Happy Birthday, Jason. Jacqueline


Chapter 2 The Therapist

Next day Jason had an appointment with his therapist and he thought that would be a safe place to talk about recent events with his stepmother, Sophie.

As he walked into the kitchen, Sophie turned, “Remember, you have Jacqueline this morning.”

“Yea, thanks. Hey, can we talk?”

“Absolutely. Why don’t you have your time with Jacqueline first and we can chat when you get back? Oh, and don’t forget to mention your birthday gifts to her,” she added casually.

Of course, right then his dad rolled in, “Morning all. Good night?”

Jason thought, “Wait a minute. Did my dad know something about Sophie’s videos??”

Sophia piped up, “I slept like a baby. I feel like a new woman this morning.”

His dad reached up for a kiss, “I thought the “old woman” was pretty incredible.”

Sophie shot back, “Who are you calling old? I’m one hell of a sexy stepmom, right Jason?” and kissed his dad.

“Okay, you two work things out. I’m out of here.”

On the way to the therapist, he thought about the last 24 hours and shook his head to make sure he wasn’t making it all up. “Did Sophie make porn videos of me and get off watching me jack off? Really???”

He got to the office in record time. He had to talk to someone about this.

“Come on in,” Jacqueline said in her smooth, european voice. Maybe French? Maybe Eastern European?? He couldn’t tell.

“Hey Jacqueline, it’s so good to see you.”

She oral yapan gaziantep escort moved to sit next to him, “Well, this sounds interesting. What’s up? How was your birthday? Did you like your presents”

“That’s what I want to talk to you about. Wait, my presents??”

“Sophie told me that she had some special gifts for you on your 18th. Do you want to tell me about them?”

It should be known that Jacqueline is tall, with long legs, always in hose and heels. Her sleek black hair’s always in a tight bun and her ample breasts barely contained in her blouse – a very attractive woman.

Jason hadn’t put much attention on her many attributes, after all she was his therapist. But today, something was different and today he noticed.

“Um…well, I’m not sure if I should…Are these session strictly confidential?”

“You can trust me. No one knows what goes on behind these closed doors. Now tell me about the gifts,” she casually unbuttoned the top button on her blouse.

“I don’t…uh…okay, but you won’t tell anybody, right?”

Even though he was extremely uncomfortable, Jason was also aroused by telling the story of how his stepmother made videos for him of her getting herself off and how she even watched him from his bedroom doorway has he jerked off all over her lingerie.

“I hope this is alright to talk about. It’s pretty nasty. Is this okay?” gaziantep oral yapan escort he asked nervously.

She simply nodded head and opened her laptop, “Jason, I have something I want you to see.”

A video came to life. It was Sophie and Jacqueline, both in lingerie and heels. Sophie looked right into the camera and said, “We’ve been waiting for you to be old enough for this. Now watch what sluts your stepmommie and your therapist are.”

Jason was glued to the screen as he watched these two voluptuous women go at each other. He felt Jacqueline’s hand squeeze his now hard cock.

“It’s okay, Jason. Just trust that we love you and let it happen.”

Her words were so soothing. Now the two women were moving their fingers in and out of each others’ pussies and kissing.

“I’ve been helping Sophie with her…”needs” ever since the accident. We’ve grown quite fond of each other. I hope you will be “fond” of us, too,” she moved closer and started stroking him.

“Wait, you’re my…”

“Stepmother’s girlfriend,” she finished. “And, yes, I’m your therapist. I’d like this to develop into a much more intimate relationship.”

With that, Jacqueline freed his yearning dick and sucked it into her warm mouth.

“Oh, Jesus!” he thought. But if felt so good.

“Is this really okay?” he asked outloud, feeling her lips pump his shaft while watching them gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan on the laptop, start to lick each other’s cunts.

“Trust me, Jason, your life is about to change in ways you never imagined. Now shut up and let me suck you off,” she demanded.

He heard Sophie’s voice on the laptop, “Is she giving you divine head right about now? Enjoy it, there’s a lot more in store for you. Feel how hot her mouth is riding up and down your cock. Are you about to explode? Fill her throat with your come.” On the video Sophie had pulled off one of her white patent leather heels and was rubbing it against her clit as Jacqueline took the other heel and began fucking herself with the toe end.

His “therapist” moaned loudly both on the screen and with Jason’s cock deep down her throat.

He heard Sophie’s voice again, but this time it came from inside the office. He turned to see her in the same lingerie and heels as she wore on the video. “Shut that laptop and let me give you a lap you’ll never forget.”

Jacqueline pulled her mouth off his cock, leaving a sheath of saliva behind. Sophie yanked her panties down and impaled herself on his throbbing, wet shaft. With her back to him, she pulled his hands to her breasts, “Pinch and pull them the way you watched me do last night.”

Jason was lost in it all and began thrusting deep into his stepmother while Jacqueline straddled him on the couch, offering her soaking pussy to his mouth. She grabbed the back of his head and buried his mouth between her legs. “Come on, baby, fuck your stepmommie and me. Make us come!”

“Holy shit!” was all he could think. Next thing he knew he was spewing his seed into his stepmother while his mouth was being flooded by his therapist’s come. Both women shook in orgasm and went limp.

Once they all caught their breath, Sofia turned to him, “Surprise!”

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