Futa Daughter’s Naughty Temptation 7: Futa-Mommy Searches the Cutie


Futa Daughter’s Naughty Temptation

Chapter Seven: Futa-Mommy Searches the Cutie

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Madeline Marlow

I savored my futa-daughter, Sky, sucking my clit-dick as I drove us to school. I worked as a secretary at her community college. She bobbed her head, loving my mommy-cock with that hungry mouth of hers. I gripped the steering wheel, struggling to focus on driving.

“Wow, Mrs. Marlow, your daughter is being naughty,” Georgia said from the backseat.

The reverend’s daughter had lost her virginity yesterday. I had used her to keep Sky from seducing the reverend’s wife, Georgia’s mother, and ruining the Matthews’ marriage. Georgia’s virginity was a small sacrifice to keep Sky from breaking apart happy couples.

Besides, Sky and Georgia were so cute together. If they got married, they would be adorable. I didn’t know if futas could have children, but Sky and Georgia would have such cute children if they could.

Probably all daughters.

Pleasure rippled down my cock from my daughter’s sucking. She made such wet and obscene sounds, these slurping noises that made my pussy clench almost as much as the suction she created. My daughter knew how to blow a dick.

Well, she had been a wild child. A slut, if I was honest. But now she was my good girl.

“Oh, yes, yes, honey,” I moaned, my pussy clenching. “That’s so good. Ooh, you know just how to suck my dick. You’re going to make mommy cum.”

“She better before we get to classes,” Natalie said. She was Sky’s equally as wild friend. The two nineteen-year-old girls had me frustrated to no end, but now Natalie was my good slut. I had tamed her with my mommy-cock.

“Yes, she should,” I purred. Natalie was basically my sex slave. Which was so hot.

I had changed so much since yesterday. Futa-cocks were a big game-changer. I loved them. I wanted to fuck young girls, especially my daughter. She had seduced me into incest, and it was just the hottest thing in the world.

I slowed at the stoplight, cars around me. None of them knew I had a girl-dick let alone that my daughter was sucking it. My toes curled in my shoes at Sky’s wonderful suction. She made my dick feel amazing. I smiled, savoring that wonderful pressure building and building. I would have such a huge explosion of cum.

My futa-seed would fire out of my dick into her mouth. I groaned, my heart thundering in my chest. This was incredible to feel. Her lips moved up and down my dick. She sucked and slurped, her blonde hair sliding over my lap.

“Yes, yes, just like that,” I moaned, accelerating through the intersection. “Just nurse on my girl-dick. Oh, you’re such a good girl.”

She sucked hard. My pussy clenched. I groaned, my back arching. The pleasure rushed through my body. It was intense. Incredible. I shuddered, my eyes fluttering. I slowed again, the school in sight. My pussy clenched.

“Hurry, Sky!” I moaned, growing antsy at the light.

My daughter shoved her hand between my thighs. Cross-traffic flowed before me while her fingers found my pussy lips. She thrust her digits into my cunt. My eyes widened at the feel of her fingers sliding into my hot depths.

She curled them inside of me. She stroked them along the top of my pussy wall. It added this wonderful delight that swelled the pressure at the pinnacle of my dick. She nursed hard on me, her tongue swabbing around my spongy crown.

“It’s turning,” I groaned, watching cross-traffic slowing. Their light turned red. “Hurry, Sky!”

The light turned green. I had to go.

Her fingers stroked along my pussy. I pulled into the turn lane, oncoming traffic blocking me from making the left. Which gave Sky a few more precious seconds to find some way to make me cum before I had to turn into the parking lot.

Then the car ahead slowed to let me go. I groaned and turned in. I pulled into the parking lot just as Sky touched this special spot in my pussy. My eyes bulged. I bucked in my seat as my orgasm detonated inside of me.

“Oh, my Lord, yes!” I howled, trembling.

My futa-cum fired into my daughter’s mouth. My pussy went wild around her fingers stroking that delicious spot. Ecstasy flooded from my cunt and rapture burst from my mommy-dick. Stars exploded across the world.

I gasped and moaned, my car stopped. Students and faculty were moving around me. I shuddered while dumping load after load of my cum down Sky’s mouth. She gulped it down with hunger, swallowing with noisy passion.

“Wow,” Georgia said in awe.

“Uh-huh!” I moaned, my orgasm still bursting through me.

Sky swallowed more and more of my cum. The pleasure rushing out of my pussy was so intense. So much more powerful than I was used to. My eyes fluttered as the ecstasy blazed across my mind. It was outstanding. Incredible.

I hit the peak and then I fired the last of my cum into her mouth.

“Sky, Sky,” I moaned. “What… That… Oh, my gosh, what was that?”

“What did she do to you, Mrs. Marlow?” Georgia asked.

“She… she…” I trembled through the ecstasy. “She touched this spot in me.”

“Oh, your G-spot!” Natalie said. “Ooh, I bet that made cumming as a futa intense, huh, Mrs. Marlow.”

“Yes,” I panted. “That was—”


I jumped and then realized I had stopped. I turned down a side lane and found a place to park as Sky slid her lips off my mommy cock. She smacked them, some cum and drool on her mouth. She stretched her arms as I pulled into a space and put the car in park.

“Yum,” my green-eyed daughter said.

“You have something on your chin, honey,” I said.

Instead of getting out a wet wipe from my purse, I leaned in and licked up the jizz from her lips. I kissed my daughter right here in the parking lot. She moaned and kissed me back. It was so hot, our tongues dancing, the salty flavor of my cum seasoning our incestuous passion.

Sky broke the kiss and purred, “Thanks, Mom, you’re the best.”

She opened her door. I smiled. This was so wonderful. I was so glad that we were so close now. I had won thanks to this futa-dick. Now, I had to start my day and find her more virgins to deflower. I hummed, thinking about how I would figure out which girls still had a cherry.

Some hands-on research?

I smiled. And if they didn’t have hymens, well, I could just slide right on into their pussies and give them a reward for being such good girls and letting me examine them. Now, I just had to figure out the pretext to do it.


Sky Marlow

I walked into the school building with Natalie at my side. We had mostly the same schedule. Usually, so we could just hang out in the back and pretend to care while really gossiping and texting. She hooked her arm with mine and leaned in close.

“God, I am so horny,” she said. “We should fuck in the bathroom.”

“Maybe,” I said, my eyes sliding over the halls.

A group of boys from the basketball team, all tall and handsome, glanced at us. I rolled my eyes. I didn’t need boys, or men, any longer. I needed girls. Women. MILFs. I needed some hot, older, married woman to fuck. To satisfy.

Enjoying Mrs. Spencer last night had been hot. And Mom had no idea I snuck out of the house to fuck the new mommy across the street.

I had to get more of that MILF poon.

“Look at her,” groaned Natalie. “With your cock, you could bag Velvet. Hottest fucking girl in school.”

Velvet was leaning against the locker. The busty, bleached-blonde cheerleader leaned against the locker while one of the football players chatted her up. She wore a pair of low-riding skinny jeans, her red thong flashing. A tight crop top hugged her big and bountiful tits.

“I suppose,” I said, my eyes looking around.

I threw a look over my shoulder and groaned as I spotted Mrs. Reyes, my math teacher. She wore a charcoal-gray skirt that went down to her knees but didn’t hide that delicious, bubbly ass. My clit throbbed, wanting to turn into a futa-dick.

“Uh, are you drooling over Mrs. Reyes’s ass?” asked Natalie.

My stomach went cold. I remembered that I couldn’t trust my best friend any longer. She was my futa-mom’s sex slave. If I let it out that I was staring at a MILF, Mom would find out. She would get suspicious.

“No, no,” I said then latched onto the girl bending over at the drinking fountain, her tartan skirt falling over her rump. “I’m looking at Aoi.”

“Aoi?” Natalie asked. “That nerd.”

The Japanese girl had glasses on and wore a loose, white blouse and a schoolgirl tartan skirt that went well past her knees. If her skirt was half as short, it would be sexy. It was just… boring with that length. What a pity. She could be hot if she tried.

“She’s probably a virgin,” I said.

I swallowed. Did Natalie buy it? It was so wrong that I had to hide my desires from my bestest best friend in the world. Natalie should be my confidant in seducing sexy MILFs, but my mother had corrupted her.

You can’t trust any girl that’s ridden your mother’s cock, I thought. No, that was Spice. She would sometimes whisper to me and it just sounded like my own voice. No wonder crazy people were crazy. They probably had demons whispering to them and they thought it was their own mind speaking. She’s got an angel-dick now.

I know, I thought back.

“That is a hot idea,” said Natalie. She whipped out her phone and snapped a pick of Aoi drinking. “She’s like Georgia. Who is awesome. You should total start dating her.”

“Dating?” I asked. “Did you just use the ‘D’ word.”

“I know,” Natalie said, her phone clicking as she took the photo. Then she started typing on it. “What can I say, your mother’s both a wholesome and corrupting influence on me.”

“Yeah,” I said, studying her. Maybe I should fuck Natalie’s mother? Michelle Tailor, Natalie’s mom, was one hot piece of ass. “That’s good, though. Send that pic to my mom. If Aoi’s got a cherry, I’m sure Mom will want to arrange a tryst.”

Natalie giggled. “Just let me lick out the cum this time. That would be hot to drink your cum out of a virgin’s pussy.”

“Yeah, it would be,” I said. I mean, I wouldn’t say no to popping another cherry. It was hot.

Careful, warned Spice. That’s Porno hikayeleri what your mom and her annoying angel want you to think. Go for that Mrs. Reyes. God, she’s a hot piece of ass. And Natalie’s Mom, too. And most of all, the MILF who got away.

Mrs. Mathews!

Was that last one me, Spice, or both of us together. I let out a throaty groan either way, wanting to slide my cock into the reverend’s wife. I would make Mrs. Matthews into my whore. My mother wouldn’t stop me this time.

“God, I am so wet,” Natalie said. “Want to fuck in the restroom?”

I glanced at her and groaned, “Yes!”

I realized I hadn’t gotten my dick into my bestest best friend. Mom had hogged her last night, wanting me to “bond” with Georgia and fall in love and all that garbage. Love was a lie. My dad promised to love my mom forever, and he dumped her for being a frigid bitch.

Fucking was so much better.

Yep! Spice agreed. I caught her grinning face in a mirror on the inside of a girl’s locker. Just for a moment, but she looked happy.

Natalie grabbed my hand and dragged me to the nearest girl’s restroom. We pushed through the crowd and broke through into the serpentine hallway that led inside. You couldn’t see in and you couldn’t see out, but there was no unsanitary door to open after washing your hands.

“Oh, my god, we’re going to get wild,” moaned Natalie as we were inside the restroom. It was quieter in here.

A girl checking her makeup glanced at us. She frowned.

“Don’t mind us,” I said as we headed to the last stall, “just going to fuck my bestest friend. She loves my big dick.”

“What, did you dykes bring a dildo to school.”

“A big and fleshy clit-dick!” said Natalie.

Giggling, we slid into the restroom stall. It felt like old times, the two of us up to no good at school. I pinned her against the stall door and kissed her with hunger. My lips melted into my bestest friend’s. She was amazing. I loved fucking around with her.

Having a friend that you fooled around with was the greatest.

My clit blossomed into my dick as my tongue plundered her mouth. Her hands grabbed my ass, drawing up my skirt. I was fumbling to yank down her skinny jeans off her hips. The stall door rattled as we made out with hunger.

The girl doing her makeup muttered, “Fucking dykes.”

My cunt clenched. I loved that she knew. It made this so much hotter. My tongue danced with my bestest friend’s. Natalie grabbed my naked ass now while my dick grew into her belly, sliding up against her top. I throbbed, at full girth, my shaved cunt dripping with excitement. The juices ran down my thighs.

Her tongue buried into my mouth now. I sucked on it as I shoved down her jeans, pushing them down her lush thighs. She started wiggling and squirming, using her legs to work them down farther. They were out of my reach now. I didn’t want to stop kissing her.

She kept squirming. Natalie had some real skills. Her jeans rustled and then her left leg slid up and around my waist, bare and naked. She had wiggled her foot out of her jeans. She pulled me against her, the stall door rattling louder.

I broke the kiss and groaned, “God, I want to fuck you so hard.”

“Then do it, futa!” she taunted. “Send me to first period with a pussy full of your girl-cum!”

“God, yes!” I gasped and drew back my hips.

My cock slid down her body. Then I was touching her shaved pubic mound. I arched my ass out further while her hand shot between us to grab my dick. My tip slid down to her folds. I groaned at the feel of her clit piercing then the kiss of her hot cuntlips.

She shoved me right to her hole. I grinned and pushed into my bestest friend slowly. Her face quivered right before me. She whimpered and groaned, her expressions scrunching up. It was so hot to witness. I loved the sight of her looking like that. It made my dick throb and ache as I went deeper and deeper into her cunt.

“Oh, my fucking god,” she groaned. “Your cock is as big as your mother’s.”

“Mmm,” I purred, “and does that make you hot to have fucked my mother and now me.”

Her pussy clenched down on my cock. “What do you think?”

I kissed my bestest friend, groaning into her as I sank to the hilt in her pussy. Her cunt gripped my futa-dick. I throbbed in the heave on her twat. Then I pulled back. She gripped my dick with her hot snatch. The pleasure rushed down through me.

It was intense. Delicious. The best thing to feel in the world. I loved every moment of it. I shuddered as her pussy sucked at me. Inch after inch of my dick slid out of her cunt. It was amazing to enjoy.

I thrust back into her. I slammed to the hilt in my bestest friend’s cunt. I groaned into her lips as her pussy welcomed me in. Her left leg held me tight. My nipples throbbed as I rubbed my clothed tits against her big boobs. I hated that our tops separated our breasts.

The door rattled as I thrust into her.

She moaned.

I whimpered.

It was heaven to be in her cunt. Her pussy massaged me with every one of my strokes into her. I groaned as I buried into her. I loved it. This was the life. This was rapture. Ecstasy. I shuddered, pumping away at her cunt. I fucked her with passion. I rammed to the hilt in her again and again. I filled her twat up.

It was intense. Delicious. I loved it. I savored every second of burying into her. Her pussy clenched around me. She squeezed with such rapture on my dick. My pussy drank in the pleasure that flowed down my cock as I fucked my bestest friend.

I broke the kiss. “God, Natalie!”

“I know!” she moaned, her arms hugging me tight. Her brown eyes filled up my vision. “Ooh, that’s good. Just ram that dick into me.”


My pussy clenched, the heat swelling inside of me. My ovaries grew tighter and tighter. I buried into her hard and fast, the pressure swelling inside of me. I would have a mighty cum in my friend’s twat. Just pump all that jizz into her.

Just a big explosion of cum that would flood into her. it would be outstanding. I groaned, burying into her cunt. I slammed in hard. Fast. I buried to the hilt in her again and again. My face contorted with this wonderful bliss. It would erupt from me.

I slammed into her cunt. Her flesh gripped me. She held me tight. I groaned, loving every thrust into her. every last plunge into her snatch. It was incredible. I shuddered, my pussy drinking in the heat, feeding my impending orgasm.

“Fuck, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, Natalie!”

“Cum in me!” she moaned.

“Yes!” I gasped, slamming hard into her.

I kissed my bestest friend and buried to the hilt in her cunt. I erupted.

My cum fired into her depths. Her pussy went wild around my dick. She kissed me back, hugging me so tight as I pumped load after load of cum into her spasming twat. The pleasure slammed into my mind while the bliss rippled out of my convulsing snatch.

“Ooh, ooh, that’s so good,” Natalie moaned. “Sky!”

I basted my bestest friend’s pussy with every drop of spunk in my ovaries. I unloaded in her, our bodies trembling together. Her big boobs rubbed into my little tits through our blouses. Her twat rippled around my clit-dick, sucking me dry.

I groaned as I spilled that last bit of delight into her pussy. I stared into her eyes and then I realized I could never trust her with my MILF plans. She was my mother’s. This pain flared in my heart. How could Natalie be my bestest best friend if she would betray me?

I pulled out of her and turned around, panting.

“Mmm, that was good,” Natalie moaned.

“Yeah,” I panted, my dick throbbing and twitching. I let it shrink back into a clit. “We should get to class.”

“Yeah, yeah, your Mom would be mad if we were tardy.”

I closed my eyes. The old Natalie never would have given a flying fuck if we were late to a class. I drew in deep breaths. My resolve to fuck every married MILF I could rose in me. My futa-mother had to pay.


Madeline MarlowK/strong>

“Virgin alert!” Natalie’s text read.

With it was a picture of eighteen-year-old Aoi Suzihara. I stared at the pic of the slender, Japanese girl bent over the drinking fountain. I squirmed as I sat at the secretary’s desk at the school’s admin office. The line rang.

I picked up the phone and tucked it into my corner. “Washington Community College, how can I help you?”

The person on the other end needed the extension to the guidance counselor. I put her threw by rote, my eyes never leaving the picture of Aoi. She was gorgeous. Perfect. The next virgin I had to enjoy.

But how?

I did have certain powers as the secretary. I could summon any student to the office, ostensibly to speak with the president, dean of students, a guidance counselor, or any other member of the administration faculty. But then where could I take the girl. I would need an office, perhaps. My own was out in public. However, I could leave my desk, setting up the automated phone service where people could navigate the menu to find who they needed.

My clit throbbed. Office… office…

There was the Title IX office that was used during investigations. That was empty right now. I smiled and then typed away at my computer. It didn’t take me long to figure out where I could find Aoi. She was in her first-period class. I looked up her teacher’s cell phone on the school network and then sent him a text message.

“Please send Aoi to the office right away,” it read. All the faculty had a special app on their phone for communications. It would beep. He would probably grumble at the interruption, but it wouldn’t be long before Aoi appeared.

My pussy clenched. It was so hard not to let my clit grow into a big futa-dick. My lusts swelled in me. This heady rush of excitement that would have me sliding my mommy-dick into Aoi soon. Well, not her mouth.

But a girl had two other holes I could enjoy.

I hummed to myself while Grace appeared in the glare on my computer screen. The motherly angel looked worried. She squirmed there, her brow contorted. I gave her a reassuring smile. Aoi is going to lose her virginity to some pimply-face boy one day. At least with Sky, she’ll have a good time.

Okay, Madeline, the angel thought back. I trust you.

Then Erotik hikaye stop having any doubts. My ears pricked up. I heard approaching footsteps. I think that’s her. Ooh, wish me good luck in seducing her.

Grace bit her lip then the door to the office opened before the angel said anything.

To my utter delight, Aoi walked in. The slender, Japanese girl had a nervous look on her face. She pushed up her glasses, wearing the crisp, white blouse and her long, tartan skirt. She licked her lips nervously.

“M-Mr. Claes told me to come to the school office,” she said, her voice a soft whimper.

“Relax, relax,” I told her. “It’ll be all right. I’m Mrs. Marlow. Just come with me, and we’ll get this all straightened out.”

“Okay,” she said.

I moved away from my desk and opened the door that led into the back. As I did, I held out my left hand to her. She took it, her palm damp with her nervousness. I gave her a reassuring squeeze and a motherly smile.

“Do you know my daughter, Sky?” I asked her as we headed back.

“A little,” she said. “We don’t… move in the same circles.”

“Mmm, you’re probably better friends with Georgia Matthews?”

“I guess,” Aoi said, her head downcast. “What is going on?”

“Well, we had a tip that you had something inappropriate on you,” I told her. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to search you.”

“What?” she gasped. “I would never.”

“I know,” I said as we reached the door for the Title IX conference room. I opened the door and pulled her in. It was a simple room with a large table in the center. I led her to the table and then studied her. “Just relax. I’m not going to do anything to hurt you, but… I am going to have to strip you naked.”

“Naked?” she asked.

I nodded solemnly. “I know. It’s scary. Tell you what, let me strip naked first that way we both can be embarrassed.”

“But…” she said. “Is that… I mean…”

I put a finger to her lips, hushing her. “Aoi, you’re in good hands. I would never hurt you. Okay? I’m a mother. I’ll treat you like I would if you were my own daughter.” My cunt clenched. I was so eager to treat her the way I would Sky. “So relax.”

She swallowed.

I began unbuttoning my flowery blouse. I worked them slowly, popping the buttons through. She squirmed, her eyes flicking to the growing expanse of cleavage as I exposed more and more of my large breasts. She bit her lower lip, fidgeting in place.

I slid my blouse off, my breasts constrained in a cream-hued bra. It had underwire support and study straps to cradle to my breasts. I reached behind me to find the breast band and unfastened them. Then I slipped my arms out of the sleeves and worked them down my body. My breasts came out, swaying back and forth.

“See,” I told her. “Nothing to be afraid of. I’m getting naked, too. Okay?”

“Okay,” she whispered and swallowed. “You’re so…”

“I know,” I said. “When you have a child, your breasts swell up. Don’t pass that along. I would hate for there to be a rash of pregnancies.”

Her eyes widened. “I wouldn’t…”

“Because you’re a good girl who always uses protection or…” I arched an eyebrow. “Are you still a virgin.”

She squirmed more.

“That’s okay,” I told her as I unzipped my skirt and let it drop down my legs. My blonde bush came into view, dripping with my cream. My tangy musk filled the air. “There’s nothing wrong in saving your virginity for the right girl.”

“You’re not wearing panties,” Aoi said.

“I have a… condition,” I said. “I’m a futa. Futanari, I guess. You see, sometimes my clit gets excited and…” I shuddered. “Oh, dear.”

My clit swelled out of the folds of my pussy and thrust out through my golden bush. Aoi gasped and took a step back. She clapped hands over her mouth as her eyes widened behind her glasses. My heart beat fast, my clit growing in spurting pulses, matching the rhythm of my heart.

“See, it becomes a cock,” I said. “Futanari syndrome.” That sounded… plausible to me. “I’m so sorry. I really, really can’t control when it grows. But, as you can see, it’s too big to fit in a pair of panties. I just have to wear skirts and try to hide it. I’m so, so sorry you had to see that.”

“It’s… it’s okay, Mrs. Marlow,” she said, her cheeks darkening. Her breath quickened.

“Well, now to strip-search you.” I reached out for her. “And, again, I’m so sorry to have to do this to you. It’s just the school policy. We have to investigate every allegation no matter how flimsy they are.”

Aoi absently nodded, her glasses slipping down her nose. She had her gaze locked on my futa-cock.

I smiled and began undoing the buttons of her blouse. I exposed more of the pale-olive skin. Her collarbone then her breast bone leading down to the soft swell of her breasts. She had a white-and-teal striped bra on that cradled breasts that, to my surprise, looked to be C cups. Maybe even D cups. She wore the blouse so baggy, I thought her to have tits like Sky.

Those looked so delicious. I licked my lips as I exposed her stomach and her cute navel. She didn’t fight me as I pulled off her blouse. Her top slid down her arms. She shuddered, her breath rising and falling.

Her eyes remained locked on my girl-dick.

I went for her skirt next, my big boobs and mommy-dick swaying before me. I slid my hands down her naked sides to the waistband. It was elastic, so I just tugged on it, working her skirt down her body. It slid over her rump and then fell down her thighs.

“Ooh, matching panties,” I said. “So cute.”

She blinked… “I’m sorry, what, Mrs. Marlow?”

I ran my hand along the waistband of her white-and-teal-stripped panties. “I was just admiring how your bra and panties make such a cute set.”

She squirmed, her right hand rubbing at her left arm beneath her elbow. She was so adorable. I grinned at her and then I carefully adjusted her glasses on her face. That lifted her gaze up to my eyes, her lips so kissable.

“Just your bra and panties, then we can be sure you don’t have anything on you. Though…” I smiled. “You might have it in your pussy.”

“But I’m a virgin!” she gasped.

“With an intact cherry?” I asked, my dick throbbing.

She blushed and nodded.

She was perfect. I slid my hands down from her glasses to her shoulders then down her back. I walked them across her shoulder blades, my futa-cock throbbing and aching with every beat of my heart. I shuddered, my pussy clenching. I had to fuck this girl so badly.

But I couldn’t take her cherry. Sacrifices… A mother had to make sacrifices for her futa-daughter’s happiness.

I found the girl’s bra band and the clasp. With a quick twist, it came undone. Then I pulled it off her shoulders. She quivered there as it came free. I loved the way her arms pressed together to let me pull it off of her. This was such a delight.

Her titties came into view. They were round and perky, her nipples a dark shade of brown. I cupped her breasts and she gasped. Her eyes widened as my fingers massaged at her skin. She shuddered.

“M-Mrs. Marlow,” she groaned.

“Just making sure you’re not hiding anything,” I purred.


I winked at her.

I released her breasts and then slid my hands down her hips, sinking down to my knees. I was eye level with her cute tummy. I ducked my head in and kissed her right on the bellybutton, my tongue darting in to “search” her navel.

She squealed and jumped back. I grinned at the squirming girl, the salty flavor of her skin lingering on my tongue. My thumbs hooked the waistband of her panties and I slowly tugged off Aoi’s underwear.

“Just relax,” I said. “The search is nearly complete. You’ll be fine. This is just a precaution.”

“Okay,” she whispered, her breasts rising and falling. They had a lovely jiggle to them.

I peeled down her panties, her thick, black bush coming into view. It was wild tangle, the midnight hairs so much darker than her pale-olive skin. A tart musk filled my nose. She had such a yummy smelling pussy. I loved it. My mouth watered. A hunger grew in me.

This wild need to just feast on her seized me.

I held off, rolling her panties down her thighs. Her knees pressed close together while my eyes stared at her black tangle of curls. She had so much pubic hair, I couldn’t peer through. It was exciting to witness. It made my cunt clench.

She was an amazing and lovely girl. I salivated. I knew I would enjoy every moment of eating her out. She quivered there as I brought the panties to her black shoes and ankle socks. She daintily stepped out of them, her tart scent filling my nose.

“Now,” I said, pressing her knees apart. She shifted her feet while I leaned in. “I just have to search your pussy. Make sure you’re telling the truth about being a virgin.”

“I am,” she protested.

I winked at her. “I know, I know, but I have to check.”

I licked my lips and then I pressed my face into her bush. I felt her silky curls rub over my lips and cheeks. Then my lips nuzzled in until I kissed at her twat directly. She gasped, her round boobs jiggling. My tongue slid out through her folds and stroked across…


“Mmm, you do have a cherry cunt,” I purred and slid my hands around to grab her rump. I squeezed her asscheeks and licked again.

“Mrs. Marlow!” she moaned.

“Mmm, you’ve been such a good sport. Let me give you a reward. You deserve this delight.”

I licked her virgin pussy again. She gasped, her face twisting. This excitement surged through me. My futa-dick throbbed and ached. My pussy clenched, the juices running down my thighs. Such wicked and wanton delight rippled through me.

Her ticklish bush rubbed at my face. It felt so wonderful on my cheeks. I loved it. I savored it. Her tart juices coated my tongue. She whimpered and moaned. Her butt-cheeks clenched beneath my digits. I kneaded her rump, savoring every moment of this.

My tongue thrust into her twat. I licked at her. Lapped at her. I loved every moment of this. Every last second of caressing her. She groaned and whimpered, her back arching. Her hands rubbed at her tummy.

“M-Mrs. Marlow. This… I… You shouldn’t be doing this. I’m a student. You’re on the staff. It’s against the rules!”

“I Sikiş hikayeleri don’t care,” I moaned, reveling in her barely legal twat. “I don’t care about legality one whit.”

I fluttered my tongue against her twat. I licked and lapped at her. I caressed her folds over and over again. I savored the taste of her. The flavor of her twat. I fluttered my tongue against her hymen, loving her juices running over my chin.

I flicked up to her clit. She gasped. Her body bucked. That was such a delicious treat watching her round tits jiggle. I swirled my tongue around her bud, loving every moment of it. Every last second of it. My pussy clenched, the heat rising inside of me.

“Mrs. Marlow!” she groaned as I nursed on her clit. Her fingers twitched. Then she shot her hands down and grabbed my hair. “Oh, Mrs. Marlow, that’s… This… Oh, yes, yes!”

I loved her surrender to the pleasure. She gripped my blonde locks as my soft lips nibbled on her clit. I teased her little bud, giving the virgin so much delight. My futa-cock throbbed before me. My boobs jiggled as more of her cream ran down my chin.

This was so exciting. Aoi’s gasps echoed through the room. Her cute moans reverberated around me. She gasped and shuddered, her titties jiggling. Those firm titties were such a delight for me to enjoy.

Thank you for giving me this futa-cock, Grace, I moaned. I was such a prude. I was missing out on so much.

I didn’t give it to you so you could be depraved! the angel gasped.

I’m not depraved. I’m doing this to control Sky. You know that. I’m plunging into sin. A sacrifice for my daughter. If I wasn’t, I would have my dick in Aoi’s virgin twat right now.

Okay, the angel said. It is fun, I suppose. I mean, I’ve only been with Spice, but it must be nice to have others.

Only Spice?

Well, yes, angels are monogamous. I was supposed to control her with love and sex, but she got out.

We’ll get her back to you, I promised and sucked hard on Aoi’s clit.

“Mrs. Marlow,” she moaned. “Something… There’s something building in me.”

“Mmm, that’s your orgasm.”

“Orgasm?” She sounded shocked. “But it feels…. feels like I’m going to drown. It’s scary.”

“I know.” I nibbled on her bud. “But it’s exhilarating. The best rush in the world. Don’t be afraid.” I gripped her ass. “I’m here to catch you, okay?”


I sucked again on her. She groaned, her face twisting in delight. She squirmed her hips from side to side, rubbing her hot cunt on my face. Her juices grew hotter. The tart flavor more intense. I savored it. She was about to erupt. To flood me with her cream.

I smiled, eager for that moment to happen.

She groaned, her fingers tightening in my hair. Then she threw back her head and cried out in wordless delight. Her juices gushed out into my mouth. I drank them down. I gulped down all that wonderful cream.

It was such a delight.

“Mrs. Marlow!” she squealed.

My pussy clenched. My futa-dick throbbed and ached. My heart pounded in my chest as I drank down all her pussy juices. Aoi’s passion tasted so delicious. I squeezed my eyes shut, savoring every drop that flowed out of her, more spilling over my chin and down my throat.

“Oh, wow,” she gasped. “This… This… Oh, wow!”

The flow of her cream slowed and then stopped. I licked at my lips, savoring the flavor of her pussy cream. This wicked shiver ran through me. My futa-dick throbbed. I had to slide into her asshole now. I had to fuck the virgin’s tight bowels.

I knew they would be amazing.

“Okay,” I told her, rising, “the search of your pussy is complete, but there’s one more place to look.”

“There is?” the girl mewled, her voice sluggish. “Where, Mrs. Marlow? Didn’t you get everywhere?”

“Not your asshole,” I said.

She gasped, “What?”

“Luckily, I have my big mommy-cock to do it with,” I said, slapping my huge cock down on her crack. Her butt-cheeks felt so wonderful against my throbbing flesh. She gasped and threw a look over her shoulder at me.

“But M-Mrs. Marlow!” she squealed. “That’s… I mean, you can’t… That’s my…”

“Shh,” I told her, stroking her back. “I told you, Aoi, I will never hurt you. Just like I won’t ever hurt my daughter. Do you believe me?”

“Yes,” she squeaked.

“Good.” I pressed my cock into her butt-crack. “Just relax. I promise you that anal sex with a futa-dick feels amazing. Okay. My daughter has fucked me in the ass, and I loved it.”

“Your daughter?”

“She’s a futa, too.” I slid my cock lower, the delicious flesh squeezing about the crown of my dick. Then I found her puckered asshole. “There we are. Now just relax. I’m going to go slow, okay?”

“Okay, Mrs. Marlow.”

I pushed forward on Aoi’s asshole, my dick aching. Her tight anal ring slowly parted for my crown. My futa-cock leaked all that precum to lube the way. She groaned and squirmed, her butt-cheeks clenching as her asshole widened more and more.

It felt incredible. I felt the ring slowly sliding over the crown of my cock, stretching open to take more and more of it. She whimpered, her head tossing back and forth. Then a low, throaty groan rose from her, sounding tense.

“It’s okay,” I purred, my hands stroking her sides. “Relax, Aoi. You’ll love this.”

“Yes, Mrs. Marlow!” she gasped.

My cock popped into her asshole.

I shuddered at the velvety delight of her hot asshole sliding around the tip of my cock. I went deeper and deeper into her bowels. My pussy clenched as I savored the wonderful delight of her hot flesh.

The bliss melted up my mommy-cock to my pussy. The pleasure was exquisite. I smiled, savoring the delight. My pussy clenched as I went deeper and deeper into her hole. It was amazing. I sighed, loving every second of entering her bowels. This was incredible. A true treat to enjoy.

“Oh, Aoi,” I groaned.

“Mrs. Marlow,” she gasped in surprise delight as I bottomed out in her bowels. Her asshole squeezed around my girth. “It does feel good.”

“Told you,” I cooed and drew back.

She whimpered and squirmed, her bowels squeezing about my mommy-cock. That felt amazing to me. I groaned and slammed back into her. I buried to the hilt into her asshole. She groaned and squeezed about me.

Her wonderful flesh held me tight as I thrust away. I fucked the girl hard and fast, my crotch smacking into her cute rump. Her whimpers and my moans echoed through the room. My tits heaved before me.

“Oh, Aoi, yes!” I gasped. “Your asshole feels amazing. There’s nothing bad in here.”

“Nothing!” she agreed. “This is amazing, Mrs. Marlow. Yes, yes, this is wonderful!”

Her young bowels gripped me. Every plunge into her warmed up my pussy. My ovaries drank in the bliss, my load of futa-cum readying to fire into her asshole. I would flood her with all that jizz. I would baste her with every bit of spunk I had.

I shuddered. My pussy clenching. Juices soaked my bush as my excitement swelled and swelled. Her velvety bowels built the pressure at the tip of my cock. I would have such a mighty eruption of cum in her depths.

“Mrs. Marlow!” she gasped. “Oh, Mrs. Marlow. That’s so good. That’s amazing. I love this. I love this so much.”

“So do I!” I moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, so do I!”

I plunged into her bowels with such powerful strokes. I was getting closer and closer to flooding this cute girl with my futa-cum. My ovaries brimmed with all the jizz I would fire into her. I buried into her asshole, her flesh clenching about me as I pulled back.

She squealed in delight.

“Mrs. Marlow!” she gasped as I plunged into her bowels. “I’m cumming again!”

Her hot asshole convulsed around my dick. The virgin bucked on the table. Her bowels rippled about me, sucking at my cock. I groaned, my face contorting from the bliss of her wicked flesh massaging me.

I drew back as she gasped and whimpered. Her flesh swelled that aching tip at the pinnacle of my girl-dick. I groaned and then thrust forward again. I buried into her convulsing depths, loving the way her flesh massaged around my cock.

“Oh, yes, yes, Aoi!” I gasped. “This is amazing. I’m going to… to… Cum!”

My futa-jizz fired into her bowels. I pumped load after load of my futa-cum into her bowels I basted her with all the spunk that was brimming inside of me. It was incredible to feel. It was awesome to unleash all this spunk into her asshole.

“Oh, Mrs. Marlow!” she moaned. “You’re filling up my butt. Ooh, this is so wicked! Yes!”

“It is!” I moaned.

My pussy convulsed, adding those waves of delight to the ecstasy firing out of my dick. The dual delights carried me higher and higher. My big boobs heaved before me as I basted the girl’s tight asshole. Her flesh rippled around me.

She milked out the last of my cum.

I panted after firing that final spurt of jizz into her. My breasts rose and fell. I groaned, my body buzzing from all the delight that I pumped into her bowels. She whimpered, her flesh’s spasming slowing and then stopping.

“Mrs. Marlow,” she mewled.

“Mmm, I need to take a picture of this,” I purred. This was the perfect temptation to keep my futa-daughter from straying.

Sky would continue to be my good girl thanks to Aoi and all the other virgins I would find.


Sky Marlow

I was sitting bored in the back of my first class, just waiting for next period when I would have Mrs. Reyes to lust after. To figure out how to seduce. My clit throbbed as the fantasies of enjoying that Latina MILF danced through my head.

My phone chirped. I had it set with that high-pitched tone adults couldn’t hear. It was a screech verging on inaudible to me. I pulled it out and swiped the screen without looking down at it. I kept my eyes on Mr. Tate’s lecture. I was skilled at sneaking out my phone in class.

A text from Mom.

I opened it and the picture dragged my eyes down. There was Aoi Suzihara bent over a desk naked, her fingers pulling apart her butt-cheeks to show her asshole bubbling with cum. Jizz ran down to her black bush where my mother’s fingers held the girl’s pussy open.

Revealing a hymen.

“I have just what you need for lunch,” the text read. “Love, Mom.”

“Fuck,” I groaned beneath my breath. Really? Already. I had to play this out carefully. I had hoped to use lunch to enjoy Mrs. Reyes.

How could I fuck a MILF and get away with it?

To be continued…

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