Helping Out My Sister-In-Law


My brother Sam and his wife Kelly were now divorced. Sam was a playboy and loved a good time. Kelly smelled perfume on my brother and it wasn’t hers. Now Kelly lives in a small house by herself. Now that my brother isn’t around Kelly is calling me every time something breaks. I don’t mind helping out but I am getting constant calls from her.

I got a call from Kelly. She said the kitchen sink was backing up. Could I come over and take a look. I told her I would be over Friday after work. I really didn’t want to get involved with this after a long day but what could I do. I made it to Kelly’s place and I brought my tools along. Sure enough water was backing up in the sink. When I took things apart I could see there was a ton of grease in the line.

“Are you pouring grease down the sink?” I asked her.

Kelly got this sheepish look on her face. She could see that I was peeved with her. I put everything back together. I stood up and there stood Kelly.

“I know I am a burden Steve. Forgive me.”

I should describe Kelly for you. She is tall, almost six feet. She has brown hair down to her shoulders. She is thin with small boobs. I’m not sure what came over me. Maybe it was because I hadn’t been laid in awhile. There was Kelly right in front of me. I stepped closer and I pulled her into my body. To my surprise Kelly didn’t pull away. I pressed my mouth to hers.

It got crazy from there. I pulled up on her shirt and removed it. Kelly wasn’t wearing a bra. There were her small nipples staring at me. I pulled away from her mouth and I locked my lips around a nipple. I kissed and bit her nubbins. Kelly was making these loud noises. I pulled down on the shorts she was wearing. Kelly was totally naked for me.

I backed away and stripped down. We were stand naked face to face. We didn’t go far. The dining table was just a few feet away. escort karkamış I moved Kelly to the table and lifted her up. My dick was getting hard. I took hold of my pecker and rubbed my head across her gash. I could see that Kelly was already dripping wet. I slowly started to push into her pussy. Kelly was tight down below. I would soon fix that. I finally slid in the whole way.

I held my cock there for a few moments. I could feel her pussy muscles grasping at me. I began to pump my shaft in and out of her hole. Kelly was crying out.

“God, fuck me hard Steve!”

That’s what I was planning to do. As I slid my dick into her I reached out and place the palms of my hands on her tits. That really set Kelly off. She had her arms around my neck. She was kissing my mouth. Her tongue met my tongue. As I was fucking my sister-in-law I thought that I should have done this a long time ago.

I ended up lifting Kelly from the table. My hands were holding her legs. There we were standing in the dining room as I pounded her pussy. I drove my prick into her as hard as I could.

“Don’t pull out,” she told me.

I guess I was supposed to give her my love cream. We kept at it for a few more minutes. I could feel my cum rising up. I was almost there. I grunted and then began to squirt my seed into Kelly’s body. Kelly stiffened up when she felt me explode. I had a lot of cum stored up that day. I must have shot six good loads into Kelly’s belly. I could feel her pussy muscles tight around my pole.

I walked us back over to the dining table. I pulled my cock free. My hot jizz came dripping from her slit. Kelly was panting like a dog in summer. She sat there trying to compose herself. Eventually she lowered her legs to the floor. She got up and went to the bathroom. I soon heard the toilet flush. Kelly karkamış escort bayan walked back to where I stood. She kissed me flush on the lips.

“I guess we both needed that,” she said.

She was right about that. I ended up spending the night with Kelly. The following morning I took Kelly again. This time she used her mouth to get me hard. She slid her lips up and down my shaft until I thought I was going to blow. Luckily she pulled away. Kelly climbed over top of my erection. She slowly lowered herself until her pussy lips touched my mushroom. I placed my hands on her hips and I pushed down.

Kelly sunk down and surrounded my dick with her tight pussy muscles. I was raising up as Kelly lowered her body onto my stiff pole. I had to reach up and play with her tits. I pulled on her small nipples. Kelly started to scream. I told she was mine now. I was going to fuck her whenever I wanted.

“Yes, yes!” she cried out.

It seems Kelly had missed getting fucked on a regular basis. Kelly rode my shaft for what seemed to be an hour.

“Spray your cum in me Steve!” She begged me.

I continued to slide deep into her tunnel. I didn’t think I had much cum in me from yesterday but I surprised myself. I drove my cock in deep and I gave Kelly my cream. Kelly’s head went back as she felt my warm seed invading her body. I pinched her nipples hard one last time. Kelly let out a scream as she had this large orgasm.

“Oh my God, no more!”

I wasn’t about to stop. I pounded her a few more minutes as I gave her the last of my cum load. Kelly collapsed onto my chest. I held her body as she tried to compose herself. She finally lifted her body up.

“I haven’t been fucked like that in a long, long time,” she told me.

We were done for that morning. I had some things I needed karkamış escort to do that Saturday. We showered together and then I got dressed.

“Will I see you soon?” she asked me.

I told her I would try and get back later in the evening. We kissed and I left. We must have really gotten into our lovemaking. My cock felt sore from all that fucking. I got everything done that I needed to do. I made it back to Kelly’s before sundown. We made it to her bed. This time Kelly got on all fours. I got in behind her. I rubbed my prick up and down her crack. Kelly lifted her head back.

“Dont torture me Steve, I need your cock.”

I found her folds and I pushed in. This was not going to be sweet lovemaking. I pounded her hard. You could hear skin hitting skin. I reached out and placed my hands on her shoulders. I pulled her back onto my fat cock.

“More, more!” She begged me for cock.

I did my best to satisfy her. I pushed right up to the hilt. I found out that Kelly was this cock whore. She needed it all the time. Again I gave her my load of cum. Kelly gasped as I spurted my baby seed deep into her body. We soon cooled down. Kelly wanted to know what were we going to do. She wanted for us to move in together. Even though they were divorced I didn’t know how my brother would take it.

We decided that we would fuck on the sly. I would come over late in the evening and we would head straight to bed. After awhile I got tired of sneaking around. I stopped by my brother’s place. I got a surprise when I stepped inside his house. There was this hot young blonde sitting on the couch.

“This is Jen,” my brother told me.

I shouldn’t say this but my dick started to stir in my pants. I told Sam I needed to speak with him in private. We stepped out onto the porch. I told him I was starting to see Kelly. Luckily my brother didn’t care. He had found himself a twenty year old vixen. He seemed quite pleased with himself. I didn’t stay long. I could see my brother had plans for Jen and him.

For now Kelly and I are switching between our places. We need to find a bigger house before we move in permanently. In the meanwhile I am buried in Kelly’s pussy almost every night.

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