Goddess Paula’s Helpless Foot Boy – Chapter 3


Initially, Goddess Paula used my complete infatuation with her face, body, mind, and personality, but mostly my intense attraction to her perfect feet, to coerce me to perform some chores and personal services for her.  Then, as months went by, Goddess Paula incorporated chastity, cross-dressing, and corporal punishment to increase my humiliation, obedience, and subservience.  I am now at the point where I crave the rewards she might choose to bestow upon me and fear the punishments she might choose to inflict on me, to such an intense degree that my obedience to any of her commands is absolute, complete, and immediate. Goddess Paula is a master of psychological control.  I fear the pain that she often inflicts on my nipples, ass, and other body parts, with her effective selection of punishment instruments.  I also fear the many other methods Goddess Paula uses to reinforce my obedience.  One of the cruelest methods she uses to punish me is to simply deny me her attention. A couple months ago, I arrived at Goddess Paula’s home mid-morning, as instructed.  I was dressed in one of my sissy-boy street clothes outfits.  I knew she was unsatisfied with some of the labor I had performed for her on my previous visit, but I hoped she would overlook that and allow me to serve her “with a clean slate” on this visit.  As it turns out, I was wrong. I had just gotten out of my car, Goddess Paula opened her front door and shouted for me to stay right where I was.  Her demeanor seemed cheerful enough, so I happily stood there next to my car wondering what was happening, but confident that I would soon be serving and obeying my perfect goddess in some way.  My goddess went back into her house and closed the front door.  After standing next to my car for an hour, it was clear to me that I was being punished.  Knowing that I was required to obey and submit to Goddess Paula in all things, I did what I had to do.  I continued to stand next to my car in my goddess’s driveway. Early in the afternoon, after I had been standing next to my car for more than three hours, an Uber pulled up.  Goddess Paula came outside, locked her door, and climbed into the Uber.  The driver sped off with my goddess.  Late in the afternoon, another Uber dropped her off.  Again, Goddess Paula went back into her house and closed the front door.  In leaving her house, and in returning to her house, my goddess strode within sex izle three feet of me, but did not look at me, did not speak to me, and did not acknowledge my presence in any way. A couple hours later, it started getting dark and the external lights illuminated automatically.  Soon thereafter, my heart leapt when I saw my goddess open her front door.  After standing in her driveway for close to ten hours, I was tired and sore.  However, more than anything, I was desperate for any of Goddess Paula’s attention, no matter how small, no matter how demeaning. I was crushed when I heard Goddess Paula cheerfully shout that I was dismissed and that I should go home.  My goddess knew how desperately I craved her attention.  This had to be the most intense act of cruelty I have ever suffered at the hands of my goddess.  No amount of humiliation or pain my goddess has previously inflicted on me came close to the cruelty exhibited today.  I had been made to stand and wait near my car for almost ten hours with no attention of any kind from my goddess, and then told to go home. As I started driving home, I burst into tears.  I cried uncontrollably.  When intense, quaking sobs overtook my body, I had to pull my car over to the curb for fear of causing an accident.  I sat in my car and cried for almost an hour.  I was shocked at my reaction.  I knew that my desire for Goddess Paula was intense and extreme.  But I would not have predicted that ten hours of neglect by my goddess could reduce me to a quivering mass of sobbing and tears.  My reaction actually scared me a bit regarding what it indicated about the depth of my devotion and attachment to Goddess Paula. About a month later, I was serving Goddess Paula at her house.  It was my sixth time serving as Goddess Paula’s slave, since the day she had made me stand in her driveway.  By this time, things were back to normal, and I was having a very good day serving my goddess.  I recall that she had beaten my ass bright red with her paddles, and striped it deeply with her canes.  I had completed hours of tedious housework.  She had ordered me to lick a dozen pairs of her shoes clean.  And she allowed me several wonderful sessions of orally worshiping her glorious feet.  While it was a difficult day, it was the kind of day that had me feeling a sort of internal erotic bliss. It was getting on towards dinnertime and my goddess called fransız porno in a take-out order.  She ordered me to go fetch it and I headed towards the bedroom to change out of my slut dress and heels and put on one of my sissy-boy outfits. But, Goddess Paula stopped me in my tracks by angrily growling, “Where do you think you’re going?  I ordered you to go pick up dinner.  Now, GO!!!”I was so shocked that I guess I kind of froze in my tracks.  Surely, my goddess didn’t expect me to pick up chicken dinners as an obvious cross-dresser.  She had never ordered me to do anything like that before.  As I stood there, frozen like a deer in headlights, Goddess Paula’s anger blossomed, and she screamed for me to forget it and just go home.  I think my response surprised both of us.  I didn’t beg forgiveness on my way out the door to the chicken stand.  I didn’t apologize and go home.  I crumbed.  I melted down.  I dropped to my knees.  I grabbed Goddess Paula’s calves tightly.  I burst into tears.  I blubbered and sobbed. I begged, almost incoherently, “Goddess Paula, no!  Goddess Paula, I can take anything, but not this.  Please, hurt me more.  Please, humiliate me more.  Please make me do things no one would do.  Anything!  Anything!  Anything!  But, please, please, please, please, don’t send me away.  I can’t take it.  I can’t.  I can’t.  I just can’t!  Don’t you understand, Goddess Paula?  I need you!  I crave you!  I can’t live without you.  I can endure any punishment, any punishment, except being sent away from you, except being deprived of you.  Please, promise you won’t.”I went on and on.  And, as I begged, I cried, sobbed, and blubbered.  Goddess Paula hadn’t seen me break down like this.  So, at first, she was uncertain how to handle it.  And I was uncertain how this would go, how it would end.  Then I looked up through tear-blurred eyes, detected a degree of sympathy on the face of my goddess, and saw her tap the sofa next to her.  I rose, sat next to her, and put my arms around her.  Amazing to both of us, my crying did not abate.  It intensified.  It took a few moments for us both to recognize that my current crying was a sign of relief. As we began to talk, Goddess Paula firmly and me shakily, I was reminded what a sweet and sympathetic woman she is.  She patted my head and told me that I had been such a good slave.  She told me that teen porno I could, of course, request one type of punishment that I did not want her to inflict on me.  If I didn’t want her to ignore me, to deprive me of her attention, then she would not.  She asked me if that sounded OK.  Through my tears, I blubbered that it was OK, that it was wonderful, that it was perfect. My goddess continued talking, telling me that she had grown more and more sadistic as she dominated me more and more completely.  She told me that she was actually quite pleased that she had broken me by depriving me of her attention. Goddess Paula continued, “I have broken you, haven’t I, sissy Michelle?”Staring at the floor, I wordlessly nodded my head up and down. Lost in her own thoughts, Goddess Paula continued, “While I don’t want to deprive you in an unacceptably cruel manner, I certainly don’t want to deprive myself of the enjoyment I derive from disciplining my slave.  So, if I stop ignoring you as a form of discipline, I guess I’ll have to come up with some other methods of using you, methods more extreme than I’ve used in the past. “ Smiling at me, Goddess Paula purred, “Now, that sounds fair, doesn’t it?” Uncertain of what I was signing up for, I mumbled, “Sure.  I guess so, Goddess Paula.” My goddess brightened and said, “Tonight is a perfect example.  You didn’t expect me to send you out in public in your slut dress and heels.  You didn’t expect that degree of humiliation.  But now that you know it’s what I require of you, you’ll do that for me, won’t you, Baby?  And I’ve been reading about things.  I’ve read that some dominant women never pee in toilets.  All their pee goes straight into their slave’s mouth.  And long-term bondage.  I can hog-tie you or hang you by your wrists, and leave you for eight or ten hours, or overnight.  You could sleep here, tied up in my closet.  Though I don’t think you’ll be able to get much sleep.”Finally, Goddess Paula looked over at me and burst out laughing.  Not that my goddess gave me a chance to comment, and not that I even knew what to say, but she had shocked me into a dumbfounded silence.  I think I was sitting there with my jaw hanging open.  That’s probably what elicited her laughter. She continued, “Yes.  Yes.  That’s the solution.  I won’t punish you by ignoring you or sending you away.  But, in exchange, you will go out in public wherever I bring you or send you dressed however I say.  In addition, starting right this moment, you will drink all my pee.  And, lastly, I can and will tie you up and leave you however I wish for as long as I wish.  Isn’t that the perfect arrangement, Baby?  Deal?”

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