First Orgasm

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My uncle and I enter the hotel room. All is quiet except for the noises of our feet. I walk to the bed and begin undressing, smiling to myself as I think about seeing him nude again.

He turns on the TV, for he needs the noise at all times.

When he looks at me, struggling with my bra, I lick my lips and gaze at him hungrily. Then I lower my gaze to the center of his shorts and again lick my lips.

Man, I want to suck it, I think.

After dropping my shirt and bra on the floor, I struggle with my jeans. As Uncle Mike knows, I don’t wear underwear, so he isn’t shocked when my jeans expose my bare pussy.

God, I want his mouth down there…but I say nothing, just touch his genitals when he sits on the bed next to me. I start moaning when I feel his cock growing hard for me. “Oh, god,” I whisper, aching to feel him inside of me. Kissing his mouth, I start unbuttoning his shorts, feeling so aroused by his hard on. And when I pull them off him, my hands find his balls. My fetish is balls. I love the smell and feel of them, especially his, so I just sit there, rubbing those sexy things and yearning to mount him. My eyes land on the couch in the room.

“Let’s have sex there,” I point, trying out my aggressive side. “I want to ride you,” I grin. His fingers are on my nipples as he glances at the couch. With his shirt still on, he walks to the couch, which is only a short distance away.

I straddle him and help him get his shirt off before lowering my mouth to quickly place it on his cock to get it moist for entrance, but I like it so much that I stay down a little longer than I intended, sucking and moving my mouth up and down while lapping at it with my tongue and moaning excitedly. My hands are on his thighs…my pussy yearning to be filled.

Finally, I break away with one last, strong suckle. Straightening my back, I slip my pussy down on his rock-hard erection. From the position I am in, it is a little difficult to move, but I wiggle up and down, trying to satisfy his lever.

“God, your cock is so sexy, Michael,” I tell my uncle, moaning in his ear. So hard…

I fiddle around for a location for my knees that will make the lifting and lowering easier. My legs shift back and forward as I keep moving on his dick. Leaning forward so that my hands are above his shoulders, I find a decent position and smother his mouth with kisses before my outer leg slips off the couch. Then I use the fallen leg to ride his cock and find that this is the perfect point for me to move smoothly up and down.

It feels so good that it makes up for every second my pussy felt slightly awkward. Up, down, up, down. I’m riding him like he is a racehorse and I am his jockey trying desperately to win. Oh god…feels so good…oh, yeah, such a effortless ride now.

I don’t tell him how much I hated riding other guys’ cocks before because it always felt like I was “doing it wrong” even if they seemed to like it. But right now, mounted on him, it feels so perfect that it almost blows me away. And all this time, I thought the only sexual riding I’d ever enjoy would be humping my bed. Apparently, I was wrong, so wrong.

Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised. Sex has never felt more right as it does with him; he turns me on more than any other guy ever has…and at the moment, I have his pulsating cock right in my wet little pussy. It is all I can do not to coat his mouth and neck with kisses as my pussy smiles and shoots feelings of ecstasy to my brain.

“Oh, baby, stop. I’m going to cum,” he groans.

I feel wetness surge out of my pussy and onto our thighs hearing him say that. I yearn to go faster on my mount and ride him roughly until hot cum mixes with my pussy juice. I want to nibble lightly on his neck as I practically reach my climax at the same time as he does.

God, nothing’s sexier than hearing him inform me that he is on the verge of cumming in me, especially when my body is adjusting to his…the more we have sex, the better it feels for me, and the higher my sex drive for him gets every time he penetrates me.

Instead of giving in to my urges to let him cum in my tight hole (though I know it’s too late in my menstrual cycle, the last thing I want to do is scare him into thinking I might get pregnant and then never having him touch me again because he is mad at me), I stifle the yearnings to keep going, keep feeling this high dose of pleasure making my brain nearly numb to all else, and I slacken my speed with great difficulty. Staring at his gorgeous face, I smile to myself, wondering how I fikirtepe escort got so lucky that I’m doing him, my uncle, the guy I’ve always wanted. Shit. The best guy in the world is mine to molest as I wish, for now anyway. He has no idea how sexy he is, none at all…

“Damn, baby,” and he rolls on top of me with his cock still nestled deep in my tight little pussy. Once on top, he gives it to me so hard and fast that I feel my orgasm coming on strong and quick as a hurricane two minutes away. “Oh god!” I scream. Harder, faster. “Oh, Michael!”

“Selena!” he moans, giving my ears a little present. “Oh, SELENA!”

As I cum, he pulls out and flops on my belly, the hot liquid coating my belly as it is released. Oh, god He has no idea how much this is turning me on…

“Oh, shit,” I groan when I get my voice back. “That was so sexy.” Too sexy to talk much about because I’d probably use words that aren’t strong enough.

But, honestly, is there really any word that can describe how perfectly pleasurable that was for me?

Ecstasy, my mind whispers. Or euphoria.

But I doubt even those can do. Only him walking in my shoes would help him know how great it was for me. I want it over and over again. I bet he can do it to me every day until I die, and I’d never get bored of him, never be able to wish I were elsewhere during our sexual activity.

God, the curse of being too sexual. It worries me sometimes. But all the same, I am who I am: a girl who wants his cock. Technically, I was laying off sex for a while, so he is what is making me get super sexual and craving sex again.

Still on top of me with his freakin’ sexy cum and cock between us, I kiss his cheek and feel him bury his fingers in my wetness.

“I felt you cum,” he says, almost smiling. (God how I love his smile.)

“Told you you would make me one day.” I grin, remembering that I didn’t manage to do it the five previous times we have fucked to date. Kissing his lips, I moan, “Thanks for being patient with me—oh god,” I groan as he slides off my belly, wipes us off, and lowers his mouth to taste me, his tongue coating my clit with light moistness.. “Oh, please, Michael,” I breathe, wanting more, wanting to lose all sense of time as I mount him again. Gazing up at me with his mouth still down there, he begins sucking my clit so hard that I forget I’m supposed to be worn-out.

“Michael!” I plead, feeling my hole throb as he continues to harass my clit.

Then, all of a sudden, his mouth lowers to the hole aching for him. His tongue lightly coats the brim of my hole before dipping quickly to my ass. Just a murmur is all I need for my pussy to scream for him. (My pussy is so bad, being teased by this move; I never told him how much it made my pussy throb to watch a girl get fucked in the ass on porn…my girl is kinky like that.) Then he lifts his mouth to my thighs, kissing and suckling them as if they are turning him on, tickling me with his light stubble (and turning me on at the same time). He glances up at me before giving my pussy the slip of the tongue, caressing her lovingly but not penetrating, licking all over, looking, from my position, like he cannot stop making love to her with his mouth and like he doesn’t want to quit even if he could. I don’t realize I am placing my legs on his shoulders and trying to pull him closer to my pussy with my ankles. All I can focus on is how damned much I want something inside of me.

“Please!” I gasp accidentally, thinking too hard about what I want him to do and noticing, as I smile sheepishly, that my nipples are hard. Though it’s nicer when he’s feeling on them, I try to let him do that himself.

In midst of nosing and nibbling on my happy clit, he asks, “Please what?”

My cheeks heating slightly but cunt so hungry for him that it is a strain not to hump his face, I answer, “Fuck me. With your tongue at least.” It is a bit scary to avoid adding the words, “If you want,” but he said something that made it sound as if he enjoys women who are demanding in bed.

His tongue slips slowly into my tight little hole, torturing and frenching it. “You taste good,” he groans, making my head go in the clouds.

Flipping him over, I press my sweet little pussy against his stubbled cheek and start humping his face as if I’m in some silly sex marathon and need the fastest speed. My moans fill the room. “Oh. Oh god. Michael, Michael, Mich—”

He says, “Look what I got, baby,” and he is holding his hardened cock in his fist. I sit up and drip a puddle on his cheek gebze escort before sliding off it. With my upper body in midair, my eyes flick to his cheek for a second so that I can see my essence glistening on it. A smile curves on my lips as he reaches up and kisses my right breast. When he stops, I lick my stuff off his face before I lie back and wait for him to give it to me.

He pops it in my slippery mound without hands, and I release a loud moan when I feel it pricking inside of me. Clutching his dick with my pussy, I utter, “God, you’re so hard! Oh, damn!” My mouth reaches for his lips, and he dives down to meet them, his thrusting speed casual but gradually going faster with each plunge. Every time he shoves it in me (the best half of the moving inside of me), I say his name, sounding like this, “Michael, Michael, Michael!” my voice high and indicating my strong pleasure waves.

“You’re so wet,” he grunts, making me grin as I deeply kiss his neck.

“It’s your fault. I fully blame you. You’re so SEXY!” I gasp as he dives hard and fast.

I’m losing it. I loved having sex with him before, but now that my body is getting used to his, I’m like Santa Claus on Prozac getting laid at Disneyland. I can’t get enough of him…

I quiver beneath him, begging him for more, just a little more, oh, come on. Every thrust is a world of utter bliss. I’m high. Don’t need drugs. Just need him.

I’ve made a sticky mess all over his balls. With a smile, I say, “Doggie, now!” even though it still feels so good, even though I still haven’t cum again yet.

He flips me over. On all fours, I stick my ass high in the air. He slams his loaded pistol right in me, and I feel his sticky balls slapping sexily against my aching clit. Squeezing his cock, I moan, arching my clit to meet his balls with each stroke.

“Fuck it!” I gasp, my second orgasm with him looming in the distance. If he pays heed to my clit and keeps smacking it roughly with his balls, I may even squirt. “Michael! Michael! Oh, MICHAEL!” Wanting to nibble his neck, I place my hand in my mouth and gently sink my teeth in my flesh, pretending it is his delicious neck.

I want him to moan in my ear. I want him to talk to me in that deep, sexy, and hard tone of his that he used once to tell me what he was thinking, how he wanted me in bed, sounding so turned on, as if he couldn’t think about anything but me doing sexual stuff to him. Remembering how he sounded, my pussy grasps him automatically as I meet him stroke for stroke. He stops and allows me to choose the tempo he receives. Groaning, I push myself down on him and slide my hand between his legs, trying to rub his balls against my clit, but it isn’t as good as when they are slamming hard out of nowhere. I ride his cock like this for ten seconds before stopping with his lever still halfway inside of me.

“Fuck me,” I breathe. “Fuck me HARD. Fuck me FAST. Fuck me like you’ve never fucked before.”

The speed he gives me is exactly what I asked for. The first time we did it, I asked him to fuck me like this, fuck me like I turned him on and all he wanted was my pussy (though I felt if I said that again, he might not like it), and I really wasn’t ready for it. But now that my body is warmly welcoming him, it feels so good and perfect. Just what I want. Without it being this fast, my ache for him will never cease and I’ll just go home later, wanting more of him and feeling physically tortured. Then again, I’m probably still going to yearn ceaselessly for his erection to fill me up no matter how often he gives it to me tonight.


I grab my left nipple in my mouth while he pushes deep inside of me, groaning. My clit is quite enjoying this…he lifts his hands off the bed and grabs my nipples as he continues at his harsh speed. I was a rusty nail, but now I’m oiled well and working without all the kinks and squeaks, and, god, it is so good…

My clit, having been satisfied, squirts all over his balls. “Damn,” I mutter, my nipples responding beautifully to his touch as I think about how it (hopefully) turned him on to feel me cum on his cock again.

Lowering his mouth to my ear, he whispers, “I will make you cum by licking your pussy one day.” I grin, glad he still likes that idea. Of course, I highly doubt it will be today, as I’ve cum for him twice already. Not to mention, I’ve never cum from oral before, but I want to…for him…in his mouth…then feeling him penetrate me immediately afterwards…itis a priceless thought.

He lifts me in the air a bit, and içerenköy escort I turn to face him. With our upper bodies upright, he keeps on pushing in and out of me. God…

Grabbing my back, he lowers me to the bed, giving it to me slow but so HARD that it makes up for his low speed. Once again, I am breathing his name every time he pushes in. His mouth lowers to my right nipple, and he sucks it as he pounds in me. “Oh, Michael…MICHAEL!”

His strong hands grab my hips, and he pulls me to the edge of the bed, where his speed increases with the lack of restraint. So many ideas bombard my mind…us trying this doggie style…me riding him on a chair…us doing it on the beach and in a pool…I shudder. He looks at me with his fingers still rubbing my nipples roughly…just as he likes me being rough with his dick, I love roughness on my nipples so long no biting or nails are involved in it. It makes my pussy feel even better, ache for him even with him inside of me…my legs wrap around his waist and follow his cock in the direction it is going in.

“Oh! Oh! Oh, baby! Selena!” There it is…that freakin’ sexy tone he uses when he is on the verge of cumming. My lips part in pleasure as he arouses my senses, reminding me how horny that tone makes me. He pulls his cock out, jerks it to its orgasm, and squirts all over my belly again, this time from a standing point, handing me a towel immediately afterwards.

God, he is so sexy when he cums! And knowing how sensitive his cock gets afterwards…though I am wary of hurting it at such a time, hearing him tell me how hypersensitive it is (or just thinking about it) makes me so aroused.

Thinking about how his cock is feeling (when it is a good feeling) is probably the most stimulating part for me when we fuck.

As he flops on the bed, I smile at him and bury my mouth in his chest. He flips the channel to a porn station and lies back as I wet my lips and continue kissing his sexy chest…god. My sex god…I lift my mouth to his neck and cheek, trying to avoid blocking his line of vision. My hands caress the body I adore so much, and I sigh softly, happily

I’m the luckiest girl ever…

My nipples erect from my admiring thoughts of him, I lower my hand down to his balls and rub them, thinking about sucking them, but instead, I continue to kiss his neck and cheek, my kisses growing deeper the longer I feel on his sexy BIG balls. “Oh, Michael!” I breathe without thinking, my hand brushing his limp boy. Shit, it’s even sexy when it’s not up, but I leave it alone because he already came for me twice.

Moving down to nearly the foot of the bed, I sniff his balls. Mm…my tongue flicks out. Oh, god. I wish there was a way to save scents. His balls smell so damn good. The only guy whose balls I inhaled…and wow, I doubt anyone could compare to him. My nose takes in the aroma, and I moan softly as my pussy whispers that she wants more penetration. Ignoring her, I put my mouth on his balls, look up at him, and suck hard, licking on the lower bit of my boys.

I smile to myself, feeling proud to own his dick and be the woman whose boobs belong to him…Michael’s girls.

I retreat my mouth a little bit before sucking again, harder. Releasing them again, I lick them all over and even offer a gentle lick to “my” cock before attempting, once again, to give one of his thighs a hickey. My mouth takes it in and sucks on it as I hope that he likes it. Shit. He is so manly…oh, god…

Smiling to myself, I wish he could mark my neck but know he can’t. Not unless I find a turtleneck in my closet, hah. Though it would be no fun to have his mark and have to hide it from everyone…

Forgetting my resolve to be demanding and after being a vacuum cleaner on his thigh for two minutes, I ask, “Um, can we do tea bagging?”

“Yeah…” he answers, his eyes still on the screen.

I lie down, and he turns to face me, throwing a leg over my mouth and dangling his sexy balls over my face. I lift my mouth and vary between licking and sucking, my hands grabbing his hips without thinking. At one point, my tongue flicks over his dead cock, and as I take it in my mouth for a small sucking, I wonder if it feels good for him even though it isn’t up…I hope it does because I can’t resist it. God, it’s his main male part…oh god…

In midst of sucking his balls, he gets off me. Every move he makes arouses me, even if only slightly. I figure he pulled off because he was tired, and I throw my arms around him as I feel my sexual drive start to settle down a bit, sleep slipping into my brain. Placing my head on his chest, I dose off, hoping that he knows if he wants it, all he has to do is wake me up…anything for the best guy in the world. A bright smile rests on my lips at my final thoughts before I fall into a semi-deep sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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