Gwen Becomes A Pissmop


“You do understand the type of videos we make here? They are, how can I say, highly specialised. It’s not just run of the mill porn, you know?”

“I know, you’ve told me like, three times now and I’ve told you I need the cash, simple as that. I’m willing and able to do whatever it takes, I need the money.”

The girl was called Gwen, she had applied to be a star in one of my movies, the guy, trying to dissuade was Mike, my assistant. I sat stoic in the corner of the office waiting for him to give her the form to sign, I had seen and heard enough girls desperate for money to know she would and inwardly I was ecstatic. You see I knew this girl. Or rather I used to. I had gone to school with her, indeed even dated her for a few weeks. She had been easily the prettiest girl in our year and inwardly I had been over the moon to be going out with her but soon she had cheated on me and dumped me. Maybe that’s what started me on the road to making these films. But I guess I’d better explain exactly what type of films I make.

In effect they’re humiliation movies, we do the nastiest things imaginable to the cutest girls we can sign up and film it. You’d be amazed at what the girls will do for the cash and how much we make from selling them. Not pleasant I agree, but you’ve gotta make a living somehow and this was a hell of a lot easier than most ways. Plus, I admit, I really got off on doing stuff to these girls, I’m perverted like that.

She didn’t recognise me because it was fifteen years since we had last seen one another and I had grown a beard and moustache since then and as soon as I saw her enter our offices I recognised her and told Mike that I wanted him to do the interview. She also probably never gave me a second thought once she had dumped me in school, she was like that. So I just sat and listened to the little bitch who acted better than everyone else at school, sit there and practically beg to star in one of our movies. I wondered, though didn’t really care, what had brought her to this. Drugs? A guy? Those were the usual reasons the girls gave as they sat their pleading to be paid for their ritual humiliation to be filmed.

Mike gave her the form home and told her to read it and come back tomorrow, though heaven knows she wanted to sign it there and then but he wouldn’t allow her. He also gave a her a video of some of our highlights to let her really know what she was getting into. So she could back out now rather than ruin an entire video. I made sure it was one of our tamer video’s because if this went through I wanted to see the look on little miss Gwen’s face when we did some of the things to her.

And lo and behold, the next day she returned with the form duly signed and eager to earn her $1000 (she would not be paid anything until the film was finished). We told her to be at our studios the next Monday and to not have anything planned for the whole day. I spent the time before Monday with my creative juices running freely.

I’ve shot pretty much everything in my decade in the business, scat, gang-bangs, bukkake, and stuff even more extreme. But I knew from the first that this film with Gwen would revolve around pissing. Specifically her being pissed over and drinking it. I masturbated myself to sleep two nights running with the image of me urinating all over her pretty face in my head.

I guess I should describe Gwen for you. She was 29 years old now, had chestnut brown, shoulder length hair and a real cute smile. Rigth now she facially resembled a slightly younger looking Shania Twain. Her eyes were hazel in colour and she had a pretty sexy body, topped off with 36″ breasts that had real thick Starzbet nipples. Like I said she was a hottie, why she had fallen to doing this I didn’t know but she had.

First thing I had her do was dress in a skimpy schoolgirl’s outfit, replete with my old school’s tie – I was confident given what else would be happening to her she wouldn’t link it but if she did who cares, she needed the money. So a white shirt with only a couple of buttons done up and a loose tie was all that covered her chest, while a short black skirt, white knickers and ankle socks completed the outfit. Her hair was in two cute bunches and as instructed she was wearing glasses, as she had done in school. All the guys on set got immediate erections when she first came out of the dressing room and onto set.

To start, because the girls are always nervous I get them to smile into the camera, squat down and introduce themselves to the audience as their knickers flash. And Gwen did this, she called herself Gwen though a lot of the girls like to change their names, not our Gwennie though. Off camera I ask her why she’s here and she gives the answer she’s been told to give.

“Because I want to be a piss slut for you” all spoken with a toothy grin and her hair in cute bunches.

“Good girl” I reply and move over to her (my back to camera) and place a tight dog collar around her neck, taking the leash back with me behind the camera.

I then hand Gwen a small plastic bowl and tell her to squat over it and piss into it through her knickers. Still smiling into the camera she strains somewhat and soon we see drips of piss coming through her staining knickers and falling into the bowl. When it is apparent that she has finished I tell her to take her knickers off and the viewer is treated to the first glimpse of Gwen’s sodden, shaven pussy. My next instruction is that she licks the stained crotch of the panties, her nose wrinkles in disgust but still she does as told giving big licks to draw the urine into her mouth.

“Good girl! Now wring them out into the bowl” I instruct and she obeys. Once she’s finished I take up the bowl and carefully pour it’s amber contents into a tall wine glass and pass the glass back to Gwen and tell her to drink it up.

She pauses and closes her eyes, obviously steeling herself for the indignity to follow and then as if mentally deciding that this is what she will do she puts the glass to her lips and drinks the lot in one long, salty load, giving a pathetic splutter at the end as the last escapes her lips.

“Did you like that slut?”

She can’t speak but nods her head in such a way that you are in no doubt she hated it and just wants this over and to get paid, but there’s so much yet to go!

Next I order Gwen to undress the rest of her uniform, revealing her large tits which indicate Gwen is no little schoolgirl. Very soon she’s on her hands and knees looking up for instructions with an obedient look on her slutty face. I take her for a walk like my very own piss doggie and lead her on all fours over to the large bath that takes pride of place in this studio, wide ledges surrounding all four sides. Keeping a tight hold of the leash I tell her to get into the bath and kneel, which she does with some difficulty.

So there kneels Gwen, naked and expectant in the bath. Mike hands me a special plastic funnel which I attach around Gwen’s neck above the collar, it has a black rubber trim both to prevent it scratching her neck and to make sure no liquid can escape it. The cameraman zooms in for a close up on Gwen’s now slightly concerned face inside the funnel but she Starzbet Giriş surely knows fine well what will happen next – though I don’t think she appreciates exactly how many men I intend using.

“Gwen, it’s time to meet the boys” and into the room troop ten men, who, without speaking a word, take their places on the ledge surrounding the bath and unzip their flies.

Now normal practice is that beforehand the boys will drink clear water so that the piss is pretty much only just the water coming straight through them, hence it’s clearness. However, in an act of petty spite I have told all of them that they should have a few pints of beer before so that it comes out nice and yellow. This also guarantees it will really stink quite a bit too, especially for Gwen.

Making sure that the plug is firmly in it’s hole I tell the guys to fire at will and tell Gwen that she has to keep her head up. Once the first stream of warm, yellow piss hits Gwen’s forehead you can tell she’s regretting doing this but there’s no going back and soon a second and third splash onto her and the level of piss trapped in the funnel swiftly rises and she is beginning to realise she’ll have to drink her way out of this. She goes to move her head so that the piss will run out but they all do that and a quick tug of the leash straightens her and reminds her of her job and to my immense pleasure the yellow fluid is over the top over her lips and lapping at her nostrils when she has to open up and admit the piss. A good thing too as by now all the guys are fired up and spraying piss all over her, most managing to hit the large target of the funnel.

I can’t tell you the satisfaction I derived watching Gwen’s head being engulfed with piss and the look on her face as she took deep gulp of it to relief herself, while her massive tits began to glisten with the piss that was spilling down her shapely body. Quickly the guys piss streams began to falter and come to dripping stops and Gwen was able to clear the funnel of the urine and take in some breaths of air. I made sure the camera got a nice close up of her saturated hair and face.

Once all the guys had dried up I told them to get next door and get refilled for the next scene and told Gwen to unhook the plastic funnel from her neck which she did gladly.

“Well Gwen, did you enjoy that?” I asked.

She gave the answer she had been told to give , “Yes, I loved it. I love being a piss slut.”

“Good girl! But look some of the piss has run into the bath , why don’t you bend over and start slurping it up, you don’t want to miss any do you?”

She shook her head and like a drowned rat she dipped it low and extended her tongue and began lapping at the pool of piss in the bathtub. While she was busy humiliating herself down there the guys were busily drinking beer next door for the next part of the film. Eventually I let Gwen up and told her to go get showered and ready as I wanted her looking her normal self for the start of the next scene.

In the studio we have a very special toilet. It is a few inches wider and lower than most which suits our purposes perfectly. It’s not properly linked up to the plumbing and has to be bled of whatever liquid is in it so to begin today there was nothing in it’s system. Well as soon as Gwen was in the dressing room everybody on set got the word that if they need a piss to use our special toilet as it needed to have plenty fresh piss in it!

I gave both Gwen and the guys a full hour to recover, grabbed a bite of lunch and came back ready for the second part of this epic. When she appeared from her dressing Starzbet Güncel Giriş room after lunch she little resembled the piss-soaked, forlorn creature kneeling submissively in the bath that morning. Now she was wearing a woman executive’s power business suit and as we began filming again, as directed she confidently strode across the room. She sat in a wooden chair next to the special toilet bowl and watched as the action unfolded, the camera catching her every facial reaction to what happens.

Basically, each of the guys gets called up to the bowl and relieves themselves of their lunch time beer by pissing into and over the ceramic bowl. After each of the ten has had their turn they line up to watch Gwen’s next humiliation. I order her to strip for the camera and again capture her full curves of film, she keeps glancing worriedly at the bowl, probably guessing what will happen next.

“You’re a desperate little piss slut aren’t you?.”

She nods.

“Well Gwen why don’t you show us how desperate you are, both for piss and for money. I want you to get down there and lick that bowl clean.”

Slowly she sinks to her knees, managing one last pathetic glance to the camera before stretching her neck over the rim of the bowl and extending her tongue out and starting to lap slowly at the porcelain – all captured in glorious close up by the camera. I can see her curl her nose up at the stink from the urine that lies at the bottom of the bowl and maybe she thinks licking the bowl, despite it’s yellow stains and stray hairs, will be the worst of it. It won’t be.

All the guys stood around Gwen in a semicircle and shouted ‘encouragement’ at her as she lapped away with her tongue on the bowl.

“Go on slut, lick that piss up!”

“Yeah,, get that tongue working bitch!”

After five minutes where she was constantly licking I instructed her to stop and sit up, then got the camera to focus in on the yellow pool that sat in the bowl. The camera then panned round to Gwen’s face as I spoke to her again.

“Gwen, I want you to get your face real deep in the bowl and started slurping. Understand?”

She nodded and reluctantly dipped her head down into the wider than usual bowl, recoiling slightly as her face contacted the piss but soon moving into it. Once there she gargled and slurped noisily for the camera as instructed and I let her do this for a time before putting on rubber gloves . Then I pressed down on her head, shoving it fully into the piss, held it there for a few seconds before operating the flushing mechanism which basically just threw whatever was in the bowl up and around the self contained system. Gwen tried to lift her head but I was having none of that and kept it down in the flow, the piss sluicing fast over her face and into her eyes, ears, nose and mouth so that when finally the flush slowed and I allowed her to remove her face from the bowl it was a sight.

“Enjoy that Gwennie?” I asked sarcastically.

She just nodded mechanically as she tried to clean her face with her arm.

“One last shot to go then you get paid for this” I encouraged her (still on camera) I want you to sit on your ass in front of the bowl and lean back so your face is just over the bowl.”

She did as told and I told her to open her mouth up and then I unzipped my flies and the final scene of the film is that of me relieving myself into Gwen’s open mouth over the toilet.

So she got paid and was probably glad to get the money and get the hell out. But I had one last nasty twist for her. I looked up on the internet one of these sites that connects you with your school friends and anonymously sent them an e-mail with link to show them what their old school chum, Gwen, was up to nowadays. It linked into the best clips of the video, leaving the viewers in no doubt who it was that was performing all these degrading acts for cash.

All in all I was pleased with my nasty, messy, cheap revenge on Gwen.

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