Head in the iClouds Ch. 01


Disclaimer – this is a work of fiction and characters in this story are above the age of 18. It’s my first story, I hope you enjoy it!


My story starts the day my mum decided to spend her hard earned money to treat herself to an IPad. I had told her that she struggles enough with her iPhone, adding an iPad to the mix would only make things worse. As expected, she came running to me after a feeble attempt to set-up her new gadget. I wasn’t going to waste more time than I needed to setting up the iPad, so I simply synced it to her iPhone coordinating the two. That way she had all her music, games and pictures which was enough to keep her content for a while.

One evening my mum took herself off to bed leaving me in the lounge watching TV. I heard a ping, it was her iPad, she had left it on the sofa next to the one I was sprawled across. I ignored it at first but continuous ping after ping of notifications worried me that it was something urgent so I had to check. What I found was a two way conversation between my mum and her friend Alison. The messages must have been coming through to the iPad as well as her phone which she was replying from in her bedroom.

I was shocked at their conversation. Two women in their early 40’s shouldn’t be having a conversation about how horny they both are. Talking about how sexually frustrated they are. I couldn’t believe it was really my mum typing çanakkale escort these things. Could she really be saying how badly she wanted to be fucked? How badly she wanted just to feel a real cock again?

I have to admit, it did make me horny. Not the thought of anything in general, just the words they were using and the things they were saying.

Then the conversation took a turn I never expected. Alison mentioned how jealous she was that mum had such a gorgeous man around the house to stare at. Saying how attractive I was. Mum didn’t reply, my mouth was dry, I couldn’t believe someone would send this to my mum, surely she was offended or outraged!

My heart sank when I finally saw my mum’s reply.

“Oh Alison, he is stunning. I have always thought he was beautiful, but recently I’ve been noticing how strong and athletic he is. Seeing him in swimming trunks over summer was an eye opener, he looked so sexy! I have even heard him having sex with his girlfriend, that skinny bitch doesn’t know how lucky she is!”

Alison replied, “that’s so hot! Have you ever seen his cock?”

“Not since he was a little boy in the bath..”

“You’ve got to spy on him whilst he’s masturbating, shouldn’t be hard, boys that age hardly ever do anything else lol!”

“Oh that would be too much, I think I would leave a puddle on the floor.”

My çanakkale escort bayan heart dropped, I felt sick. How could my mum talk about me like that. But that didn’t explain why my cock was rock hard and throbbing.

The next day I made sure to go up to bed before my mum. I got all comfy on my bed, leaving my door open enough for anyone walking past to see in. I opened my laptop and started watching porn.

Before long I heard the unmistakeable creak of the stairs, my mum was on her way up. I started stroking my already hard cock. I was sure to lay flat on my back so my hard cock would stand proudly up from my body as I stroked it. I kept my eyes glued to the screen of my laptop but the sound outside the door let me know I had an audience. I didn’t dare turn and look. I was so turned on. The day before I had been disgusted at the idea of my mother seeing me as a sexual object, now I was enjoying it!

I was so lost in the ecstasy of the moment that I shot my load all over my stomach and chest. I was almost looking through the people fucking on my laptop screen to try and use the reflection to look towards the door. There was no one there.

I decided to be braver, standing up and walking towards the hall, no sign of anyone. I walked down the hall, naked, my now semi-erect cock swinging as I walked, wet cum hanging from my stomach escort çanakkale and chest. I walked towards my mums door. It was closed.

I lost my nerve, I needed a shower. I cleaned myself up and got to bed. Maybe she hadn’t watched, maybe she just walked on past and went to bed. Maybe she was all talk on the phone. Or maybe she was just trying to say what she thought her friend wanted to hear.

I didn’t have to wait long to find out the truth. The next day I spotted mums iPad sitting on the table with my mum nowhere to be seen. I quickly found her messages with Alison and scrolled to the top and found just what I was looking for.

“He’s just gone up to his room, he’s definitely loading up some porn as we speak!”

“So what are you waiting for, go and see what you’re missing out on!”

“I’m worried I wont be able to control myself to just watch.”

“Haha then don’t, doubt he will complain ;)”

“Fuck it I need to see…”

I noticed then that 10 minutes passed before the most shocking thing I had seen yet! An imagine, sent by my mum. An image of me, lying on my bed with my throbbing cock in my hand. Not only had my mum had the audacity to take a picture, she’d sent it to a friend! I couldn’t believe it, I was so turned on! I suppose that answers my question as to whether she saw me or not!

She went on to caption the picture

“My big boy.”

“Oh my god Maria, get in there now and ride that thing!”

“Haha don’t be silly Alison, he’d run a mile! I’ll just have to make do with my battery operated lover tonight, I know what my mind will be thinking of though..”

“Haha enjoy yourself, I think my mind will be on the same person, thank you very much for the juicy pic!”

*******To Be Continued

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