please?”“My name is…” I began but his double-fingers pressed my mouth.“I already know. It’s Daddy. I’m Hendry. Or whatever you want to call me, Daddy. Okay?”His fingers caressed down my chest, across my straitening Konulu Porno stomach, lightly – accidentally – brushing over my cock and balls before settling on my thigh. He made a loud sucking sound. The other dancers and drinkers giggled, “Sssssssssss.” Hendry said out loud, “Oh, Daddy. It’s a big one.”“I want it in me,” Hendry continued, grazing his fingertips over me. Licking his wet mouth.He swiveled halfway around and wriggled his hips as sensuously as an Egyptian belly dancer. Hendry thrust his ass crack at me, the luscious buttocks seeming like they were parting to envelop my hardening cock. “I want it in me, Daddy!” his Porno İndir voice was the sexiest one I had heard in a very long time.Hendry spun around again and went down in a squat right in front of me. He glanced right, then left, then back as his hands were fondling my cock.“Gimme, gimme, gimme,”,His style was all approach. I admit it. I was harder than I’d been in ages, My cockhead was literally throbbing, straining against the metal cock ring beneath my glans. My hand dropped heavily on the back of Hendry’s neck, grinding my hips, roughly wiping my cock and balls across his face. Fuck, it felt so good after so long without this, this want, this need.I stepped back, away from Hendry’s clinging arms. His eyes flicked upward and shyly down again. “I’ll be good, Daddy. Promise.”He leaned closer again. Lips pursing to kiss directly on the tip of my cock through my jeans.I think that’s when he started purring and guided me back to the alley.

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