Get Into Me

My New Year resolution is to give up sex. For at least 6 months. That means two blokes with delicious cocks, and a couple of women with big strap ons — either alone or together. Including the woman who stays with me, Susie.

Damn it, when you are a hot, young, bi babe with a killer arse and submissive tendencies, you can be a fucktoy for weeks at a time and the housework just doesn’t get done.

And I have things I want to do. Develop my life drawing techniques, learn public speaking, raise a kitten. When someone owns your killer arse, it can be hard to focus on things.

People are always after my arse. Or tits. Or legs. Or back. Or neck. Or ears. Lick them &/or blow in them, and I’m all yours.

I hate my ears. Well, I do at the moment. There is a direct link from my ears to my clit.

So I had a think about what to do first. As much as I enjoy life drawing, the models might be too much of a temptation. I needed an activity with plain, boring, middle-aged women. Toastmasters and public speaking was the answer. How many hot blokes and women would I encounter in a public speaking club? Not too many, I’d wager. My arse would be safe.

And I’d learn public speaking. Perfect.

My first speech was OK. They call it an ice-breaker, where you talk about yourself. I didn’t mention I was a bi submissive bitch with a weakness for anal and water sports, but I did tell them a few things about myself. Including my fondness for massages.

That may have been a mistake.

I was getting myself a long, cool drink at the bar, after my speech, when a plain, boring, middle-aged, slightly plump Toastmaster, Denise, sidled up beside me.

‘That was a really good speech, Jacinta,’ she said.

‘Thank you,’ I sighed, rubbing my neck. ‘I was so tense, and I’m so dry.’

‘Yes, public speaking is like that,’ she said. ‘I used to get very tight in my lower back and arse when I started. Now I’m not so bad, but my arse still gets tight.’

She rubbed her arse.

‘Where do you get tense?’ she asked, innocently.

She looked me over, pausing on my arse.

My nipples hardened. She bursa escort looked at them. And smiled.

‘Shoulders?’ she asked, putting a hand on my left shoulder.

‘Yes,’ I said, grimacing as she pushed a little.

‘I’m a part-time masseuse,’ she said. ‘You get to know where someone is tense, just by looking.’

I expected her to ask me if my nipples were tense.

She pressed into my neck.

‘Ooooh, you are tense!’ she exclaimed.

She contemplated me for a moment. That always affects me, when people run their eyes over me. In a wet and slippery way. Better to be looked over, than overlooked, I say.

‘Look, I have a few people I massage regularly. I am picky about who my clients are. Would you be interested in my free, introductory massage? It’s free.’

Hmm, that sounded good. If I had dull, boring, plain, middle-aged, plump Denise run her hands all over my slim, slinky, hot, oiled, naked, delicious body, I might be less inclined to succumb to other people who wanted to fuck me senseless.

‘Yes, that sounds good,’ I sighed, as she worked my tight muscles. Damn, she was good.

‘I could give you one now,’ Denise said. ‘I have my massage equipment in the car. Why don’t we strike while the iron is hot?’

Well, we did. In no time, we were at my place, with Denise setting up her portable massage table.

‘How do you want me?’ I asked.

Denise looked at me, slowly. Damn, that got me going. There was something about the lazy way she ran her eyes over me. My nipples hardened. She contemplated them. They hardened some more.

‘The less you wear, the better,’ she said.

So I was quickly lying face down on the table in just my G-string.

That was a mistake.

Denise started on my head. The scalp and neck.

‘Tell me how it feels, so I can adjust the pressure,’ Denise said.

‘Mmmm, that’s good,’ I murmured.

While it may have helped Denise, verbalising what the massage was like was really turning me on.

‘That’s good … right there … a little harder … dig your fingers in there … ooooh, that’s good … more, more … harder, escort bursa harder … aaaah …’

I felt like she was fucking me, rather than massaging me. I was getting very slippery. I was hoping she couldn’t smell my pussy amongst the other aromas in the room. I could sure smell it.

Denise sighed.

‘You OK?’ I asked.

‘Just enjoying the aromas,’ she said.

Damn, she was on to me. I didn’t mind that much though. I was becoming very horny and very submissive.

She massaged me from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes. Scalp, neck, back, arse, legs, feet. Then back to my arse. Then she ran her fingers ever so lightly all the way down and up me.

Then down me.

Then up me. Then down me.

Then up to my thighs.

I parted them a little.

She ran her hands up the insides of my thighs. I pushed my arse up just a little.

Denise leant over me and whispered in my ear,’ An orgasm would help you to relax, you know’.

Oh I know it would.

‘Yes, please,’ I whispered back.

A finger slipped up my pussy.

‘Oh yes,’ I sighed.

‘So wet,’ Denise observed.

Denise went to work on me. With one hand she massaged my arse, right down in the crack.

‘Ahhh, that’s nice,’ I moaned.

With her other hand she finger fucked me. Hard and fast.

‘Get up on your hands and knees,’ she commanded. ‘I can enjoy you better, you dirty bitch.’

Oh fuck, she was pushing all my buttons. I love being enjoyed.

She rubbed oil all over my tits and mauled them. Slapped them. Abused them. I love that when I’m being finger fucked.

I came. Hard. Twitching erratically.

‘You like that, you sexy, little slut,’ Denise whispered in my ear.

‘Oh fuck yes,’ I moaned.

‘Shall I get my strap on and fuck you senseless?’ she asked, needlessly.

‘Oh yes please,’ I sighed, my head resting on my hands.

‘Bend over the massage table, while I strap it on.’

I did. I spread my legs. Damn that orgasm was good. I was lost in sweet memories, when I felt something between my legs. Denise was positioning the strap on bursa escort bayan against my pussy.

‘I’m all wet and read …’ I started to say, when she rammed the strap on right up me!

‘Oh, fuck … fuck … fuck,’ I mumbled incoherently.

‘Oh fuck YES!’ she cried out.

She held the cock right up me. Damn, I like that. It was big. And long. And hard. And right up my cunt.

‘Does my little fucktoy like my hard cock?’ Denise purred in my ear, pulling my head back by my hair. Harshly. Ooooh I like that!

‘Oh yes, fuck your fucktoy. Fuck me, do me, screw me, bone me, dick me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,’ I said, hoping I was making myself clear.

She pulled the cock all the way out, making me sigh. She paused for a moment, and then slammed right up me again. I rode up on the table, she slammed me so hard.

‘Take that bitch,’ she grunted.

So I did. I took it with pleasure. Damn, this bitch knew how to use a strap on. Not unlike Susie. Ah Susie. She could probably hear me being fucked. And fucked. And fucked. And mounted.

Yep, there she was. The door was slightly ajar, and Susie was watching. She was naked. Fingering herself. The dirty bitch. She was going to want my arse later. She was damn near impossible to resist — and Denise had blown my defences to smithereens. Susie loved to do me. About 3 in the morning I was confident she would be doing me. Senseless. Probably up the arse.

Public speaking was supposed to save me from sex. So much for that plan. However my musings were rudely interrupted as Denise slid a well-lubricated finger up my arse. She fucked me even harder. One hand found my clit and rubbed it.

Oh fuck, I was going to cum. Just as it hit me, Denise came too.

‘Oh fuck, I’m coming,’ she cried out, and slammed me hard.

‘Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,’ I groaned as I came.

Denise pulled my head around and kissed me brutally, as she spasmed against my twitching body.


Denise put me to bed and tucked me in. I was all relaxed now.

‘Leave your window open tomorrow night,’ she whispered in my ear, as she left.

Later that night I sensed another body in the bed. Soft hands found their way to my breasts and arse. I was going to be stuffed in the morning, I thought, as a groan of pleasure escaped me, and Susie started to enjoy me.

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