Grocery Store Strangers


I adjusted my bare breast under my tight shirt, to make sure they were just right. The perfect mix between slutty and flirty. To be honest, I haven’t engaged in any sexy activity since I sucked my neighbor’s hot cock. The lack of a hard cock in my life has turned me into a very dirty, horny, and sex-crazed woman. My mind is constantly thinking of every man I see bending me over and making my legs shake until they fill me with their warm cum… “Mmm, I can almost feel it,” I mused to myself.A car door slams beside me, jolting me out of my fever dream. I had been so lost in thought that I hadn’t realized my tits were sticking out of the top of my shirt, showcasing my perky hard nipples to anybody that dared to take a glance in my direction.Another car door slammed before my mind wandered to another sex scene, and I jumped into action to fix myself. Out of my left peripheral, I saw a man staring at me, grabbing himself discreetly and smiling in my direction. He was wearing a blinding yellow vest, with nothing underneath. His muscles glistened with sweat, and veins popped everywhere…“Damn, he is HOT!” I thought to myself. The man was smoking hot, and it’s been a while since I had seen such a sexy man. I couldn’t resist the urge to tease this sexy stranger staring at me. Just the thought of teasing this sexy stranger set my body on fire. I took my index and middle finger slowly, tracing them up my chest, gliding over my now extremely hard and sensitive nipples. My breath hitched, and I shivered as my fingers caressed my hard nipples, causing them to harden even more. My fingers, drifting over my skin, made their way up my neck, over my jaw, before sliding seductively into my mouth. I softly sucked those two fingers deep and slowly. My eyes never left his body. After a few more escort bayan seconds of sucking on my fingers, I knew it was time to go into the grocery store. I couldn’t sit in my car forever teasing this man, no matter how much I wanted to continue. I let my fingers fall out of my mouth, gathered myself together, and turned off my car. When I stepped out of my truck, a gust of wind lifted my short skirt slightly, showing off my bare ass cheeks to anybody in the parking lot. The wind continued to flirt with the edge of my skirt, causing it to rise periodically as I walked across the parking lot into the grocery store. Me showcasing to the entire parking lot that there was nothing under my short pleated mini skirt, did something to me. It set my already feverish body ablaze even more. “I wonder if he saw my pussy lips,” I thought to myself.I added a little extra hip sway to my walk, getting a thrill out of other strangers possibly seeing my bare pussy. The thought of having men hard as a rock for me was getting me extremely wet. My plump lips, rubbing together with every sway of my hips, were very overstimulating to my body. I could almost feel myself getting closer and closer to an amazing orgasm.As I started picking out my groceries, I arched my back every time I had to reach for something. Wiggling my ass cheeks every time I had to bend down. I caught more than a few men watching me as I gathered my groceries. It filled me even more with lust. Desire overcame me, my need heightened as the sexual tension around me rose. By this time, my wetness slowly trickled down my inner thighs. I had to relieve this pressure from my body. A thrill filled me as I made my way to the restrooms in the back. As I passed a few aisles, I waved at escort bayanlar a few sexy strangers seductively and gave them a lustful look. Hoping that they would catch the hint and follow me to the bathroom. I was more than ready to put on a show for a few lucky men. The thought caused a warm gush of wetness to fill my already overflowing tight channel.I was almost to the restroom when I saw him. The sexy ass stranger from earlier in the parking lot. My eyes soaked up every inch of this man. I licked my lips when my eyes landed on the bulge in his pants. I beckoned him with my hand and continued walking to the Family bathroom. Once inside the unexpectedly spacious restroom, I immediately walked to the mirror in the middle of the room. Watching the room through the mirror. Waiting to see if he took the bait and would walk through the bathroom door. My eyes widened with excitement when he made his way through the door. He walked up to me, and lust filled his eyes. My back was to him, but I could see everything through the mirror. So, overcome with desire and neediness, I couldn’t move. I just stared at him through the mirror. He grabbed me from behind and ground against my ass. His bulge sent ricochets through my body. I moaned as his hard denim-covered bulge rubbed against my sensitive bare lips. My head fell back onto his shoulder as he ground against me. I gyrated against his every move as my need to cum grew. My skin was tight and hot. Feeling as if I was too large for my body. No longer able to control myself, I rubbed myself against him with abandon. Needing to let this pressure out and wanting to feel this wetness rush out of my body.I came hard. A bright light seemed to have filled my eyes, my body locked, and I felt bayan escort it. My first orgasm in months came flooding out of me. I yelled and shook as if I was in my apartment bathroom. Not caring if anyone heard me.As I was cumming, I softly heard the door open and close twice. When I opened my eyes, I was surprised to see three men with their cocks out and stroking. They huddled together, the men in the corner to the right of me. One man was a short, muscular, and bald older white man with a medium-sized cock and a purple mushroom head. He groaned every time he stroked the tip of his hard penis. There was a tall, skinny black guy with one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen; he was already spewing clear pre-cum from his enormous cock. The last man broke away from the group and walked over to stand beside me. He was so close that every time he got to the tip of his cock, his knuckles grazed my arms as I held onto the sink.My construction lover slowly slid his zipper down his jeans. You could hear the sound clearly and loudly in the tension-filled bathroom. He grabbed my hips and ground against me once again. His condom-less cock rubbed up and down my lips and teased my hole. My grip on the public bathroom sink tightened as I prepared myself for his cock. I had felt how warm, solid, and big it was when he rubbed it against my pussy. I knew I needed to brace myself, since it had been so long since a nice, hard, hot cock impaled me. He lined up his cock with my wet pussy. Getting the head of his hard pole slick with my juices. You could hear the sound his cock made as it teased and slid around my tight hole. The sound echoed around the public restroom. He pushed into me, giving me the hardest, fullest thrust I had ever had. His thrust pushed me forward and up on my tiptoes as I tried to accommodate his long, thick manhood. My mouth opened wide, a low guttural moan left my mouth, and my eyes swiftly closed. A bright burst of light and color flashed behind my eyes as my body accommodated his size. He muttered under his breath “damn” as my tunnel fluttered and creamed on his cock., 

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